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【新闻精讲】Business: Reviews on Amazon Five-star fakes商业:亚马逊上的,五星假好评The evolving fight against sham reviews.打击虚假进行中。Five-star 五星级的;第一流的例:They like five-star hotels and deferential treatment.他们喜欢五星级的宾馆和毕恭毕敬的接待。fight against 对抗例句:He instructed his staff to crank up for an all-out fight against the nomination.他指示手下工作人员做好准备,全力以赴反对这项提名。Sham 假的东西 表不满例:The governments promises were exposed as a hollow sham.政府的承诺被揭露为一个空洞的谎言。“I will post awesome review on your amazon product,” bess98 declared on Fiverr, a website where individuals sell freelance services for or more.“我会对您在亚马逊出售的产品给予好评。”Fiverr网站用户bess98如是说,该网站用户出售这样的自由职业务,要价为五美元或更多。Awesome1. 畏惧的the awesome responsibility of sending men into combat派士兵去打仗的令人畏惧的责任2. 棒极了的Melvill called the flight ;mind-blowing; and ;awesome.“梅尔维尔说这次飞行令人“无比兴奋”、“棒极了”。Freelance 自由职业的例:Michael Cross is a freelance journalist.迈克尔#8226;克罗斯是一个自由新闻工作者。 On October 16th Amazon charged that bess98 and more than 1,000 others were illegally hawking customer reviews.10月16日,亚马逊网站起诉包括bess98在内的一千多名用户的为推销行为的非法。Charge1. 要价; 收费例:Even local nurseries charge 0 a week.即便当地的托儿所每周也要收0的费用2. 给…充电例:Alex had forgotten to charge the battery.亚历克斯忘了给电池充电。3. 指控例:He may still face criminal charges.他也许仍旧要面对刑事指控。Hawking(沿街)兜售 The case comes just six months after Amazon sued the operator of four sites peddling similar stuff, including the subtly named buyamazonreviews. com.六个月以前,亚马逊起诉了四家有类似推销行为的运营者,包括其中一家网址非常微妙的buyamazonreviews.com(意为购买亚马逊好评)。Sue 诉讼例:Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks.沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Peddling 贩卖例:When a drug pusher offered the Los Angeles youngster 0 to peddle drugs, Jack refused.当一名毒贩子给这位洛杉矶小伙子杰克0让他贩卖毒品时,他拒绝了。Subtle 微妙的 (Something that is subtle is not immediately obvious or noticeable.)例:...the slow and subtle changes that take place in all living things.…所有生物中发生的缓慢而不易察觉的变化。Like Amazon, other websites have fought fakes with lawsuits, carefully honed algorithms and even sting operations—Yelp, a popular review site, has had undercover staff answer ads from firms seeking glowing write-ups.同亚马逊一样,其他许多网站也以起诉、过滤和安排人员打入内部等方式抵制虚假。比如,颇受欢迎的点评网站Yelp就有卧底人员应对那些寻找虚假好评的入驻商家。Hone 磨砺例:Leading companies spend time and money on honing the skills of senior managers.龙头公司会花费时间和金钱提高高层管理人员的技能。Sting 刺伤例:Some of the criticism has stung him.有些批评刺伤了他。Glow 容光焕发例:The expectant mothers that Amy had encountered positively glowed with pride.埃米遇见的妇们个个脸上都洋溢着幸福和自豪。write-ups 例: The show received a good write-up.演出获得了好评。Yet the problem persists.但问题仍然存在。For as long as there have been online reviews, there have been fakes.因为只有有网上的存在,就会有虚假。Persist1. 继续存在例:Contact your doctor if the cough persists.如果一直咳嗽,就与医生联系。2. 坚持; 执意 insist例:Why do people persist in begging for money in the street?为什么人们非要在街上讨钱呢?As long as 只要So we can do this directly as long as we have certain types of information. 因此,只要知道了一定类型的信息,我们就可以直接做到这一点。The motivation is clear: for example, one extra star on a restaurants Yelp rating boosts revenue by 5-9%, according to Michael Luca of Harvard Business School.