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@+_q~Rd4)ElUQqI_~O1qP|P(8b#_;-Today in History: Saturday, August 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月25日|L[YrjOr~# MU4~M!!@z_y[Cz3lMUfYOn Aug. 25, 1944, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation.1944年4月25日,巴黎在被纳粹占领四年后被盟军解放_aDZCUJ[34NX。K3.8lSl]~g Us-MoZG%F6[kr61718 Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana, with some of them settling in present-day New Orleans.1718年,数百名法国殖民者抵达路易斯安那州,其中一些人定居在现如今的新奥尔良[[5Yte7Jvi[wPLB2。XvfSBfVIaVqK@-C3; XJgsR4.5Z@Nhb1825 Uruguay declared its independence from Brazil.1825年,乌拉圭从巴西手中宣布独立U|UKtcn,bRDC;。zM!%(#Fh(r5OZCHK -qHhy-XM6Kph,ci%t1875 Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel, traveling from Dover, England, to Calais, France, in 22 hours.1875年,马修·韦伯上尉成为第一个横渡英吉利海峡的人,从英格兰多佛法国到加莱历时22小时ktIe^hVqQzf4|SbZ_C。(P*S;Wp[;e .6YNuokEgL1916 The National Park Service was established within the Department of the Interior.1916年,在内政部下国家公园成立1w-)#dfRAU。yB(kcc;-!3AFLP,, ~Re(|dXWkpdPi@v1921 The ed States signed a peace treaty with Germany.1921年,美国和德国签署和平条约Ki4!4E.C|)e6ylN*ujf。FnK^ty.d6MtmTk ItAt9!GqHl[JmyeKj%KO1950 President Harry S. Truman ordered the Army to seize control of the nation#39;s railroads to avert a strike.1950年,杜鲁门总统下令军队控制国家的铁路以免发生罢工1L!.)xj|p]8x-)n!。qxbq5g~G8)W.8IPq KKMaajeyli]~1975 The album ;Born to Run; by Bruce Springsteen was released.1975年,Bruce Springsteen的专辑《为跑而生》发行hIaTNIMkbQ。iQUQd,m,6(+1PX OAxwMN-,_VB1984 Author Truman Capote was found dead at age 59.1984年,作家杜鲁门·卡波特去世,享年59岁]4HQk6ZL81hpB。)8E!96p%lZ01lD+R ISgz^bj%~DE@^#ZqUT%X1985 Samantha Smith, the schoolgirl whose letter to Soviet leader Yuri V. Andropov resulted in her peace tour of the communist country, was killed with her father in an airplane crash in Maine.1985年,中学女生萨曼莎·史密斯曾致信苏联领导人Yuri V. Andropov获得访问这个共产主义国家的和平之旅,在缅因州和其父亲在一次飞机事故中遇难HEr5D,ba|2!K)!。6F+xE!fh*!.tm|Ts %y#MlhW2RV1997 The tobacco industry agreed to an .3 billion settlement with the state of Florida.1997年,烟草行业同意与佛罗里达州达成一项113亿美元的和解协议ms!~^z-%D~@He0V1。gv+]h+])dxHGhLo ffZ;zTnleHYgpV21998 Former Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell died at age 90.1998年,前最高法院法官路易斯·鲍威尔去世,享年90岁UCsvXpBUtMz9K9p#。)YrqnjBpK~V NYW5B|#bBs5ITM9P*2003 Tennis champion Pete Sampras announced his retirement during a news conference at the U.S. Open in New York.2003年,网球冠军桑普拉斯在美国纽约一次新闻发布会上宣布退休HvxXZ*u%JmL+Oqxsf。XXoLeB9u4az_MT 3m_ruaqM^Q2009 South Korea#39;s first rocket blasted off into space.2009年,韩国第一枚火箭发射升空*2mL^b(Nxd6c5Y。nj@#i)Py-F HRzx(73Wu%2009 Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., died at age 77.2009年,美国参议员爱德华·肯尼迪(D-Mass)逝世,享年77岁mFG+0PCx-OSbz;9。z~Mz.oev^3pk.Y[[A2b4!rUJOP|u-iYYOx96[ /201208/196611

