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灵桥镇妇女医院做彩超多少钱杭州市富阳区中医医院在线咨询富阳治疗附睾炎费用多少 Beijing will build a 3.5 ring road between the existing 3rd and 4th rings in five years to ease traffic pressure, according to a recent report on transportation development in Beijing issued by the Municipal Commission of Transport.北京市交通运输委员会发布的最新项目规划报告,北京将在未来五年内,在三环和四环之间建设打通3.5环来缓解交通压力。As early as 2011, Chaoyang District mentioned the possibility of building Miyun highway, the second phase of Guangqu road, Chajia East Road and the elevated road to link to the new International Exhibition during the 12th five-year period, with the aim of building an additional ring between the 3rd and 4th rings in Beijing.早在2011年,朝阳区就曾介绍,“十二五”期间将建设京密高速公路、广渠路二期、茶家东路、新国展联络线等多条道路,目标是在三、四环之间再建立一条的环状主干路。During 13th Five-Year period, the 3.5 ring of Beijing is projected to become a reality. According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, before building the 3.5 ring road, it is first necessary to complete an expressway network in Beijing. Beijing will build 28 kilometers of new expressway in five years. New roads will be also built around key areas such as the administrative sub-center and the new airport.在“十三五”期间,北京的3.5环项目将成为现实。据北京市交通运输委员会介绍,在建成3.5环之前,首先需要在北京打通快速路网。北京市将会在五年内新增约28公里长的高速路,而其主要是围绕撑北京行政副中心、新机场及重点功能区等进行建设。At the same time, Beijing will continue to build numerous subway lines including Line 17, the first phase of Line 19, Line 3, Line 12, Pinggu Line and the APM light rail to serve the CBD area.同时,北京市将新建多条地铁线路。其中包括17号线、19号线一期、平谷线3条轨道。此外,APM轻轨的建设也将会为CBD区域务。 /201603/429104富阳割包皮怎么选择医院

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富阳县城阳医院流产 Allen Ho was still reeling from his arrest during a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, when armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents began interrogating the nuclear energy consultant about his work in China, without any lawyer present.何则雄(Allen Ho)仍对自己在佐治亚州亚特兰大参加一次会议时遭逮捕感到吃惊。当时,没有任何律师在场,持有武器的联邦调查局(FBI)人员开始就这位核能顾问在中国的工作进行询问。That business involved hiring retired US nuclear engineers and consultants to advise China General Nuclear Power Corp, the state-owned company that plans to invest in an £18bn reactor in the UK.此事涉及雇用退休的美国核工程师和顾问,为中国广核集团(China General Nuclear Power Group)提供咨询。这家中国国有集团计划在英国投资建造一座价值180亿英镑的反应堆。Mr Ho, born in Taiwan and a US citizen since 1983, was charged with violating a statute designed to prevent American scientists from helping other countries develop an atomic bomb. The case comes during an era of unprecedented nuclear co-operation between the west and China, but also a time of growing trade friction and accusations of cyber crime and espionage.生于台湾、自1983年加入美国国籍的何则雄,被控违反一项旨在阻止美国科学家帮助其他国家开发原子弹的法规。此案发生于西方和中国之间一段前所未有的核合作时代,那也是一段贸易擦日益加剧和对网络犯罪和间谍活动的指控不断增多的时期。After his arrest in April, Mr Ho’s imprisonment for six months in a maximum security cell in Tennessee has chilled Chinese technical co-operation with the international nuclear industry and raised accusations of racial profiling in the US.在4月被捕后,何则雄被监禁在田纳西州一个最高警戒等级安全牢房达长六个月,这令中国与国际核工业之间的技术合作冷却下来,并在美国引起了对于“种族定性”(Racial Profiling)的指控。Along with Mr Ho, CGN was also indicted on charges of producing “special nuclear material” outside the US without the required approval from the US Department of Energy.在何则雄遭指控的同时,中国广核集团也被控未经美国能源部(DoE)的必要许可,在美国以外生产“特殊核材料”。The company said in an emailed statement that it “has long been adhering to the principle of lawfulness and compliance in all our business operation and international exchanges and will carry on following such a principle”.