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Marilyn actuallly also starred in an Arabian version of ;Seven Year Itch;玛丽莲·梦露事实上还演过一个阿拉伯版的“七年之痒”(参见1955年比利·怀尔德执导电影中玛丽莲·梦露裙子被风吹起的经典画面) /201612/482600

Five women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of trying to touch them inappropriately without their consent.五名女性指控唐纳德#8226;特朗普在的情况下遭到了他“不恰当地抚摸”。The New York Times claims to have spoken to two women who say they were victims of the Republican nominee in two separate incidents that took place in 1980 and another in 2005.《纽约时报》12日报道称,已经有两名女子称她们是共和党候选人的受害者。这两起骚扰事件分别发生于1980年和2005年。Those allegations were then followed by ones from the Palm Beach Post and People Magazine, while Yahoo News republished an accusation made earlier this year.这些指控随后被《棕榈滩邮报》和《人物》跟踪报道。雅虎新闻也重新发布了今年早些时候发布的指控。Trump#39;s campaign denied the accusations, saying they are #39;fiction#39; and #39;completely false#39;.特朗普否认了这些指控,并称她们是“编造谎言”,“完全是瞎说”。Jessica Leeds, a 74-year-old former businesswoman who lives in Manhattan, was the first woman featured in the New York Times story.现年74岁的杰西卡#8226;利兹曾是一名女商人,住在曼哈顿。她是《纽约时报》关于此事件报道中的第一个女性。Leeds told the newspaper she was #39;assaulted#39; by Trump on a flight when she was 38.The 74-year-old explained how she was sat beside the Republican nominee in first class, when he lifted the arm-rest between then and allegedly began touching her.杰茜卡#8226;利兹告诉《纽约时报》,她38岁的时候在飞机上遭到特朗普的性骚扰。74岁的她说,她坐在头等舱,旁边就是特朗普,特朗普把座位中间的扶手提了起来,并开始触摸她的身体。#39;He was like an octopus,#39; she told the Times. #39;His hands were everywhere.#39; Leeds, who told the newspaper the incident #39;was an assault#39;, said she rushed to the back of the plane to escape Trump#39;s advances.利兹告诉《纽约时报》:“当时他整个人像章鱼一样,对我到处乱摸”。 利兹称,这个行为是;骚扰;。不堪忍受的利兹逃到了飞机的后部。The second woman the newspaper claims was touched inappropriately by Trump is Rachel Crooks.第二名被报道遭受特朗普骚扰的是瑞秋#8226;克鲁克。Crooks was a 22-year-old working as a receptionist at Bayrock Group, a real estate company based in Trump Tower in Manhattan, when she says Trump kissed her on the mouth without permission while in an elevator in 2005.瑞秋#8226;克鲁克,她22岁的时候在纽约曼哈顿特朗普大厦里的一家房地产公司做接待员,在2005年的某一天,在电梯里没有经过同意特朗普亲开始亲她的嘴。#39;It was so inappropriate,#39; Crooks told the New York Times. #39;I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that.#39;她告诉《纽约时报》,这种行为“极不恰当”, “当时很生气,特朗普认为我地位低微,可对我为所欲为。”Crooks told the newspaper the incident took place after she shook hands with Trump in an elevator and he allegedly refused to let go. She says he then began kissing her on the cheeks, before then kissing her lips.克鲁克说,她在电梯里巧遇特朗普,两人握手之后,特朗普并没有放开克鲁克,反而开始亲她的脸,然后他亲了她的嘴。The third woman to accuse the Republican nominee told her story to the Palm Beach Post, saying she was groped by Trump 13 years ago at his Mar-a-Lago mansion.Mindy McGillivray, 36, told the newspaper Trump grabbed her backside after she helped a photographer who was covering a concert at Trump#39;s Palm Beach manor.McGillivray, who was 23 at the time.《棕榈滩邮报》采访了第三位指责特朗普骚扰的女性。她在特朗普的玛尔拉格大厦内曾遭人猥亵。今年36岁的明迪#8226;麦克吉尔瑞告诉记者,时她正协助一位摄影师拍摄那里的演唱会,特朗普偷摸了她的臀部。当时她23岁。#39;All of a sudden I felt a grab, a little nudge. I think it’s Ken’s camera bag, that was my first instinct,#39; she told the newspaper. #39;I turn around and there’s Donald. He sort of looked away quickly.#39;“我突然觉得被摸了一下。起初我以为是摄影师的相机包,结果一转身看到是特朗普,他很快回避了我的目光。”McGillivray told the newspaper she became furious when she saw Trump claim during the second presidential debate that he had never groped a woman inappropriately, and immediately began to consider sharing her story.