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The Vatican is prepared for a huge crowd Tuesday as Pope Francis hosts political leaders from 130 nations and representatives from a variety of religions for his installation Mass.星期二,来自130国家的政治领导人和不同宗教的代表将参加教宗方济的即位弥撒,梵蒂冈已为接待众多来宾做好准备。Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack St. Peters Square for the celebration, which formally installs Francis as the new leader of the worlds 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.预计将有数十万人聚集在圣彼得广场参加庆祝仪式,届时教宗方济将正式成为全世2亿罗马天主教徒的领袖。Among the high-level guests, the spiritual leader of the worlds Orthodox Christians, Bartholomew, is expected to attend. He would be the first patriarch from the Istanbul-based church to witness a papal inauguration since the two branches of Christianity split nearly 1,000 years ago.在高层来宾中,预计东正教领袖巴塞洛缪将出席仪式。自从基督教于将千年前分为罗马天主教和东正教两以来,这将是伊斯坦布尔东正教教廷领袖首次出席罗马天主教教宗的即位典礼。More than 30 delegations of other Christian churches, as well as representatives from the Jewish, Muslim and various other faiths, also will attend.来自其他基督教会0多个代表团以及犹太教、伊斯兰教和其他教派的代表们也将出席仪式。来 /201303/231010

Buying Clothes购买衣Good afternoon.can I be any assistance to you?下午好,我能帮助您什么吗?Yes,l am looking a suit.是的,我在找套装Here are the suits.Which one would you like?套装都在这里,您喜欢哪一件呢?Can I have a black one over there?我能看看那件黑色的吗? 39537


  必背句型:A:I want to know the acts of sovereignty.我想了解主权行为B:A state alone can perm acts of sovereignty on its territory.只有国家才能在自己的领土上行使主权行为Only a state can perm acts of sovereignty on its territory.只有国家才能在自己的领土上行使主权行为The department alone can make the decision.只有这个部门才有决策权Only the department can make the decision.只有这个部门才有决策权延伸阅读:A:Being sovereign and equal to others,a state has certain rights and corresponding duties.作为独立,平等的主权国家,既享有某些权利,也承担相应的义务B:Rights and duties connect with each other.权利和义务彼此联系Every one has certain rights and corresponding duties.每个人享有某些权利,也承担相应的义务What is the relation between certain rights and corresponding duties?某些权利和相应义务之间是什么关系? 68636。



  A: Hi there. What can we do you today?您好我们今天能为您做些什么吗?B: Im a student here and iVe asked a relative to send me some money. It,s from my mother in the US.我在这里上学,我已经让我的家人给我汇一些钱我妈妈从美国汇款A: OK, and do you know which bank she uses?好的,您知道她要通过哪个办理吗?B: Erm ... Vm not sure. I was told that we could do something called TT?呃……我不能确定我被告知我们能通过那个叫;电汇;的方式汇款, 对吗?A: That correct. But if you have an with us and your mother has an with one of the banks on our authorised list,she could just transfer the money directly.对但是,如果您在我们这里有一个账户,并且您母亲开户的在我们的授权名单上,她就能直接转账B: Right, right. Yes, that would be quicker.好的,好的是呀,那就会快一些 6星级典句:第一句: I want to change some RMB into American dollars.我想把人民币兑换成美元A: Excuse me. Do you exchange eign money?请问你们兑换外币吗?B: Yes. What kind of currency do you want?是的,你要兑换什么货币?A: I want to change some RMB into American dollars.我想把人民币兑换成美元第二句: I want to exchange my dollars pounds.我想把美元换成英镑A: What can I do you?您需要什么帮助吗?B: I want to exchange my dollars pounds.我想把美元兑换成英镑A: What the amount youd like to exchange?您想要换多少?B: Id like to exchange .我想兑换0美元其他表达法:Id like to convert the unused US dollars back into RMB.我想把没用完的美元换成人民币Id like to change some eign currency.我想换外币 3667

  1. Why dont we go shopping?我们去逛街吧. Do you have leather shoes here?你们这里卖皮鞋吗?3. I want to buy a pair of shoes an interview.我想买双面试穿的鞋子. What size do you wear?你的鞋号多大?5. Which of these bags is best in quality, please?这些包哪个质量最好?6. It is made of sable, and the fur is extremely delicate and bright.它是黑貂皮做的,皮子很光滑,也有光泽度7. Are they real cow leather?是真牛皮的吗?8. My budget is about 300 yuan.我的预算价位在300元左右9. Which color do you think suits me best?你觉得什么颜色适合我呢?. Could you please get me a pair of size 1 in brown, please?你能帮我拿双1码咖啡色的吗?Dialogue 1对话 1A: Carrie, I want to buy a pair of leather shoes to wear the interview tomorrow.A: 凯莉,我想买双皮鞋面试时穿B: Why dont we go shopping?B: 为什么不去逛街呢?A: Good idea. Let go. Where should we go?A: 好主意,走吧去哪里逛?B: Let go to Hualian Store.B: 去华联商厦吧Dialogue 对话 A: Do you have shoes here?A: 你们这里卖鞋子吗?B: Yes. What do you want to buy?B: 是的,你想买什么样儿的?A: I want to buy a pair of shoes an interview.A: 我想买双面试穿的鞋子B: What size do you wear?B: 你的鞋号多大?A: My feet is size 37.A: 我穿37码的鞋子 36875



  1:Put on the speed第1单元:速度加快The faster you walk,the faster you burn calories.你走得愈快,卡路里的燃烧速度也愈快If youre aly a walker,add some action with speedwalking.如果你已养成走路的习惯那你不妨试着快走并加此动作In the middle of your regular walk,walk as fast as you can a minute or so.在你经常的步行当中,试着以最快的速度走个一两分钟When you get comtable with that,add another minute or two.等你慢慢适应后,再额外地增加一两分钟Bend your elbows and pump your arms to add momentum.Be sure not to strain yourself.借着弯弯手肘和摆动手臂来增加动力但别伤到自已Youll know you are if your legs turn into knots.If that happens,slow down!双腿一旦僵硬的话,自己一定会知道的如果有这种感觉的话,立刻速度放慢!In the long run,try to cover a mile as fast as you can.最后,试着以最快的速度走完一英里Making a mile in minutes is great,and twice that is an ideal workout.在十分分钟内走一英里是很不错的,若能走上两英里的话便是非常理想的健身Remember,when youre speedwalking,do a slower walk or minutes as a warm-up and again afterward as a cool-down.记住,快走前先慢慢走个十到十五分钟作为暖身,快走完再慢慢走个十到十五分钟让自己慢慢平静下来 36939


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