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South Korea#39;s Constitutional Court officially booted President Park Geun-hye from office.韩国宪法法院正式罢免总统朴槿惠。Parliament impeached Park in December and stripped her of her presidential powers. But it was up to the Constitutional Court to officially remove her from office.国会在十二月将其弹劾,并剥夺了她的总统权力。现在宪法法院正式撤销了她的职务。Park is the first democratically elected leader to be forced from office in South Korea.朴槿惠是韩国第一个被迫下台的民主选举领导人。She has been accused of sharing confidential information with her longtime friend, who critics allege secretly controlled parts of the government as a private citizen.她被指控与她的老朋友共享机密信息,批评者宣称她作为一个公民秘密操控政府部门。South Korea#39;s prime minister has been filling in as acting president. Now, the country must hold an election within 60 days to replace Park.韩国总理已被任命为代理总统。现在,国家必须在60天内举行选举取代朴槿惠。译文属。 Article/201703/4970802001年9月11日,全球三分之一的人看到了世贸中心倒塌的直播;超过三分之一的人24小时内听闻了这个事件。还记得你当时在哪儿吗?即将开馆的9/11纪念物馆内的展品会反映出当日整个世界经历的多元性。在这个感人的演讲中,设计师杰克·巴顿让我们一瞥那些物馆设备,还有一些其他项目,旨在让观察者更积极的活跃于展馆中。 Article/201412/346789