动机显而易见:例如,据哈佛商学院的麦克#8226;卢卡统计,Yelp点评网上的商家每多一颗星,其营业额变会增加5%到9%。Motivate gt; Motivation inspire, incentive激发…的积极性例:They are motivated by a need to achieve.他们被成功的需要激励着Mr Luca and Georgios Zervas of Boston University have shown that restaurants seeking fake acclaim are likely to be independent—online reviews matter more to them than to chains with established reputations.卢卡先生和波士顿大学的乔治#8226;泽瓦斯发现寻求虚假的饭店一般为个体商户——同老牌声誉的连锁店比,前者更需要网上好评。Acclaim热烈称赞He was acclaimed as Americas greatest filmmaker.他被赞誉为美国最伟大的电影制片人。Established 老牌的例:These range from established companies to start-ups.这些包括老牌公司和新兴公司。So some businesses ask friends to post raves, seek reviewers-for-hire and offer customers discounts in exchange for praise.这些个体商户要么请朋友发表溢美之词,要么找付费的者,或是给提供好评的客户折扣。Rave1. 狂乱地说例:She cried and raved for weeks, and people did not know what to do.她又哭又叫了好几个星期,大家不知道怎么办。2. 热情地描写例:Rachel raved about the new foods she ate while she was there.雷切尔大谈特谈她在那里吃到的新食物。Discount1. 折扣2. 不理会例:However, traders tended to discount the rumour.但是,商人们倾向于不理会这个传闻。For websites that claim to be an impartial resource, such practices are troubling.对于旨在提供中肯评价的网站,这些行为会损害网站的宗旨。Impartial公正的Impartial judge 公正的判罚例:Career counsellors offer impartial advice, guidance and information to all pupils.就业指导员们向所有的学生提供无偏见的建议、指导和信息。Practice做法例:Some firms have reached agreements to cut workers pay below the level set in their contract, a practice that is illegal in Germany.有些公司已达成一致意见将工人的工资削减到低于合同中规定的水平,这种做法在德国是违法的。 “While small in number,” Amazon contends in its new suit, “these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers and the vast majority of sellers and manufacturers place in Amazon.”亚马逊在最近这次起诉案中辩论道,“尽管目前这类为数不多,但这确实会损害顾客和众多卖家及制造商给予亚马逊的信任。”Contend1. 辩称例:The government contends that he is fundamentalist.政府辩称他是原教旨主义者。2. 争夺 (权力等)例:...the two main groups contending for power.…争夺权力的两大主要集团。Suit 诉讼例:One insurance company has aly filed suit against the city of Chicago.一家保险公司已对芝加哥市提起诉讼。201703/498342The wider world that perceives fashion as a...sometimes a frivolity that should be done away with...in the face of social upheavals and problems that are enormous...很多人可能会把时尚看作是…一些很浮华的东西在动荡的社会大局中非常的微不足道在我看来,The point is, in fact, that fashion...时尚是…嗯…You know, in point of fact, its the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.在我看来…它像是远离现实生活的避难所。I dont think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.我无法想象我生活中没有它的存在。如果我的生活中没有时尚就好像人类文明没有开启一样。You know, I...Thats what I think.嗯…我就是这么认为的。I mean, a lot of people think ;Hes a crazy fanatic,; you know.可能很多人会觉得;他是个狂热的疯子;。At any rate, thats what I think about it.但不管怎样时尚对于我就是这样的重要。How is it different shooting here than in New York?在这儿拍照和在纽约拍照有什么不同?Fashion week here is exceptional.这儿的时装周很特别。Why?哪里特别?It educates the eye.它会给你一种新的视角。Paris?巴黎么?Thats right. Thats really...I come for the fashion, but thats what happens.是的,是这样…我是来看时装周的但这里给我的影响…Every six months its like going to school.就像是每半年重新学习一次。You have to go back and reeducate the eye.每次来到这儿,会让自己有一种新的视角。201609/460799

