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抚顺割包皮去什么医院All you discontented shareholders of Wall St institutions–take a leaf out of the Holy Father’s book.所有对华尔街金融机构愤愤不已的股东们都从教皇的金玉良言中学到了一课。Pope Francis has just axed the all-male, all-Italian board of the body that oversees the Vatican’s financial activities, aiming to draw a line under the money-laundering scandals that plagued his predecessor. It’s the latest sign of the new pontiff’s desire to clean up and open up possibly the only institution that has had more scandals than Wall St in recent years.教皇弗朗西斯一世刚刚砍掉了全部由意大利男性组成的、负责监管梵蒂冈财务活动的机构,藉此与饱受洗钱丑闻困扰的前任划清界限。这是这位新教皇力图清理门户、对外开放的最新迹象,而教会或许是近几年来唯一丑闻赛过华尔街的机构。And as you might expect from a man who’s spent most of his first two years in the Vatican kicking over the traces, there are some surprising choices in His Holinessreplacement team including a counter-terrorism expert from George W. Bush’s White House who once led U.S. efforts to track down and confiscate Saddam Hussein’s illegal millions.鉴于这位新教皇在梵蒂冈的最初两年大部分时间都在打破禁锢,大家或许可以料想得到,他选择的接替团队会有些出人意外——包括一位乔治oWo布什时期的白宫反恐专家。当年,在此君的带领下,美国最终追踪、收了萨达姆o侯赛因数百万美元的非法资金。Juan C. Zarate, now a senior adviser at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, is one of four people appointed Friday to the board of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority (AIF), which was set up by Pope Benedict XVI to clean up the Vatican’s financial activities after a string of scandals.现任哥伦比亚特区战略与国际研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)高级顾问的胡安o萨拉特是上周五获得任命的梵蒂冈金融信息局(AIF)理事会四名成员之一。爆发一系列丑闻后,教皇本笃十六世成立了AIF,清理梵蒂冈的财务活动。The three other new board members are, by the Holy See’s standards, a diverse bunch: they include Maria Bianca Farina, head of the Italian Postal Service’s insurance arm, and Joseph Yuvaraj Pillay, the former head of Singapore’s central bank. Marc Odendall, a former banker who administers and advises philanthropic organisations, completes the line-up.依照神圣的标准选出的理事会其他三名成员是:意大利邮政部门保险机构负责人玛利亚o比安卡o法里纳,前新加坡央行行长约瑟夫o皮莱,和管理并为慈善机构提供咨询的前家马克o奥登达尔。Together, they will oversee the work of Rene Bruelhart, a Swiss lawyer who has headed the AIF since 2012.人将一起监管雷内o布鲁哈特的工作。这位瑞士律师自012年起开始掌管AIF。“Bruelhart wanted a board he could work with and it seems the pope has come down on his side and sent the old boy network packing,a Vatican source told Reuters.梵蒂冈一位消息人士告诉路透社(Reuters)称:“布鲁哈特想要一个与他合作的理事会,看起来,教皇听从了他的意见,让那些老人收拾包袱走人。”The AIF oversees, among other things, the operations of the Vatican’s bank, the Institute for Works of Religion, which has been at the heart of some of the most serious allegations. One of the bank’s former accountants, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, is currently on trial accused of plotting to help rich friends avoid millions of euros in taxes.AIF负责监管梵蒂冈——宗教事务机构(Institute for Works of Religion)的经营等等,后者近年来一直处于各种指控的核心位置。这家的一名财务人员蒙席·努齐奥·史卡拉诺目前正在受审,因为他被控密谋帮助自己的富人朋友避税,金额高达数百万欧元 /201406/305474抚顺矿务局总医院男科咨询 抚顺市新抚医院治疗男性不育多少钱

