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Are Vitamins Necessary Dietician Nancy Clark says food is a better source of vitamins than pills Hello, I’m Elizabeth Vargas and welcome to 20/20 in touch. Trying to find a way to cut back on your spending, maybe you can save on all those vitamin supplements you’ve been buying. Doctor Tim Johnson has a new prescription for your physical and financial health. 24-year-old graduate student Ashley Mason is the picture of health. She does everything possible to stay that way. She watches her diet, exercises everyday. And she takes supplements to prevent health problem as she gets older.Stop wrinkles before they start. Take these pills before you get sick. And it all sounds like a very good idea to me.In fact, Ashley takes nearly a dozen different pills everyday.Every week, I sort them into this sorter.But Ashley is not a finale. Millions of people follow a regiment like this. Last year American spent 22.5 billion dollars on dietary supplements, hoping to buy a protection against the whole range of illnesses. This is what Ashley is counting on to keep her healthy. A multi-vitamin, fish oil, flaxseed oil, calcium, B-vitamins, magnesium, glucosamine and vitamin E. It’s expensive, but she believes it’s an investment in her health. It’s a lot of money for a graduate student to be paying every month for medication, while it’s not even really medication, I’m not sick.Physically, Ashley feels fine. It’s her pocketbook that hurts. A student on a tight budget, she's scraping together a thousand dollars a year for all her supplements. And since the manufactures don’t have to prove to consumers that any of this stuff actually works, 20/20 set out to see if taking all these pills is smart medicine.Doctor Eric Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health says a simple multi-vitamin can provide a sort of safety net against the less-than-perfect diet.If you’re really on a generic mouthful vitamin which I think is probably enough for most people if you’re taking a supplement. The only thing where I would think there may be benefit would be taking from...er, will be taking vitamin D.Vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin because it’s made when sunlight gets your skin.Every tissue and cell in your body needs vitamin D for maximum health.01/61367

China 中国Off the rails? 出轨了?High-speed trains might be forced to go a little more slowly 高铁或许会被迫放慢速度CHINA’s high-speed rail network is probably the world’s most ambitious public-works project, a 21st-century equivalent of America’s Interstate highway system. Officials crow at each new speed milestone and each dramatic reduction in intercity-travel times. But after the disgrace and sacking of the railways minister and a series of other corruption investigations, the construction of the system itself may be shunted onto the slow track.中国的高速铁路网可能是世界上最为雄心勃勃的公共建设工程,这一21世纪的工程可以和美国的跨州高速路网相提并论。官员们为每一个新的高铁运行速度记录和跨城旅行时间的节省而欢呼雀跃。但是当铁道部长刘志军的丑闻曝出,遭到解职,一系列的反腐败调查也一并开始后,高铁建设的速度或将放慢。In 2008 China had only 649km of high-speed railway. It now has nearly 8,400km, four times as much as the next-largest network (Japan’s). The total will approach 19,000km by 2014, according to analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank (see map). That would be ten times as extensive as Japan’s. China is also adding copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight. Estimates for the bill range from 0 billion to 0 billion in today’s money—comparable to America’s interstate system, which cost over 0 billion in 2006 dollars.在2008年,中国还仅只有649公里的高速铁路,现在这一数字则接近8,400公里,是世界第二大高铁网络日本高铁公里数的四倍。根据瑞银(UBS)分析师的推算,2014年中国高铁总里程将接近19,000公里,届时将是日本高铁网总里程的十倍。中国还在大量增加普通铁路的建设,进行线路升级,这将促进货运的发展。按现在的价格测算,中国铁路建设的总投资估计为5000亿到7500亿美元,而美国的跨州高速公路按06年的美元价格计算,才投资了4000亿美元。