A puma, the lion of the Andes.美洲狮,安第斯山区的狮子Pumas are usually solitary and secretive.美洲狮通常独来独往,隐秘莫测To see a group walking boldly in the open is extremely rare.这么一大家子在光天化日之下外出实属罕见Its a family, a mother with four cubs.这个家庭由一只母狮和4只小狮组成She has just one brief summer in which to teach them their mountain survival techniques.母狮只能利用这个短暂的夏天教会小狮在山区生存的技能Rearing four cubs to this age is an exceptional feat,把4只小狮养到这么大是很了不起的业绩but she does have an excellent territory, rich in food and water.那是因为它有一片富饶的领地,食物和水都很充足Although the cubs are now as large as their mother,虽然小狮已长到和它们的母亲差不多大they still rely on her for their food.它们仍需要依靠母狮获取食物201703/497652

At least 24 are dead and dozens more are missing in Indonesia after flooding and landslides. 印尼洪水和山体滑坡至少造成24人死亡,数十人失踪。The countrys disaster management said heavy rains since Saturday caused 16 cities in the Central Java province to be hit with floods and landslides. 印尼抗灾署称,周六以来的暴雨引发中爪哇省16个城市遭洪水和山体滑坡袭击。Currently, search efforts and aid are underway for those missing. 目前,对失踪人员的搜寻和援助工作正在进行中。Just days before the Central Java rains, West Sumatra located on one of the countrys other islands saw thousands of homes left underwater or washed away from heavy rainfall. 就在中爪哇省大雨前几天,位于印尼其它岛屿的西苏门答腊,数千座房屋被淹或被暴雨冲走。That flooding has subsided in West Sumatra, but Indonesias disaster management said with more rainfall predicted it was extending the emergency response until Friday. 西苏门答腊的洪水已经平息,但印尼抗灾署称预计会有更多降雨,延长紧急响应至周五。While Indonesia is typically exposed to various weather disasters like cyclones and monsoons June is actually part of its dry season. 印尼经常遭遇各种如飓风和季风的天气灾害,六月实际上是干旱季节。译文属。201606/450161

  In a surprise announcement, energy companies representing almost the entire European Union have promised not to build new coal power plants after the year 2020.在一个出人意料的公告中,代表几乎整个欧盟的能源公司承诺在2020年后不建新的煤电厂。National energy companies from every EU nation except Poland and Greece were a part of the announcement Wednesday. 周三,来自除波兰和希腊以外的每个欧盟国家能源公司参加了公告。The move stems from the Paris climate agreement, in which 195 countries vowed to take action to limit global warming.此举源自巴黎气候协议,195个国家誓言采取行动限制全球变暖。Coal is a good fossil fuel to start with because it releases the most carbon dioxide. And its toxic pollution travels across Europe. 首先,煤炭是一个很好的化石燃料,因为它释放的二氧化碳最多。它的有毒污染遍布欧洲。But while many clean-energy supporters praised the announcement, some told The Guardian they hope these countries will go further and completely phase out existing coal plants. 但是,尽管许多清洁能源持者称赞这一宣布,一些人告诉卫报,他们希望这些国家将进一步并完全淘汰现有的燃煤电厂。Climate experts say Europe will have to completely shut down its plants by 2030 to meet its goals for limiting climate change.气候专家称,到2030年欧洲将不得不完全关闭其工厂,以满足其限制气候变化的目标。译文属。201704/502356

  The most complex operation in history, a success.人类历史上最为复杂的手术大获成功Mechanical hearts, transplanting other organs,人工心脏 其他器官的移植the thought that we could regenerate tissue,重建人体组织 这些构想的行成all this came about because one brave man都源自这位勇士的丰功伟绩was able to accomplish one unimaginable feat,他用行动向世人明了and show it was all possible.这些都是切实可行的Barnards procedure has saved over 75,000 lives.巴纳德迈出的这一步已经拯救了七万五千多条生命In the ed States alone.仅在美国surgeons perform over 2,500 heart transplants a year.每年就有两千五百多例的心脏移植手术Our organs, replaceable and re-engineered.人体的器官可以替代和重组New body parts, new technology, a new mankind.新的身体组成部分 新的技术 新的人类But as science and technology free us from the limits of our bodies,随着科学与技术 使人类超越身体限制across the world they are also key to a new victory世界范围内捍卫人权 宣扬公正的抗争in the struggle for individual rights and justice.也取得了突破性进展Selma Alabama, 1965.阿拉巴马州的塞尔玛 1965年600 African Americans demand change,六百名非裔美国人要求变革inspiring a global fight for freedom.并激发了一场世界范围的自由运动Amelia Boynton.53 years old,A civil rights activist since high school.阿米莉亚·因顿 五十三岁 从高中起就是一名人权积极分子201606/447714。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201610/464455

