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Flu Cases Increase Across AmericaDr. Jennifer Ashton reports the latest health news going into the flu season.Turning now to a health alert this morning, we’re seeing a real jump in the flu across America. 10 states are now seeing widesp outbreaks,up from just 4 one week earlier. Let’s go now to Dr. Jenifer Ashton who’s in Boston this morning. Dr. Ashton good morning, how severe is the flu we’re seeing at this point in the season?Well, Dan, in terms of severity, it’s really the same severity that we’ve been seeing so far. The flu season hasn’t peaked yet, we expect that to happen in January, February, but what’s changed recently is how many states are affected, as you said, now 10 states report widesp flu activity, that’s up from 4. And if you look at a map, it’s everywhere from Alaska and Wyoming to New York and right here in Massachusetts. Yes. It’s interesting to see how sp out it is. What flu strain is predominant and what are the signs and symptoms of this particular strain?So far, what states are reporting to the CDC and their local health offices are the influenza A H1N1 strain, this is the strain that caused the pandemic in . It is contained in this year’s flu vaccine, so it’s a well-match to the circulating strain, and we have to remember, the symptoms are not subtle, this causes very high fever, severe headache, chest pain and body aches, cough, you can remain sick for a week and remain contagious for up to a week after that. There aly have been deaths, and unfortunately, Dan, we do expect there to be more.And so, if you get the flu, you are not gonna be questioning whether you have the flu, it won’t be subtle as you said.Correct.Here’s the question you hear all the time, especially when we get to this point in the season. Is it too late to get vaccinated?Absolutely not, it is not too late to vaccinate. We have to remember the flu season goes up until April. There is plenty of vaccine available; about 140 million doses were made this year. It does take about 2 weeks for you to get that immune protection, so you should talk to your clinic, your pharmacy, your doctor about getting that vaccine right now. And you know, we have to remember, this is not a bad cold, I actually had H1N1 a few years ago. I do not smoke, I do not have asthma, Dan, I thought I was gonna die, it is very serious and it needs to be taken seriously.I think I remember that, it really knocks you out. Dr. Ashton, thank you very much, and again, just hammer on that point, it is not too late to get vaccinated, this is serious stuff.Correct.Dr. Ashton, thanks again.Especially for the young and elderly across the country as well. /201401/271925

Ford switches to aluminum for new F-150 Maggie Lake speaks to Fords Alan Mulally about why theyre using aluminum instead of steel in their flagship vehicle.Ford winded on unveiled a F-150 in Detroit. The body of the pick-up is made of aluminum, or aluminum which I prefer to say, sounds so much better, sounds almost worth more expensive, aluminum which weighs less than steel, so it can help save fuel. Maggie Lake spoke to Fords chief executive Alan Mulally about latest motor about why car maker went to more expensive aluminum than steel.You know we work with aluminum for many years as you know. And also we have a lot new aluminum alloys we use in commercial air plants, air space, and now we introduce these alloys in automobile industry. Pound for pound, aluminum is stronger and tougher than steel and its just perfect material to continue to improve fuel economy and durability and capability whatever serious. But to your point this is such a great development for all the customers of F series because you know clearly its number one truck in the e States for 37 years, and number one vehicle in the ed States for 32 years. And so they really prize fuel efficiency in the handling in capability. With this truck wed be able to significantly improve that capability.Alan, this is the first time in decades that American car makers are not only gaining market share, they are also increasing profits at the same time. Is that something that can continue giving the fierce competition out there?I think it always starts with your product line, in Fords case as you well know we invest during the toughest times in complete family small, medium, large cars utility and trucks, they are absolutely besting class in terms of quality fuel efficiency safety really smart design, and so we probably have the best product line up around the world which allows us now to serve more markets and with our scale and our efficiency we actually the most affordable tool, so I think its good foundation for us to continue to profitably grow the corporation. /201401/273415