But question-marks have been raised over these plans after the sacking in February of Liu Zhijun, the minister responsible for building the high-speed network. He was accused of skimming off as much as 1 billion yuan (2m) in bribes and of keeping as many as 18 mistresses. Zhang Shuguang, another top official in the railways ministry, was later dismissed for corruption. Separately, on March 23rd, state auditors reported that m had been embezzled from the 1,300km high-speed line between Beijing and Shanghai, the highest-profile of China’s many rail projects.但是当负责高铁建设的铁道部长刘志军在二月遭解职后,高铁的未来也划上了问号。他被指控贪污超过10亿元人民币(约合1亿5200万美元),拥有18个情妇。张曙光,铁道部的另一个高官,稍后也因腐败而解职。一个事实是,国家审计机关在3月23日发布报告,称京沪高铁建设费用中约有2800万美元遭到贪污。京沪高铁全长1300公里,连接北京和上海,是中国高铁建设的重点。201104/133449

Got a grand? Get a house Foreclosed properties are being sold for ultra-low prices, some for less than ,000. How about a house for a thousand bucks?Not a monthly payment, a whole house for a grand. It may sound unbelievable, but it's happening in some cities due to the explosion in foreclosures. Now they may not be pretty or in the best part of town, but some sellers just want them off their books. Take this one in Detroit, a three-bed, one-bath bungalow with about a thousand square feet, of course, it needs a total renovation inside but the exterior, well, it’s in fairly good shape, the price tag, that looks even better, it's just 500 bucks. Or this home in Cleveland, a four-bed, one-and-a half bath selling for 1900 bucks. For the same amount you could get this house in Birmingham, Alabama. It's had major fire damage but it's located on a public road and sits on about a third of an acre. To be sure, you will have to put more than a thousand bucks into these homes to bring them up to code. But four walls and a roof for about a grand, that may make a lot of sense to folks these days. But as always, be careful what you buy.01/60806

Obama Promises to Move Quickly on Economy奥巴马承诺迅速采取行动改善经济  President-elect Barack Obama says he will move swiftly to improve the U.S. economy and promote long-term growth upon taking office next month. Congressional leaders are working with the White House to craft a government package to rescue the failing U.S. auto industry. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他在下个月就职后会为了改善美国经济,推动长期增长而迅速行动。国会领导人正在和白宫合作,草拟政府计划,以挽救美国衰退的汽车业。Throughout the campaign season, then-candidate Barack Obama promised to overhaul U.S. economic policy and combat the effects of what was commonly described as an "economic downturn". 奥巴马在整个竞选期间保要改变美国的经济政策,阻止人们常说的“经济下滑”的影响。Since winning the November election, the president-elect has seen the economy go from bad to worse. The ed States has officially entered a recession, with massive job losses, continued home foreclosures, and extreme market volatility.  自从赢得11月份的大选以来,当选总统奥巴马看到经济状况更加恶化。美国正式进入了衰退,就业机会大幅减少,住房继续被没收,市场极为动荡。Unprecedented federal spending has neither eliminated a severe credit crunch nor stemmed the tide of major corporations in need of government intervention to stay afloat. 史无前例的联邦出既没有消除严重的信贷困境,也没有遏制大公司为维持经营寻求政府介入的趋向。Mr. Obama acknowledged the increasingly dire nature of the situation in an interview on N's Meet The Press program. 在全国广播公司“会见新闻界”的访谈节目中,奥巴马承认,局面越来越困难。"This is a big problem, and it is going to get worse," said Barack Obama. "My number-one priority coming in is making sure that we have got an economic recovery plan that is equal to the task." 奥巴马说:“这是个大问题,问题还会恶化。我上任后的头等大事是确保我们有一个能够解决当前问题的经济复兴计划。”In recent days, the president-elect has outlined an ambitious plan to put Americans back to work by rebuilding the country's infrastructure and making the ed States more energy efficient. The estimated price tag, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, would come on top of a 0-billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 在最近几天,当选总统奥巴马提出了一个宏伟计划的大纲,要通过重建美国的基础设施和让美国更加高效的使用能源的方式,来让美国人重新就业。