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萧山哪家医院治疗前列腺炎最好建德市月经不调哪家医院最好的浙江省人民医院滨江分院怎么样好吗 The North Korean leader has said the country now has a hydrogen bomb, according to the N. Korean central news agency, and is capable of using it along with nuclear warheads to defend its sovereignty.据朝鲜中央通讯社报道,朝鲜国家领导人金正恩宣布该国已有氢弹,并准备好利用它和原子弹来维护国家主权。We managed to become a great nuclear power capable of defending the independence and national dignity of our homeland by mighty nuclear and hydrogen strikes, N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un was cited by the Korean central news agency as saying. He also said North Korea ;has to continue with actively developing its military industry.;朝中社援引金正恩的话:“我国已经能够成为一个准备好使用强大的原子弹和氢弹来坚决维护主权和国家尊严的核强囀?”他还说朝鲜;将继续积极发展军事工;。The statement came as Kim Jong Un was on a tour inspecting an upgraded arms plant in Pyongyang on Thursday, according to TASS ing the N. Korean central news agency.这个陈述是金正恩周四在平壤参观一处升级的武器基地时所讲,据俄罗斯塔斯通讯社引用朝中社的报道。So far it has not been confirmed that the country has in fact designed and created a hydrogen bomb.目前为止还不能确认朝鲜确实设计和制造了氢弹。However, the South Korean intelligence community and experts say North Korea is unlikely to have enough scientific know-how to design an H-bomb.然而,韩国的情报体系以及一些专家认为朝鲜不可能掌握足够的设计氢弹的专业知识;We dont have any information that North Korea has developed an H-bomb,; an intelligence official from South Koreas National Intelligence Service (NIS) told Yonhap news agency. ;We do not believe that North Korea, which has not succeeded in miniaturizing nuclear bombs, has the technology to produce an H-bomb.;韩国国家情报院(NIS)的一名情报官告诉韩国联合通讯社,“我们没有收到任何朝鲜已经制造出氢弹的消息。”“我们不相信朝鲜已经成功研制出小型核弹,不相信他拥有制造氢弹的科技。;Its hard to regard North Korea as possessing an H-bomb. I think it seems to be developing it,; research fellow at Seoul-based Science and Technology Policy Institute Lee Chun-geun was ed as saying by Yonhap.韩国联合通讯社援引科学技术协会首尔总部的研究人员李淳槿所述,“朝鲜研制出了氢弹是难以置信的,我认为他们应该还在研究中。”On February 10, 2005 N. Korea declared it had created nuclear weapons. The announcement was widely condemned by the international community. The country has since conducted underground nuclear tests three times, in 2006, and 2013.20050日,朝鲜宣称已制造出核武器,这个消息引起了国际社会的广泛抗议。自那时起的2006年009年和2013年,平壤进行了三次地下核试验,The three nuclear tests are said to be critical for N. Koreas strategic arms program. The first known underground nuclear test was conducted in 2006 at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in the northeast of the country. It was recorded by seismic stations in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. According to rough estimates, a nuclear device of 5 to 10 kilotons of TNT was exploded.这三次核试验对朝鲜的战略武器计划是至关重要的。第一个已知的地下核试验是2006在该国东北部丰溪里核试验基地进行。俄罗斯,中国,日本,韩国和澳大利亚地震台站都监测记录了本次试验。据粗略估计,此核弹爆炸的威力约50千吨TNT当量。The second and third tests were conducted in May and January 2013 respectively, causing international condemnation and unilateral sanctions by the US for violating the non-proliferation regime. The estimated power of the devices tested was 10 to 20 kilotons of TNT each.第二次和第三次试验分别是009月和2013月进行,引起了国际社会的一致谴责,还因违反不扩散制度受到了美国单方面的制裁。估计每一次的核弹威力都在100千吨TNT当量。