DIRECTV运用了同样的假设逻辑,与之前的“不要坑你爹”用了相同的假设,不过这次坑的可就是你自己了。以下是双语文本: When your cable goes out you get stressed. When you get stressed you need to get away. When you need to get away you go for something exotic. When you go for something exotic you get bitten by something exotic.假如电缆公司罢工,你就会觉得压力山大;当你觉得亚历山大,你就想远离喧嚣去度假;当你远离喧嚣去度假,你就会选择一些有异国情调的事;当你选择有异国情调的事,你就会被某些有异国情调的东西咬一口。[DIRECTV]When you get bitten by something exotic things swell up. When things swell up you can’t go home. [Quarantine] And when you can’t go home, you become a local fisherman they call big fatty face. Don’t become a local fisherman they call big-fatty face.当你被那些有异国情调的东西咬一口,那里就会肿;当(脸)肿了,你就回不了家;(会被隔离检疫)当你回不了家,你就变成当地的渔夫,还被大伙叫“大肥脸”。别变成当地的渔夫,还被人叫“大肥脸”。Get rid of Cable. And upgrade to DIRECTV告别电缆,升级到DIRECTV吧。directv.comCall 1-800-DIRECTV201406/304252

This job is about giving somebody independence.这工作是关于给人带来独立自主的生活。Hmm-hmm... Hmm-hmm...嗯哼...嗯哼...Twenty-four seven, no holidays.一天二十四小时,一星期七天,全年无休。Oh... Uhmmm...噢...嗯...How do you feel about making life or death decisions?对于做出生死交关的决定,你觉得怎么样?I think Im pretty good.我想这我很擅长。Training is 10 years.员工训练要十年。Okay...好...Because you cant interact with anyone, and you can only walk in the straight line.因为你不能跟任何人互动,而且你只能走在直线上。Straight line?直线?What do you mean?你的意思是?Okay...好...Are you frightened easily?你很容易受到惊吓吗?No... Except in horror movies. Heh...不会...除非在看恐怖片。哈...Good.很好。Bang!砰!Hmm...嗯...Hmm...嗯...Have a biscuit.吃块饼干吧。You cant do that. This job is about resisting temptation.你不能那样子。这工作是关于抗拒诱惑的。Okay...好吧...Hmm... Whats the pay?嗯...薪水如何?Love. Just love!爱。只有爱!Car? How about a car?车子呢?那一辆车子呢?You get love!你得到关爱!Hmm...嗯...What about presents and gifts?那礼物和赠品呢?Hmm... No...嗯...沒有...Oh...噢...201411/339714

没什么是原创的,科尔比 弗古森说到。一切创作的源泉都是混搭。从鲍伯迪伦 到 史蒂夫 乔布斯, 我们最伟大的创造来自于假借,偷窃和改头换面201403/278645

This film shows you the proper way to apply mulch to your garden bed. No matter what type, or where you want to apply the mulch, this will show you how.本视频向你展示怎样为菜园添加护根物。无论是哪种类型,无论想施在什么地方,这段视频都可以帮助你。Step 1: You will need1.你需要pitchfork or shovel干草叉或铁铲standard garden rake标准菜园耙子load of mulch护根物Step 2: Prep the area2.准备场地Consider the size and style of the area you are putting your material in. Mulches come in many different colors and its final destination may influence which one you pick.考虑想要添加护根物的地块大小和类型。护根物的颜色有所不同,你想要达到的效果决定选择哪一种。Step 3: Let There Be Mulch3.运送护根物Using your trusty pitchfork or lightweight shovel, move the mulch into the desired area. At first, its ok to create small piles to be sp out later. If you purchased mulch in a bag, you can simply dump small quantities around the area. Now, grab that garden rake. Its time to sp the mulch.使用最可靠的干草叉或比较轻的铁铲,把护根物铲到比较合适的位置。首先,堆成一小堆,稍后撒开。如果你是购买的袋装护根物,只要在相应的地块旁边倒出少量就可以了。现在,拿起菜园耙子,把护根物均匀的播撒开来。Step 4: Sp The Mulch4.播撒Use your garden rake to begin sping the mulch to the desired texture and depth. Be sure to keep the mulch one to two inches away from stems and tree trunks to prevent rotting in things you actually want to grow.用花园耙子把护根物撒成理想的结构和深度。确保护根物距离植物茎秆和树干1到2英寸,防止造成腐蚀。A 1 to 2 inch layer of fine mulch should be plenty but you should use three to four inches of bigger material.厚度1至2英寸的优质护根物就足够了,但如果是颗粒较大的材料,可能需要使用三到四英寸。Thanks for watching How To Apply Mulch To Your Garden Bed.感谢收看“怎样为菜园添加护根物”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/243693

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