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A Florida man is arguing he created the iPhone and the iPad, and wants Apple to pay him billion for stealing his idea.美国佛罗里达州一名男子日前对苹果公司提起诉讼,要求索赔100亿美元。他宣称,iPhone和iPad都出自他的创意。Thomas Ross, the irate inventor, is suing the tech giant, citing his sketches from 1992 as evidence that he was the revolutionary genius behind the iPhone — not Steve Jobs.这位名为托马斯·罗斯的愤怒的发明者正在对科技巨头苹果公司提起诉讼。他拿出了1992年的手绘图纸,以明发明iPhone的天才是他自己,而不是史蒂夫·乔布斯。The drawings, which were sketched 15 years before the iPhone#39;s debut in 2007, bear some resemblance to Apple#39;s device; it#39;s a rectangle with a screen on it. By those standards, Ross could have also claimed to have invented the Kindle, the personal digital assistant and the Nintendo DS.这些图纸是在15年前绘制的,早于2007年问世的iPhone。图纸上的矩形设备带有一个屏幕,和苹果公司的产品有些相似。按照这些标准,罗斯也可以声称自己发明了Kindle,个人数据辅助装置和任天堂DS游戏机。Ross pitched these as ;electronic ing devices; in his 1992 patent request, which was abandoned in 1995 after he failed to pay the application fee.1992年,罗斯在专利申请书上写的是;电子阅读设备;。1995年,由于未能付申请费用,这一专利申请被声明放弃。;The device, constituting the invention, is a computerized, electronic ing device, the purpose of which is to provide an alternative to paper-based print-media such as books, magazines, manuscripts and news media,; Ross wrote in his patent request.;该发明是一款用电脑处理的电子阅读设备,其目的在于取代书籍、杂志、手稿和新闻媒体等纸质印刷媒体,;罗斯在专利申请书中写道。The lawsuit, uncovered by MacRumors, claimed his idea was the original. He#39;s demanding Apple destroy all ;copies and knock-offs; that the company created.罗斯在知名苹果论坛MacRumors上提出诉讼,声称自己是最初发明者,要求苹果公司销毁该公司所有的;复制品和仿制品;。In March 2015, Ross sent a cease and desist demand to Apple CEO Tim Cook, claiming the company has been stealing his design.2015年3月,罗斯曾给苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克发了一份终止要求,声称苹果公司一直在盗取自己的设计成果。Apple#39;s lawyer reached back to Ross#39; attorney and said the company was ;confused; about his claims, according to court documents. ;Any pursuit of claims against Apple in light of these facts would be baseless and objectively unreasonable,; Apple legal counsel Jeffrey Lasker wrote in response.根据法庭文件显示,苹果公司的律师回复罗斯的律师称,苹果公司对他的索赔要求困惑不已。苹果公司的法律顾问杰弗里·拉斯科在回应中写道:;这些针对苹果公司的索赔据毫无根据,完全不切实际;。Ross claims Apple has caused him ;great and irreparable injury that cannot fully be compensated or measured in money,; and is asking for more than billion in the lawsuit, as well as 1.5% of all Apple#39;s sales as part of his royalties.罗斯声称,苹果公司对自己造成了;无法挽回的巨大伤害,这种伤害是无法用金钱来赔偿和衡量的;。他要求苹果公司索赔100亿美元,并在未来的销售收入中分成1.5%。 /201607/453465

Scientists say they have discovered the world's smallest known fish in threatened(1) swampland(2) in Indonesia.The fish, a member of the carp(3) family, has a translucent(4) body and a head unprotected by a skeleton(5).Mature females grow to less than a third of an inch long. The males have enlarged pelvic fins(6) and muscles that may be used in reproduction, researchers wrote in a report published Wednesday by the Royal Society in London."This is one of the strangest fish that I've seen in my whole career,' said Ralf Britz, a zoologist(7) at the Natural History Museum in London. "It's tiny, it lives in