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But of this answer Lydia heard not a word. She seldom listened to anybody for more than half a minute, and never attended to Mary at all.可是丽迪雅把她这番话当做耳边风。谁说的话她都不爱听,别说曼丽,她根本就不理她。In the afternoon Lydia was urgent with the rest of the girls to walk to Meryton, and to see how everybody went on; but Elizabeth steadily opposed the scheme. It should not be said that the Miss Bennets could not be at home half a day before they were in pursuit of the officers. There was another reason too for her opposition. She ded seeing Mr. Wickham again, and was resolved to avoid it as long as possible. The comfort to HER of the regiment#39;s approaching removal was indeed beyond expression. In a fortnight they were to go--and once gone, she hoped there could be nothing more to plague her on his account.到了下午,丽迪雅硬要们陪她上麦里屯去,看看那边的朋友们近况如何,可是伊丽莎白坚决反对,为的是不让别人说闲话,说班纳特家的几位在家里待不上半天,就要去追逐军官们,她所以反对,还有一个理由。她怕再看到韦翰。她已经下定决心,能够和他避而不见就尽量避而不见。那个民兵团马上就要调走了,她真是感觉到说不出的安慰。不出四个星期,他们就要走了,她希望他们一走以后,从此平安无事,使她不会再为韦翰受到折磨。She had not been many hours at home before she found that the Brighton scheme, of which Lydia had given them a hint at the inn, was under frequent discussion between her parents. Elizabeth saw directly that her father had not the smallest intention of yielding; but his answers were at the same time so vague and equivocal, that her mother, though often disheartened, had never yet despaired of succeeding at last.她到家没有几个小时,就发觉父母在反复讨论上白利屯去玩的计划,也就是丽迪雅在客店里给她们提到过的那个计划。伊丽莎白看出她父亲丝毫没有让步的意思,不过他的回答却是模棱两可,因此她母亲虽然惯常碰钉子,可是这一次并没有死心,还希望最后能如她的愿。1.attend to 注意;专心Please attend to what I#39;ll tell you.请注意我要讲的话。2.in pursuit of 追求;追赶;追捕He does it in pursuit of health.他为了健康而做这事。3.at the same time 同时At the same time I wished to shield her conduct from censure. 同时我还希望掩盖她的举动以免受指责。 Article/201112/165267PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER ELEVENA Great Party at ThornfieldJust then I heard Blanche Ingram say to him,"Oh Edward, you should have sent Adele away to school instead of getting her a teacher. I saw that young woman with her. She's not very pretty, is she! Adele should have a pretty teacher. It's [-----1-----], you know! These girls never teach children anything. Oh, but what a boring thing to talk about! Edward, will you sing with me?""Certainly," he answered. I did not want to hear any more. I felt the room quietly and was in the hall when Mr. Rochester appeared."Come back, Jane, you're leaving too early," he said to me."I'm sorry, sir. I'm very tired." He looked at me for a minute."Something is wrong. What is it? Tell me.""Nothing--it's nothing,sir.""But I see you're almost crying. I don't have time now to find out why. Well, tonight you may leave early, but I want to see you every evening. Good night, my--" He stopped, looked away from me and walked away quickly. I stood there, thinking. Why did Mr. Rochester want me to be at the party?The old house had never seen so much life and activity during the days of the party. Everyday Mr. Rochester and his guests rode horses, and walked in the beautiful gardens. He and Miss Ingram were together every day. I watched them closely. The way they acted made me believe that Mr. Rochester would soon marry her. But I did not feel [-----2-----], because I knew he did not love her. She had tried to make him love her, but he had not given her his heart. I saw Miss Ingram's [-----3-----] very clearly. She was intelligent, but had no thoughts of her own. She was beautiful, but unkind. She could never be a loving wife and mother. Mr. Rochester knew all of these things, but he would marry her anyway. But I did not know why.One day when Mr. Rochester was away, a stranger came to the house. His name was Mason, and he told us that he was an old friend of Mr. Rochester's. He had just returned from the islands of the West Indies, where Mr. Rochester had once lived. 填空 :1.silly2.jealous3.faults Article/200904/68446有声名著之少年维特的烦恼 Chapter7《少年维特的烦恼》小说的情节十分简单,年轻的维特来到一个小镇,这里的自然风光、淳朴的民风、天真快乐的儿童给予他极大的快乐。一次舞会上他认识了一个叫绿蒂的少女,她的一颦一笑、一举一动都让他倾倒;绿蒂也喜欢他,却不能予以爱的回报,她已与维特好友订婚。维特陷入了尴尬和痛苦,他毅然离开此地,力图从事业上得到解脱,有所成就,然而鄙陋的环境、污浊的人际关系、压抑个性窒息自由的现存秩序,都使他无法忍受,当他怀才不遇地重返绿蒂身边时,发现绿蒂已结婚,决定以死殉情,遂用一手结束了自己的生命。英文原著:少年维特的烦恼PDF文本下载 Article/200912/93004

