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大理市妇幼保健人民中心中医院预约大理在线妇科Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Adam:I’d like to help pitch in with dinner。我想帮忙一起做饭。Sophie:Really? You’re joking。真的吗?你在开玩笑吧。Adam:No. I’d like to do something special for you on your birthday。我没开玩笑,我想在你生日这天为你做点儿特别的事情。Sophie:I’d like that. Alright, put on this apron first。很好,好吧,先把这个围裙系上。Adam:OK…Now how can I help, hon?好的....现在,我怎么帮忙,亲爱的。Sophie:Hmm, let me see… Boil some water and then whisk two eggs。嗯,我相信,先烧点水,然后再打两个鸡蛋。Adam:Easy. I could do that with my eyes closed。(after a while)Done. 这个简单。这个我闭着眼睛都会。做好了。Sophie:Not bad. Okay, now take some meat and potatoes from the fridge。还不错,好吧,然后从冰箱里拿点肉和土豆。Adam:How many potatoes do you need?要几个土豆?Sophie:Three. And bring four bell peppers。3个,再拿4个青椒。Adam:Gotcha…OK. Here they are。收到,给你。Sophie:Now wash them, then dice the potatoes and bell peppers. Then slice the meat。现在把他们都洗干净,青椒和土豆切成丁儿,肉切片。Adam:Where’s the peeler?削皮刀在哪儿?Sophie:It’s in the cabinet…Adam, the gas cooker doesn’t work。在橱柜里...亚当,煤气灶坏了。Adam:What? Oh shit! I cut my finger。什么?哦。该死!我切到手指了。Sophie:Let me take a look at that… I can’t stop the bleeding. We need to go to the hospital。让我看看....我没法给你止血。我们得去医院。Adam:I guess cooking’s not as easy as I thought。我想做饭并不像我想的那么简单。重点句子:你需要多少肉?How much meat do you need?够新鲜吗?Are they fresh enough?把鱼内脏掏洗干净。Dress the fish。你在做什么饭?What are you cooking?肉要烧焦了。The meat will scorch。把茄子切成丁儿。Dice the eggplant。煤气灶坏了。The gas cooker doesn’t work。在橱柜里。It’s in the cabinet。递给我一个盘子。Hand me a plate。这里为什么这么多啊?Why are there so many cockroaches here?我想把炖肉煨5分钟。I want to leave the stew to simmer for 5 minutes。烧点水吧。Boil some water。我闻到煤气味了。把煤气关了。I smell gas. Turn it off。还没有完全搅拌好。It’s still not mixed well enough。打两个鸡蛋。Whisk two eggs。你能在每个杯子里放些冰吗?Could you put some ice in each glass, please?这把刀太钝了。This knife is too dull。 /201412/347447大理云龙县做彩超B超价格 Todd: Hey, Lois, why dont you have a plum!托德:嗨,洛伊丝,来个李子吃吧!Lois: Oh, thank you very much. Lovely!洛伊丝:哦,非常谢谢你。好吃!Todd: You like plums?托德:你喜欢吃李子?Lois: I love all fruits, but plums especially.洛伊丝:所有的水果我都爱吃,不过特别喜欢李子。Todd: Oh, there goes the water.托德:哦,它们富含水分。Lois: Its very juicy.洛伊丝:有很多果汁。Todd: It is juicy. How does it taste?托德:有很多果汁。味道怎么样?Lois: Mm, it tastes sweet, very refreshing.洛伊丝:嗯,是甜的,非常清新的味道。Todd: Mm, I love plums.托德:嗯,我喜欢李子。Lois: Yeah, me too.洛伊丝:我也喜欢。Todd: Guess how much this box cost?托德:你猜这盒李子要多少钱?Lois: Im thinking its probably quite expensive, so in yen, maybe 1,000 yen.洛伊丝:我想可能会非常贵,大概1000日元吧。Todd: Ah, yeah, pretty close. It cost 900 yen for 8 plums.托德:对,差不多。这8个李子就要900日元。Lois: Very expensive in Japan.洛伊丝:日本的价格真的很贵。Todd: I know its crazy. In America you can get this for like maybe 200 yen. Not even that, maybe 100 yen.托德:我知道,这很让人抓狂。在美国的话,这些大概200日元就能买到。可能都不用,100日元就能买到。Lois: In England its cheap but probably not as cheap as in America. I think maybe because we have to import everything. Its slightly more expensive.洛伊丝:在英国李子很便宜,不过不像美国那么便宜。我想,可能是因为我们所有的东西都要靠进口。