In 2013, the UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions against North Korea for its latest nuclear test, which came hours after Pyongyang threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US and South Korea in March 2013. The sanctions involve penalties on the countrys banking, travel and trade.2013年年3月,在平壤威胁将对美国和韩国进行先发制人的核打击数小时后,联合国安理会一致同意对朝鲜最新一次的核试验采取制裁。制裁措施包括对该国的业、旅游业和贸易的惩罚。A hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon of mass destruction that uses energy from a primary nuclear blast to ignite a secondary nuclear fusion, and is by far the most powerful weapon on earth. The first country to build an H-bomb was the Soviet Union, whose AN602 hydrogen bomb (often referred to as the “Tzar Bomb was tested in 1961.氢弹是一种大规模杀伤性的核武器,利用一次核爆炸的能量来点燃二次核聚变,是迄今为止地球上最强大的武器。第一个制造氢弹的国家是苏联,其AN602氢弹(通常称为“沙皇炸弹”)961年引爆。来 /201512/415361杭州做人流花多少钱

采荷妇幼保健院顺产多少钱拱墅区药流需要多少钱 Breast-feeding has well established short-term benefits, but now researchers have found that its advantages may persist into adulthood.母乳喂养的短期效益早已得到世人公认,现在,研究人员又发现,这种优势可能会一直持续到孩子成年之后。Many studies of breast-feeding are confounded by social factors in the ed States, for example, people of higher socioeconomic status tend to breast-feed longer. But the population in this study covered a wide-ranging socioeconomic spectrum of women who breast-fed.许多关于母乳喂养的研究都受到了社会因素的干扰,例如,在美国,社会经济地位较高的母亲行母乳喂养的时间较长。但是,这项新研究所考察的人群涵盖了社会经济各个阶层中进行母乳喂养的女性。The study, in the April issue of Lancet Global Health, began in 1982 with 5,914 newborns. The duration of breast-feeding and the age when the babies began eating solid foods was recorded. Thirty years later, researchers were able to interview and test 3,493 of the original group.这项发表在《柳叶刀:全球卫生》杂Lancet Global Health)4月号上的研究始于1982年,涉及5914名新生儿。研究人员记录了母乳喂养的持续时间和婴儿开始食用固体食物时的年龄0年后,当年的那些新生儿长大成人,其中3493人接受了研究人员的访谈和测试。After controlling for maternal education and smoking, family income, birth weight and other factors, they found that at age 30, compared with people breast-fed for a month or less, those breast-fed 12 months or more had higher I.Q. scores, more years of education and higher monthly incomes.在对母亲的受教育程度和吸烟情况、家庭收入、婴儿的出生体重和其他因素进行核验后,研究人员发现,同样0岁,与母乳喂养不超过一个月的人相比,得到母乳喂养至2个月的人智商得分较高,受教育年限较长,月收入也较多。Still, the authors acknowledge that this is an observational study, and that many other unmeasured factors could have influenced their results.不过,作者承认,这只是一项观测研究,而且许多别的不可测因素也可能会影响他们的结果。“I don’t want to terrify people who did not breast-feed or who breast-fed for a short time,said the lead author, Bernardo Lessa Horta, an associate professor at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil. “It isn’t only breast-feeding that affects I.Q. and income. But our study does show that breast-feeding is important and should be encouraged.”“我不想吓到那些没有得到过母乳喂养或者母乳喂养时间很短的人,”该研究的主要作者,巴西贝罗塔斯联邦大学(Federal University of Pelotas)的副教授贝尔纳多·莱萨·奥尔Bernardo Lessa Horta)说。“母乳喂养并非影响智商和收入的唯一因素。但我们的研究确实显示,母乳喂养非常重要,应予以鼓励。”来 /201505/377690西湖区人民医院咨询