In the west to the far eastern Kuril Islands, Russians have begun casting their votes in the country#39;s presidential election.Local media says some 65 percent of the 109 million eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots in some 94 thousand domestic polling stations. Russians will also be able to vote at 384 overseas stations in more than 140 countries.Video surveillance is being conducted at 91 thousand polling stations and over 1 million Internet users have registered to monitor the vote online. The Russian Interior Ministry says over 380 thousand police officers are on duty for election day.Opinion polls show most voters are expected to support current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But he may be forced into a second round contest if he gets less than 50 percent of the vote in the first round. The winner will be inaugurated as president in early May.俄罗斯总理普京2日表示,如果当选总统,他将继续推动改革,不会借机打压反对派。总统选举定于3月4日。民意调查结果显示,普京有望赢得大约60%选票。普京称,尚未决定是否角逐2018年总统选举。 Article/201203/173389


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:See if you can I.D. me.看看你能否认出我。I was born in 1451 and died in 1506.我出生于1451年,卒于1506年。I am an Italian explorer, but my most famous trip was paid for by Spain.我是一名意大利探险家,但我最有名的旅程是由西班牙付的。You`ve probably heard of the ships I took on that journey: the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.你可能听说过我这次旅行乘坐的船:妮娜号,平塔号和圣玛利亚号。I`m Christopher Columbus, and there are streets, towns and even a country all named after me.我是克里斯托弗#8226;哥伦布,以我名字命名的的有接到。城镇甚至还有国家。AZUZ: In fact, there is a whole day named after him.事实上,还有一整天是以他的名字命名的。It is Columbus Day, and it is today.它就是哥伦比亚日,也就是今天。(10月8日)For a long time, individual states celebrated Columbus Day on October 12th, Christopher Columbus landed into Bahamas on October 12th, 1492.在很长一段时间里,个别州在10月12日庆祝哥伦比亚日,克里斯托弗#8226;哥伦布在1492年10月12日登陆巴哈马。When it became a federal holiday in 1971, Columbus Day was set to always be the second Monday in October.当它在1971年成为联邦假日时,哥伦比亚日被定在10月的第二个星期一。New York City held the first Columbus Day celebration on the 300 anniversary of his landing.纽约市在哥伦布登陆300周年纪念日第一次举行了庆祝哥伦布日的活动。The city has been holding a Columbus Day Parade, like this one, every year since 1929.这座城市从1929年开始一直在举办像这样的哥伦比亚日游行。 /201210/203284。



  The 1920s is boom time in America.20世纪20年代是美国的繁荣时期Money flows and oil wells explode.金钱如潮涌来,油井不断开采Though farmers are struggling, cities expand.农民们挣扎求生,城市却飞速扩张Skyscrapers go higher than the stock market.天大楼擎天之势让高攀的股指也望尘莫及Aspirations run wild for cars and suburban housing projects like Hollywoodland.对汽车和类似好莱坞的近郊豪宅的渴望急剧膨胀By 1929,more money is spent on advertising than on education.到1929年,广告业产值超过了国民教育出We got a little carried away with consumerism and capitalism and it bite us in the butt.所谓消费至上和资本主义,让我们有点飘飘然了,到头来反受其害The boom is built on credit.繁荣的根基 是信用体系In 1929, billion of goods are bought on credit,1929年,美国人用信用卡买了60亿美元的商品but 80% of Americans have no savings at all.与此同时,80%的美国人却没有丝毫积蓄Some stocks are valued at 50 times what they#39;re really worth.有的股票市值高达其实际价值的50倍A giant bubble just y to burst.一个巨大的泡沫即将破灭By October 1929, the inevitable happens.1929年10月,该来的还是来了The stock market loses 12 times more money in three weeks,股票市场3个星期内蒸发掉的市值than the US government uses in a year.相当于美国政府一年财政开的12倍还多The entire country could#39;ve gone down--and almost did, from an economic point of view.