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漂塘钨矿职工医院无痛人流要多少钱赣州于都医院阴道North Korea fired two ballistic missiles Thursday morning, it was stated by a South Korean military official. 韩国军方官员称,周四上午朝鲜发射了2枚弹道导弹。This is the most recent controversial move during U.S.-South Korean military drills that have angered the state. 美韩两国进行军事演戏激怒朝鲜,这是最近一次颇具争议的举动。The reported launch comes after angry speech from North Korea in recent days that has included threats of an anticipatory nuclear strike. 导弹发射紧跟着朝鲜最近几天发表的愤怒讲话,包括预期的核打击威胁。On Tuesday, North Korean state media displayed leader Kim Jong-un standing next to what it claimed was a scaled-down nuclear warhead capable of being used on a long-range missile.周二,朝鲜官方媒体展示了领导人金正恩站在声称的能用于远程导弹的缩小型核弹头旁。译文属。201603/430688安远县妇幼保健院是几甲 Leaders Satellites Space: the next startup frontier社论精粹 卫星 太空:下一个Where nanosats boldly go, new businesses will follow—unless they are smothered with excessive regulations微型卫星大胆地去哪儿,新的商业就会跟去哪儿—除非他们受到过度监管的阻碍AROUND 1,000 operational satellites are circling the Earth, some of them the size and weight of a large car. In the past year they have been joined by junior offspring: 100 or so small satellites, some of them made up of one or more 10cm (4-inch) cubes. They may be tiny, but each is vastly more capable than Sputnik, the first man-made satellite launched by Russia in 1957. And many more are coming.大约1000颗运转着的卫星正围绕着地球旋转,其中有些卫星的体积和重量和汽车差不多。去年,初级后代加入了他们的队伍:100颗左右的小卫星,他们中有些是由一个或多个10厘米(4英尺)的立方体组成。他们可能很小,但是他们每个都比1957年前苏联发射的首颗人造卫星Sputnik功能性强得多。而且还有更多这样的卫星即将面世。Space hardware used to cost so much that it was available only to generals, multinationals and the most privileged scientists. No more. Many of these nanosats, as small satellites weighing no more than a few kilograms are called, have been launched for small companies, startups and university departments, sometimes with finance raised on crowdfunding websites. Their construction costs can be down in the tens of thousands of dollars, which makes them thousands of times cheaper than todays big satellites. Admittedly, there is much they cannot do, but with that sort of price differential, and some ingenious use of the abilities they do have, they could be surprisingly competitive players on a number of fronts. In the next five years another 1,000 nanosats are expected to be launched.过去,太空硬件太贵了,只有将军,跨国公司和最享有特权的科学家才能有权使用。没有其他人有权使用。许多这种微型卫星——由于小卫星质量不超过几千克而得此名——已经提供给小公司、新创办的公司和大学一些系发射,有时在集体融资网站集资。他们的制造成本可以降低好几万美元,这使得他们比目前的大卫星便宜成千上万倍。不可否认的,这些卫星有许多办不了的事儿,但是在那种价格差下,加以巧妙使用他们已有的功能,他们可以在许多方面出乎意料地成为有竞争力的选手。在接下来的五年,还有1000颗微型卫星有望被发射出去。Two trends are setting up nanosats for further success. Like people working on everything from robots to 3D printers, nanosat builders are harvesting the benefits of ever better, ever cheaper components built for smartphones and other consumer electronics. Some nanosats even contain complete smartphones, making use of the clever operating systems, radios and cameras which phones now contain. For as long as phones go on getting cheaper and more capable, so will nanosats. The cheapest so far—a tiny chipsat—was assembled for just , though it has yet to be successfully launched.两个趋势为微型卫星进一步的成功奠定了基础。就像从研究机器人到3D打印的人们一样,微型卫星的制造者从智能手机和其他家用电子产品中获得了更廉价更好的元件。有些微型卫星甚至装有整个手机装置,利用手机目前现有的智能的操作系统、电台和照相机功能。只要手机在一直降价并且越来越智能化,微型卫星也会同样变便宜并且更智能。目前最便宜的——微型芯片卫星——只花了25美元进行配置,尽管它暂时还没有被成功发射出去。