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One Harvard medical school professor believes that there are five simple things to do everyday in order to live a longer life. 哈佛医学院的一位教授认为,每天做简单的五件事能延年益寿。In his new book, The Big Five, Sanjiv Chopra outlines five habits that have decades of research to back them up. Dr. Chopra says the first thing is to drink coffee. 在他的新书《The Big Five》中,乔普拉概述五种习惯, 有数十年的研究持。乔普拉士说第一件事就是喝咖啡。He claims that ;it really is a miracle drug.; 他声称“咖啡真是一种神奇的药物。”Then there are the more obvious beneficial habits, such as exercising daily and making sure you have enough Vitamin D in your diet. 然后是更明显的有益习惯,例如每天坚持锻炼,确保饮食有足够的维生素D。He also believes that a handful of nuts a day can prevent many diseases. 他还认为,每天一把坚果可以预防很多疾病。And lastly, meditation for stress reduction is essential.最后,通过冥想来减压是必不可少的。译文属。 /201606/449635原味人文风情:Think of all the hundreds of things I could do with my time if Im not thinking about clothes.想想我可以拿我的时间去做的好几百件事,如果我不用思考要穿什么衣的话。Steve Jobs had, you know, his famous black turtleneck and his jeans, his mom jeans.史提夫·贾伯斯穿,你知道,他著名的黑色高领跟牛仔裤,他的老妈裤。For Mark Zuckerburg, its a cardigan and a T-shirt.马克·祖克柏的话,就是一件开襟毛衣和一件 T 恤。Yeah, maybe thats the right idea.对啊,或许那才是对的想法。Yeah! A work uniform.对!一套工作制。I would describe my work uniform as ;business lady who can get things done.;我会形容我的工作制为「可以完成事情的上班女郎」。I would call my style ;PJ-businesslike-ish.;我会称我的造型为「上班睡衣风」。Its very ;ninjaesque-power; outfit.那是非常「忍者力量般」的穿著。Im really digging the work uniform.我真的非常喜欢我的工作制。I spent a good part of my day just pulling down my skirt, hoping it doesnt ride up.我光整理裙子就花掉一天大半时间,希望它不要一直往上跑。I have two of the same outfit.我有两套同样的衣。I wear each one for two days and then throw it in the wash.我每一套穿两天后就把它丢去洗。No one said anything to me; no ones noticed anything. I have no complaints.没有人跟我说什么;没有人注意到任何不同。我没有抱怨。Ive also been switching up the cardigan, which gives me a little bit of a change.我有换外面那件开襟毛衣,这样给我一点点改变的感觉。I have definitely been able to focus on other things, especially in the mornings.我肯定能专注于其它事情,尤其是早上的时间。Im getting a little tired of this outfit, but so far, so good. Jeanie has turned this into a challenge now.我有一点厌倦这套穿着,但目前都还好。珍妮已经把这变成一个挑战了。Its not just one week—were gonna see who can go the longest without changing their outfit. Um...and I think Ill win.这不只是一个礼拜而已--我们要看谁能撑最久不换衣。嗯...我觉得我会赢。I think, um, Justine is gonna lose.我觉得,嗯,贾丝汀会输。Because I havent been doing this in the most hygienic fashion, I havent been washing my shirt every single day...因为我不是以最卫生的方式在参加这个挑战,我没有每天洗衣...It is getting a little bit uncomfortable.这开始让人有点不舒了。I use deodorant, so B.O. hasnt been that big of an issue. But it is something Im worried about.我用体香剂,所以体味不是那么严重的问题。但那是件我满担心的事情。You can ask any of your Asian friends, but we dont really sweat that much in our armpits. And we dont have to wear deodorant.你可以问你任何一个亚洲朋友,不过我们的腋下不会留那么多汗。我们也就不需用体香剂。My boyfriend likes my smell, so he hasnt been complaining about that.我男友喜欢我的味道,所以他没有抱怨这点。Men can wear the same thing to work every day—no one really notices or cares.男人可以每天穿一样去上班--没有人真的注意到或在意。But women have something different expected of them.但对女人就有不同期待。I feel like women are expected to spend more time on what theyre wearing and on their makeup and on their hair.我觉得女人好像被期待要花更多时间去想要穿什么跟化妆还有发型。Its Day 5, and I am totally sick of this outfit.今天是第五天,我已经完全厌倦这身装。