所以会有些贵。Todd: Actually, thats a good question. What fruits do you grow in England?托德:实际上,这是个很好的问题。英国种植什么水果?Lois: Apples and Apples and maybe pears and...洛伊丝:苹果,可能还有梨……Todd: No coconuts?托德:没有椰子吗?Lois: No coconuts. No bananas. and maybe we grow plums. I dont know.洛伊丝:没有椰子。没有香蕉。可能我们种李子,我不清楚。Todd: It looks like a very English fruit.托德:那看上去像英国的代表水果。Lois: But definitely apples.洛伊丝:那绝对是苹果。Todd: Or strawberries?托德:或者草莓?Lois: Strawberries, oh yeah. Lots of strawberries and tomatoes but maybe theyre a vegetable some people say fruit. Some people say vegetable. But lots of tomatoes. And Im sure lots of other things but, I just know about apples.洛伊丝:草莓,对,没错。英国种植很多草莓和土豆,不过可能它们属于蔬菜,有些人说它们是水果,有些人说是蔬菜。不过英国种植大量的土豆。我确定还种植大量的其他作物,不过我只知道苹果。Todd: Whats your favorite fruit?托德:你最喜欢的水果是什么?Lois: My favorite fruit! I really like pineapples, and I also like strawberries. Strawberries and cream. Its one of my favorite desserts.洛伊丝:我最喜欢的水果!我非常喜欢菠萝,我还喜欢草莓。草莓奶油是我最喜欢的甜点之一。Todd: Yeah, so have you ever been to Wimbleton and had strawberries and cream?托德:嗯,你去温布登吃过草莓奶油吗?Lois: I havent. Id love to go. But strawberries and cream at Wimbleton are so expensive. I dont know how much but really, really expensive.洛伊丝:没有。我很想去。不过温布登的草莓奶油非常贵。我不清楚具体的价格,不过真的很贵。 /201312/270940云南省大理顺产哪家医院好

宾川县中医医院有四维彩超吗大理处女膜修复手术大概需要多少钱 Todd: So, Eli, can you talk a little about England and maybe about its climate and its weather, its leaders, what people eat?托德:艾丽,你能谈谈英国吗,有关气候,天气,领导人,还有食物之类的?Eli: Well, Im not going to talk about leaders right now because thats a bit of a sore point but England weather, hmm, that is a bit of a sore point too. Its not the greatest weather in the world, especially compared to Japan where I am now, which the weather I just love. England is always cold, almost always cold even through the summer its quite cold I hear. This summer its been sort of jacket weather all summer with only a few days of sunshine and it rains a lot, so its pretty miserable as far as weathers concerned.艾丽:嗯,目前我并不想谈领导人,因为那算是伤心事,不过英国的天气,嗯,也算是痛处。那并不是世界上最好的天气,尤其是和日本比的话,我现在在日本生活,我很喜欢这里的天气。英国总是很冷,即使在夏天也很冷,我听说非常冷。今年整个夏天几乎都要穿夹克,只有几天有阳光,下了很多雨,所以就天气来说非常糟糕。Todd: Now, youre from Bristol right. Whats your hometown like?托德:你来自布里斯托尔,对吧?你的家乡怎么样?Eli: Bristols a great town. I used to live in London which is the capital of England and its very gray and big and unfriendly but when I moved to Bristol it was just great. It is a city but its a very small city so you can always bump into your friends, um, always meet people. Its got big green areas. Its got a place called the downs which is a big park, and its the architecture of the city is very old. Its very near Bath, which is a very famous old Roman town, where the Roman baths were, so all the sort of architecture of the city, the houses, all of its very pretty.艾丽:布里斯托尔是一个非常棒的城镇。我以前生活在伦敦,那是英国的首都,那儿的天空是灰色的,城市很大,而且并不友好,我搬到布里斯托尔以后非常棒。那是个城市,但是算是小城市,所以你经常能遇到朋友,嗯,经常能遇到熟人。而且那里有大面积的绿地。