该集团在一份电子邮件声明中称,“我们在所有业务运作和国际交流中一直秉承了合法、合规的原则,并将继续遵循这一原则。”Wary of being indicted if they step foot on US soil, CGN executives have since skipped meetings run by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Asme), which sets international standards for everything from school heating boilers to nuclear reactors.由于担心踏上美国土地会被起诉,后来中国广核集团的高管们已回避了美国机械工程师协会(Asme)举办的会议。该协会为从学校供暖锅炉到核反应堆的一切设施提供国际标准。This is an issue because engineering decisions made in China affect the world’s reactor fleet. China is the furthest ahead in constructing the European Pressurized Reactor destined for Hinkley Point in the UK as well as the AP1000, an American-designed reactor under construction in China and the US. And under bilateral accords CGN and other Chinese groups will supply components for US and UK reactors.这就产生了一个问题,因为中国的工程决策影响着世界上的众多反应堆。在建造用于英国欣克利角(Hinkley Point)的欧洲压水式反应堆(EPR)、以及在中国和美国建造的由美国设计的AP1000方面,中国目前已是遥遥领先。根据双边协议,中国广核集团和中国其他集团将为美国和英国的反应堆提供零部件。“China is the only country that can provide the information at present” for the AP1000, said Zhang Qiang, Asme’s chief representative in China. Other forms of international co-operation continue.“中国是目前唯一能为AP1000提供信息的国家”,Asme驻中国首席代表张强表示。其他形式的国际合作正在继续。Mr Ho does not deny helping CGN improve operations at its nuclear plants but his defence insists that is a far cry from making material for nuclear weapons. Frank Wu, chairman of the Committee of 100, an advocacy group, said the indictment had inflamed fears of “racial profiling” in the Chinese-American scientific community.何则雄并不否认曾帮助中国广核集团改进其核电厂的运行,但他的辩护词坚称,这跟制造核武器材料相距甚远。倡导组织百人会(Committee of 100)会长吴华扬(FrankWu)说,这份起诉书引起了中美科学界对“种族定性”的恐惧。The engineers Mr Ho employed told the FBI that they shared only publicly available information with Chinese nuclear companies, according to court documents. Some helped inexperienced Chinese engineers decipher technical manuals at Daya Bay, the French-designed reactor that supplies electricity to Hong Kong.根据法庭文件,何则雄所聘用的工程师告诉联邦调查局,他们只与中国核电企业分享了可公开获得的信息。有些工程师帮助没有经验的中国工程师解读了大亚湾(Daya Bay)核电站的技术手册。该核电站是由法国设计的,为香港提供电力。Others advised on developing a nuclear fuel process so that CGN could avoid paying hefty royalties to the French. They have not been publicly charged.其他工程师在核燃料开发流程方面提供咨询意见,这样中国广核集团就可以不用向法方付高额的特许权使用费。他们没有受到公开指控。The case against Mr Ho will rest on testimony from a Taiwanese-American consultant he employed who secretly pleaded guilty 18 months ago to selling subscription-only research reports on nuclear power to China.针对何则雄此案的审理,将依照他聘用的一名美籍台湾顾问的词。18个月前,该顾问已秘密认罪,承认曾向中国出售仅供订阅的、有关核能的研究报告。The case comes amid growing alarm at Chinese state-backed hacking and theft or copying of valuable intellectual property.此案发生之际,中国政府持下的黑客行动、以及盗取或复制宝贵知识产权的做法,正引起越来越大的警觉。Since the 1990s, the US government has prosecuted 173 cases under the economic espionage act, including 48 involving China. Mr Ho is one of seven people charged with spying for China under other statutes.自1990年代以来,美国政府已根据《经济间谍法》(EEA)提起了173起诉讼案,其中48个案子跟中国有关。何则雄是美国根据其他法规,以为中国从事间谍行动为由而指控的七人之一。“There’s nothing about this case that’s normal,” said Peter Zeidenberg of Arent Fox, Mr Ho’s lawyer who also represented Mr Xi. “There#39;s an undercurrent running through all these cases and it#39;s because of these individuals#39; association with China.”“在此案中,一切都是不正常的,”何则雄的律师、Arent Fox律所的彼得.蔡登伯格(Peter Zeidenberg)说。“所有这些案件的背后存在着一股潜流,这是因为这些人跟中国有关系。” /201610/473807富阳第一医院做无痛人流要证明吗永昌镇妇女医院怎么样



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