I just looked at what I have, and it was stinky and gross. And I didnt wanna put it on.我刚刚看我有什么可以穿,都又臭又恶心。我根本不想穿它。I actually really like wearing one outfit all the time.我其实很喜欢一直穿同样的衣。I dont care if people are starting to notice that Im wearing the same thing every day.我不在乎别人是否开始注意到我每天都穿一样。So I won the Work Uniform Challenge by a day.所以我以一天之差赢得「工作制挑战」。Congratulations. I think that this is, like, a concept that could actually potentially catch on as long as people are accepting of people wearing the same thing every day.恭喜。我觉得这像是一个确实有潜力会流行起来的概念,只要人们能接受大家每天都穿一样。201611/477399TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463932

The Great Barrier Reef is dying. And tourists from all over the world are rushing to see it while theres still time.大堡礁正在死亡。趁来得及,世界各地的游客都急忙跑来观看。Nearly 70 percent of people who visited the reef in 2015 said they made the trip to Australia to witness its beauty before its gone.2015年,近百分之70参观大堡礁的游客称,他们前往澳大利亚,赶在大堡礁消亡前见它的美丽。Almost half of the reefs coral has vanished over the past three decades, thanks to warming ocean temperatures, invasive species and coastal development.由于海洋温度的升高,入侵物种和沿海地区的开发,过去三十年近一半的珊瑚礁消失了。And this year, it suffered the worst coral bleaching in recorded history. One study estimated over 90 percent of the reef has been affected. 而今年,它遭受了历史上最严重的珊瑚白化。一项研究估计称,超过百分之90的珊瑚礁受到影响。The Australian government thought the reefs dire state would drive tourists away, but its done the exact opposite. Thats great news for the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry but it could be bad news for the reef itself.澳大利亚政府认为礁的可怕状态会吓走游客,然后事实完全相反。这对几十亿美元的旅游业来说是好消息,但对礁本身是个坏的消息。This phenomenon is called last-chance tourism, and it happens all the time at vanishing destinations, like the Maldives and Galapagos Islands.这种现象被称为最后机会的旅游,对于消失地是常有的事,像马尔代夫和加拉帕戈斯群岛。Researchers fear it could make the reefs plight even worse. 研究人员担心它会使珊瑚礁的境况更糟糕。One of the studys authors wrote in The Conversation, Theres a vicious cycle at play here: tourists travel to see a destination before it disappears, but in so doing they contribute to its demise, either directly through on-site pressures or through greenhouse gas emissions.该研究的作者之一写道,这里有一个恶性循环,在某地消失前游客前往旅游,但这有助于其消亡,要么直接施加现场压力,要么通过温室气体排放。But a reef scientist told Motherboard the impacts of tourism are actually ;overwhelmingly positive.;但一位珊瑚礁科学家告诉Motherboard,旅游业的影响实际上“绝大多数是积极的。”The greater the value of Great Barrier Reef tourism, the easier it is to justify government investment in reef management.大堡礁的旅游价值越大,就越容易让政府进行珊瑚礁管理投资。It looks like the reef might aly be seeing those positive effects. A new from early September showed at least part of the reef has almost fully recovered from coral bleaching.看起来珊瑚礁可能已获得这些积极的影响。九月初的一个新的视频显示,至少一部分的珊瑚礁几乎从珊瑚白化中完全恢复。译文属。201609/466373

2016 has been hot. So hot in fact that its ;very likely; it will be the hottest year on record.2016年一直很热。事实上很可能是有记录以来最热的一年。This is the third year in a row that weve had extreme highs — 2014 and 2015 also had record-breaking temperatures. And a report from the World Meteorological Organization predicts the trend is just going to continue.这是连续第三年面临极高温度,2014年和2015年同样有创纪录的温度。世界气象组织的一份报告预测,这一趋势正在继续。The organization reports temperatures are about 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer than preindustrial temperatures.