那里有个地方名为Downs,那是个大公园,城市的建筑很古老,就在巴斯附近,巴斯是一个非常著名的罗马风格城镇,就是巴斯罗马浴场的所在地,所以那个城市的所有建筑、所有房屋都非常漂亮。Todd: OK. What are the Downs like? You said the downs. Is that a park?托德:好。Downs什么样?你说过Downs,那是个公园吗?Eli: The downs. Its, its a big area of green basically. Its not a park as in lots of trees and trees and sort of shrubbery and stuff. Its just a big wide sp of greenery where you can play football. I mean theres football matches sort of every week. You can go fly your kites. You can take your kids there. And that joins on to the Avon-gorge, which is where the Bristol suspension bridge is, which is very famous as being I think the first ever suspension bridge built, and from standing on the bridge and looking out into the gorge, I mean youd think youre in the middle of the mountains, not in the middle of the city. Its a really pretty area.艾丽:The Downs,对,是公园,是一片大面积的绿地。其实不算公园,因为那里有许多树木,还有灌木之类的东西。那只是一片大面积的绿地,你可以在那里踢足球。我的意思是那里几乎每周都有足球比赛。你可以在那里放风筝。你可以带你的孩子去那儿玩。那里与埃文峡谷相连,峡谷里有布里斯托尔吊桥,这非常有名,我想可能是历史上建造的第一座吊桥,站在吊桥上眺望峡谷,你会以为你身处山区,而不是在城市里。那真是个非常漂亮的地方。Todd: Sounds like a nice place.托德:听起来是个不错的地方。 /201403/280700大理东方妇产联系电话

大理市妇幼保健人民中心中医院检查白带多少钱 Todd: Mike, you were born in Croatia.托德:迈克,你出生于克罗地亚。Mike: Thats right.迈克:没错。Todd: Now you told me an interesting story about the necktie. Can you explain where the necktie came from?托德:你要给我讲一个有关领带的有趣故事。那你能告诉我领带的起源吗?Mike: Well, my understanding is that the necktie originated from Croatia. Originally, several hundred years ago, when the Croatians went into battle they would have a scarf or a handkerchief that protected their necks when they went into battle, and when they fought, and what they started doing was wearing this scarf or this handkerchief around their neck almost as an accessory and they wore this in the 17th, I believe it was 18th century maybe, or 17th century. They went to visit Louis the 14th in France on some sort of official visit, a delegation of Croatians, that rhymes, and they wore their handkerchiefs, and apparently Louis the 14th was so impressed and thought is was such a cool looking accessory that he adopted it as a fashion item for the French and it became the necktie, and the French word for necktie comes from the French word for Croatian, which is ;cravate;, so the cravate origin is from the Croatian. Thats the story as far as I know it.迈克:我的理解是,领带起源于克罗地亚。最初,大概是几百年前,克罗地亚人打仗的时候会戴围巾或是手帕来保护脖子,他们打仗的时候要先在脖子上系上围巾或是手帕当做装饰,我想他们大概是在17世纪,或是18世纪开始戴这种装饰。一个克罗地亚代表团去法国拜见路易十四,他们当时就戴着手帕,显然路易十四对此印象深刻,认为这个装饰看上去很酷,所以他把这种装饰作为了法国的时尚,而这就演变成了领带,法语中的领带一词就来源于法语中的“克罗地亚人”,即“cravate”,cravate就来源于克罗地亚人这个词。这就是目前我所知道的故事。Todd: Wow, so today people wear neckties because of Croatia?托德:哇,所以今天人们佩戴领带是因为克罗地亚吗?Mike: Because of Croatians and that doesnt make me feel any better because I hate wearing a necktie, but I guess I cant change history.迈克:因为克罗地亚人,这并没有让我感觉舒些,因为我讨厌戴领带,不过我无法改变历史。 /201406/306091大理州妇幼保健院产科永平县治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱



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