抚顺男科医院咨询Talks aimed at reaching an 11th-hour deal between Greek ministers and their bailout creditors collapsed on Sunday evening after a new economic reform proposal submitted by Athens was deemed inadequate to continue negotiations.上周日晚,由希腊政府提交的经济改革新方案被视为不宜继续讨论下去,双方谈判走向破裂。这一谈判的目的,是为了促成希腊各部长及其纾困债权国之间达成最后一刻协议。The breakdown is the clearest sign yet that differences between the two sides may be too wide to breach, increasing the possibility that Athens will not secure the 7.2bn in bailout aid it needs to avoid defaulting on its debts including a 1.5bn loan repayment due to the International Monetary Fund in just two weeks.此次谈判的破裂释放了迄今最明确的信号,表明双方之间的分歧可能无法弥合,希腊政府无法最终落2亿欧元纾困援助的可能性大大增加。而这笔资金是希腊政府要避免出现债务违约所亟需的,其中还包括须在两周内向国际货币基金组IMF)偿还的一5亿欧元的贷款。Greek negotiators, including Nikos Pappas, aide-de-camp to Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, left the headquarters of the European Commission only 45 minutes after entering the building for what were characterised as a “last tryby one of the eurozone officials involved in the talks.包括希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)副手尼科#8226;帕帕Nikos Pappas)在内的希腊谈判人员,在进入欧盟委员会(European Commission)总部大楼仅仅45分钟后就离开了这一建筑。参与磋商的一位欧元区官员形容他们的行为是“最后努力”。A commission spokesman said there remained a “significant gapbetween the two sides, amounting to up to 2bn per year, and there was no longer time to reach a “positive assessmentof Greek efforts before a high-stakes meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Thursday.欧盟委员会一名发言人表示,双方之间依然存在“巨大分歧”,涉及金额总计为最高每0亿欧元。此外,这位发言人还表示,在周四召开欧元区财长重要会议之前,已没有时间对希腊的努力做出“积极评价”了。“While some progress was made, the talks did not succeed,said the spokesman. “On this basis, further discussion will now have to take place in the eurogroup.”这名发言人表示:“尽管取得了一定进展,这一磋商并未取得成功。在此基础上,欧元区集团必须开展进一步磋商。”That eurogroup meeting is seen by many officials as the last chance for Athens to secure a deal on an agreed list of the economic reforms its creditors are demanding in order to release the 7.2bn aid tranche before Greece’s EU bailout runs out at the end of the month.许多官员认为,欧元区财长会议是希腊政府与债权国达成经济改革协议的最后机会,这样才能在针对希腊的欧盟纾困计划月底到期前,发放72亿欧元的援助资金。Asked as he exited the commission headquarters whether the break-off in talks was a bad sign, Mr Pappas told the Financial Times: “We will see.”在离开欧盟委员会总部时,帕帕斯被问及这次谈判破裂是不是一个不好的信号。他告诉英国《金融时报》:“这个问题还有待观察。”Without the endorsement of Greece’s trio of bailout monitors the commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank the prospects of an amicable agreement on Thursday is remote, raising the prospect eurozone negotiators may resort to the “take it or leave itstrategy used on Cyprus at a eurogroup meeting two years ago.如果希腊得不到三个主要纾困监管机构(欧盟委员会、IMF及欧洲央ECB))的背书,周四达成友好协议的可能性将十分渺茫。这一局面令人们猜测,欧元区谈判人员可能会采取两年前在一次欧元区集团会议上对塞浦路斯采取过的策略——“要么接受,要么放弃”。On that occasion, an ECB representative warned that without a deal, the central bank would be forced to cut all emergency funding to Cypriot banks essentially laying waste the country’s financial system. There have been similar pressures on the ECB in the past week to take the same stance with Athens.当时,一名欧洲央行代表警告说,如果达不成协议,该行将被迫削减塞浦路斯各发放的紧急援助资金——此举实质上会导致该国金融体系瘫痪。就在上周,欧洲央行也曾遭遇类似压力,要求该行对希腊政府采取类似立场。One senior official involved in the talks said there could still be a compromise on Thursday if Greek negotiators “go back to Athens and say: ‘Oh shit, we have to do somethingBut the official acknowledged such a U-turn was unlikely.一名参与谈判的高官表示,如果希腊谈判人员“能够对雅典方面说:‘天哪,我们得做点什么’”,双方仍有可能在周四达成妥协。不过这名官员承认,这种一百八十度的大转弯不太可能发生。来 /201506/380850 A day after 12 people were shot dead in a bloodbath at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly that lampooned Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in a status update said that ;an extremist in Pakistan; had fought to have him sentenced to death.