世界气象组织报道,气温将比工业化前水平高出约1.2摄氏度。And thats pretty significant because it puts Earths climate really, really close to the threshold noted in the Paris Climate Agreement signed last year. In that deal, countries pledged to work together to cap temperature increases at 1.5 degrees Celsius.这是非常重要的,因其使地球气候非常接近去年在巴黎签署的气候协议临界值。在巴黎协议中,各国承诺共同努力将升温控制在1.5摄氏度之内。The report says an El Nino event is partly to blame for the heat wave. The event caused sea levels to rise 15 millimeters between November 2014 and February 2016 and contributed to coral bleaching.报告称,厄尔尼诺事件是造成热浪的部分原因。事件导致2014年11月至2016年2月间海平面上升15毫米,并促进珊瑚漂白。Earlier this year, carbon emissions hit a milestone Earth might not ever recover from. 今年早些时候,碳排放量达到一个里程碑地球可能无法恢复。译文属。201611/479597【视频讲解】The camel trade is increasingly lucrative.骆驼贸易越来越获益。Increasing 逐渐增加的-He was finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions. 他发现决策越来越困难了。Promise 承诺 》Promising 前景很好的-the most promising former students最有前途的学生Strike 击打 》 Striking 显著的-a strikingly handsome man一个异乎寻常地英俊的男人lucrative 获利丰厚的-Thousands of ex-army officers have found lucrative jobs in private security firms.成千上万的退役军官在私人保安公司找到了薪水丰厚的工作。“Allahu akbar!” the boys shout gleefully from atop their camels, the reins of others held in their raised fists, their backs to the setting sun.“真主至大!”一群男孩坐在骆驼背上开心地喊着,高举的拳头里攥着其它骆驼的缰绳,背向夕阳而行。Gleefully 高兴地; 幸灾乐祸地-He took an almost gleeful delight in showing how wrong they can be.他感到高兴,几乎是幸灾乐祸看他们出大错。Atop 在...上-Under the newspaper, atop a sheet of paper, lay an envelope.报纸下面的一张纸上,放着一个信封。Rein 缰绳(通常作复数)the setting sun 落日;夕阳西下Beside them a metal-fenced racing track cuts through the pancake-flat desert.不远处,金属栅栏围起的赛道穿过薄饼般平坦的沙漠。Beside 在…旁边 (不是 besides !!!)-On the table beside an empty plate was a pile of books.桌上的空碟子旁摆着一摞书。Fence1. 障碍物, 栅栏-The horse fell at the last fence.这匹马在最后一道障碍那里跌倒了。2. 保持中立-They are sitting on the fence and refusing to commit themselves.他们保持中立,拒绝明确表态。Every dawn and dusk the camels are trained to run on this plain outside Kassala, a city in eastern Sudan.这块大平地位于苏丹东部城市卡萨拉的城外,那些骆驼每天早晚都在这儿接受赛跑训练。dawn and dusk 》 一天Dawn1. 黎明2. 开始-A new century was dawning.一个新的世纪开始了。Dusk黄昏-The dusk is gathering.暮色渐浓。Their owners hope they will catch the eye of the wealthy Emiratis who visit several times a year to buy the fastest mounts for multi-million-dollar prize races in Dubai.养骆人都希望自家的骆驼能够吸引一些富有的阿联酋人的注意,那些有钱人一年会来这好几次,购买跑得最快的骆驼去参加迪拜的百万美元骆驼赛。catch the eye of 引起注意,吸引眼球 (经济学人,杂志常用的语言)-This means that only the biggest firms catch the eye of big institutional investors.这意味着只有大公司才会引起机构投资人的兴趣Mount1. 骑2. 增加-The uncollected rubbish mounts in city streets.城市街道中未被收集的垃圾增多。3. 组织; 发动-The ANC announced it was mounting a major campaign of mass political protests.非国大宣布正在发动一场大型群众性政治抗议运动。The Rashaida, a tribe that migrated to Sudan and Eritrea from Saudi Arabia in the mid-19th century, are renowned for breeding some of the world’s speediest racing camels.拉舍达是19世纪中叶从沙特阿拉伯移居到苏丹和厄立特里亚的一个部落,以培育世界上跑得最快的比赛骆驼而闻名。Renown名望; 声誉-She used to be a singer of some renown.她过去是个小有名气的歌手。Speedy迅速的-We wish Bill a speedy recovery.我们祝比尔早日康复。They are also in famous for trafficking Eritreans who cross the border, around 30km (20 miles) from Kassala, in the hope of eventually reaching Europe.他们也因贩卖厄立特里亚人而臭名昭著,那些被拐的人原本是想穿越卡萨拉30千米(20英里)外的边界并最终抵达欧洲。Trafficking 非法交易-drug trafficking 毒品贩卖in the hope of 怀着...