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富阳好女子医院杭州富阳有哪些男科医院It was four years ago that we found out about the cancer growing inside you. You called me and soberly told me the news - that it had aly sp, that you didn#39;t know how long you had left. I was still at university. I spent the first few months in shock. My precocious but naive self had always, up until then, assumed I#39;d always have the ability to control every problem that might come my way. But for the first time I felt powerless. I wished I could just reach into you and take the cancer out. But I knew there was nothing I could do.四年前,我们发现了你体内的恶性肿瘤,你冷静地打电话给我告诉我这个消息,它已经开始蔓延,你不知道还能活多久。那时我还在上大学,我在痛苦中度过了前几个月,早熟但天真的我直到那时还总是假设我有能力控制即将发生的每个问题,但是我第一次感到无能为力,我希望我可以进入你的身体拿走癌细胞,但是我知道我什么也做不了。We#39;ve been lucky. You responded well to treatment and you#39;re still here, though we don#39;t know for how much longer.我们很幸运,虽然我们不知道你还能坚持多久,但是你还活着并且对治疗反应良好。Though we#39;ve often talked about the cancer and what it means, in all our discussions over the past four years I#39;ve never been able to say what I really want to say. I#39;ve always wanted to say that I love you, and that I#39;m grateful for everything you#39;ve given me.尽管我们经常谈论癌症意味着什么,但是在过去四年的所有讨论中我从来没有能够说出我真正想说的。我一直想说,我爱你,我很感激你给我的一切。But I can#39;t. The words won#39;t come. It feels like there#39;s this unwritten rule in our father-son relationship that prevents it. You#39;re a man of a certain age, conservative and guarded with your emotions. You keep your feelings to yourself and expect others to do the same.但我没有把这句话说出来,好像有一不成文的规则,这句话在我们的父子关系上总被阻止。你是一个保守、谨慎的中年人,你自己保持你的感情,希望别人也这样做。But I know you care. I#39;ve seen your proud looks when I#39;ve told you about my achievements at work and school over the years. I#39;ve seen your concern when things haven#39;t gone well. I remember all the offers of help.(be continued)但我知道你在意,那些年当我告诉你关于我工作和学校的成就时,我已经看到过你骄傲的表情,当事情进展不是很顺利时,我看到过你的关心,我记得你给过我的所有帮助。译文属 /201608/457515富阳怀孕一个多月打胎 富阳正规医院人流价格

富阳第一医院能做三镜一丝手术吗Today, Eva Hagberg Fisher is a PhD student, architecture critic and writer based in Berkeley. She just sold her second book, a memoir about friendship. And for the last eight years, Hagberg Fisher has lived with continual uncertainty over how long she might live.伊娃#8226;哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔(Eva Hagberg Fisher)生活在加州伯克利,在一名在读士生,同时也是建筑家和作家。她刚刚出版了第二本书,一本关于友谊的回忆录。在过去的八年里,费舍尔一直在忐忑不安中度日,她始终不知道自己还会活多久。In 2008, Hagberg Fisher was living in New York City, and slowly started to feel a little weird. She was dizzy a lot of the time, and thirsty almost always. One day in January she woke up and walked into her kitchen, where she felt “like the floor was rising up to meet me, or like I was heading down to meet the floor”, she wrote in an e-book about her medical struggles. “Like there was a rolling wave that began on the floor and then rose up through my body, bringing with it the acidic taste of boiled metal, the treble sound of high violin strings.” A doctor at NYU sent her for an MRI. Perhaps it was a small tumour, wrapping around her ear, throwing off her balance. She went to rehab, undergoing vestibular therapy twice a week. It didn’t do much. 2008年时,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔生活在纽约,她慢慢的开始感觉到身体的不适。在这段时间中,她常常感到头晕,口渴。一月的一天,她睡醒后起床走向厨房,她感觉“地板好像在上升,越来越高,要么就是我倒下来摔在地板上,”她在之后出版的一本有关求医经历的电子书中这样描述当天的情形。“那种感觉就像地板上掀起了层层热浪,席卷我的身体,空气中有一种沸腾的金属的酸味,小提琴琴弦发出的高音。”纽约大学的医生让她去做了核磁共振检查。医生认为或许是因为长在她耳朵后面的一个小肿瘤,使她失去了平衡。她之后进入康复中心,每周两次进行内耳治疗,但效果有限。