acid(8) and it has these bizarre(9) fins. I hope we'll have time to find out more about them before their habitat(10) disappears completely."The fish are found in an acidic(11) peat(12) swamp on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Indonesian peat swamps are under threat from fires lit by plantation owners and farmers as well as unchecked(13) development and farming. Researchers say several populations(14) of the tiny fish have aly been lost.The previous record for world's smallest fish, according to the Natural History Museum, was held by a species of Indo-Pacific goby(15) one-tenth of a millimeter(16) longer.According to researchers, the little fish live in dark, tea-colored water at least 100 times more acidic than rainwater. Such acidic swamps was once thought to harbor few animals, but recent research has revealed that they are highly diverse and home to many unique species. 科学家称他们在印度尼西亚濒临消失的沼泽中发现了世界上最小的鱼。这种鱼属于鲤科,通体透明,头部几乎没有头骨保护。周三,伦敦皇家协会发表报告说,成年雌鱼体长不足三分之一英寸,雄性的腹鳍和腹肌比较大,可能用于求偶繁殖。伦敦自然历史物馆的动物学家拉夫·布利兹说:“这是我从事动物学研究以来见过的最奇特的鱼之一。它们很小,生活在酸性水域中,还有这样奇特的鳍。我希望在它们赖以生存的环境还没有完全消失之前,可以对它们了解得更多。”科学家们在印尼苏门答腊岛的一个煤炭沼泽中发现了这种鱼。印尼煤炭沼泽在农场主和农民大肆焚烧和无限制开发、农田开垦的威胁下,面临消失的危险。研究人员说这种小鱼的部分种群已经灭亡了。自然历史物馆说之前世界上最小的鱼是印度太平洋虾虎鱼的一种,体长十分之一毫米。研究人员说这种小鱼生活在黑暗、茶色的水中,水的酸性比雨水强至少100倍。 此种酸性沼泽曾经被认为是极少数生物的栖息地,但是最近的研究表明它们育着各种独一无二的珍奇物种。 /200804/37119

Evoking images from the liquid metal and nearly unstoppable Terminator from the movies, BAE Systems has posted concept footage of a process to create drones of the future.近日,BAE系统公司发布的一份概念视频展示了未来制造无人机的过程。在视频里,无人机从液态金属里“长”了出来,看起来就像从电影里走出的无人阻挡的终结者一样。;A radical new machine called a Chemputer could enable advanced chemical processes to grow aircraft and some of their complex electronic systems, conceivably from a molecular level upwards,; s the description on the company#39;s website.该公司的官网上的介绍是这样说的:“有一款称之为#39;Chemputer#39;的全新机器,通过使用这款机器,可以用先进的化学方法来#39;栽培#39;飞机和其他一切复杂的电子系统,所有制造出来的机械都是由物质分子构成,是非常可靠、令人信的。”The shows a drone being produced in a large vat of chemicals and then moved to a staging area where a robotic arm inserts what are, presumably, the drone#39;s engine components. Sure this is just a concept, but BAE Systems has a track record of turning concepts into reality, so this isn#39;t just another concept promising unlikely inventions.在这家公司发布的这份视频里,一个巨大的化学培养皿里长出来了一架无人机,随后这个培养皿被移动到了另外一个地方,在这里,一条机械手臂给无人机安装了发动机部件。当然这只是一个概念,但是BAE系统公司曾经把概念变成过现实,因此这并不仅仅只是一个不可能实现的发明的概念视频而已。;We have been developing routes to digitize synthetic and materials chemistry and at some point in the future hope to assemble complex objects in a machine from the bottom up, or with minimal human assistance,; said professor Nick Colosimo, a BAE Systems global engineering fellow in a statement on the company#39;s website. ;Creating small aircraft would be very challenging but I#39;m confident that creative thinking and convergent digital technologies will eventually lead to the digital programming of complex chemical and material systems.;BAE系统公司全球工程研究员尼克·科洛西莫在该公司网站上的一份声明中说道:“我们一直在研究如何把电子化和合成化学材料化学相结合,从而在未来某个时间点能够在机器中自主生成一些复杂事物,或者仅需要很少的人类干涉。制造小飞机会很有挑战性,但是我有信心,创这种创新思维和电子技术会最终导致复杂的化学物质系统的自动编程和形成。”The next obvious step would be humanoid robots produced by the ;chemputer,; and then science fiction will have officially predicted reality — again.很显然,“Chemputer”的下一步将是制造仿真机器人,到那时,科幻小说中的情节就将再一次被变成现实。 /201607/456166