的希望-He was studying in the hope of being admitted to an engineering college他努力学习,希望能被一所工程学院录取。Emiratis buy between 100 and 300 young camels a year from the village of Abu Talha, some for as much as ,000, says Hamed Hamid, a mustachioed patriarch.大胡子族长Hamed Hamid称,阿联酋人每年从Abu Talha村中购买100到300匹小骆驼,有些卖到8万美元一匹。Mustachioed大胡须的Patriarch(男性)家长; 族长; 酋长-The patriarch of the house, Mr. Jawad, rules it with a ferocity renowned throughout the neighbourhood.那户人家的家长贾瓦德先生治家严苛,名闻乡里。There are around 800 racing beasts in a settlement of 1,200 people, he estimates, and many more are being raised for slaughter.据他估算,1200户人口的村子里约有800匹比赛骆驼,供宰杀的骆驼数量更多。Settlement1. 居住地2. 协议-Our objective must be to secure a peace settlement.我们的目标必须是确保达成一个和平协议。3. 清偿-ways to delay the settlement of debts拖延债务清偿的办法。Slaughter 屠宰,屠杀-“I could not give my name to aid the slaughter in this war, fought on both sides for grossly material ends”(Sylvia Pankhurst)“我不能用自己的名义去帮助这场双方为谋取巨额物质利益的战争中的大屠杀”(西尔维亚#8226;潘克赫斯特) “The camels are everything. They give us milk, meat and trade,” Mr Hamid says, as his wife brews tea and coffee over hot coals under a starry sky.Hamid说:“骆驼就是一切。它们为我们提供骆驼奶、骆驼肉,并带来贸易机会”,他说这话时,他的妻子正在热炭上煮着茶和咖啡,头上是满天的繁星。Everything1. 一切-She says everything is going smoothly. 她说一切进展顺利。2. 至关重要的事物-I love him. He is everything to me. 我爱他。他对我来说比什么都重要。Brew1. 酿酒2. 酝酿;行将发生(impede)-“storms brewing on every frontier”(John Dos Passos)“在每一个边境地区都酝酿着的风暴”(约翰#8226;道斯#8226;帕索斯)201706/510410Happy birthday!生日快乐!Look at them all in those jackets!看他们都穿着这外套!How did you do it?你是怎么计划的?Spending all that money! Oh!花了那么多钱…Terrible. Thats it. Were taking you out the back way.Look at those kids!真是的…我们等下带你从那边出去。看这些孩子。You kids are...Youre a riot....and we are so delighted...to have you as part of our family and be part of yours.你们…你真是有鬼主意。我们非常欢迎你来到这个大家庭。And...Family? Ive fought with every one of these kids!大家庭?我可以和他们每人打一架。Thats family!这就是一家人嘛!Dont forget to make a wish. -Lets see if I can get it, Melissa.别忘了许愿。-看我能不能一口吹灭,Melissa。This old geezer...Okay, kid. You got it.来,吹吧。That is really nice.很好。Bill, we wrote a...I wrote a song for you.Bill,我给你写了一首歌。Oh, my God.哦,天呐。I just try to play a straight game, and in New York thats very...almost impossible.我只想很坦诚的去做事…但这在纽约几乎是不可能的。To be honest and straight in New York, thats like Don Quixote fighting windmills.在纽约保持着一种诚实和坦诚的态度…真的挺难的,就像是堂吉诃德对抗风车一样。Ooh, hoo. Shut up, Cunningham.哦,我该闭嘴了。Lets get this thing on the road and get up and work.拿起相机,到街上去工作吧!All right, turn off the cameras. Weve had enough of this.关上摄像机,我们就拍到这里了。201609/460818

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441490What followed in 1640 was a breakdown of deference of frightening magnitude.在1640年 接踵而来的 是大规模的令人恐慌的信任危机Officers were being attacked by their own men.军官被自己手下的人所攻击The latest round of fighting with the Scots was a disaster.和苏格兰的最后一战异常惨烈Newcastle, with its priceless coal, was captured.享有无数珍宝的纽卡斯尔被占领To get it back, to get the Scots out of England,Charles needed cash fast.为了收复失地 为了将苏格兰人赶出英国 查理急需资金He had no choice now, he would have to re-open parliament.他已走投无路 只能重新召开议会Thered never be a better opportunity for John Pym and his fellow parliamentary leaders to rein in the king.这对于想要遏制王权的约翰·皮姆 和他的议会同僚来说简直是天赐良机Pym had discovered,whether he understood the word or not, the elixir of revolution.