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湖州去法令纹哪里疗效好湖州玻尿酸哪里好October 19th,Journal,I just got the new iphone that has siri10月19日 日记君 我刚刚买了有Siri功能的iphone4sIts amazing.I can tell it to do anything and it does itSiri真是太神奇了 只要动动嘴她就能帮我把任何事儿办了I just told it to text Portia,I love you and I cant wait to see you tonight.Auh,I know我刚刚叫她发条短信给Portia 我爱你 等不及今晚要见你了 噢 是啊October 20th,Journal.Remind me to be more specific10月20日 日记君 记得提醒我以后跟Siri讲话的时候要详细一点Siri texted the guy who sold me my porche,awkward.Not right那个白痴把短信发给了我的保时捷销售商 好尴尬 完全不对头October 28th,Journal.I have great news.Portia and I had a new niece name Perry10月28日 日记君 又有好消息了哦 我和Portia又添了个侄女 叫PerryShe is so cute,she has tiny little hands and feet她好可爱 有软软的小手和小脚丫And all I can think when I held her was one day those are gonna be fingerprints all over my pretty glass table当我抱着这个小肉团的时候 我唯一的想法就是 有一天她的小手小脚会在我漂亮的玻璃桌上印满指纹的January 14th,2012.Journal.Im getting y for a very exciting day of football2012年1月14日 日记君 我已经准备好了 让橄榄球来得更猛烈些吧The Saints are in the playoff for the Superbowl,I know they are gonna win圣徒队已经进了超级碗的决赛了 我知道他们一定会赢的Im so sure I bet a whole lot of money on it.Ok jurunal.Ill write tomorrow when Im rich所以我在他们身上下了重注 好了 日记君 等我明天发达了再跟你唠January 15th,Journa.Ramen noddles arent really that bad1月15日 日记君 泡面真心没那么难吃February 1th,The first lady of the ed States of Amercia is gonna be on my show tomorrow2月1日 明天美国第一夫人就要上我的节目了I am so excited,I dont think Ill sleep tonight,actually I am so excited it makes me wanna dance我很激动 我激动得睡不着 我激动得想跳舞了 /201609/466151南浔区奥美定取出多少钱 In the U.S., random attacks against Muslims—or people the attackers think look like Muslims—are on the rise. Michigan is not exempt.In her recent article for The Islamic Monthly, Michigan public school teacher Zeinab Chami wonders why, 14 years after the most significant incident of violence in the name of Islam ever, we are now seeing more vitriolic comments against Islam—not fewer.The article is called The Prayer of the American Muslim. That prayer: ;Please, God, dont let them be Muslim.;;Whenever an attack happens, the first thing that pops into our minds is please, God, dont let them be Muslim,; Chami says. ;I am not immune to that, and every Muslim that Ive spoken to agrees with that.;In an environment filled with increasingly hateful rhetoric aimed at followers of Islam, Chami tells us the Muslim community has been put on the defensive.;Were operating from a place of fear, a place of frustration, and its really not how we should be operating. We should be allowed to mourn just like everyone else when other people are murdered on a mass level,; she says.Chami adds that having to constantly defend something as personal as ones faith is ;not pleasant.;She tells us her article started out as ;this grand defense of Muslims,; but she felt that wasnt really getting to the core of the problem.;Its so unfortunate to me were helping them win.;;I just kind of deleted all of that,; she says, ;and, you know, I spoke from the heart, and I spoke about just mourning from a human level. Existing from a human level. Were all human beings; not even Americans or Canadians or Syrians, were just human beings. And forcing us on the defense sort of strips us of that right to live as human beings, and thats a really, really painful place to exist from, and I think thats doing damage to our community.;In spite of all the hate loudly being flung at Muslims, Chami doesnt think that voice is representative of Americas true attitude.;I refuse to believe most Americans feel that way. I think most Americans are pretty balanced people, and I think that the vocal minority has kind of overtaken the conversation,; Chami says.She is, however, troubled by that vocal minority because, she explains, theyre playing right into the Islamic States hands.;I cant emphasize it enough. That human connection is whats really most important here.;;When we dehumanize other people and fear them for no reason, were just as bad as the attackers are in so many ways. Were letting them win. You know, Daesh … they say that they want to make it impossible for Muslims to exist in the West. They want to take away this gray area, and its working. Its so unfortunate to me were helping them win,; she says.Chami tells us shes heard people float the idea that all of the Muslim communitys problems would be solved if only they would stop seeing the Quran as a sacred text, stop living for the afterlife, ;just throwing out everything that makes Islam, Islam, and essentially secularizing it.; She says thats not the solution.;A quarter of humanity follows Islam. Youre not going to get almost two billion people to throw their faith aside,; Chami says. ;The real solution is looking at each other as human beings. I mean, I cant emphasize it enough. That human connection is whats really most important here.;201512/417530湖州交通医院减肥瘦身多少钱

