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Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus住在宿舍还是在校外租房It the question that every college student must answer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages so it is important you to weigh your choice bee you make a final decision. To help you between the two, here are some pros and cons of both.这是每个大学生必须回答的问题两个选择都会有优势和劣势,这些对你的最终选择都很重要为了帮助你做出抉择,这里两种观点都有各自的持方和反对方On-Campus住在校内Accessibility to the school. If you live on-campus, you can easily walk to classes, libraries, computer labs, etc. You dont have to waste time and money on driving to school, finding a parking space, and so th.上课更方便如果你住在校园里,你可以去教室,图书馆,微机室等一些地方都很方便你不需要浪费时间在赶来学校的路上,也省去了路费,或者可能要找地方停车,等等Simplicity. If you live on-campus, you dont have to worry about monthly rent payments, utility bills, and grocery shopping. Most students living in a dorm get easy and convenient meals.简单性如果住学校宿舍,你不必担心每月租金、水电费、杂货店购物大部分学生住在一个宿舍很容易和方便的食物还可以增加的社交生活Increased social life. Living on-campus will allow you to meet more people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to hang out with. You will also usually be aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in them.相比较住在校外,住在校园里,你能认识更多的人,收获更多的友谊住在宿舍意味着总会有人在身边,陪你出去玩你会知道很多校园活动以及学会如何融入集体Cons Little privacy. The close living space means little privacy. You may never have quiet time in you dorm because there will always be something going on.反对方:没有隐私紧密的生活空间意味着没有隐私因为总是有事情发生,所以在宿舍里很少有安静的时候Limited space. At most colleges, the dorm rooms are tiny. You have to limit what you bring to school, or your space will be too crowded.没有自己的空间在大多数的大学,宿舍房间都很小你在宿舍的东西是很有限的,不然你的空间就会很拥挤so th 等等eg. Each of the respective commies must define their membership, roles, permissions, and so th.每个各自的团体必须定义它们的成员、角色、许可等等eg. That is, if you want a new , a new editor, a new view, and so th, you need to implement a plug-in.也就是说,如果您想要一个新的菜单,一个新的编辑器,一个新的视图等等,您都需要执行一个插件。

背景知识:罗伯特·佛洛斯特(Robert Frost),世纪美国最杰出的诗人,作品以朴素、深邃著称他拥有四个普利策诗歌奖、种名誉学位和种种荣誉他徒步漫游过许多地方,被认为是“新英格兰的农民诗人”在这首看似简单的诗歌里,诗人通过人和大海关系的思考来映射生与死,身体与思想之间的关系名句诵读:Sea waves are green and wet,But up from where they die,Rise others vaster yet,And those are brown and dry.She may know cove and cape,But she does not know mankindIf by any change of shape,She hopes to cut off mind.Men left her a ship to sink.They can leave her a hut as well.And be but more free to think. the one more cast-off shell.美文欣赏:Sand Dunes沙丘Sea waves are green and wet,海浪是绿色的潮湿的But up from where they die,但在它们平息的处所,Rise others vaster yet,依然卷着更大的浪涛And those are brown and dry.而且是褐色的干燥的They are the sea made land  那是变成沙丘的海洋To come at the fisher town,涌进渔夫栖息的村镇,And bury in solid sand想用坚硬的沙子掩埋The men she could not drown.海水不能淹死的人们She may know cove and cape,  海或许了解自身远近But she does not know mankind但却藉由变化的规律,If by any change of shape,希望从自己的思想中She hopes to cut off mind.将这里的人永远抹去Men left her a ship to sink.  人们留给它一条小船They can leave her a hut as well.供它摇晃甚至去吞没;And be but more free to think.他们离开房屋将想着 the one more cast-off shell.如同抛弃无用的贝壳 1953。

