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My Feature -- :00:33 来源: My FeatureLet me tell you what I will be when I grow up. I think languages are the most important tools of communication among people. Each country's languages, which are different, are interesting. So I want to be a translator. Since I was a child, I have learned many kinds of languages. I like to make friends with people from other countries. If I can speak a lot of languages, I will have a lot of friends. I don't think being a translator is very easy. It must be very hard. But I want to try! So I'm studying English now. I want to be a translator in Japan. It's my dream and I believe I can do it.

夏日旅游必知的抢手货—婺源工艺伞 --01 :1:30 来源: We all know that Wuyuan county of Jiangxi provinceis "the most beautiful countryside" in China,butdo you know that Wuyuan craft unbrellas are also popular with people? Craft umbrellas, which are made of bamboo, tissue paper, and tung oil (Chinese wood oil), have to go through more than 0 processes bee hitting the market. Both beautiful and practical, the hand-made umbrellas have become a real catch both at home and abroad as summer tourism gains luster.我们都知道江西省婺源县是中国“最美丽的乡村”,但是你是否知道婺源工艺伞也很受人们喜爱呢?工艺伞由竹片,薄纸,桐油制成,在上市前它要经历一百多道程序这种手工制作的伞既漂亮又实用,随着夏日旅游业的兴盛,它已成为国内外的畅销货A female worker works on a craft umbrella at a workshop in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province, July 30, .年7月30日,江西省婺源县一家工艺伞商店的女员工正在工作 夏日旅游必知的抢手货—婺源工艺伞

学校生活 School Life -- ::53 来源: I like going toschool very much, because I am happy in school. In school, I can learnknowledge from teachers. They are always kind to me. Having class isinteresting. I like answering questions in class. I am proud to get the rightanswers. Besides, I am glad to play with my friends and classmates in school. Wehave many activities after class. We talk to each other, share our livestogether. After class, we often play on the playground. We have many games toplay. After that, we often go home together. Some of us live nearly.我很喜欢去学校,因为在学校我很开心在学校,我可以从老师那里学到知识,他们总是对我很好上课很有趣,我喜欢在课堂上回答问题,答对的时候我觉得很自豪此外,我很高兴在学校能和朋友和同学玩课后我们有很多的活动我们相互交谈,分享我们在一起的生活,课后一起在草场上玩我们会玩很多的游戏,之后我们通常一起回家,因为我们住的很近

意大利翁布里亚旅行游记 -- :51:7 来源: 意大利翁布里亚旅行游记Umbria offers some of the best of the Italian countryside. Wang Shanshan discovers many delights this fertile land produces.Our car wound more than an hour through fields and then drove another minutes along a small road into the thick, dark woodland bee stopping at the castle's giant wooden gate. The gate opened slowly in the pouring rain. A well-dressed gentleman holding an umbrella opened the car doors. "Welcome to the castle," he said.We followed him into a brightly lit hall.A waiter was serving champagne. In another room, a chef was frying truffles with eggs.A dozen courses were aly arranged on a table. And they were just appetizers.The black fungus was displayed beside the cook. We could smell its strong aroma as soon he picked it up.Umbria is one of the few places in the world blessed with an abundance of wild truffles. Food and wine lovers hire local guides "truffle hunting" excursions in the woods.A white wine was served during dinner."We have grapes planted and our own wine made," says the gentleman who greeted us at the castle, known as Castello di Solfagnano.The castle has two large old wooden barrels, each more than meters in diameter and about meters tall, at one end of the dining room. A swing is slung from the ceiling between the two barrels. I couldn't resist the temptation to sit on it after a glass (or two) of wine. The green heart of ItalyMy friends and I were traveling in Italy's Umbria region. Umbria means "the green heart" in Italian.This swathe of land surrounded by coastal regions is endowed with fertility by the Tiber River, which runs across Umbria on its way from central Italy's Apennine Mountains to the Mediterranean.Central Italy's Umbria is most celebrated its olive oil and vineyards.Agritourists arrive every year to join the winemaking that has been a local feature millennia. It also produces arguably Italy's best chocolates, cheeses, pastas and salamis. And each foodstuff locally enjoys a vast diversity.After truffles, wild asparagus is the most acclaimed specialty.We noticed olive trees, lettuce, onions and tomatoes in the garden of a house near where we stayed.It seems collecting fresh vegetables from the garden and taking them straight to the kitchen is a daily routine local families, who sometimes hunt truffles and asparagus in the woods. The green heart of ItalyUmbria is increasingly a destination well-off Chinese to escape the crowds.The gentleman who greeted us upon arrival says Chinese billionaires have slept in his castle's guest rooms, and a group of young entrepreneurs was on its way to visit.The region is half hills, half plains.Ancient cities were built on hills, sometimes surrounded by woods, while the fields are on the flatlands below. In Umbria's capital Perugia, we took an elevator from the parking lot halfway up the hill to the city atop.Every street seems steep.But two girls I made friends with told me they got used to climbing up and down in Perugia in 8-centimeter heels after a year. Heels seem to be compulsory women in Italy. I climbed behind them in sandals, panting like a dog.The city, which can be traced back to the 9th century , fought many battles but retained its heritage. It seems a Renaissance gem at first glance. But one can find arts from earlier and later times here and there.Raffael stayed in Perugia and left frescoes. His teacher Pietro Vannucci, nicknamed Perugino, decorated the city with a series of frescoes.Perugia, from whom Umbria's capital takes its namesake, is honored by a university founded in the year , a fine arts academy founded in 73 and a music conservatory founded in 88, among other institutes. The green heart of ItalyWe notice more salami and chocolate shops lining the small streets crisscrossing the city than in other Italian cities.Salami shops have hundreds of sausages dangling from the ceiling. They hang in a dozen rows, extending from the door to the back of the room.Chocolates are sold in pounds here. With euros ($), I bought a thick brick of chocolate that would not only not fit in my mouth but also covered more than half my face.It's hard to gnaw off a chunk. But the hunks are so tasty I can't resist clomping off lump after lump. That makes it oh-so enjoyable.But only when I'm alone.IF YOU GOUmbria is easy to reach from Rome. You can rent a car or take local buses and trains to get around the region.Plane: Rome's Fiumicino international airport is about 50 kilometers south of Umbria's southern border. You can transfer there to take the regional flight to Perugia's Sant'Egido airport, which is between Perugia and Assisi.Train: There are trains between Rome and the cities and towns of Perugia, Terni, Spoleto, Orvieto and Firenze in Umbria. The train service is said to be superb. But the smaller villages can only be reached by road.Car: Renting a car at the airport or train stations is a better choice if you want to visit the smaller settlements, where there are many nice and quiet guesthouses.Bus: Travel guides say there are connections between almost every town, and it seems you can always ask bus drivers to let you off somewhere along the route. 旅行游记

My Home -- :56:50 来源: My HomeMy home is on the first floor. there are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is GREen. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much.

爸爸的生日 My fathers Day --19 :19:5 来源: 爸爸的生日 My fathers DayMy father's DayMy father is very bsuy. Every day he goes to work by subway. He teaches math at school, His math is very good! In the afternoon, he eats lunch at school. After lunch, he s newspapers. Then he goes home at 5:30. He eats dinner. Then, he takes a bath in the evening. He watches TV at living room. After watching TV, he goes to bed at :00.My father works hard. I like my father very much!

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