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470010Beneath these delusions of omnipotence, though,Richard remained neurotically insecure.在如此疯狂的严密保护下 理查神经质般地缺乏安全感On the merest suspicion of treason,he rashly condemned John of Gaunts son,Henry Bolingbroke, 仅仅是心存怀疑会遭到背叛 他仓促地宣判冈特的约翰的儿子 亨利·林布鲁克有罪to ten years in exile without even the pretence of a show trial.流放十年 甚至省略了装模作样的公审If such summary justice made the English nobility uneasy,what happened next left them stunned.这样的即决裁判令英格兰贵族惶恐不安 而接下来发生的事情则令他们目瞪口呆When John of Gaunt finally died,Richard decided to increase Bolingbrokes sentence to banishment for life,冈特的约翰最终去世之时 理查决定将林布鲁克 由放逐加刑为死刑and seized the young Dukes inheritance,the valuable Lancastrian estates,in the name of the Crown.以君主之名 剥夺了这位年轻公爵的继承遗产 以及兰开斯特家族的宝贵土地The magnates of England must have looked at this and said, Hes got to be stopped or its my turn next.英格兰的大人物们看到此番情景都说 必须要阻止他 否则下一个遭殃的就是我Richard was one blunder away from disaster.The final, fatal distraction was Ireland.理查即将铸成大错 最终 爱尔兰将他推向深渊He had decided to bring the Irish princes to heel,他决定远征爱尔兰 将其收入囊中but he took just enough soldiers to leave himself defenceless at home and not enough to cow the Irish nobles.但他带走的兵力 足以让自己的家园不堪一击 却不能撼动爱尔兰的贵族们And before he could finish his business there,he heard news that Henny Bolingbroke had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,还未解决爱尔兰的战事 他就听说亨利·林布鲁克 带领一军队在约克郡海岸登陆and the alienated English lords had flocked to his banner.被疏远的英格兰贵族都聚集在他的麾下By the time Richard returned,had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,of the southern and eastern heartland of England.待理查回国之时 林布鲁克已经占领了 英格兰南部和东部的中心地带 /201612/482028

  栏目简介:Paper cutting dates back more than 1,500 years in China and was inscribed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in . The art has evolved differently all over the world, reflecting various cultures. I had the chance to meet a talented Swiss paper-cutting artist and learned how to do one myself at the 4th edition of Swiss Week Shanghai.201705/507182

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481045

  Many shark attacks occur in the near-shore waters like this,这种近岸沙洲或暗礁区域inside sandbars or reefs,where the sharks feed and get trapped at low tide.是鲨鱼袭击事件的高发地带 鲨鱼可在此捕食 却偶因退潮 再次搁浅But theyre not the only dangers here.但是它们并不是这里唯一的危险因素Look, a blue bottle jellyfish.看 一只僧帽水母This comes from the same family as the Portuguese man-of-war,which can be deadly.它们和葡萄牙军舰水母 属同一种属 都能够置人于死地You know, those can kill you in a couple of hours.它们能够在几个小时内要了你的命You do not want to get stung by this guy.你一定不想被这家伙刺到吧Theres that blue tentacle you want to watch out for.Lets get out of this water.你一定得小心那蓝色的触须 我们赶快上岸去Since man took to the seas,marooned sailors have been washed ashore like this,自人类航海事业发展以来 海难幸存的船员经常就这样被冲上岸exhausted and battered, but alive.筋疲力尽 但气息尚存It was a good feeling getting ashore,especially through those sort of breakers,能够上岸 感觉真好 尤其是在突破重重阻碍and especially when you know youre not the only thing living in this water.穿过布满危险生物的水域后 成功登陆 更让人开心Theres a shark in the water just up the beach from where I came ashore.就在我刚才上岸的那片海滩里 有条鲨鱼Hes patrolling the shallows in search of food.他浅滩里寻觅下一顿美餐Might easily have taken a chunk out of me.很可能轻而易举的咬掉我的一大块肉Its a close call, but Ive got other priorities now.真是死里逃生 现在我有更重要的事得做You know, the mistake people often make is they wait too long to take action towards their survival.人们常常会犯这样的错误 大家总会等待很久之后 才采取求生行动You know, the time to act is when youre feeling strong and feeling fresh.最好的求生时间就是 当你感觉自己还身强力壮 思维清晰的时候201703/498949。