2 France 第2章 法国 Dear James. Very soon I am going to die, and meet my God.Before I die, I want to write the true story of my life for you. Everything that I write here is true—I cannot lie to you, or to God. Please believe that, James. It#39;s important to me. 亲爱的詹姆斯,很快我就要死去,去见我的上帝了。在我死之前,我要给你写下我一生的真实的故事。在这里我写的一切都是真实的——我不能对你说谎,也不能对上帝说谎。请相信这一切,詹姆斯,这对我很重要。 My father died when I was one week old, so I was the Queen of Scots when I was a baby. At first I lived with my mother in Scotland, and then, when I was five, I went to France. My mother was French, but she stayed in Scotland, and died there. 在我出生只有一个星期的时候我的父亲便去世了。因此在我还是个婴儿的时候我就成了苏格兰的女王。起初我和母亲一起住在苏格兰,后来在我五岁的时候我去了法国。我母亲是法国人,可是她却呆在苏格兰直到去世。 I went to France to marry the King of France#39;s son. His name was Francis, and he was one year younger than me. In 1559, his father died, so Francis was King. Then I was Queen of France, and Queen of Scotland too. 我去法国并嫁给了法国王子。他叫弗朗西斯,比我小一岁。1559年,他的父亲去世了,因此弗朗西斯成了国王。于是,我既是法国王后,又是苏格兰女王。 I was very happy in France. Francis, my husband, was like a little brother to me. I think he loved me, bur he was very young,and he was often ill.And then,in 1560,he died.He was sixteen years old. 在法国我很幸福。我的丈夫弗朗西斯就像是我的一个小弟弟。我想他是爱我的,但是他太年轻了,还经常生病。之后,1560年,他死了,年仅16岁。 When he died I was very unhappy, and my life was very different. There was a new King and Queen, and I wasn#39;t important in France, any more. But I was still Queen of Scots, so I came back to Scotland. When I arrived in Scotland, I was a young girl of eighteen. My mother was dead, and there was no one there to meet me. I walked off the ship,and I slept in a little house near the sea. 他死后我非常伤心,而且我的生活也发生了很大的变化。法国有了新的国王和王后,我在法国已显得不再重要。但是我仍然是苏格兰的女王,因此,我回到了苏格兰。我回到苏格兰的那会儿,我是个才18岁的小姑娘。我的母亲已经去世了,因此没有人来接我。我下了船,就在海边的一间小屋里过夜。 Next day, the Scots lords came from Edinburgh. They were pleased to see me, and for a week everyone was happy. People smiled at me and sang in the streets. I think everyone liked me. Then, that Sunday, I went to church. 第二天,苏格兰的贵族们从爱丁堡来了。他们见到我很高兴。有一个星期大家都很开心。人们朝我微笑,在大街上唱歌。我以为每个人都很喜欢我。然后,在那个星期天,我去了教堂。 Article/201203/176053

她母亲气愤愤地说:“我们既然不预备去看彬格莱先生,当然就无从知道他喜欢什么。” “可是你忘啦,妈妈,”伊丽莎白说,“我们将来可以在跳舞会上碰到他的,郎格太太不是答应过把他介绍给我们吗?” Mr. Bennet was among the earliest of those who waited on Mr. Bingley. He had always intended to visit him, though to the last always assuring his wife that he should not go; and till the evening after the visit was paid she had no knowledge of it. It was then disclosed in the following manner. Observing his second daughter employed in trimming a hat, he suddenly addressed her with: "I hope Mr. Bingley will like it, Lizzy. " "We are not in a way to know WHAT Mr. Bingley likes, " said her mother resentfully, "since we are not to visit. " "But you forget, mamma, " said Elizabeth, "that we shall meet him at the assemblies, and that Mrs. Long promised to introduce him. " Article/201011/117864

I really don’t know why fishing is so popular. It’s one of the best-loved hobbies all over the world. Anywhere there’s a pond, a river a lake or sea, you see people fishing. I’ve only been fishing twice and I thought it was boring. I didn’t catch any fish. Even if I had caught a fish, I don’t think I would have been excited. To me, sitting next to a river waiting for something to happen is strange. I know lots of people who love fishing. They even get up at four o’clock in the morning in the winter to sit in the freezing cold. They say the best time to fish is before the sun comes up. I say they’re crazy. Big game fishing looks good. I like the idea of cruising on a boat near Hawaii looking for giant fish. Article/201104/132965

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