The launch systems too are getting much cheaper. SpaceX, the innovative rocket-maker founded by Elon Musk, has aly brought down the costs of getting into space; it and its competitors could reduce them a lot further. The biggest beneficiaries will at first be people who make big satellites. But more big satellites will mean more opportunities for small satellites to piggy-back on their launches. And some companies are looking at cheap little launch systems tailored specifically to the needs of the nanosatellite. One reason space engineers are notoriously conservative is that the costs of failure are high. As making and launching satellites gets cheaper, it will be ever easier for innovative, risk-taking nanosat-makers to orbit around the lumbering incumbents.发射系统也越来越便宜了。伊隆?马斯克创办的创新火箭制造公司太空探索技术公司已经降低了发射卫星到太空的成本了,该公司及其竞争对手可以进一步降低发射成本。最大的受益人首先就是制造大型卫星的人。但是越多大型卫星发射就意味着越多的机会给小卫星。一些公司在研究廉价小型发射系统专用于满足微型卫星的需求。太空工程师出了名的保守一个原因是失败的代价太高。随着制造和发射卫星越来越便宜,微型卫星制造者就越容易进行创新和冒险环绕XX运行。Size does impose limits. Nanosats cannot peer as closely at the Earth or carry out as many experiments as big satellites. But for some jobs that does not matter. The plans that companies aly have include using nanosats for monitoring crops, studying the sun and tracking ships and aircraft. Such a system might have been able to track Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which went missing in March.体积确实会产生限制。微型卫星不能像大型卫星一样把地球看得那么仔细,也不能像大型卫星一样进行那么多实验。但是对有些工作来说,体积并不重要。公司现有的计划包括用微型卫星监控农作物,研究太阳和追踪船只和飞机。这种系统可能可以追踪三月份失踪的马航MH370。Nano can do微型卫星可以做到Yet not everyone is thrilled. One worry is that constellations of nanosats will mean a big increase in space junk; but, operating in low-Earth orbit, they burn up on re-entry after a year or so. And being cheap, they can soon be replaced with newer models. A more serious concern is that they are a “dual-use” technology: they could be used for military purposes. In America this has led to onerous restrictions.但是没有人很兴奋。其中一个担忧是一群微型卫星就意味着太空垃圾大量增加,但是,如果在近地轨道运行,这些卫星就会烧掉或者一年后重新进入轨道。因为便宜,这些卫星可以很快被更新的型号取代。更应该关注的是他们是“军民两用”的技术:这些卫星也可以用于军事用途。在美国,这个引发了麻烦的限制。Barack Obamas administration has sensibly repealed a law of 1999 that required all satellites to be licensed by the State Department as munitions under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This could mean that most commercial satellites will be removed from ITAR by the end of the year and their export administered by the Commerce Department. But some satellite systems and spacecraft—including anything that can carry people into space—will remain under ITAR.巴拉克?奥巴马的政府明智地撤销了1999年的一项法规,这项法规规定所有的卫星都要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》,作为军需品通过国务院授权。这可能意味着嘴商业化的卫星将于今年年底从国际武器贸易条例中去除,并且他们的出口受商务部管理。但是一些卫星系统和飞机——包括一切可以载人进入太空的东西—还是要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》。Care needs to be taken with military kit, but Americas regulations still seem excessive. A regular review to distinguish between systems that pose a real threat and ones that dont would be a help, as would better intelligence. Tight restrictions on new technologies will not work, and will damage Americas interests: exciting new ventures like nanosats will simply move to countries from which they can be launched with greater ease.军用装备需要小心,但是美国的条例看起来还是过分了。定期检查区分形成真正威胁的系统和没有形成威胁的系统会有效,还会更明智。对新技术的严格限制不会有用,还会损害美国的利益:像微型卫星那样令人兴奋的新冒险只会转移到发射更容易的国家去。译者:王丹培 译文属译生译世 /201506/379880赣州市立医院女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没