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/395463

【新闻精讲】Business: Reviews on Amazon Five-star fakes商业:亚马逊上的,五星假好评The evolving fight against sham reviews.打击虚假进行中。Five-star 五星级的;第一流的例:They like five-star hotels and deferential treatment.他们喜欢五星级的宾馆和毕恭毕敬的接待。fight against 对抗例句:He instructed his staff to crank up for an all-out fight against the nomination.他指示手下工作人员做好准备,全力以赴反对这项提名。Sham 假的东西 表不满例:The government#39;s promises were exposed as a hollow sham.政府的承诺被揭露为一个空洞的谎言。“I will post awesome review on your amazon product,” bess98 declared on Fiverr, a website where individuals sell freelance services for or more.“我会对您在亚马逊出售的产品给予好评。”Fiverr网站用户bess98如是说,该网站用户出售这样的自由职业务,要价为五美元或更多。Awesome1. 畏惧的the awesome responsibility of sending men into combat派士兵去打仗的令人畏惧的责任2. 棒极了的Melvill called the flight ;mind-blowing; and ;awesome.“梅尔维尔说这次飞行令人“无比兴奋”、“棒极了”。Freelance 自由职业的例:Michael Cross is a freelance journalist.迈克尔#8226;克罗斯是一个自由新闻工作者。 On October 16th Amazon charged that bess98 and more than 1,000 others were illegally hawking customer reviews.10月16日,亚马逊网站起诉包括bess98在内的一千多名用户的为推销行为的非法。Charge1. 要价; 收费例:Even local nurseries charge 0 a week.即便当地的托儿所每周也要收0的费用2. 给…充电例:Alex had forgotten to charge the battery.亚历克斯忘了给电池充电。3. 指控例:He may still face criminal charges.他也许仍旧要面对刑事指控。Hawking(沿街)兜售 The case comes just six months after Amazon sued the operator of four sites peddling similar stuff, including the subtly named buyamazonreviews. com.六个月以前,亚马逊起诉了四家有类似推销行为的运营者,包括其中一家网址非常微妙的buyamazonreviews.com(意为购买亚马逊好评)。Sue 诉讼例:Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks.沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Peddling 贩卖例:When a drug pusher offered the Los Angeles youngster 0 to peddle drugs, Jack refused.当一名毒贩子给这位洛杉矶小伙子杰克0让他贩卖毒品时,他拒绝了。Subtle 微妙的 (Something that is subtle is not immediately obvious or noticeable.)例:...the slow and subtle changes that take place in all living things.…所有生物中发生的缓慢而不易察觉的变化。Like Amazon, other websites have fought fakes with lawsuits, carefully honed algorithms and even sting operations—Yelp, a popular review site, has had undercover staff answer ads from firms seeking glowing write-ups.同亚马逊一样,其他许多网站也以起诉、过滤和安排人员打入内部等方式抵制虚假。比如,颇受欢迎的点评网站Yelp就有卧底人员应对那些寻找虚假好评的入驻商家。Hone 磨砺例:Leading companies spend time and money on honing the skills of senior managers.龙头公司会花费时间和金钱提高高层管理人员的技能。Sting 刺伤例:Some of the criticism has stung him.有些批评刺伤了他。Glow 容光焕发例:The expectant mothers that Amy had encountered positively glowed with pride.埃米遇见的妇们个个脸上都洋溢着幸福和自豪。write-ups 例: The show received a good write-up.演出获得了好评。Yet the problem persists.但问题仍然存在。For as long as there have been online reviews, there have been fakes.因为只有有网上的存在,就会有虚假。Persist1. 继续存在例:Contact your doctor if the cough persists.如果一直咳嗽,就与医生联系。2. 坚持; 执意 insist例:Why do people persist in begging for money in the street?为什么人们非要在街上讨钱呢?As long as 只要So we can do this directly as long as we have certain types of information. 因此,只要知道了一定类型的信息,我们就可以直接做到这一点。The motivation is clear: for example, one extra star on a restaurant#39;s Yelp rating boosts revenue by 5-9%, according to Michael Luca of Harvard Business School.动机显而易见:例如,据哈佛商学院的麦克#8226;卢卡统计,Yelp点评网上的商家每多一颗星,其营业额变会增加5%到9%。Motivate gt; Motivation inspire, incentive激发…的积极性例:They are motivated by a need to achieve.他们被成功的需要激励着Mr Luca and Georgios Zervas of Boston University have shown that restaurants seeking fake acclaim are likely to be independent—online reviews matter more to them than to chains with established reputations.卢卡先生和波士顿大学的乔治#8226;泽瓦斯发现寻求虚假的饭店一般为个体商户——同老牌声誉的连锁店比,前者更需要网上好评。Acclaim热烈称赞He was acclaimed as America#39;s greatest filmmaker.他被赞誉为美国最伟大的电影制片人。Established 老牌的例:These range from established companies to start-ups.这些包括老牌公司和新兴公司。So some businesses ask friends to post raves, seek reviewers-for-hire and offer customers discounts in exchange for praise.这些个体商户要么请朋友发表溢美之词,要么找付费的者,或是给提供好评的客户折扣。Rave1. 狂乱地说例:She cried and raved for weeks, and people did not know what to do.她又哭又叫了好几个星期,大家不知道怎么办。2. 热情地描写例:Rachel raved about the new foods she ate while she was there.雷切尔大谈特谈她在那里吃到的新食物。Discount1. 折扣2. 不理会例:However, traders tended to discount the rumour.但是,商人们倾向于不理会这个传闻。For websites that claim to be an impartial resource, such practices are troubling.对于旨在提供中肯评价的网站,这些行为会损害网站的宗旨。Impartial公正的Impartial judge 公正的判罚例:Career counsellors offer impartial advice, guidance and information to all pupils.就业指导员们向所有的学生提供无偏见的建议、指导和信息。Practice做法例:Some firms have reached agreements to cut workers#39; pay below the level set in their contract, a practice that is illegal in Germany.有些公司已达成一致意见将工人的工资削减到低于合同中规定的水平,这种做法在德国是违法的。 “While small in number,” Amazon contends in its new suit, “these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers and the vast majority of sellers and manufacturers place in Amazon.”亚马逊在最近这次起诉案中辩论道,“尽管目前这类为数不多,但这确实会损害顾客和众多卖家及制造商给予亚马逊的信任。”Contend1. 辩称例:The government contends that he is fundamentalist.政府辩称他是原教旨主义者。2. 争夺 (权力等)例:...the two main groups contending for power.…争夺权力的两大主要集团。Suit 诉讼例:One insurance company has aly filed suit against the city of Chicago.一家保险公司已对芝加哥市提起诉讼。 Article/201703/498342

