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A: I'd like to order dinner.B: What would you like?A: I'd like to order a bottle of champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare.B: I'm sorry. We're currently out of filet mignon. May I suggest the porterhouse instead?A: I'd prefer the filet, but the porterhouse will do.B: And may I suggest chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: Normally, I would take you up on that suggestion, but just the champagne will do tonight.B: Okay, no strawberries. Room service will be charged to your amenities . Is that all right?A: That's fine.B: It will be up shortly. Enjoy your food, sir. 01



  A: I'm Janet Smith in apartment 3. Is this the apartment manager?B: Hello. What can I do you today?A: My living room window is broken.B: Are you serious? Do you know what happened?A: I am not really sure, because I was out when it occurred.B: Do you have any idea who might have been behind this?A: Something tells me it might be some of the kids in the complex.B: What led you to think it might be the kids in this building?A: I found a baseball near the broken glass.B: Well, you can't ignore a baseball in your living room, can you?A: I saw them in the lot just bee I went out.B: Do you know any of them?A: No, I didn't pay any attention to who they were.B: I'll call the window repairman, but it'll probably take a couple of days.A: I could get fast service if I call a friend of mine.B: I don't have a problem with that. Let me look at the damage first.A: Okay, I'm waiting you. But who does my friend give the bill to?B: Since the kids broke it, your friend can bill me.A: Whew! I was worried that I would have to pay it.B: Believe me, if I find out which kid broke the window, I'll bill his parents.

  Transfer patents 专利转让A: Wed like you to provide us with a technical licence to improve our present products and develop new ones.我们想要你们提供一项技术许可来改进我们现有的产品并开发新产品B: I hope we can satisfy your requirements. Well guarantee that machine and technology are of advanced world levels, and the technology provided is integrated, precise and reliable.希望我们能够满足你的需要我们将保机器和技术是世界先进水平,所提供的技术是全面,精确,而且可靠的A: What right will the license grant to us?这项许可给予我们什么权力呢?B: It will grant rights of both manufacture and sales of our products.给予生产和销售我们的产品的许可A: Does the license include the patent?这项许可包括专利吗?B: Yes, it does.包括A: How long will you allow us to use the patent?你们将允许我们专利多长时间?B: 3 years. In 3 years you should keep confidential all the technical inmation and know-how offered by us.三年,三年内你应该对我们提供的一切技术信息和专有技术保守秘密A: Certainly. But you should also guarantee the ownership of the patent, know-how and technology.当然,但是你们也应该保专利,专有技术和工业技术的所有权B: If any third party disputes your rights to use them, you should bear the full responsibility.如果发生任何第三者争议我们使用它的权利,你们应当承担全部责任A: All right.可以B: How do we settle the disputes if there are any of them between us?如果我们之间出现争执如何解决?A: All disputes and differences of any kind arising from the execution of this contrast shall be settled amicably by the parties, or shall be submitted to the Council Promotion of International Trade arbitration.在执行本合同期间产生的所有争执和分歧,应由双方自行友好解决,否则应该提交国际贸易促进委员会仲裁B: We agree with you.我们同意;satisfy one requirements;是;满足某人;的要求,需求的意思;;be of advanced world levels;是;具有世界先进领先水平;的意思;;arise from;是;由于,产生于;的意思,例如:Mistakes that arise from a basic misunderstanding. (基本上是出自误解的错误) 9733A: I'm going to need a taxi.B: You don't have to restrict yourself to a taxi. We can offer you a private vehicle.A: A private vehicle, huh? No, a taxi is okay.B: Some people find a limo to be much more comtable than a taxi.A: No, I wouldn't be caught dead in a limo.B: No upgrade of any kind. And where might you be going?A: I'm headed to Rockefeller Center.B: When shall I tell the taxi to be here?A: Right now.B: The taxi will be here immediately, sir.A: Good, I'm leaving my room in about one minute.B: You won't have to wait a second, sir. 76

  Mountain Climbing 登山(1)Y: My gosh Patrick, Where are we?P: Yang Chen. Im taking you mountain climbing.Y: 登山? This is scary!P: Dont worry, Im an expert mountain climber. I am as steady on these steep slopes as a mountain goat.Y: 野山羊? 你倒是smell like a mountain goat.P: Stop complaining. Were about to reach the crux of the climb.Y: 什么是the crux of the climb?P: Actually, the crux of something is the most difficult or important part.Y: Oh, crux 就是问题的症结、关键、最困难的部分P: Exactly. Or I could say that I decided to quit my job many reasons, but the crux of the problem was that I didnt make enough money.Y: Right ...Patrick,我开始爬了.. .. (Scream)P: Oh my gosh! Yang Chen fell off the side of the cliff! Yang Chen, are you OK?Y: Patrick, please pull me back up. Hurry! 我要掉下去了P: Wow, youre hanging off the side of the cliff! This is going to be a real cliffhanger. Do you know what that means?Y: Patrick, 现在不是教英语的时候Help me!P: One second. A cliff hanger is when a chapter of a movie or book ends without a resolution.Y: 我知道cliff是悬崖, cliff hanger掉在悬崖上,就是留下悬念的意思P: Yang Chen, do you think it might be good to have a cliffhanger ending?Y: No!P: You know Yang Chen, I like the cliffhanger ending. 6851