这项计划估计耗资几千亿美元,这还不算国会10月份通过的金融拯救计划所需的7千亿美元。"The key for us is making sure that we jumpstart the economy in a way that does not just deal with the short term, does not just create jobs immediately, but also puts us on a glide path for long term sustainable economic growth," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“关键是我们必须快速启动经济,不只是应付短期问题,不只是立即产生就业,而是要让我们走向长期可持续性经济增长的道路。”Of immediate concern is the fate of U.S. automakers, which are asking for billions of dollars in emergency government loans to stave off bankruptcy. 目前最迫切的事是关于美国汽车制造商的命运问题,这些制造商正在为避免倒闭寻求政府给予数十亿美元的紧急贷款。Mr. Obama noted the importance of automobile manufacturing to the U.S. economy, but said in return for federal assistance the industry must embrace reform, become more competitive, and show it can be profitable. 奥巴马指出汽车制造业对美国经济的重要性,但是他说,为了获得联邦援助,汽车制造业必须实行改革,变得更有竞争力,并且显示他们以后可以盈利。Congressional leaders have been negotiating with the White House over the size of a rescue loan and the source of the funding. 国会领导人和白宫最近一直在救援贷款的规模和资金来源的问题上进行协商。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin expressed optimism that an agreement will be forthcoming. 密西根州的民主党参议员利文在“星期天福克斯新闻”节目上对即将达成一致表示表示乐观。"I am very confident that there will be a deal and that it will happen within 24 hours," said Senator Levin. "There is a common understanding that this is a global problem that has created the loss of sales by auto industries around the world. This is not just a unique American problem, and every other government that produces automobiles that I know of is providing loans to their auto industries." 利文说:“我非常有信心会达成协定,而且会在24小时之内达成。大家一致认为这是一个全球性问题,已经造成全世界汽车业销售损失。这不仅仅是美国的问题,我了解的是,其他每个制造汽车的国家的政府都在为他们的汽车业提供贷款。”But Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby opposes federal intervention, saying he does not believe restructuring plans put forth by carmakers are adequate to assure long term viability. 但是阿拉巴马州共和党参议员谢尔比反对联邦政府介入。他说,他不相信汽车制造商提出的改造计划能够确保它们可以长期生存。"I think this is a bridge loan to nowhere," said Senator Shelby. "This is a down payment on many billions to come. We would like to save them, but they have got to save themselves, and I do not believe they are willing to save themselves. They could be restructured the right way, and they do not want to do that." 谢尔比说:“我认为贷款不会有任何作用。他们以后会不断要求几百亿,几百亿美元的贷款,目前要求的只不过是付的头款而已。我们想挽救他们,但是他们必须自救,我认为他们不愿意自救。他们可以用正确的方式来改造他们的公司,但是他们不想那样做。”Appearing on CNN, General Motors' top executive (Rick Wagoner) admitted that his corporation's business model - which emphasized trucks and other large vehicles over smaller, more fuel-efficient ones - was lacking. 通用汽车公司的高级主管在美国有线电视新闻网上承认,他的公司的经营模式并不重视小型和高效使用燃料的汽车,而更着重于卡车和其他大型车辆,这种经营模式是不合适的。Autoworkers union officials say they will consider wage and benefits concessions as part of a comprehensive plan to save the industry. 汽车工人工会的官员说,他们可以考虑在工资和福利方面作出让步,作为挽救汽车业的综合计划的一部分。200812/58225

EU Calls on Israel to Observe Humanitarian Truce in Gaza欧盟呼吁以色列实行人道主义停火   The European Union, or EU, is calling on Israel to observe a humanitarian truce after a four-day Israeli air offensive on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner of France, which currently heads the EU, hosted a meeting in Paris on Tuesday aimed at resolving the crisis. Kouchner told French television he is pushing for a lasting truce. 在以色列连续4天空袭哈马斯控制的加沙地带之后,欧盟呼吁以色列实行人道主义停火。欧盟轮值主席国法国的外交部长库什内星期二在巴黎主持了一个旨在解决危机的会议。库什内告诉法国电视台,他正在推动一个持久的停火建议。Spain's Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, told reporters the Europe Union's immediate goal is to secure a cease-fire between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas. The Europeans are particularly looking for a humanitarian truce.  西班牙外交部长莫拉蒂诺斯对记者说,欧盟目前的目标是确保以色列和巴勒斯坦武装组织哈马斯之间停火。欧洲方面还特别在寻求一种人道主义的停火方式。