麦克吉尔瑞告诉记者,当她看到特朗普在辩论中声称从没非礼过任何女性时感到很愤怒,所以决定公开这段经历。#39;It’s a respect issue for all women. If something like this happens to you, you should speak up,#39; she said.她说:“这是非常不尊重女性的,如果你遇到类似这样的事情,你应该说出来”。The fourth woman to bring new allegations against Trump was Natasha Stoynoff, a writer with People Magazine.第四位对特朗普提出指控的是美国《人物》杂志作家娜塔莎#8226;斯托耶诺夫。Stoynoff recounted how she had traveled to Mar-a-Largo to interview Trump and his wife, Melania, in December 2005.斯托耶诺夫叙述了2005年12月,她是如何前往马拉哈拉前去采访特朗普夫妇的过程。#39;When we took a break for the then very-pregnant Melania to go upstairs and change wardrobe for more photos, Donald wanted to show me around the mansion.采访间隙,为了拍照,当时怀的梅拉尼亚上楼去换衣,特朗普想带我去参观房子。#39;There was one ;tremendous; room in particular, we walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat.“那里有一个很大的房间,我们一进屋,特朗普便突然把门关上。我转过身,他猛地把我推向墙壁,强行深吻我”。#39;I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.#39;‘在我试图挣脱特朗普长时间的骚扰时,我很感激特朗普的管家冲了进来’。The fifth woman to claim Trump acted inappropriately towards her was Cassandra Searles, a former Miss USA contestant.第五位女性指控特朗普的是前;华盛顿;获得者卡珊德拉#8226;瑟尔斯.Searles, who won Miss Washington in 2013, shared a picture of the other models who took part in the Trump-owned pageant in 2013 on Facebook and included a caption saying the Republican nominee treated them #39;like cattle#39;.获得2013年;华盛顿;瑟尔斯在facebook上分享了一张在特朗普举办的选美比赛中和其他模特一起合影的照片,配文称共和党候选人对待她们就像“动物”。Searles claiming Trump groped her and tried to seduce her. “He probably doesn’t want me telling the story about that time he continually grabbed my a** and invited me to his hotel room,”she said.瑟尔斯曾对她做出过抚摸行为,并试图勾引她。她说:“他可能不想我将那个时候的事说出来,她继续摸我的*****,并邀请我去他的酒店房间。”Trump furiously denied the allegations when approached by a journalist for the Times.#39;None of this ever took place,#39; he shouted at the reporter, before telling the journalist they are a #39;disgusting human being#39;.对于以上指控,特朗普在接受《纽约时报》记者采访时拒不承认,“这些从来没有发生过”他在接受采访时大怒并直呼她们是;令人反胃的人;。 /201610/471526

My two-year-old son has long eyelashes, delicate features and long, flowing golden locks that we sometimes put in a ponytail or in a bun above his head. Consequently, it#39;s not unusual for other adults at the playground to look at Declan and exclaim, ;What a pretty little girl! You have such a lovely daughter.;我有个两岁的儿子,他有着常常的睫毛、精致的脸蛋、一头金黄飘散的长发,我们有时会给他扎个马尾,有时会在头顶扎个小丸子头。所以当德克兰在操场上玩时,有些大人会惊呼,“多漂亮的小女孩儿啊,你的女儿真可爱”,也就不足为怪了。When that happens, we thank the complimenter but we rarely correct them. I suspect that#39;s because, especially at my son#39;s age, gender doesn#39;t really matter. I don#39;t want Declan to grow up drawing lines between boys and girls and masculine and feminine. I don#39;t want him to grow up associating long hair with girls and short hair with boys. I also don#39;t want him to think that being mistaken for a girl is, on any level, insulting.发生这种情况的时候,我们会表示谢谢,但我们很少会纠正他们这是男孩儿。我觉得,这是因为在我儿子这个年纪,性别并不是很重要。我不想德克兰在长大的过程中对男孩女孩、刚毅阴柔划分界限;不想他认为长发的就是女生、短发的就是男生;也不想让他觉得被误认为女生是件侮辱人的事。Now I#39;m not proposing that I#39;ll raise my son in some sort of progressive post-gender utopia. But I do love that he lives in a world where he can wear his tutu for hours at school and no one thinks anything of it.现在,我并不是说我想要让我的儿子在一种进步的后性别乌托邦世界中长大。但我仍然想让他生活在这样的一个世界中:他可以在学校穿着他的芭蕾舞短裙,而别人却不会说三道四。Then again, he#39;s only two. Thankfully, the world has changed an awful lot in the past 30 years, so hopefully it#39;ll be easier for him than it was for me.