  There are more than 100 entrepreneurship classes here at Stanford University.斯坦福大学开设了100多门创业相关课程。But in the Hacking for Defense class, students learn how to solve problems facing troops and defense agencies throughout the nation.但是在“黑客防御”课程中,学生们可以学习如何解决美国各部队和国防部门正面临的问题。;They want to work on some of the toughest real world problems they are ever gonna see.“他们想要处理一些他们将会遇到的最棘手的现实世界的问题。With all due respect to Google and Dropbox and Facebook and Twitter,恕我直言,拿谷歌、碉堡箱、脸书以及推特这些知名的硅谷公司来说,which they all have opportunities here in the valley to go work for as graduates here,学生们毕业后都有机会去那里工作,these are some problems that make those look trivial by comparison.;相比那些真正难处理的问题,这些公司的问题显得就微不足道了。”Like these fellow teachers, they launched the 10-week course last year to bring a model for creating start-ups to military defense problems.这些老师去年推出了为期十周的课程,为创办解决军事防务问题的企业树立了榜样。Now the course is offered at 8 other universities.现在,另有8所大学也提供这一课程。Student projects include helping soldiers in the field deal with mapping technology,学生接手的项目包括帮助战地的士兵运用地图绘制技术,creating sensors to help soldiers with injuries and grappling with cyber security.制作传感器帮助受伤士兵,以及应对网络安全问题。;So Im working for USTRANSCOM,“所以我正在为美国运输司令部工作,which manages transportation in the ed States to better improve cyber security and the countrys sea ports.;其职能是管理美国全领域的运输,以更好地提高网络安全,为国家海港提供交通持。”Benji Nguyen is a graduate student of public policy, a native of Austin, Texas, Nguyens parents are from Vietnam.Benji Nguyen是一名公共政策专业的研究生,来自德克萨斯州奥斯汀。Nguyen的父母来自越南。;Yeah, thats my growth actually, I have no impressions there.“是的,这就是我的成长背景。我对那里没有印象。When Im here, you know, start ing textbook and doing as promised.我来到这里的时候,你知道,开始阅读教科书,并遵从自己之前的承诺做一些事情。When I told them I was working with the military to help solve a problem, they were really excited about it actually.;当我告诉他们,我正在和军方合作解决一个问题,他们真的很兴奋。”For U.S. students, the Hacking for Defense class gives them a unique chance to serve their country.对于美国学生来说,“黑客防御”课程给他们提供了独特的机会,来为国家务。They are expected to get out of the classroom and enter the field,他们需要走出教室进行实地体验,learning the day-to-day situations for soldiers or others in national defense.了解士兵或其他国防部门人员的日常情况。But the classs also attracted a surprising number of foreign-born students.但这一课程也吸引了大批外籍学生。;We take the military intelligence problems and we scrub them down, so anybody could work on them.“我们会接手有关军事情报的问题,然后将问题进行彻底分析,所以任何人都可以进行研究并寻找解决方案。But I was surprised by the number of foreign students from Singapore and China, from India但是,让我惊讶的是,许多来自新加坡、中国以及印度的外国学生,who were just interested in learning that same methodology and could take it home from wherever they are.;他们也对学习同样的方法很感兴趣,并且非常希望能将这种方法带回自己的祖国。”Some students go on to create companies or go work for the agency they met in the class.有些学生继续创办公司,也有一些将供职于课程学习中接触过的机构。For some, Buvana Dayanandan they are looking for work that is meaningful.而对于另外一些人,例如Buvana Dayananda,他们想寻找一份有意义的工作。;Were working on helping veterans that have experienced some polytrauma“我们正在帮助那些经历过某种多发性创伤的退伍军人,and figuring out how technology can increase the quality of life and independence for a longer period of time.;也在探索如何利用科技提高生活质量以及更长时间内的独立能力。”The students in this class learn they have to first understand a problem before coming up with the right solution.参加这一课程的学生们明白,他们必须首先真正理解一个问题,然后才能找到正确的解决方案。It is a set of skills they can use in whatever they do next.无论他们今后做什么事情,都可以应用这套技能。Michelle Quinn, VOA News, at Stanford University in California.VOA新闻,米歇尔·奎因于加州斯坦福大学为您播报。201706/514471


  We made an incredible, moldable, indestructible material.我们制造出一种不可思议、可随意塑形、坚不可摧的材料。But when we dump it, it doesnt go away.但当我们将之丢弃时,它并不会消失。Now one truck of it ends up in our oceans every minute.现在每分钟有一卡车的塑料最后进到我们的海洋。Its killing sea life.那正在扼杀海洋生命。The fish eat the trash; then we eat the fish.鱼吃垃圾;然后我们再吃鱼。Were feeding ourselves our own garbage, and its now in our bloodstreams.我们用自己造的垃圾喂养自己,而那现在流在我们的血液中。Weve got to avoid plastic; weve got to get it out of the ocean and reuse it.我们必须避免塑料;我们必须将它从海洋中清出,然后重新利用。Look. What if we took some trash and made a sports shoe out of it?听着。假如我们用一些垃圾,然后用那做出运动鞋会发生什么事呢?And then we made a million more from 11 million plastic bottles?接着我们用一千一百万罐保特瓶再做一百万只运动鞋?What if that was just the start? And what if everyone did that?要是那只是起点而已呢?如果每个人都那样做会怎样?201702/490203

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