皮姆发现 无论他是不是理解什么叫做;万能革命;Yesterdays truism,obey the king is tomorrows bad joke.昨日的真实;效忠国王; 会变成明日蹩脚的笑话Yesterdays unthinkable,abolish all bishops seems to be tomorrows necessity. 而昨日不可想象的;取缔教权; 看上去会变成明日的必然All around London were enormous seething crowds,practically laying siege to Westminster.伦敦周边人声鼎沸 几乎变成了对威斯敏斯特的围攻John Pyms demands were simple and blunt:约翰·皮姆的要求简单而直接No taxes ever without parliaments say-so,parliaments to be elected every three years,赋税征收必须获得议会许可 议会每三年选举一次and most decisively of all, looking right into Charless eyes,其中直指查理的一项是no parliament, especially not this one,could be dissolved without its own consent.所有议会 特别是本届议会 未经议会本身同意不得随意解散When Charles, through gritted teeth, conceded,it was the destruction of the absolute monarchy.Or was it?查理咬牙接受这些要求 意味着君主绝对权力的丧失 是否还有转机呢The king still had one card he could play that Catholic army that Wentworth,the Earl of Strafford, had raised in Ireland.国王手中仍有最后一张牌 斯特拉福德伯爵温特沃斯 在爱尔兰集结的天主教军队 /201703/497440

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/438638We know that time in some sense is at rock bottom that which allows change to take place, right.我们知道 从某种意义上来说 处于最低点状态的时间能够变化发生,对吧When we say that time has elapsed we notice that because things now are different from how they were a little while ago.当我们说时光已逝时,我们之所以能够觉察到它,是因为我们发现现在的事物与他们先前的状态有所不同了That’s what we mean by time elapsing.这就是为什么我们说时光不再原因。But is time some fundamental quality of reality但是时间真的是现实的基本本质吗or is it something that our brains impose on our perceptions to organize our experience into some coherent framework that allows us to survive?还是我们的大脑臆想出来的幻象。这些幻象能够使我们将经验组织为一个连贯的框架 以便我们更好生存下来I mean I can well imagine that we have been under evolutionary pressure over the millennia我的意思是我能想象到我们在千年的进化压力下to organize perception so that we can survive, get the next meal, plan for the future.去形成我们的认知 以便我们能够存活下去 吃下一顿饭 计划未来All of that would seemingly require that we have a conception of time that we apply to所有这一切似乎都需要我们有一个时间的概念 然后我们能够将时间的概念应用于what we experience out there.我们所经历的一切But that doesn’t mean time as we experience it is real.但是这并不意味着我们所经历的时间是真实存在的It doesn’t mean that time as we experience is how the world is actually structured.这并不意味着 我们所经历的时间就是这个世界被构建的过程I mean there are many ideas that people put forward.我的意思是说人们对此提出了很多想法The possibility for instance that, you know, we all know that matter is made of molecules and atoms.比如说人们可能提出这样的想法 我们都知道 物质是由分子和原子构成的Could it be that time is also made of some kind of ingredient?有没有可能时间也是由某种成分构成的呢A molecule of time? An atom of time?我们可以称之为时间分子 或是时间原子Is that really what time is at fundamental level and时间最基本的组成真的是那样的吗what if it had one of these ingredients in time you can stitch you in time all by itself如果时间的一个元素能够自己对号入座will there be any hint of time as we experienced all那时间会有什么暗示吗during many of these ingredients in order to fill out time as we know it当我们在那些时间元素里经历一切 为了填满所知道的时间I mean to find hint to do a molecule of age to all我是指找到一个暗示you wouldnt know that is wet that can你不会知道那是不是right mean the ingredient doesnt necessarily bare a direct relationship to the microscopic a merging qualities也就是指时间原材不必基于与微观合并质量的直接关系that many of those ingredient want put together were yelled ,like your glass of water.