而且他现在才两岁。幸运的是,过去30年,世界发生了很大的变化,希望他以后的生活会比我更加容易。I was nowhere near as pretty as my son when I was a boy, but I had a high-pitched voice and some feminine mannerisms. I consequently grew up super self-conscious about whether I was masculine enough. It played havoc with my fragile self-esteem and the pressure to conform to our society#39;s idea of masculinity grew throughout elementary and high school and only really lessened during college, when conforming to rigid gender stereotypes stops being considered a universally positive quality.当我还是小男孩的时候,我的长相远不及我儿子,但是我的声音特别尖,还有一些娘炮动作。所以我一边长大,一边十分在意自己是不是有男子气概。在小学和初高中的时候,我脆弱的自尊心颇受蹂躏,我给自己试压,强迫自己去迎合社会对男子气的概念,直到上了大学才有所放松,那时候迎合严格的性别刻板印象已不再是全球公认的好品质。There#39;s a good chance that my wife and I will have tough conversations about gender with our son as he grows up, and that the same pressures I faced will also affect him. But at this point we#39;re loving living in a world where he doesn#39;t seem to know or care about gender differences, and we#39;d like to sustain this period of dewy innocence as long as possible.很有可能,在儿子成长的过程中,我和妻子会和他进行有关性别的严肃对话,他也会承受我曾承受过的压力。但现在,我们十分享受活在这样一个他不需要知道或者不需要关注性别差异的世界中,我们也希望尽可能的维持这一纯真时代。译文属 /201610/470226

Wong was born in Tianjin, China in 1925. He launched his career in Hong Kong after moving there in 1956.王家禧于1925年出生于中国天津。在1956年迁居到香港之后,他开启了自己的职业生涯。Originally drawn as a means to support his family, his comic strips went on to become hugely influential among Chinese-speaking communities around the world.最开始画漫画只是他作为一种养家糊口的手段,但是后来他的漫画在世界华语社区中获得了巨大的影响力。His most iconic character, Old Master Q, first appeared in 1961.他最具代表性的人物老夫子第一次出现是在1961年。The cartoons were seen as faithfully chronicling the lives of the working class in Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s, when the economy was about to take off, and society was under the growing influence of Western culture.这部漫画忠实地记录了上个世纪60到70年代香港工人阶级的生活,当时经济即将起飞,社会受西方文化的影响越来越大。Sometimes lazy and petty-minded, Old Master Q is a flawed character which resonated with ers in the Chinese-speaking world. His kind heart is one of his redeeming qualities.老夫子有时很懒、又很小气,他并不是一个完美的角色,但是却在华人世界里引起了极大共鸣。善良的心是他的一个可取之处。Most of Wong#39;s comic strips did not have any captions, but their humour touched the hearts of many.王家禧大多数漫画都没有文字,但是它们的幽默打动了许多人的心。Old Master Q - or Lao Fu Zi - has two best friends: Big Potato and Mr Chin, as well as a love interest, Miss Chan.老夫子有两个最好的朋友:大番薯和秦先生,以及一位追求的对象陈。Old Master Q has not much luck in love as the beautiful, fashionable Miss Chan never seemed to return his affections.老夫子的恋爱并不顺利,因为美丽时尚的陈似乎从来没有回应过他的爱慕。The female lead character was inspired by Wong#39;s wife, whose maiden name was Chan. But in real life the couple were happily married and raised three sons together.该女主角是受到了王家禧妻子的启发,她婚前姓也是陈。但是在现实生活中,王家禧夫妇的婚姻十分幸福美满,并且一起养育了3个儿子。Wong#39;s work has come to play a key role in Hong Kong popular culture. In 2012, during Hong Kong#39;s election for the chief executive, this photo parodying the three candidates – who all have an uncanny resemblance to the Old Master Q characters – went viral.王家禧的作品在香港流行文化中扮演了一个至关重要的角色。在2012年香港选举行政长官时,一张三个候选人(他们都和《老夫子》中三个主要角色长得非常像)站在一起的照片被疯传。Old Master Q has morphed over the years into a sprawling franchise across South East Asia, with its own merchandise, themed restaurant and movies.多年来《老夫子》已经成为了一个遍布东南亚的庞大特许经营网络,它有自己的商品、主题餐厅和电影。New comic strips, reflecting more modern themes, are still being created by his son and by children and adults.王家禧的儿子仍然在创作新的、反映更多现代主题的漫画,大人和小孩都成为了该漫画的读者。Wong died of organ failure on 1 January in the US, at the age of 93. ;My life is like a comic strip,; he once said. ;I make Old Master Q, actually myself, do all the tricks to entertain the ers.;1月1日,王家禧因器官衰竭在美国去世,享年93岁。他曾经说过:“我的人生就像一部漫画一样,我创造了老夫子,实际上就是我自己,使尽一切把戏来愉悦读者。” /201701/489063