整个国家很可能就此一蹶不振,从经济角度来看也确实几乎如此For a year after the stock-market crash,股市崩溃后整整一年America#39;s economy teeters on the edge of the abyss.美国经济徘徊在深渊的边缘December 1930.The streets of New York are quiet.1930年12月,纽约街头非常平静It#39;s been a year since the stock-market crash of 1929,离1929年股市崩溃已经一年多了but only 2% of the population own stocks.不过只有2%的人口是股民The other 98% get on with their lives.其他98%的人生活依旧如常Until today.直到这一天 /201301/218384It unleashed the wrath of America,战争使美国人的愤怒得到宣泄and I think it gave us an energy that carried us through the rest of the war.我认为它给我们带来力量让我们一直坚持到战争结束Once provoked,一旦被激怒that massive tiger of engineering was awakened.这头沉睡的工程巨虎彻底觉醒We had factories that were sitting underutilized in Detroit我们在底特律和全国各地还有那么多工厂and around the country because of the Great Depression.因大萧条而未被充分利用起来We were y to go on a building spree.已经准备好投入建造狂潮The sleeping giant awakens.沉睡的巨人被唤醒America transforms into an arsenal of democracy.美国转变为一个民主的军火库The nation sets to work.整个国家都投入工作Before the war, there were 3 million unemployed.战争之前 有300万人失业Now, America#39;s huge potential is being realized.现在美国巨大的潜力得以发挥There was no country that had a deeper economic base没有一个国家拥有这样深厚的经济基础and an enormous pool of not just labor,我们不仅有大量的劳动力but of scientists and engineers and technologists.还有大量的科学家 工程师和技术人员An American icon is born.美国的象征诞生了The general-purpose vehicle, known as the GP, or the jeep.通用车辆 简称GP或吉普It#39;s made for war:它为战争而造:tough, fast and low to the ground.坚固 快速 底盘低It#39;s 37 inches high,has a flat hood and a folding windscreen.37英寸高,有平坦的车盖和折叠挡风玻璃Its low profile makes it difficult to line up in an enemy#39;s sights.它的体积小 很难被敌人瞄准It#39;s small, but can carry up to seven men.它虽小但可以容得下7个人Even the front bumper is a seat.甚至前保险杠也是个座位An M1 carbine gun goes just below the windscreen.一把M1卡宾就放在挡风玻璃下面There#39;s a shovel and an ax to dig yourself out of trouble.还有一把铲子和一把斧子以备不时之需There are jerricans of gas to get you home.用油桶装的汽油可以确保顺利返回If the jeep flips over, you just lift it out.如果翻车了 你只需把它拎出来It weighs in at a lean 2,315 pounds,车辆仅重2315磅light enough to be put in gliders and dropped behind enemy lines.轻得足以放进滑翔机 深入敌后 /201302/225108


  Watching your favorite show may sound likethe perfect Friday night for some, but you’re putting your health at risk afterjust a couple of episodes. You are literally sitting yourself to death. Sittingmore than 11 hours a day increases risk of premature death by 40 percent.Sitting is not really the new smoking, McLean Shane McLean, certified personaltrainer at Balance Guy Training, says. “This is obviously a bit of anexaggeration, but sitting will definitely not help you stay healthy in the longrun.”对于有些人来说,在星期五的晚上看自己最喜欢的节目简直太完美了,但看完几集之后,你的身体就有危险了。你真的是在坐着等死。每天坐着的时间超过11小时,那么过早死亡的风险将会增加40%。坐着并不等于吸烟,Balance Guy Training的持私人教练麦克莱恩·谢恩·麦克莱恩说道。“很明显,这有点夸张了,但长远看来,一直坐着真的无助于你保持健康。”What is your goal?