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浙江省中医院看男科好吗彭埠儿童医院在线医生咨询浙二滨江院区做人流好不 调查表明:女性“下床气”比男性严重Women are grumpier than men after waking up in the morning.Menknow better than torub their wives the wrong wayin the morning andhave their heads bitten off, for 6 in 7 women are in a foul mood after waking up.A new research has found that not only are women grumpier than men, but also that they remain in a foul mood for longer. A survey by The Sleep Council showed a quarter of men never wake up in a bad mood, compared to just one in seven women.And reeling from a sleepless night, caused mainly by stress and worry, 13 per cent of women remain in a bad mood for up to four hours, compared to ten per cent of men.Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said women's grumpiness may be worsened because they shoulder most of the household chores in the morning."Twenty-eight per cent of women as opposed to only 5 per cent of men do any housekeeping before going to work," she was ed by the DailyMail, as saying."It tends to be them that prepares the breakfast, spends time with the children, check their emails andattend to their beauty regime. Women far outweigh men in having a busy and packed morning.So what do men do? Apparently just get up and go out: 17 per cent of them spend only 10 minutes on their wake up and get out routine," she added.The survey found that four in ten people believe a disturbed night is the main reason for grumpiness in the morning.Nearly one in five of the population say they never really get a good night's sleep.7个女人中有6个都有“下床气”,所以,先生们都懂得早晨最好不要惹太太生气,免得吃不了兜着走。一项最新调查发现,女性早晨起床后脾气要比男性暴躁,而且持续的时间比较长。睡眠研究会所做的一项调查显示,没有“下床气”的男性占四分之一,而女性只有七分之一。由压力和忧虑导致的失眠是起床后情绪不佳的主要原因。13%的女性的“下床气”会持续四个小时之久,而男性中只有10%的人有类似情形。睡眠研究会的杰西卡·亚历山大说,由于女性早上得做很多家务活,所以她们的“下床气”更为严重。《每日邮报》援引她的话说:“28%的女性早晨上班前得料理家务,而男性中只有5%的人需要做这些事。”“女人们早上起床后得做早餐、照看孩子、上网查邮件、自己还要梳妆打扮一番,她们比男人忙多了。那么,男人们都做些什么呢?很简单,起床上班。17%的男人整个过程只需要花10分钟。”调查显示,40%的人认为,睡眠不好是早晨脾气暴躁的主要原因。近五分之一的调查对象说,他们晚上从来没有睡过一个好觉。Vocabulary:know better than to do sth. : 懂得…而不去做…rub sb. the wrong way: to annoy,irritate(惹恼;惹某人生气)bite off one's head : to respond to a comment in an angry or reproachful way(没好气的回答)attend to beauty regime : 指“梳妆打扮”、“美容护理” /200803/32057浙江第三人民医院网上在线咨询

杭州医院检查妇科滨江妇幼保健医院 Achtung baby注意,宝贝!Anyone seeking to understand why Germany remains the economic powerhouse of Europe need only to look at the performance of its auto industry. Its flagship brands -- Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche -- are all enjoying record years and forecasting even better results for 2013.如果有人不明白德国为什么是欧洲经济的发动机,只要看看德国汽车业的表现就明白了。梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、宝马(BMW)、奥迪(Audi)和保时捷(Porsche)等德系品牌的旗帜这几年的销量节节攀升,而且预计2013年还会有更好的业绩。Logically, they shouldn#39;t be doing well at all. At a time when most of the world#39;s consumers have a case of the shorts, Germany is selling premium cars at premium prices. With gasoline at wallet-busting levels, it continues to profit from high-performance V-6 and V-8 engines. And with typical buyers squeezing into smaller cars, there is no shortage of upscale German limos -- black only, of course -- festooned with more luxury features than a first-class seat on Emirates.从逻辑上讲,德系车本来不应该这样繁荣的。如今全球大多数消费者的钱袋都比较紧张,更何况德国人还是以高端的价格卖高端车型。而且油价近年来一直高得吓人,德国车虽然动辄搭载V6和V8发动机,但依然能继续盈利。另外,尽管一般消费者越来越青睐小型车,但高端德国豪车总是不愁销路——当然,它们还是一水的黑色,车里的豪华配置甚至比阿联酋航空公司(Emirates)的头等舱还要豪华。So much for logic. In the first five months of this year, BMW#39;s global sales are up 6.4%, Porsche has gained 13%, and Audi is a remarkable 14% better off.逻辑问题就先谈到这里。在今年的头5个月里,宝马的全球销量上升了6.4%,保时捷上升了13%,奥迪的销量更是上升了14%。How do the Germans do it? You could say they#39;re smart, work hard, and have momentum on their side. But they also enjoy 10 unique advantages:德国人是如何创造这个奇迹的?你可能会说,他们很聪明,工作努力,而且得到了老天的眷顾。不过除此之外,德国还有10个独特的优势。 /201308/251573杭州市红十字会医院看妇科