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浙江湖州市去痣多少钱一颗Multiple births多胞胎Oh, baby噢,宝贝A reduction in multiple-birth pregnancies is a good thing多胞胎怀率的减少是件好事IT HAS long been known that in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) increases the chances of multiple births, as several fertilised eggs are implanted in a woman to improve the chances of pregnancy. A fifth of all successful IVF treatments in Britain result in multiple-birth pregnancies, compared with just over 1% from natural conceptions.众所周知体外受精(IVF)可以增加多胞胎几率,因为要将几个受精卵植入一个女人体内来提高受几率。在英国,自然分娩多胞胎的几率仅超过1%,而体外受精的方式则成功的将多胎妊娠的几率提升到1/5。Such was the success of IVF after the first test-tube baby was born in 1978 that the rate of all multiple-birth pregnancies rose from ten per 1,000 in that year to 16.4 in . The total number of multiple births doubled during that time. However, for women over 35—frequently users of IVF—it shot up 600%.自1978年第一例试管婴儿出生之后,多胞胎受率由那一年的千分之十上升到年的千分之16.4,这是体外受精的又一成功。多胞胎的总数在那些年间翻了一倍。但是,对于35岁以上的妇女,即体外受精的常见对象,她们生产的多胞胎总数直线上升了600%。When all goes well, a multiple birth can be good news for women who had difficulty conceiving. But it also carries risks: the infant mortality rate is five times higher than for single births. So the fact that newly released statistics show that the number of multiple births has started to fall is welcome.当一切都顺利的时候,多胞胎对于经历了痛苦艰难治疗的不妇女来说无疑是个好消息。但这也同样带来危险:多胞胎的婴儿死亡率比一个婴儿高五倍。最新发布的统计数据显示多胞胎的数量正开始降低,这也算是个好消息。This is largely a result of a new policy adopted by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), a regulator. In it launched the elective single-embryo transfer policy (now part of its multiple-births minimisation strategy) with the aim of reducing overall IVF multiple pregnancies from 27% in 2008 to 20% initially. HFEA’s latest figures, dating from 2012, show that the rate has slowed to 18%. The current target is 10%. According to the HFEA, multiple-birth pregnancies carry a higher risk of premature delivery and children having disabilities as well as late miscarriage, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia for expectant mothers. At least that risk is now being tackled for IVF users.这主要是监管机构人类受精与胚胎(HFEA)执行新政策的结果。年它推出了选择性单个胚胎转移政策(如今是多胞胎简化策略的一部分),目的是要将体外受精多胞胎的的总比率由2008年的27%降到最初的20%。HFEA的最新数据显示,从2012年起,多胞胎比率已经降到了18%。目前的目标是10%。根据HFEA的研究得出,多胞胎怀有早产、儿童残疾的较高风险,并且妇有晚期流产、高血压和先兆子痫的风险。至少现如今IVF受对象已经不会被这些风险所困扰了。翻译:邵夏沁 校对:胡雅琳 译文属译生译世 /201412/346379 And I used wear a winter coat all day.For warmth?我整天都穿着冬天的外套 为了保暖吗I guess you know,I never put it together but probably because I had so little flesh,I needed artificial我从来都不知道原因 但可能是因为我很瘦 我需要假的Yeah,I was going to say.But I would wear it all day which they say is a sign of mental illness.我也打算说呢 我整天都会穿 他们说这是精神病的象征Yes,So I was kind of a peculiar guy but people were nice.I never got.And you were pretty popular?是的 我是个奇特的人 但人们很友好 我从来没有 你很受欢迎吗Well,weirdly,I was the homecoming king at my school.奇怪的是 我是我学校的返校节国王You were the homecoming king and you weight 110 pounds,yes,thats right.你是返校节国王啊 体重110磅 是啊 是的And you wore a heavy womans coat?Yes,I like how you made it a womans coat which in fact it probably was a hand me down from my aunt or something.你还穿着女士厚外套 我喜欢你说这是女士外套 实际上可能是一个姑妈传给我的What happened was there was a bunch of handsome athletic gentlemen who were perspective homecoming kings事情是这样的 有一群英俊的运动员 他们很有可能是返校节国王and I think through an electoral fluke,they split the vote among themselves and the freaks were like,its our moment,我想着因为某种侥幸 他们均分了票数 所有的怪胎都想 我们的时刻到了We can get one for ourselves like “The nightmare before Christmas”.我么可以选上我们中的一员 像是《圣诞惊魂夜》So I became the homecoming king.They will like coat boy,we will make him our king.所以我成为了返校节国王 他们说外套男 我们会让你成为我们的国王So you became through total fluke homecoming king.Oddly enough.结果你侥幸成为了返校节国王 很奇怪We have a picture of you from back then and,oh my god.Why are you making that face?我们有一张你那时候的照片 天啊 你为什么要摆出那个表情Well,that was from,that was like from the program that handed out at the game.那是 那是因为他们在比赛时要拍照And I remember theyre like were going to take this photo for the homecoming program,so make sure you smile.我记得他们说 我们要为返校节拍一张照片 所以一定要笑I was like,I am not going to smile.I want to make this face.我说 我不要笑 我要摆出这个表情They were like smile,you look crazy and I thought it would be funny so I just insisted on making that face.他们说 快笑啊 你看起来像个疯子 我觉得这很搞笑 所以我坚持摆出那个表情I didnt realize the except to which I looked like,kind of like the furor.我没意识到我照得太过了 看起来有点像元首201608/461201湖州曙光整形美容医院地址湖州opt美容祛斑哪家医院好



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