Arabs take a great leap forward In Astronomy, Engineering, Medicine.阿拉伯人在天文学 工程学 以及医药学上实现跨越性发展They create Algebra and Simplify Math,它们用数字0到9With the numbers zero to nine,Still known as Arabic Numerals.也叫做阿拉伯数字 创造了代数学和简易数学Ibn Firnas is fascinated by the laws of flight伊本·弗纳斯沉迷于飞行规律And has built his own flying machine.他建造了自己的飞行器What an extraordinary thing to try to do.这是一个多么伟大的尝试This crazy guy was willing to jump off a building这个疯家伙想要从一栋建筑物上跳下to improve the state of human knowledge.为人类认知水平做出贡献;By guiding these wings up and down, I will fly.;靠控制这翅膀的震动 我会飞起来;If all goes well, after soaring for a time,如果一切顺利 在飞行一段时间后;I will return safely.;我会安全返航Accounts at the time report:;He attached a couple of wings to his body,;历史文献记载道:他在身上安了一对翅膀;And from a great height flung himself into the air.从一个高建筑上俯冲直下;He flew a considerable distance,;As if he had been a bird.;他飞了相当长的一段距离 就像一只小鸟But without a tail, he can#39;t control his descent.但由于没有尾巴 他无法控制自己的降落 Article/201511/408452

My name is Dillan and I am autistic.我是迪兰,患有自闭症。All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people.一直以来,我渴望能与人们沟通But they couldn#39;t understand because I had no way to communicate.但没有人懂我,因为我跟别人的沟通方式不一样I get to experience the world in a very unique way.我体会这世界的方式与众不同I could see the wind, hear the flowers,我能看见风的形状、听到花语I can feel incredible emotions, flowing from those I love.我能感受到我爱的人所散发出来的强烈情感Many. So many. So many, so many. So many. So many.很多。有很多。有很多。有很多。有很多。有很多So many people can#39;t understand that I have a mind.有很多人对我的内心世界视而不见All they see is a person who is not in control. But now you can hear me.他们只看到一个无法自我控制的人。但现在你们听得到我说话了The iPad helps me to see not only my words, but to hold on to my thoughts.iPad 不仅帮助我了解自己的语言,更让我表达自己的想法Having a voice has changed everything in my life. No more isolation.能够发声让我的生活有了一百八十度的转变。我不再感到隔阂I can finally speak with the people that love me.我终于可以跟爱我的人沟通。I can say what I think and let them know I love them, too.我能道出心中的想法、表达我的爱。Hi! Hi Dillan! Hello, my name is Dillan Barmache.嗨!嗨,迪兰!哈啰,我叫迪兰·巴马切.We are the reality of our thinking life and are capable of so much if we just open our minds.我们实践思想,若敞开心胸,将无可限量。 Article/201701/488079Germany has accused Austria of sending people over their common border under the cover of darkness to escape detection.德国指责奥地利在黑暗的掩护下逃避侦查向公共边界放送难民。The flow is thought to have accelerated over recent days due to a backlog of migrants travelling further through the Balkans to avoid barriers on the border.最近几天难民流动加速,因积压的移民避开边境壁垒穿过巴尔干半岛。Sharpening his tone, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere urged Vienna to play by the rules.德国内政部长汤姆斯义正严辞,敦促维也纳遵守游戏规则。Austria’s recent behaviour is out of line he says. They are wrong to dump migrants on the border between our two countries under the cover of darkness without any warning, preparation or precaution.他说奥地利最近举止不当。他们在黑暗的掩护下没有任何警告、准备或预防,错误的将移民扔在两国之间的边境上。Austria, meanwhile, says it plans to erect a fence at its busy border crossing with Slovenia.同时奥地利表示,计划在和斯洛文尼亚在繁忙的边境处架设一道围墙。The aim is to control the flow of refugees and migrants, which has shifted westwards since Hungary closed its border with Croatia.其目的是控制难民和移民的涌入,自匈牙利关闭与克罗地亚的边界他们已经西移。译文属。 /201510/406613

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