If your teenage son or daughter is blighted by acne, they can take heart.如果你那处在青春期的儿子女儿正饱受粉刺痤疮的摧残,那么是时候振作起来了。For while they may feel greasy and unattractive at the moment, by middle age they will be the envy of their peers.因为尽管这一阵子他们可能会觉得皮肤油油的毫无魅力,但步入中年后同龄人就该羡慕他们了。British research shows that acne sufferers#39; cells have built-in protection against ageing that is likely to keep them looking younger than their years.英国研究发现,长痘痘的人细胞中有天然的抗衰老屏障,可能使他们看起来比实际年龄小。So while their former classmates bemoan the appearance of crow#39;s feet and other wrinkles and crinkles, their skin is more likely to maintain a youthful lustre.所以,当他们的老同学为出现鱼尾纹哀叹不已、脸上涌现层层皱纹时,这些长痘痘的人更有可能还保留着年轻时的光泽。The suggestion comes from King#39;s College London researchers who studied tiny structures called telomeres.这一结论来自伦敦大学国王学院的研究员,他们研究了一种叫做端粒的微小构造。These are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect the DNA in them from damage, much like caps on shoelaces prevent fraying. Thought of as tiny biological clocks, telomeres get shorter as we age and eventually become so short that cells die.这是染色体末端的帽子,保护内部的DNA不受破坏,就像鞋带头上的绳花让鞋带不散毛。端粒被认为是微小的生物钟,它会随着人变老而越来越短,达到最短之时细胞也就死亡了。Previous studies have found men and women with long telomeres tend to be biologically younger than those of the same age but with shorter ones. All in all, telomeres are considered so important that the scientists who discovered them seven years ago were awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine.之前已研究发现,端粒长的男人和女人一般比端粒短的同龄人生理上更为年轻。一言以蔽之,端粒十分重要,七年前发现端粒的科学家还因此获得了诺贝尔医学奖。The King#39;s College study measured the telomeres in the white blood cells of more than 1,200 twins, a quarter of whom had suffered from acne.国王学院的研究测量了1200多对双胞胎白血球内的端粒长度,其中受粉刺困扰的人占四分之一。Telomeres were significantly longer in those who had a spotty adolescence, even when factors such as age were taken into account.即便考虑了年龄等因素的影响,这些青春期长过痘的人端粒明显更长。A second experiment looking at skin samples showed that a cluster of genes involved in cell death was less active in acne sufferers.第二个实验观察了一些皮肤样本,发现长痘者体内的一组造成细胞死亡的基因活跃度较低。Dermatologists have long noted that the skin of acne patients seems to age more slowly, with wrinkles and thinning appearing much later.皮肤病学家早就指出粉刺患者的皮肤看起来老得慢,皮肤变薄、长皱纹来得更晚些。It was thought excessive oil production contributed to their Peter Pan looks, but the rest of the biology was unknown.据认为是过多的油脂分泌造就了这些人彼得·潘式的不老容颜,但其他生物学原因还不得而知。Previous research from the same university has suggested adults with lots of moles may also look younger for longer. The latest study is reported in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.这所大学早前的研究显示,长有很多痣的成年人可能也会青春常驻。上文提到的最新研究发表在了《皮肤病学杂志》上。Longer telomeres also tend to signal stronger bones and a less frail old age, meaning dealing with spots may have more than one silver lining.端粒长通常也意味着骨头更强壮,这样的人到了老年体质也不会太弱。这样看来长痘长痣的人还真有可能是福气多多。All of the study participants were women but the finding is also likely to apply to men who suffered from acne as teenagers.参与研究的对象均为女性,但研究结果可能对青春期长痘的男性也同样适用。 /201610/473053

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