定南县妇幼保健院在那儿These dark flies are driving me badly!这些飞来飞去的黑苍蝇快把我逼疯了!I wish I couldstrangle each of every one of them!我真想把他们全部勒死!Im sorry to say, but thats impossible.很遗憾,你办不到!I realize that. I dont mean that I have to strangle all ofthem.我知道,要全部都勒死不容易,Really, I did happy if I could strangle even just one ortwo of them.不过,哪怕勒死那么一两只也好啊!Impossible!你还是办不到!Im sure. I can just manage to just strangle one if I had some dental flosses or something.我保如果有类似牙线的东西,我肯定能勒死一只苍蝇。Im sure you couldnt because insects breathe quite differently from us.我打赌你做不到。因为昆虫呼吸可不像我们人类的。昆虫既没有肺似的中心区域,可以容纳空气;They dont have acentral area like our lungs where they gather oxygen; nor a transport system like our heart, andthe blood used to deliver oxygen to all of our cells.也没有像心脏似的运输系统,可以通过血液循环,给身体所有细胞供氧。Nope. Flies, like all insects, breathe through many tiny openings called spiracles.苍蝇,和所有昆虫一样,通过无数微小的气门来进行呼吸。These openingsare part of tubes called trachea.气门是气管的部分。Each tube leads to a fluid-filled tracheole, where theoxygendissolves and then diffuses across the wall of the tracheole and into several of theinsects cells.气管又分成许多微气管,微气管里充满液体,吸入的氧气溶解于其中,穿透气管管壁扩散到昆虫的无数细胞中。So there is no central breathing area to block off so that you might strangle a fly.所以, 你没方法让苍蝇窒息。However, if you wanted to drown a fly, thats another story.但是,如果你想让苍蝇淹死,又是另外回事了。The spiracles of most insects canclose to keep things like dust out.大多数昆虫紧密气门,防止灰尘进入。Therefore, they can hold their breath, so to speak.这样,它们不得不屏住呼吸,But if aninsect is trapped in water for too long, it will run out of oxygen and eventually drown.但是如果在水里太长时间,它们会因为缺氧而溺死。Now, I just have to figure out how to lure them all into some water.那么,现在我只要想法子让苍蝇掉进水里就可以啦!201410/333586安远航天医院是公办的吗 Monarch butterflies are not around in the numbers they used to be — not by a long shot. By some estimates, monarch populations have dropped by 90% over the past twenty years.But why has that happened to these iconic butterflies?On a butterfly surveyI took a walk with Jerry Wiedman to count butterflies. Hes a retired chemist. Wiedman brought a clipboard, and a butterfly net with a pole almost as tall as he is. We walked around a park that overlooks Lake Erie in northeast Ohio.This isnt just a casual walk. This path through meadows and woods is whats called a butterfly transect. Wiedman and others set it up.;And we count butterflies within 7.5 feet on either side of us,; he said.As we walked, he jotted down how many butterflies and what species we saw.;Theres your red admiral, see him?;Wiedman has been fascinated with butterflies since he was a kid.A mystery of natureFor many young people, monarch butterflies are the first to get their attention. Their large orange and black wings are easy to spot. And their migration story is a mystery of nature.Each spring, these tiny, fluttering creatures fly thousands of miles. They leave their winter homes in forests high in the mountains of Mexico, and the females lay eggs on milkweed plants in the southern U.S.Most monarchs live only a few weeks. So the new butterflies continue the journey started by their parents. It can take five generations to complete one migration to Canada.Some years, Wiedman has personally counted hundreds of monarchs migrating through Ohio.But thats changed. ;We dont get the the numbers we did in the late 90s or early 2000,; he said.A troubling downward trendHis counts show fluctuations in the monarch population, but its a downward trend. Its the same story around the country.Chip Taylor is the director of Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas and he says monarch numbers started to plummet in the early 2000s. Thats when new farming technology — known as Roundup Ready (glyphosate-resistant) seeds — became popular. With Roundup Ready seeds, farmers could spray entire fields with herbicide. The weeds would die, but the crops were fine.Taylor says it also killed off the milkweed, and thats the only food monarch caterpillars can eat.;You know, Ive got really nice pictures of