绍兴市妇幼保健院网上在线咨询 Author and radio host Diane Brandon has interpreted hundreds of dreams during her 40 years as a student of sleep research。作家兼广播主持人黛安-布兰森40多年来一直进行睡眠研究,她将成百上千个梦境进行了研究。;I feel that our unconscious, which is the source of most but not all of our dreams, is a wonderful inner ally that is trying to bring us to wholeness and balance,; Brandon tellus.布兰森说:“我认为我们的潜意识也就是大部分梦境的源头,是我们身体的好盟友,会试图使我们完整和平衡。”Brandon helped us compile a list of the 10 most common nightmares, or dreams with negative meanings。布兰森还列举出十个最常见的噩梦或带有消极意义的梦境。10. Having a disease or health emergency梦到患某种疾病或遇到健康危机This nightmare could reflect a fear of an unknown thing suddenly having a negative impact on the dreamer#39;s life. It could also reflect an underlying fear of illness or ofcontracting a serious disease. It could also express a fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there#39;s something wrong (“ill” or “rotten”) in one#39;s life。这个梦境通常反映的是做梦的人对突发未知事件的一种恐惧,害怕会对自己生活产生消极影响。这还可以反映出对某一潜在疾病的恐惧,又或者表达的是对不能享受生活的担忧,或生活中出现了不如意的地方。A nightmare about an illness could also be a way of telling the dreamer that he or she actually has an illness, even if consciously unaware of it。关于疾病的噩梦,甚至可以告诉梦者他们的确患上了某种疾病,即使是在他们尚未察觉的情况下。9. Being attacked or injured梦到被打或受伤This type of nightmare could reflect a fear of others, a fear of not fitting in, a literal fear of violence, or a fear of being figuratively “attacked; or criticized by others. It#39;s important to take into account the actual scenario and what#39;s going on in the dreamer#39;s life for meanings。这种噩梦表达的是害怕别人,害怕不合群,害怕暴力或害怕被其他人采取其他方式的“袭击”或批评。了解实际情况,知道做梦的人生活中发生了些什么,对了解梦境的含义十分重要。8. Car trouble梦到车子出毛病This nightmare can reflect a feeling of not being able to move forward in life or even of one#39;s life being out of control. Our car is frequently how we not only travel, but“get to places; in life.这类噩梦反应的是实际生活中不能前进或是生活失去控制的感觉。车子反应的不仅仅是我们如何旅行,还有我们如何到达目的地。7. Drowning梦到溺水This nightmare could mean you feel overwhelmed or put out a lot of effort with no success or return. It could also simply represent a fear of water. It#39;s important to payattention to the whole scenario as different meanings or even nuances could emerge.这个噩梦可能表示你有挫败感,又或者辛辛苦苦付出努力却没有获得任何成功或回报。当然也能简单的表示你怕水。关注梦里的整个场景是十分重要的,即使小差别都有着完全不同的含义。For example, if the dreamer is drowning, it could mean one thing, but if the dreamer is drowning along with other people or being drowned by someone, there could be entirelydifferent meanings。比如,如果做梦的人溺水了,可以代表一件事,但如果梦者和其他人一起溺水,又或差点被淹死,含义将会大不相同。6. Falling梦到掉下来We suddenly may feel that we#39;re falling, jerk awake, and then realize that we had indeed been sleeping. Nightmares of falling could reflect a fear of heights, a fear of notbeing in control, a feeling of having nothing solid to hold onto in life, or even a fear of death。我们也许会突然觉得自己在坠落,然后惊醒发现不过是个梦境。坠落的噩梦可以反映恐高,对失去控制的恐惧以及一种生活中无所依靠的感觉,甚至是对死亡的恐惧。 /201306/244277桐庐县宫颈糜烂多少钱萧山流产要花多少钱



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