She thought perhaps it was the stress of living in such an exhausting city, so in 2009 she moved to Portland to relax. “I basically rode my bike and ate a lot of Oreos and kind of had this palette-cleansing year,” she told me. While in Portland, she applied for graduate school and in 2010 moved to Berkeley to start a PhD program in architectural history. 也许是因为生活在纽约这样令人疲惫的城市才会出现这样的问题,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔在2009年搬到了波特兰(Portland)以减少生活压力。“我基本上每天都骑自行车,吃了很多奥利奥饼干,一年都过着这样清心寡欲的生活,”她告诉我说。在波特兰期间,她申请研究生学位并在2010年搬到伯克利继续建筑史士课程。But early into her PhD and her time in Berkeley, she noticed more unusual symptoms. The dizziness was back. She was anxious all the time. She found herself consumed with obsessive thoughts. A doctor in San Francisco prescribed her an anti-anxiety medication. Anxiety was common among graduate students, they said, it was likely responsible for her dizziness too. The medication numbed her but it didn’t really stop the problems. “It made my symptoms kind of easier to accept, but it didn’t make them go away.” Slowly, everything started getting harder and harder to do. She woke up sweating, and struggled to focus on anything. She had sudden mood swings and tantrums, throwing glasses around her kitchen and forgetting her students’ names. “Things just stopped making sense physically and they also stopped making sense mentally,” she says.但是就在她开始在伯克利攻读士学位不久,她就注意到自己又开始出现一些不寻常的症状,她又开始头晕了,心里总是很焦虑,并且开始胡思乱想。旧金山市的一位医生给她开了一种抗焦虑药物。他们说,焦虑症状在研究生中很常见,很有可能导致了她的晕眩。药物暂时麻醉了她的神经,但是并没有中止症状。“药物使我更容易接受自己出现的症状,但是并没有解决问题”。慢慢地,一切都开始变得越来越难了。她出现了盗汗,并且很难集中注意力的症状。她经常发脾气,在厨房摔玻璃,忘了学生的名字。她说:“所有的事情都没有了意义,内心也很难理解任何事情。”And then she fainted. In the hallway of her yoga studio, mid-conversation, she blacked out and fell to the floor. At the student health services centre, a doctor gave her an EKG, and diagnosed her with something called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a heart condition in which the electrical signaling in the heart malfunctions. One of the risks of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, the doctors told her, is “sudden death”. The next day Hagberg Fisher woke up and couldn’t walk. “Nothing made sense, I was really confused.”然后她晕倒了。在瑜伽工作室的走廊里,正说着话就昏了过去,倒在地板上。在学生健康务中心,医生给她做了心电图,并诊断她患有一种叫做沃尔夫-帕金森-怀特氏症候群(Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, WPW症候群,预激综合征)的疾病,这是一种心脏传导的异常现象。医生告诉他,这个症状的其中一个风险就是“猝死”。第二天清晨,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔醒来后发现自己无法行动。“任何事情都难以说通,我真的很困惑。”At the emergency room, where the doctors were convinced she was simply dehydrated, a nurse lobbied to have her admitted. She spent the next six days in the hospital, while doctors struggled to figure out what was causing her array of symptoms. They ruled out diabetes, syphilis, AIDS, liver cancer, and Lyme disease. They un-diagnosed her with Wolff-Parkinson-White. One resident thought it was depression. Another thought it might be an aggressive tumour. Oddly, the idea of a tumour that would kill her quickly was almost a relief. “I had been thinking that I just need to try harder and breathe better and get better at doing yoga and all of a sudden they’re talking about a carcinoid tumour, words that I had never heard before, and my first thought was validation, because I had been trying to get better on my own and I couldn’t.” 而急救室医生都认为她只是单纯脱水,经护士劝说后允许她住院治疗。她在医院住了六天,医生们试图弄清楚她的病因,他们排除了糖尿病、梅毒、艾滋病、肝癌、和莱姆病。他们也不认为是沃尔夫-帕金森-怀特氏症候群。一位住院医师认为这是抑郁症。另一位认为可能是来势凶猛的肿瘤。奇怪的是,因患肿瘤而死这样的想法对她来说几乎是一种解脱。“我一直在想,我只是需要更努力的生活,呼吸,更好的做瑜伽,突然间他们已经在讨论一种肿瘤,我从未听说过这样的说法,我马上想到的是验了我的想法,因为我一直尝试自我努力改善身体状况,但是始终无法做到。”