milkweed growing in corn and soybean fields around the year 2000. Then around 2006 you couldnt find milkweed growing in corn and soybean fields anywhere. I mean it was just about impossible,; he says.Around 2007, President Bush made a push for huge increases in corn-based ethanol and other homegrown sources of energy. With the help of Roundup Ready technology, many farmers planted corn and soy on land that had been fallow, or in conservation. This killed off even more milkweed. ;And the estimate is that weve lost 100 million acres of habitat just to the adoption of this particular technology,; says Taylor.Should the monarch be listed as threatened?According to estimates by the Center for Biological Diversity, monarch populations have dropped by about 970 million since the mid 1990s. Theyve petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the monarch as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.Taylor argues against that.;I dont think they should be listed as threatened. I think that is counterproductive. The value of this petition is that its caught everybodys attention,; he says.He says regulation could set up conflicts between farmers and the federal government.Still, he sees a need to restore tens of thousands of acres of habitat for the butterflies. He says thats aly starting to happen, with many people planting milkweed in their home gardens and teaching children about it in school.201505/376032全南县龙下卫生院人流多少钱

南康市人民医院有失败的案例吗Bello贝略The travails of ALBA玻利维亚替代计划隐隐作痛The more successful of Latin Americas populists have become more pragmatic拉美民粹者身居上游,更为脚踏实地ON THE night of October 12th, after comfortably winning a third term as the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales was in full rhetorical flow. Having dedicated his victory to Cubas Fidel Castro and the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, he went on: “How much longer will we continue to be subjected to the North American empire or the capitalist system? This triumph is a triumph for anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists.”10月12日晚玻利维亚总统连任三届的胜利手到擒来后,埃沃·莫拉莱斯大放厥词,他将他的光荣归功于古巴的卡斯特罗及委内瑞拉上届总统查韦斯,他称,我们受北美帝国和资本主义制度的束缚之日还有多久,我们的胜利是反帝国主义和殖民化的胜利。So far, so reminiscent of 2007. That was when Chavezs anti-yanqui continental alliance, known as the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), hit its zenith. It had gained two new recruits with the election of Rafael Correa in Ecuador and of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Having won a new term by a 26-point margin, Chavez pledged himself to “21st-century socialism”. A year earlier Mr Morales, a socialist coca-growers leader of Amerindian descent, had won Bolivias presidency proclaiming that he was “the ed Statess worst nightmare”. In Argentina the election in 2007 of Cristina Fernandez, an ALBA fellow-traveller, prolonged the regime of her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner.回想2007年,当时正值查韦斯的反美联盟美洲玻利维亚替代计划热火朝天,拉斐尔和丹尼尔在尼加拉瓜成功当选后,他们便又多了两名战友,查韦斯以领先26个百分点的成绩开启新的任期,他宣称要音量21世纪的社会主义,就在一年前,美洲印第安人莫拉莱斯以社会主义者,古柯种植领袖的身份当选玻利瓦尔的总统,称它将是美国最恐怖的噩梦,2007年在阿根廷,美洲玻利维亚计划成员克里斯蒂娜的成功当选延续了她丈夫萨洛德的政权。Analysts lumped these leaders together as radical populists, for want of a better term. Yet despite a shared bent for autocracy, there were always differences among them, not least because of their countries differing circumstances. Seven years on, their fates are distinct. In Venezuela Chavez bequeathed a toxic economic legacy to his lacklustre successor, Nicolas Maduro. A country that claims the worlds biggest oil reserves has been so badly mismanaged that it is scraping around for dollars. As for Ms Fernandez, having plunged Argentina into stagflation, she is down and almost out, despite her last-gasp effort to turn her argument over debt with a New York court into a nationalist epic.