讽刺先知穆罕默德(愿他安息)的《沙尔利周刊》总部发生了一场大屠杀2人在其中死于杀。事件发生的第二天,Facebook的CEO马克·扎克伯格在一条更新的状态中说“巴基斯坦的一名极端分子”曾经为判处他死刑而斗争;A few years ago, an extremist in Pakistan fought to have me sentenced to death because Facebook refused to ban content about Muhammad that offended him,; Zuckerberg said in a status update on the social-networking website.扎克伯格在社交网络网页上更新了一条状态说:“几年前,巴基斯坦的一名极端分子为判处我死刑而斗争,因为Facebook拒绝禁止冒犯穆罕默德的内容。”Expanding on why Facebook refused to censor content about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Zuckerberg said: ;We stood up for this because different voices even if theyre sometimes offensive can make the world a better and more interesting place.;具体说到为什么Facebook拒绝审查关于先知穆罕默德的内容,扎克伯格说:“我们对此持,因为不同的声音——即使有时是冒犯的声音——能够让这个世界变得更好、更有趣。”The Facebook CEO added that the social-networking portal followed the laws ;in each country;, adding that it “never lets one country or group of people dictate what people can share across the worldFacebook的CEO补充说,这个社交网络门户网站遵守“每个国家的”法律,还说Facebook“决不让一个国家或一群人强行规定全世界的人能分享什么”;Yet as I reflect on yesterdays attack and my own experience with extremism, this is what we all need to reject a group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world,; Zuckerberg said.;I wont let that happen on Facebook. Im committed to building a service where you can speak freely without fear of violence.;;My thoughts are with the victims, their families, the people of France and the people all over the world who choose to share their views and ideas, even when that takes courage,; Zuckerberg said.“然而,就像我对昨天的袭击和我自己关于极端主义的经历的反思那样,这是我们都需要拒绝的——一群极端分子尝试让世界其他所有人的声音和意见都沉默。”“我不会让那在Facebook上发生的。我决心构建起一种务,让每个人都能不惧暴力、自由发言。”“我的思想与那些选择分享他们的观点和想法的受害者、他们的家人、法国人民和全世界人民同在,即使在这种分享需要勇气的时候。”扎克伯格说。Zuckerbergs status update drew a flurry of responses, including one from a user Umar Khan hailing from Pakistan.扎克伯格更新的状态吸引了一大片回应,包括一条来自巴基斯坦用户Umar Khan的批评;Mark, being a Pakistani I do appreciate your thoughts but Id like to clear one thing here, not all the ;Pakistani; possess similar mindset amp; you cant just blame the whole nation on the basis of one persons act. As far as the religious material on Facebook is concerned, I think youre doing a great job in reviewing every application against particular pages/material.;“马克,作为一个巴基斯坦人,我诚然欣赏你的想法,但我想在这里澄清一件事,不是所巴基斯坦都有类似的心态,而且你不能因为一个人的所作所为就谴责一整个国家。关于Facebook涉及的宗教的内容,我觉得你对每个反对特定内容的申请都做了很好的检查。”Responding to which, Zuckerberg said: ;Youre right. I am friends with several Pakistanis, and I know most Pakistanis are not like the person who tried to have me sentenced to death!;扎克伯格在对这条的回应中说:“你说得对。我有几个巴基斯坦朋友,并且知道大部分巴基斯坦人不是像那个要把我判死刑的人那样的!”Victims from Wednesdays attack in the quiet Parisian neighbourhood included four prominent cartoonists, among them editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier, who had lived under police protection for years after receiving death threats.周三发生在宁静的巴黎街区的袭击事件中,受害者包括四个重要的漫画家,其中之一是《沙尔利周刊》的总编辑StephaneCharbonnier,自从他收到死亡威胁以来已经在警方保护下生活了好几年。Charbonnier was holding a morning meeting when the assailants armed with Kalashnikovs burst in and opened fire. The three other cartoonists who died were Jean Cabut, Georges Wolinski and Bernard Verlhac.当手持拉喀什尼克冲锋的袭击者冲进来开火的时候,Charbonnier正在开一个早会。另外三个遇难的漫画家是Jean CabutGeorges Wolinski和Bernard Verlhac。来 /201501/353766抚顺清原县妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好抚顺县妇幼保健院地址



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