Eventually she convinced the doctors to do an MRI to look at her brain. A few hours later, they came back with the first solid result she would get: a lesion in her brain that had hemorrhaged behind her pituitary gland. But this was only the beginning of years of medical confusion, diagnoses and un-diagnoses, and a continuous life on the brink of death. 最终她说医生给她的大脑做一次核磁共振。几个小时后,医生们首次带回来了一个目前能够确定的结果:她的脑下垂体位置的某个病灶部位在出血。但这个结果仅仅是一系列混乱的医学诊断,确诊,推翻诊断等的开始,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔开始了一段在死亡边缘的生活。Over the course of the next five years, Hagberg Fisher’s medical story started looking like an episode of the drama House. Doctors thought she had ovarian cancer, a brain tumour, overian cancer again, chronic fatigue syndrome, mould illness and more. Some of those suspicions turned into diagnoses, and some of those diagnoses were then reversed. She had surgery for something suspicious in her ovaries, but it turned out to be nothing. She was moments from death in an ambulance driving across the Golden Gate Bridge when her sodium levels dipped two points away from brain stem death. “I remember looking out the back windows and crossing over the bridge and thinking ‘this is going to be the last thing I’m ever going to see,’ and I was calm. That calm that people talk about, I felt it. At the time I thought I was really calm because I was tough, but now I know it was that my brain was shutting down.” She was re-diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White and had heart surgery to treat it.在接下来的五年里,哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔求诊经历就像是美剧《豪斯医生》中的剧情一样具有戏剧性。医生认为她患卵巢癌,脑肿瘤,然后又是卵巢癌,慢性疲劳综合征,霉菌病等等。其中一些疑似症状之后被确诊,一些被确诊的又被推翻。她因卵巢里长了可疑物质动了手术,但结果又什么都没发现。当她的钠水平接近脑干死亡水平的时候,她差点死在救护车里。“我记得当救护车驶过金门大桥时,我抬头从后窗看往大桥,我心想,这将是我所能看到的最后的风景,”我很平静。那种人们常常讨论的内心宁静,我感受到了。当时我觉得我很平静,因为我内心坚强,但现在我知道是我的大脑停止运转了。”她被重新诊断出患有沃尔夫-帕金森-怀特氏症候群,并接受心脏手术进行治疗。之后她搬到亚利桑那州居住,躲避她所认为的过敏症状。但并未奏效。 /201606/451541洞桥镇妇女儿童医院社保卡 Meditation is an amazingly easy way to calm your mind. The problem is that it is hard to reap all its benefits when you have been practicing meditation for many months or years. There are countless meditation techniques and styles, yet many people give up on meditation because they feel bored.冥想是平静头脑的一种神奇简单的方式。问题是当你已经好几个月或好多年都在进行冥想练习时,你很难获得冥想带来的所有好处。冥想有很多技巧和风格,但很多人会因为感到无聊而放弃冥想。It has been exactly two years since I started practicing meditation. There were times when I wanted to quit it, but luckily I found strength to keep practicing, and here is how to jazz up meditation practice when it feels boring and useless.自我开始练习冥想起,已有两年的时光了。我有时也会想要放弃它,但幸运的是,我找到了继续练习的力量,当感到无聊或无意义时,以下方法能够使冥想练习更加有趣。1. Experiment with meditation ice breakers1. 用缓解冥想气氛的方式进行冥想练习When you have trouble practicing meditation, consider experimenting with meditation ice breakers. There are many of them to try out, but you may find your own method. Listen to relaxing music, take deep breaths, take a short stroll, or practice yoga to help your body relax before meditation. You will notice a significant difference and fall in love with meditation again.当你在冥想练习过程中遇到困难时,可以考虑用缓解冥想气氛的方式进行冥想练习。有很多种可以缓解冥想气氛的方式,但你可以找到自己的方式。在冥想前,可以听听轻松的音乐、深呼吸、短途散步或者练习瑜伽来放松身体。你将会注意到明显的差异,并重新爱上冥想。2. Alter your environment2. 改善你的环境If you have been meditating in your room for many days in a row, no wonder you do not feel any relaxing and healing properties of meditation anymore. Just like you cannot eat the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you cannot practice meditation in the same environment for long.如果你已经连续好多天都在房间里进行冥想的话,难怪你再也感觉不到冥想使人放松和治愈的特质。就像你不会早餐、午餐、和晚餐都吃同样的食物一样,你在进项冥想练习的时候,也不能长时间待在同样的环境中。