Keiko: The layout of your webpage is so lame. Why dont you customize it?凯科:你的网页设计太差劲了你为什么不将网页个性化呢?Al: Why bother? I dont want to spend the time or the energy.艾尔:何必多此一举?我不想在那上面花时间和精力Keiko: Let me show you my page. Check out this background. Dont you think it great?凯科:来参观我的网页吧看看这背景你不觉得它很棒吗?Al: Yeah, it great. Can I get back to my book now?艾尔:是的,很棒我能拿回我的书吗?Keiko: You havent even looked at my page. Look at this. You can add all kinds of graphics and you can use the profile editor to list inmation about yourself: your hometown, your likes and dislikes, your relationship status, your mood, everything! You can link to or upload photos and s, too. I even have a custom cursor and this scrolling text across the top.凯科:你根本就没看我的网页看这边你可以添加各种照片,可以使用文件编辑器列出你的信息,包括你的家乡,喜好,婚宴状况,心情,任何事情!你还可以分享或者上传照片和视频我甚至能自定义光标,在网页顶端滚动文本Al: Yeah, it all great, but kind of dizzying.艾尔:是呀,都很棒,但看着有点眼花Keiko: You havent even seen my animated gifts. This funny baby will dance across the page, look!凯科:你还没见识到我的动画天赋呢这个可爱的小人会跳舞,瞧!Al: Thanks the suggestions, but I think Ill stick to a simple, uncluttered page. How long did it take you to do all of that?艾尔:谢谢你的建议,但我还是会坚持设计一个简洁,整洁的网页设计这些花了你多长时间?Keiko: How long? Maybe a few hours.凯科:多长时间?可能几个小时吧Al: Id rather spend a few hours ing a good book.艾尔:我宁愿花几个小时读一本好书Keiko: Suit yourself. Maybe that why you have “friends” and I have 0.凯科:随便你也许这就是为什么我有0位好友,而你只有位好友的原因Al: Clearly your time has been better spent.艾尔:显然你花这些时间也值了原文译文属! 07。

Picnics野餐As summertime begins in Britain,people start to feel the urge to go outside to eat.夏天伊始,英国人就想到户外吃饭People love to have a picnic whenever the weather is good enough,especially people with children.只要天气好,人们便乐于出去野餐,特别是有孩子的家庭It a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.在阳光和煦的下午,外出野餐是个不错的选择Even in the centre of London, on a sunny day,the parks are full of office workers eating their lunch outside on the grass.在阳光灿烂的时候,即便在伦敦的市中心,公园里的草地上也遍布着正在享用午餐的上班一族That might be a pretty basic picnic—a shop-bought sandwich and a bottle of water.这也许是最简单的野餐-从商店买来的一个三明治和一瓶水But if people are planning a picnic on the beach or at the park,they would probably pack a cool bag with a whole variety of home-made sandwiches,snacks, cake, fruit and soft drinks.但如果人们计划去海边或公园里野餐,他们会用保温袋打包很多自制的三明治,小吃,蛋糕,水果及软饮料,They might have a picnic rug to sit on,and paper plates and cups.也可能会带上可以坐的小地毯,还有纸盘纸杯等Another item which is useful is a thermos flask which keeps hot drinks like tea or coffee hot, or cold ones icy.另一个很有用的必备品就是保温瓶,它既可以使像茶和咖啡这类热饮保持热度,也可以让冷饮保冷University students enjoy having picnics,and usually take along some kind of sports equipment,such as a Frisbee or ballin order to burn off some energy after lunch.大学生喜欢去野餐,他们还经常带上一些运动装备,如飞盘,球类,这些可以使他们在吃完午餐后消耗掉一些热量British student picnics usually involve drinking beer or wine too!英国学生在野餐时也会喝些啤酒或红酒 small children the idea of a teddy bear picnic is popular—each child brings their teddy bear along to ;enjoy; the fun as well.对孩子们来说,泰迪熊式的野餐更受欢迎-每个孩子带上自己的泰迪熊一起去“享受”野餐的乐趣Some people love to have a very elaborate picnic,and really go all out to make it an occasion.一些人喜欢精致的野餐,还竭尽全力把它搞得十分隆重 a very posh picnic youd need a proper picnic hamper to hold the food complete with china crockery,metal cutlery and real wine glasses.对于一个高档的野餐来说,你需要准备合适的带盖野餐篮来装所有的食品及一套完整的陶瓷用具,金属刀叉和纯正的红酒杯A picnic could be a romantic occasion,but only if it in a quiet attractive spot,not in a busy park with lots of children playing nearby!只要选址得当,比如在一个安静怡人的地点,而非一个周围有不少小孩在玩闹的公园,野餐也可以很浪漫In that case there might be champagne or chilled wine to drink,and gourmet picnic fare,either home-made, or bought from a local delicatessen.在那种场合下,可能还会有香槟或冰冻的红酒,还有自制的或从当地熟食店买来的美味佳肴Crusty b, dips, pate,and strawberries with cream dessert make a more sophisticated al fresco experience.倘若再备些法式面包,调味汁,肝酱和奶油草莓等作为餐后甜点,那么这场户外体验就更精致了Of course, you can never rely on the British summer weather,so taking an umbrella along might be a good idea just in case!当然,英国夏季的天气永远是不可靠的,你最好还是带把雨伞以防万一吧 57。

Whoever Loved That Loved Not At First Sight? by Christopher MarloweIt lies not in our power to love or hate, will in us is overruled by fate.When two are stripped, long ere the course begin,We wish that one should love, the other win;And one especially do we affectOf two gold ingots, like in each respectThe reason no man knows; let it sufficeWhat we behold is censured by our eyes.Where both deliberate, the love is slightWho ever loved, that loved not at first sight? 368830。