你的目标是什么If your goal is to maintain your generaloverall health, an hour of working out may be enough, according to studies.However, an hour of physical activity a day will not help you if you’re sittingall day and weight loss is your goal, Shane McLean, certified personal trainerat Balance Guy Training, says. “You can’t exercise for a bit and think you’regood.” Just like you can’t sit down and do nothing if you exercise on regularbasis. “This will undo some of the hard work you’ve been doing.” You have tostand up during the day and move as much as you can, McLean adds.研究表明:如果你的目标是保持自己的整体健康,那一个小时的锻炼量就够了。但如果你一整天都坐着,并且你的目标是要减肥,那每天一个小时的运动就没多大用了,Balance Guy Training的持私人教谢恩·麦克莱恩说道。“你不能只锻炼一小会儿就觉得自己很棒了。”就好像如果你定期锻炼的话,你是不能坐下来无所事事的。“这会让你之前的努力前功尽弃。”麦克莱恩补充说,你必须要尽可能多的站起来、动起来。Get up every hour每小时站起来一次The body burns most calories while at rest,but in order to make it do so it’s important to stand up and walk as much asyou can throughout the day, McLean says. Don’t give your metabolism a chance toslow down. “Get up every hour to move around and do some stretches.” It’simportant to get that blood going through the body, he adds. You need tostretch your muscles in order to avoid injury next time you train.休息的时候,身体会燃烧大部分的卡路里,但为了更好的燃烧热量,每天尽可能多的站起来走动走动也是很重要的,麦克莱恩说道。不要让你的新陈代谢有减速的机会。“每小时站起来走动走动,做做拉伸。”让血液流过整个身体是很重要的,他补充说。你需要拉伸自己的肌肉,这样下一次锻炼的时候就能避免受伤。Keep it simple简单就行“Keep it as uncomplicated as possible,” McLean says. If the rules aresimple to follow, then it’s much easier to do something on regular basiswithout thinking much about it and make it a habit, he adds. Taking the stairsis common. You can do a lot of moves while sitting in a chair, which will helpincrease blood flow. Also, if you can, move your trash can and printer oranything else you use throughout the day away from your desk. This way you haveto get up each time you use them.“尽可能的不要那么复杂,”麦克莱恩说道。如果规则十分简单容易遵循,那么不用想太多的定期做某件事并使其成为习惯应该是件更容易的事,他补充道。走楼梯就是常见的锻炼行为。坐在椅子上也可以做很多动作,这也有助于促进血液流通。此外,如果可以的话,把你整天要用的那些垃圾桶、打印机和其它东西放远一点,远离自己的办公桌。这样,每次你需要用的时候,你就会站起来了。译文属 /201706/513837。


  It#39;s really hard to describe.这真的难以形容It#39;s just an amazing feeling.仅仅是一种神奇的感觉In Sweden, professor Kerstin Uvnas Moberg在瑞典 克斯汀·尤纳斯·莫伯格教授has been studying the role of the hormone oxytocin研究了后叶催产素(荷尔蒙的一种)in bonding mothers with their newborn babies.在母亲与新生儿之间关系所起的作用Oxytocin is a little, little hep tide hormone.后叶催产素是一种;消息灵通;的激素It#39;s just nine amino acids.它仅仅由九个氨基酸组成It#39;s produced in a very它由被称为下丘脑的old part of the brain called the hypothalamus大脑最原始部分所产生And oxytocin helps the mother quickly后叶催产素使得母亲能迅速地establish the positive feelings and the bond to the baby.建立起和婴儿之间的积极情感和亲密关系Each time a mother breast feeds, she has每次当一个母亲哺乳的时候a new release of oxytocin and this reinforces the bond.后叶催产素就会释放出来加强这种关系It#39;s sort of in a way difficult to understand这真的让人难以理解how you can be familiar with somebody为什么你对这样一个Who is actually a stranger完全陌生的人(指婴儿)感到如此亲切so quickly, don#39;t you think? Yes.这过程太快了 你不觉得吗 是啊 Article/201302/224703