许多时间元素就像我们希望的聚集在一起 像一杯水一样Time could be the same thing, there might be ingredient of time that bare no resembling the time we experienced时间也可以这样 可能一些时间元素和我们经历的时间完全不同and yet that might be the more fundamental way the time is injected into the make up of proprietary那也可能是时间被注入集合体的更为基本的方式Time travel is absolutely possible.时间旅行绝对是有可能的And this is not some sort of weird sci-fi thing that I’m talking about here.现在我谈论的绝对不是某种奇怪的科幻小说类的事物Albert Einstein taught us more than 100 years ago that time travel is possible if you’re100多年以前 爱因斯坦就告诉过我们时间旅行是有可能的focusing upon time travel to the future.当你指的是通往未来的时间旅行And I’m not referring to the silly thing that we all age, right.当然 我并不是指人人都会随着时间变老这件事We’re all going into the future.我们都在走向未来Sure, I’m talking about if you wanted to leapfrog into the future, if you wanted to当然 我说的是如果你想跳跃到未来的某个时间see what the Earth will be like a million years from now, Albert Einstein told us how to do that.看看一百万年后地球会将会变成什么样子 爱因斯坦告诉我们如何去做In fact he told us two ways of how to do it.事实上他告诉了我们两种方法You can build a spaceship, go out into space near the speed of light, turn around and come back.一是你可以造一艘宇宙飞船 以接近光速的速度进入太空 转个身然后回来Imagine you go out for six months and you turn around and you come back for six months.想象一下 你去了六个月 然后一转身 然后你回来也需要六个月的时间。You will be one year older.这时候你就会发现你老了一岁But he taught us that your time is elapsing much slower than time back on Earth.但他告诉我们 你的时间流逝地在地球上慢得多So when you step out of your ship you’re one year older but Earth has gone through many, many years.所以当你走出你的飞船 你只是老了一岁 然而地球上已经过去了很多很多年It can have gone through 10,000, 100,000 or a million years depending on how close to它可能过去了一万年 十年或者是一百万年 这取决于你的速度the speed of light you traveled.和你旅行时的光速the speed of light you traveled.和你旅行时的光速And he also taught us if you go and hang out near the edge of a black hole他还告诉我们 如果你去黑洞边缘附近闲逛time again will elapse more slowly for you at the edge of the black hole than back on Earth.对你来说 在黑洞边缘的时间流逝得比在地球上更慢So you hang out there for a while, you come back and again you get out of your ship and所以你在那里逗留一会 返回地球 再次走出你的飞船it will be any number of years into the future, whatever you want all depending on how close你能够到未来的任何时间,你想到哪段时间取决于you got to the edge of the black hole and how long you hung out there.你离黑洞边缘有多近和你在那里逗留了有多久That is time travel to the future.这就是到未来的时间旅行Now of course what people really want to know about is getting back.当然 现在人们真正想知道的是如何回到过去Can you travel back to the past?那么你能够穿越到过去吗?I don’t think so.我认为不是这样的。We don’t know for sure.我们都无法确定。No one has given a definitive proof that you can’t travel to the past.没有人给出一个明确的据表明你不能穿越到过去In fact, some very reputable scientists have suggested ways that you might travel to the past.事实上 一些非常有声望的科学家已经提出了你可能穿越到过去的方法But every time we look at the proposals and detail it seems kind of clear that they’re但每次当我们看这些建议和细节时 似乎清楚地知道right at the edge of the known laws of physics.他们正处于已知物理定律的边缘And most of us feel that when physics progresses to a point that we understand things even我们大家都能感觉到 当物理学发展到一定阶段,我们能够更好地理解事物的时候better, these proposals just will be ruled out, they won’t work.我们会将这些建议都剔除掉,因为我们知道他们不会奏效But I guess I would say there’s a long shot possibility based on what we know today that但是我想我要说的是 这是个基于我们目前所知的概率极低的可能性time travel to the past might be possible.即穿越回去的时间旅行或许可行But most of us wouldn’t bet our life on it.而我们大多数人是不会拿我们的生命做赌注的201706/512114栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481056

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