One day last week at 9.29am I hunched nervously over my keyboard and prepared to do battle with an entity called Emma. We were each primed to write about the official UK employment data at 9.30am and file our stories to my editor. I was sure Emma would be quicker than me, but I really hoped I would be better.最近,一天早晨9点29分,我弓着身子紧张地盯着键盘,准备与一台名为爱玛(Emma)的机器一决雌雄。我们都准备在9点30分撰写一篇有关英国官方就业数据的文章,然后把文章递交给我的编辑。我确定爱玛会比我速度快,但我真的希望我会写得更好。Her creator, a start-up called Stealth, calls her an “autonomous artificial intelligence” designed to deliver professional services such as research and analysis. Since it is fashionable to predict that AI will supplant white-collar workers including journalists, I wanted to put it to the test.她的创造者、名为Stealth的初创企业把她称作“自主人工智能”,旨在提供研究和分析等专业务。如今,预测人工智能将取代白领员工(包括记者在)是件时髦的事,所以我希望测试一下。Emma was indeed quick: she filed in 12 minutes to my 35. Her copy was also better than I expected. Her facts were right and she even included relevant context such as the possibility of Brexit (although she was of the dubious opinion that it would be a “tailwind” for the UK economy). But to my relief, she lacked the most important journalistic skill of all: the ability to distinguish the newsworthy from the dull. While she correctly pointed out the jobless rate was unchanged, she overlooked that the number of jobseekers had risen for the first time in almost a year.爱玛确实速度很快:她12分钟就提交了,我用了35分钟。而且她的文笔比我预期的要好。她列举的事实正确,甚至包括了相关背景,例如英国退欧(Brexit)的可能性(不过,她认为这将“推动”英国经济的观点让人存疑)。但让我感到安慰的是,她缺乏最重要的新闻从业人员技能:从枯燥资料中提取有新闻价值的内容的能力。尽管她准确指出了失业率未变,但她忽视了求职者数量出现近一年来首次增加。In truth, most people who work on artificial intelligence admit it is not going to make humans obsolete any time soon. It is simply not intelligent enough yet. What is beginning to happen, though, is more subtle but no less important. The lines are beginning to blur between work done by humans and that done by machines.实际上,从事人工智能开发工作的多数人承认,它不会很快淘汰人类。它就是还不够聪明。现在开始发生的情况较为微妙,但也很重要。人类和机器执行的工作之间的界限开始变得模糊起来。For some workers, this could be a boon. I could imagine a scenario where an entity like Emma could do rudimentary reports on repetitive data releases, then send them to a human editor to newsify and beautify. The Associated Press aly uses a program called Automated Insights to write simple corporate results stories. In these cases, humans have the advantage: machines not obliterating them but taking over the boring bits of their jobs so they can spend more time on the creative or valuable parts.对于一些工作者而言,这可能是件好事。我可以假设这样一幅场景:类似爱玛的一台机器可以就重复性的数据发布编写报道初稿,然后发送给人类编辑做成新闻并修饰语句。美联社(Associated Press)已经在使用一个名为Automated Insights的程序撰写简单的公司业绩报道。在这些情况下,人类具有优势:机器没有淘汰人类,而是取代了人类工作中乏味的部分,使人类能把更多时间花在有创意或有价值的工作上。But not all humans are moving up the value chain. There are some boring tasks at which machines are very bad. An army of low-paid people are quietly doing them instead.但并非所有人都在向价值链上方移动。有一些枯燥的工作,机器做得非常糟糕。很多低薪人员在默默地承接这些工作。