Their call for a cease-fire joins that of the ed States, which said Hamas must respect the truce. Meanwhile, Persian Gulf Arab ministers have strongly condemned Israel's actions in the conflict. 他们的停火协议与美国一致。美国表示,哈马斯必须尊重停火协议。Earlier Tuesday, the EU's executive arm called on Israel and Hamas to cease all attacks affecting civilians and let humanitarian aid into the impoverished Gaza Strip. 星期二早些时候,欧盟的执行机构呼吁以色列和哈马斯停止所有影响到平民的攻击,并且让人道救援物资进入贫穷的加沙地带。 But Robin Lowe, a Middle East expert at Chatham House, a London-based public policy institute, said the Europeans have limited diplomatic clout. 但是,位于伦敦的公共政策智囊机构查塔姆研究所(Chhatham House)的中东问题专家罗宾.洛说,欧洲人的外交影响力有限。"The European Union countries have a fairly weak voice in this conflict. Many of them wish that was stronger and they're all full of ideas and good intentions to help find a quick and peaceful resolution. But the difficulty is that neither side [Israel or Hamas] is at all minded to listening to the Europeans," he said. “欧盟各国在这次冲突中所起的作用比较弱。他们中有不少希望影响力能大一些,并且满脑子想法,一心想帮助寻找一个迅速和平的解决方案。但是困难在于两边(以色列或哈马斯)都不会听欧洲的。”The Europeans are also divided, with many countries historically sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. But the Czech Republic, which takes over the EU rotating presidency from France on January 1, has defended Israel's air strikes on Gaza in retaliation for Hamas rocket fire. 欧洲国家之间也有分歧。许多国家历史上一直同情巴勒斯坦人的事业。但是将在1月1号接替法国成为欧盟轮值主席国的捷克共和国,则为以色列空袭加沙进行了辩解,说它是在报复哈马斯向以色列发射火箭。01/60162

Obama Envisions Massive Economic Stimulus奥巴马拟提出大型经济刺激计划  With the reeling U.S. economy his top concern, President-elect Barack Obama will announce members of his economic team at a news conference Monday. Mr. Obama and his aides are signaling their intention to lay the groundwork for swift action on the economic front when the new administration takes over in January. 当选总统奥巴马将在星期一的新闻发布会上宣布其经济团队的成员,因为陷入困境的美国经济是他关注的焦点。奥巴马和他的助手发出的信号是,他们打算为新政府1月份接管政权之后在经济领域迅速行动奠定基础。In his radio address Saturday, the president-elect spoke of his determination to jump-start the American economy and create millions of jobs through large-scale infrastructure projects and alternative energy initiatives. He has also pledged to cut taxes for middle-income workers and small businesses. 当选总统奥巴马在星期六的广播讲话中,谈到了他决心通过大型基础设施和替代能源项目创造数以百万计的就业机会的举措,来重新启动美国的经济。他还承诺将对中等收入的工人和小企业减税。But while Mr. Obama must wait until Inauguration Day - January 20 - to begin implementing his economic program, he is moving quickly to form his economic team and craft proposals in consultation with congressional leaders. 但是,尽管奥巴马必须等到1月20日就职之后才能够开始执行他的经济计划,但是他已经在采取迅速行动组建自己的经济团队,并通过咨询国会领导人来制定经济计划。David Axelrod, who served as Mr. Obama's campaign strategist and will be a senior advisor in the new administration, spoke on Fox News Sunday. 大卫.阿克塞尔罗德是奥巴马的竞选策略的智囊,同时也将是奥巴马新政府的一名高级顾问。他在接受“福克斯周日新闻”电视采访的时候说:"The economic recovery plan we are going to bring in January has to be big enough to deal with the huge problem we face, to do the range of things we need to do - not just to get out of our problems in the short-term, but to build our economy in the long-term," said David Axelrod. "Our hope is the new Congress begins work on this as soon as they take office in January, because we do not have time to waste." “我们在1月份带来的经济复苏计划将要大到足以应付我们目前面临的庞大的问题,我们要做一系列我们需要做的事情,不仅仅是在短期内摆脱我们的问题,而是为了从长远上加强我们的经济。我们希望新一届国会明年1月开始工作后能立即开始在这个问题上工作,因为我们没有时间可以浪费。”Given a contracting economy with rising unemployment and a plummeting stock market, Mr. Obama clearly believes that aggressive government action is required to reverse America's financial slide.  鉴于经济紧缩、失业率上升和股市暴跌,奥巴马显然认为,政府需要采取积极的行动,以扭转美国金融滑坡。