分析者将这些领导人归结为激进的民粹主义者,期望实现更好的领导,即使他们都推行专制,但之间也有所不同,其中的原因也不仅仅在于不同国家的具体国情,7年之后,他们的命运也有所不同,在委内瑞拉,查韦斯将有毒经济财富的烂摊子丢给老气横秋的继任者,这个国家声称赋予世界上最大的石油储备,国内的管理却混乱不堪,落得到处借钱的下场,克里斯蒂娜将该国推入了滞胀的深渊,虽然她竭力在纽约法庭的争论中赢得主动,尽展民族主义气节,却仍不得不下台,差点退出政坛。Their difficulties are in sharp contrast with Mr Moraless continuing popularity. True, he has been in power for a shorter period. But his success has recently owed less to “anti-capitalism” and much more to his accommodation with economic orthodoxy and local capitalists. After a turbulent early period when he pushed through a new constitution, quashed the opposition and nationalised foreign-owned oil and gas producers and utilities, he has presided over several years of political stability and economic growth. And he has made his peace with private business.这张窘境与莫拉莱斯的扶摇直上形成了鲜明的对比,不错,他当政的时间确实是短,但他的成功很大程度上是得益于他迎合经济正统学说和本地资本家的口味,受反资本主义的之风影响较小,在经过了他早先推出新宪法时的动荡之后,他横扫反对者,将外国所有的石油天然气生产设备国有化,在他的7年任期内,全国政治稳定,经济增长,他和私有企业也是关系融洽。The ALBA presidents all claim to be leading durable “revolutions”, not just any old government. In practice, all of them (save Mr Ortega) built their popularity on recycling a huge increase in rents from the commodity boom into subsidies for the poor and expanded social provision. But Mr Morales has been much less wasteful than Chavez and the Kirchners, having run a fiscal surplus every year since 2005.所有ALBA的领导人都宣称要持续推陈出新,而不是墨守成规,事实上,他们所有人都因为将由商品经济发展造成的房屋租金上涨,扭转为对穷人补助的增加和社会福利的完善而饱受欢,但与萨洛德和查韦斯相比,莫拉莱斯铺张现象更少,自从2005年全国就一直呈财政盈余的景象。Mr Correa, like Mr Morales, is becoming more pragmatic. He has invested his oil windfall in roads, schools and hospitals. He recently negotiated a trade agreement with the European Union and has restored normal ties with the IMF. Last month he watered down a new banking law under which the state was to dictate the destination of private bank loans. As for Mr Ortega, who has long been chummy with private businessmen, his espousal of a quixotic, Chinese-backed and environmentally damaging scheme for a trans-Isthmian canal looks like a search for elusive rents to sustain his familys grip on power.克里拉和莫拉莱斯一样越来越务实,他已经将石油收入投入到道路,学校和医院的建设中,最近,他和欧盟协商达成了贸易协定,也实现了与IMF之间的关系重新走上正常化,上个月,他取缔了一项新的法律,该法律规定私有的贷款将来自于国家,而对于与私人企业一直交情不浅的奥尔加来说,他最近的一项空想式的跨地峡计划似乎也旨在保障他家族大权的财力来源,这个破坏环境的计划也在私有部门和中国的持下进行的。Mr Morales and Mr Correa, who won re-election last year, may be riding high now. But there are clouds on the horizon for their “revolutions”, too. Despite the rhetoric, these do not include the ed States: Barack Obamas response to ALBA has been to yawn. Their first problem is the end of the commodity boom. Three-quarters of Bolivias exports are of natural gas or minerals, whose prices are falling. Ecuador invests much more than Bolivia. Mr Correa has boosted non-oil exports. He has done more than Mr Morales to try to diversify his countrys economy, with so far uncertain results. But his “citizens revolution” is showing signs of financial strain. Ecuador is heading for a fiscal deficit of up to 7% of GDP this year. And the oil price is crashing.莫拉莱斯和去年再次当选的克里拉现在名声大噪,但他们和明德雄心壮志上也笼罩着一些徐徐成形的阴云,即使他们大放阙词,但美国总统奥巴马对他们一直没多大兴趣,他们的第一个问题是商品经济繁荣的结束,玻利维亚出口的四分之三都是天然气和矿石,而他们的价格却在持续下降,厄瓜多尔的驼子远超玻利维亚,克里拉已经增加了非石油的进口,他为促进经济多元化的努力远胜于莫拉莱斯,但至今的结果仍不明朗,他的公民革命却呈现出经济紧缩的迹象,厄瓜多尔几年财政赤字在GDP中占到了7%,石油价格仍在下降。 译文属译生译世 /201410/337075 赣州男科医院妇科地址江西省全南县大吉山矿医院不孕不育多少钱



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