Take the workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a site run by the online retailer where “requesters” pay “Turkers” to do simple microtasks that are tricky for machines but easy (if dull) for humans: transcribing audio clips; tagging photos with relevant keywords; copying photocopied receipts into spsheets. Amazon calls these “human intelligence tasks”, or HITs, and they tend to pay a few cents apiece. The name Mechanical Turk comes from a fake chess-playing machine from the 18th century: while it looked like an automaton, a person was secretly hiding inside.以亚马逊(Amazon)土耳其机器人(Mechanical Turk)的工作者为例,这是该在线零售商经营的一个网站,让“请求者”付费给“土耳其工人”(Turkers)执行一些简单的小任务,这些任务对于机器来说很难,但对人类而言却相当容易(只是些枯燥):把录音整理成文字记录;为照片贴上相关关键词作为标签;把复印的收据录入电子表格。亚马逊称之为“人类智能任务”,往往每个任务付费几美分。Mechanical Turk的名字来源于18世纪一台虚假的下棋机器:这台机器看上去是自动化,其实有真人藏在机器内部。Pinterest is a good example of a company that uses sites like this. One developer explains in a recent blog how it uses “crowdworkers” to evaluate the appropriateness of the “trending searches” generated by its computers. Humans are still better at making these judgments than machines. “We’ve built ‘artificial’ artificial intelligence,” she concluded.Pinterest就是一个公司利用这类网站的很好例子。一位开发员在最近一篇文中解释了如何利用“众包工作者”评估电脑生成的“趋势搜索”是否合适。人类仍比机器更擅长做出这些评判。她得出结论称:“我们打造了‘人为’的人工智能。”Some of the new chatbot and AI services also have people hiding inside: “humans pretending to be robots pretending to be humans”, as Bloomberg put it in a recent exposé. These people often review and edit AI-generated responses before they are sent.正如彭(Bloomberg)最近在一篇披露内幕的报道中所言,一些新的聊天机器人和人工智能务也有人类藏在里面:“人类假装是机器人,再由机器人假装人类”。这些人往往会在由人工智能生成的回复被发送之前对其进行编审。What about Emma? Is there a human lurking behind her? Shaunak Khire, co-founder of Stealth, says Emma has a team of human “trainers” but insists the output is all her own.爱玛呢?有人藏在她身后吗?Stealth联合创始人Shaunak Khire表示,爱玛拥有一个由人类“教练”组成的团队,但他坚称,她是完全独立完成工作的。It is always going to be hard for laypeople using these services to know for sure.使用这些务的外行人要确定这点总是很难。Jeff Bigham, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, works as an adviser to Emma’s creators. He wants to find ways to make crowdwork less mindless and more fulfilling; for example, by making it a means to acquire skills. He asks himself: “What would make me proud to have my daughter grow up to be a crowdworker?” Even then, it is not clear how long this sort of work will last.卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)人机交互研究所(Human-Computer Interaction Institute)助理教授杰夫#8226;比格姆(Jeff Bigham)是爱玛创造者的顾问。他希望找到让众包工作不那么机械而更有成就感的方法;比如让它成为一种获取技能的方式。他问自己:“有什么能让我因为自己的女儿长大后成为一名众包工作者而感到骄傲呢?”尽管那样,我们不清楚这类工作会持续多久。He explains that when humans perform tasks that machines cannot yet do, they create an exhaust of “training data” from which AI can learn. In other words, all those crowdworkers and chatbot editors are working steadily towards their own obsolescence.他解释道,当人类执行机器尚无法执行的任务时,他们会产生海量“培训数据”,人工智能可从中学习。换句话说,所有这些众包工作者和聊天机器人编辑天天在为淘汰自己工作着。Should you welcome or fear the rise of intelligent machines? That depends on whether they will be working for you, or you will be working for them.你是应该欢迎还是担心智能机器的崛起呢?这取决于他们将为你工作还是你将为他们工作。 /201605/442990

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