An economic advisor to the president-elect, Austan Goolsbee, says the amount of money Mr. Obama wants to commit to a stimulus program is much larger than what he envisioned during the campaign."It [the stimulus plan] has to be big," said Austan Goolsbee. "In the campaign, he [Obama] was looking at stimulus in the 5 billion range, and the economy has gotten substantially worse since then. We have got to make investments in the future of this country, and we have got to provide relief to ordinary Americans, to 95 percent of Americans. And that will be in the package."Goolsbee was speaking on the CBS program Face the Nation. The November 4 election increased the Democratic Party's majorities in both houses of Congress, which may make it easier for Mr. Obama to win passage of his economic plan. In the meantime, the outgoing Bush administration has signaled its willingness to consider some modest measures, such as an extension of federal benefits for the unemployed. There appears to be no consensus in Washington on how to rescue U.S. automakers, all of which could face bankruptcy in coming months. 11月4日的选举增加了民主党在国会两院的多数席位,这可能使奥巴马更容易让他的经济计划获得通过。与此同时,即将离任的布什政府已经表示愿意考虑一些温和的措施,如延长失业者的联邦福利等。华盛顿似乎在如何拯救美国汽车制造商的问题上无法达成共识,美国的几大汽车公司在未来的几个月面临破产。Democratic congressional leaders say, in the weeks ahead, they will work with the Obama team to draft a stimulus plan they hope can be voted on and signed into law when Mr. Obama takes office. 民主党国会领袖说,在今后的几个星期里,他们将与奥巴马小组一道起草一份经济刺激计划,他们希望能在奥巴马宣誓就职之后付诸表决,并签署成为法律。New York Senator Charles Schumer, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, spoke on A's This Week program. 美国参议院财政委员会成员、来自纽约州的参议员查尔斯.舒默在接受美国广播公司“本周”节目采访的时候说:"I believe we need a pretty big [stimulus] package," said Charles Schumer. "First, I think Congress will work with the president-elect starting now and will have a major stimulus package on his desk by Inauguration Day. In my view, it has to be between 0 and 0 billion. And that is because our economy is in serious, serious trouble." “我相信我们需要一个非常大的刺激计划。首先,我认为美国国会从现在开始就要与总统当选人一道工作,从而在他就职当天就把一份刺激经济的综合计划放到他的办公桌上。在我看来,这项计划将在5000到7000亿美元之间。这是因为我们的经济正处于非常严重的困境之中。”The president-elect has stated his desire to forge a bipartisan consensus on all major initiatives undertaken during his administration. When it comes to economic stimulus, Republicans have ideas of their own, including an extension of the tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration - some of which Mr. Obama has pledged to eliminate. 当选总统奥巴马表示,他希望在他当政期间在所有重大举措上都能够获得两党的共识。当谈到刺激经济计划的时候,共和党人有他们自己的想法,包括延长布什执政期间制定的减税计划,其中一些奥巴马已承诺要予以消除。The ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, Richard Shelby of Alabama, is taking a wait-and-see approach regarding the Obama economic program. 共和党在参议院委员会的资深议员、来自阿拉巴马州的理查德.谢尔比,对有关奥巴马的经济计划采取观望态度。"I would like to see the details of any stimulus package: what it would do, how it would work, and who would benefit from it," said Richard Shelby. "One thing we better be careful about is not just throwing money [at the problem], borrowing money and throwing it at deals. I want to support things that area meaningful for the economy." 他说:“我希望看到任何刺激方案的细节:会采取什么措施,如何运作,以及谁将会从中受益。我们需要特别小心的一点就是不能够仅仅通过扔钱来解决问题,不能只去贷款并把它用于某种交易。我认为应该持一些对经济有意义的项目。”Shelby was also speaking on This Week. 谢尔比也是在“本周”节目中说这番话的。Meanwhile, numerous media reports say Mr. Obama has tapped Federal Reserve official Tim Geithner as the next Treasury Secretary, and picked New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to be Commerce Secretary. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is expected to be named White House economic advisor. 与此同时,许多媒体报导说,奥巴马已经决定任命美国联邦储备委员会官员盖特纳为下一任财政部长,并选择新墨西哥州州长比尔.理查森为商务部长。前财政部长萨默斯预计将被任命为白宫经济顾问。New York Senator Hillary Clinton is widely reported to be Mr. Obama's first choice for Secretary of State, but no formal announcement has been made. 纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿被广泛报导为奥巴马任命国务卿的第一选择,但至今尚未正式宣布这项任命。200811/57044

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