浙江杭州萧然女子医院做人流要多久Six world powers and Iran struck one of the most significant post-cold war diplomatic deals yesterday, reversing almost a decade of economic isolation for the Islamic republic in return for limits on its nuclear programme.六个世界大国昨日与伊朗达成的协议堪称冷战后最重大的外交协议之一,逆转了这个伊斯兰共和国近10年的经济孤立,以换取对伊朗核计划的限制。If it survives objections of opponents in Washington and Tehran, the deal to end a 12-year nuclear-stand-off is expected to unfreeze more than 0bn in Iranian assets and prompt a flood of investment while stunting the country’s ability to make a nuclear bomb for at least a decade.如果这份协议在华盛顿和德黑兰分别经受住反对者的反对,它将结束长2年的核对峙,解冻000亿美元的伊朗资产,释放一股投资洪流,同时在至0年里阻碍该国发展制造核弹的能力。Barack Obama defended what is the boldest gamble of his presidency as a “comprehensive long-term dealwith Iran that will head-off “a nuclear arms race in the Middle East Facing congressional scrutiny and criticism from Republican presidential contenders,Mr Obama vowed to veto any legislation that stopped implementation of the accord. “I believe it would be irresponsible to walk away from this deal,he said.巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)为他总统任期内的最大胆进行辩护,称与伊朗达成的这项“全面长期的协议”,将阻止“中东地区的核军备竞赛”。面对国会的吹毛求疵和共和党总统候选人竞争者的批评,奥巴马誓言要否决任何阻止执行该协议的立法。“我相信拒绝接受这份协议将是不负责任的,”他说。Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, pictured below, said the deal “opens a new chapterin its international relations, putting an end to “wrong, unfair and inhumanesanctions. “It is the end of injustice to the Iranian nation and beginning of new co-operation in the world,he said.伊朗总统哈桑脠哈Hassan Rouhani)表示,这一协议为该国的国际关系“开启了新篇章”,为“错误、不公平和不人道的”制裁画上了句号。“这是伊朗民族所遭遇的不公正的结束,世界新合作的开始,”他说。Capping two years of negotiations, the deal will place hard limits on Tehran’s nuclear activities and, in a matter of months, begin to reconnect the 0bn Iranian economy with the world.这份协议结束了两年的谈判,它将对德黑兰的核活动施加刚性限制,同时将在数月后开始将4000亿美元的伊朗经济与世界重新接轨。Under the deal, by early 2016 the key economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted, breathing life into its financial system and energy market. Sanctions relief will be triggered by Iran’s verified compliance with measures to wind back its nuclear plans and introduce close international monitoring. Oil prices fell more than 2 per cent on the news.根据协议,对伊朗的重要经济制裁到2016年年初将被解除,向该国金融体系和能源市场注入生命力。解除制裁的先决条件是伊朗被验履行了协议,采取措施逆转其核计划,并引入密切的国际监测。达成协议的消息传出后,油价下跌%。If the agreement holds it will be the first case in which a country subject to chapter seven sanctions by the UN Security Council has exited them through diplomacy rather than war.如果这份协议得到执行,那将是根据《联合国宪章》第七章受到联合国安理会(UN Security Council)制裁的国家首次通过外交(而非战争)结束制裁。But its terms were decried by some as an egregious failure of judgment. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, called the agreement a “historic mistake for the world Jeb Bush, a leading Republican presidential candidate, said the deal was “appeasement但是该协议的条款被一些人谴责为令人震惊的误判。以色列总理本雅明蔠呑尼亚胡(Benjamin Netanyahu)称该协议是“世界的历史性错误”。共和党主要总统候选人竞争者杰布布什(Jeb Bush)表示,这一协议是“绥靖政策”。In Iran, both reformists and conservatives welcomed the deal, regarding it as a victory that will turn Iran into a regional power. Hardliners remained largely quiet because of the difficulty in opposing an agreement endorsed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader and ultimate decision maker.在伊朗,改革派和保守派都对这份协议表示欢迎,视其为一个胜利,将让伊朗成为地区大国。强硬派基本保持沉默,因为他们明白自己难以反对伊朗最高领袖和最终决策者阿亚图拉阿里哈梅内Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)已经拍板的协议。来 /201507/386029 浙江萧山医院男科医生江干区妇幼保健院无痛人流要多少钱

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