  So you#39;re thinking about running a marathon but not sure where to start? In this short VideoJug feature, Endurance Running Coach David Chalfen provides basic advice on how to train for a marathon. Learn all about pace, distance, and types of training that will help prepare for this gruelling challenge.你是否正在考虑参加马拉松长跑,却不确定从哪里下手?在本段视频中,长跑教练David Chalfen就怎样为马拉松长跑进行训练提出了几点基本建议。了解速度,距离以及训练类型可以帮助你为这项艰难的挑战做准备。Here#39;s some basic advice on how to train to run a marathon. The key thing about marathon is it#39;s a long way. It#39;s 26.2 miles,42 kilometers, so the key focus of your training has to be building up your long run. Depending on what your starting point is, you#39;re probably looking to build up to a maximum distance, maybe about five weeks before the target marathon, looking to,if you can build up to 23, 24 miles as your single longest run. You#39;re also looking to focus on getting keen, kind of physical and mental awareness of what marathon pace feels like and means to you.以下是怎样进行马拉松长跑训练的一些基本训练。马拉松长跑的关键是,路途非常长,26.2英里,42千米,所以你的训练应该集中在加强长跑方面。取决于你从什么程度开始,或许你想逐渐加强到最大距离,或许在马拉松比赛之前五周内希望跑到23或24英里。你还可能集中于体会在马拉松比赛中,你的身体和精神是什么样的感受。To do this, you should be doing some fairly regular training in the three months or so before the marathon, where you do sustained running at about marathon pace. Can you do this as a single run, so maybe 9, 10, 12 miles at marathon pace, or within the increasing longer runs you do? You could be maybe looking to run the last few miles at something like marathon pace or marathon effort. You should probably also get some awareness about pace judgement and how precisely the physiology around glycogen burning and fat burning effects your performance.为了做到这一点,在马拉松比赛开始三个月或更长时间之前,你应该进行一些常规训练,以马拉松比赛的速度坚持跑步。你是按照马拉松速度跑9,10或12英里,还是逐渐加长距离?或许你想以马拉松速度跑最后的几英里。你还应该认识到速度判断,以及肝糖代谢和脂肪燃烧等生理过程会对你的表现有什么影响。Hitting the wall is famous and a very frequent occurrence in marathon running. And I think many runners are too casually in over-zealous early pace, which is what destroys the marathon. I think you should think about regular training, about your threshold pace, which is around about your 10K or 10 mile race pace, because there#39;ll be a fair link between that and your marathon pace.“碰墙(hitting the wall)”是马拉松比赛中常见的现象。我认为,许多人一开始的速度太快,这是导致他整个马拉松长跑失败的原因。我认为你应该考虑一下常规训练,你的下限,也就是你参加10英里的长跑时的速度,因为这和马拉松长跑的速度有很深的联系。And I would probably advise against doing too many interval training sessions in the three months or so before a marathon. There#39;s a place for them, but on the road. They#39;ll get you tired, but they won#39;t particularly have a key impact on your marathon performance.我建议在马拉松长跑三个月之前不要进行过多间隔训练。这些训练会让你感到疲惫,却不会对你在马拉松长跑中的表现有任何重大影响。You should be looking at a fairly high mileage, depending on what you#39;re used to. I would emphasize the focus should be on long runs with adequate recovery from them, because they will take quite a bit out of you, and marathon pace, and threshold training, building those into your seven-day or 14-day training cycle, so you get that variety of pace and recovery across the training cycle. So, that#39;s some basic advice on how to train to run a marathon.或许你想跑更远的距离,这取决于你的身体是否习惯。我要强调的是,焦点应该集中在体力能够恢复的长跑,因为这需要消耗你很多能量。马拉松速度和下限训练应该形成7天或14天的周期,在训练周期中你可以尝试不同的速度,体力也可以恢复。以上就是我对马拉松长跑训练的一些建议。Thanks for watching How To Train To Run A Marathon感谢收看“怎样进行马拉松长跑训练”视频节目。 Article/201209/200346

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