Change the room, go to your backyard, garden, or the nearest park. If there is a sea, a river or a small pond nearby, it is even better. No matter where you go, make sure you have enough space for your meditation and no one disturbs you.不要再在房间里练习了,去后院、花园或最近的公园进行冥想吧!如果附近有大海、河流或者小池塘的话,就更好了。不管去哪,你都要确保有足够的空间进行冥想练习并且不会有人打扰你。3. Try a morning or late evening meditation3. 尝试在早晨或傍晚进行冥想If you practice meditation in the middle of the day, try a morning or late evening meditation. I recommend morning meditation first thing in the morning. It is a healthy way to start your day.如果你是在中午进行冥想练习的话,可以尝试着在早上或傍晚进行冥想。我建议早上起来第一件事就是进行清晨冥想。这是开启一天的健康方式。译文属 /201607/452555富阳好人流费用

富阳治疗前列腺囊肿哪里最好They may have lived some 1,700 years ago, but the ancient Maya had an incredible knowledge of celestial bodies, which they believed influenced everything.古玛雅人也许生活在距今1700多年前,不过他们对天体却有着让人难以置信的研究,玛雅人相信天体可以影响一切事物。Now a 15-year-old boy has studied astronomical charts devised by these ancient Mexican people, as well as satellite photos, to pinpoint the location of a forgotten Mayan city. William Gadoury, from Quebec has named the #39;lost city#39; in the Yucatan jungle K#39;aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.现在,一名15岁的男孩通过观察由古墨西哥人绘制出来的星象图,结合卫星图像,发现了一座失落的玛雅古城。这个来自加拿大魁北克、名叫威廉·甘德瑞的男孩将这座在尤卡坦丛林中发现的失落古城命名为“火山口”。Satellite images suggest the lost city could be among the largest built by the ancient civilisation, which thrived between 300 and 700 AD.根据卫星图像显示,这座失落古城有可能是在公元300年到公元700年间兴盛的古文明时代最大的建筑。Wondering why the ancient people built their cities far away from rivers and in inhospitable mountains prompted the teenager to look to the sky for answers.对玛雅人为何会远离河流,选择在深山的热带丛林中建立城市的好奇,促使了这位这位少年开始研究星象图以找寻谜底。Incredibly, the brightest of the stars match up with the largest cities.不可思议的是,最亮的星星恰好就代表的是那些主城。#39;I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities.#39; He told The Journal of Montreal.他接受《蒙特利尔日报》采访时表示:“当我发现那些最亮的星座正好对应玛雅那些大城市时,我惊奇不已。”He is said to be the first to make the connection, which could lead to further finds.据说,威廉是第一个发现这种对应关系的人,而这项发现会通向更进一步、更深层次的研究。It was in the 23rd constellation, containing three stars, that he found two matching cities on the map, suggesting one has not yet been re-discovered. To investigate further, he used satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth to search the dense jungle for any signs of buildings.在研究第23张星座图时,他发现图中的三颗星星只有两颗能与已知古城对上号,这就意味着极有可能还有一座尚未被发掘的古城。为了更深入地调查,他使用了加拿大太空局及谷歌地球提供的卫星图片,寻找茂密的丛林中任何有关建筑物的迹象。Armand LaRocque, from the University of New Brunswick believes one of the images shows network of streets leading to a large square, which may be a pyramid. #39;A square is not natural, it is mostly artificial and can hardly be attributed to natural phenomena,#39; he said.来自新不伦瑞克大学的专家阿尔芒·拉罗克认为,其中一张图片显示出的街道布局通向一个大广场,这极有可能是一座金字塔。他说:“广场并非天然形成,很可能是人工造的,不太可能是自然现象所致。”It#39;s possible 30 buildings accompany an impressive pyramid at the site. If true, the lost city would be one of the five largest known to archaeologists, built by the Mayans.除了这座让人惊叹的金字塔,此处可能还有30栋建筑。如果被验属实,那座古城将会是考古学家已知的、玛雅的第五大城市。Linking the position of stars and the location of a lost city and the use of satellite images on a tiny territory to identify the remains buried under dense vegetation, is quite exceptional. Dr la Rocque thinks William Gadoury#39;s technique could lead archaeologists to pinpointing the location of more possible lost Mayan metropolises.将星座的位置与失落的古城联系起来,使用一小块地域的卫星图象,以鉴别掩埋在浓密植被下的遗址,这真的是让人非常意外。拉罗克教授认为,考古学家或许能借鉴威廉的这种技术,发掘出更多的玛雅失落古城。 /201605/444848 富阳堕胎去哪家医院好永昌镇中医院网上预约挂号



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