  Apple users were ecstatic to learn that the taco and burrito emojis were included in the 9.1 update last year.去年,苹果公司宣布在最新9.1版本系统中加入了墨西哥卷饼和玉米煎饼的emoji表情符号这让众多苹果用户喜出望外But despite the hype, these arent the most popular new emoji, according to a report.据报道,虽然苹果对这两个新表情进行大肆宣传,但最受欢迎的新表情却不是它们The latest go-to emoji is the face with the rolling eyes, which is used in per cent of text messages, the study found.新表情中最受欢迎的是“翻白眼”调查发现,%的短信中使用了这个表情These findings come from the emoji keyboard app, EmojiXpress, which gathered a sample size of 30 million emojis sent from its keyboard. EmojiXpress pulled data over a two-week period from January to January 30, , which showed only 1.5 million (5 percent) were new emojis from the iOS 9.1 update, but new characters made up 65 percent of the top most commonly used list, according to site blog post.这些结果来自键盘表情应用EmojiXpress所收集的样本,总量达三千万(数据采集日期为年1月日至1月30日)结果显示,iOS 9.1系统中新表情的使用量仅0万(占5%)但是就客发帖而言,新表情在十大常用表情中占了65%The second most common emoji was the long awaited middle finger, the heavy heart exclamation mark ornament came in seventh and the rainbow horned unicorn is the th most commonly used.排名第二的就是人们期待已久的“竖中指鄙视”表情了以感叹号装饰的爱心表情则排名第七,还有七犄角的独角兽表情排名第十Although the rolling eyes emoji topped the charts in the EmojiXpress app, other platms have their own popular ideographs.虽然“翻白眼”在EmojiXpress应用的排行中位列榜首,但其他社交平台也有着属于自己的热门表情 example, the most commonly used character on Instagram is the red heart, which is shared 79 percent more than any other emoji, reported HubSpot.比如说,HubSpot(一家数字营销公司)调查显示,Instagram上最受欢迎表情是“红心”,使用次数比其他任何表情高出79%And the face with tears of joy is number one among Twitter users, followed by the miling face with heart-shape eyes and loudly crying face.在推特上,最受欢迎的则是“笑cry”表情,紧随其后的是“心形眼睛微笑”和“大哭”表情 6358

  A: I need some help.B: What’s up?A: I’m looking the mall.B: You can’t find it?A: I’ve looked everywhere.B: The mall is right next to the movie theater.A: Where is that?B: You’ll find it on Washington Boulevard.A: In that plaza?B: Yes. It’s in that plaza.A: I know where it is now.B: I’m glad I could help. 85。


  At the Reception Desk(Ⅱ)在接待处(Ⅱ)Key Sentences(重点句子).Yes, we do have a reservation you.对了,我们这儿是有您预订的房间5.Would you please fill out this m while I prepare your key card you?请您把这份表填好,我同时就给您开出入,好吗?6.What should I fill in under ROOM NUMBER?“房间号码”这一栏我该怎么填呢?7.Ill put in the room number you later on.过会儿我来给您填上房间号码8.You got to put in the date of your departure.您忘了填写离店日期了9.And here is your key,Mr.Bradley.Your room number is .给您房间的钥匙,布拉德利先生您的房间号码是50.It is on the th floor and the daily rate is$90.房间在层,每天的房费是90美元51. Please make sure that you have it with you all the time.请务必随时带着它5. My business negotiation has progressed much more slowly than I had expected.我的业务谈判进行得比我原先预料的慢了许多53. I wonder if it is possible me to extend my stay at this hotel two days.我想知道是否可以让我在这儿多呆两天5.Ill take a look at the hotel booking situation.我来查看一下本店房间的预订情况55.Im glad that well be able to accept your extension re-quest.很高兴我们有办法接受您延长住宿的要求56. But Im afraid that it will be necessary us to ask you to change rooms the last two nights.不过,恐怕最后两天我们得请您搬到别的房间去57. We have aly let your room to another gentleman.我们已经把您住的房间租给了另外一位先生58. That no problem at all.没问题 193735


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