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今日短语in a word 一言以蔽之;总而言之例句In a word, his failure in the final exam did not surprise me.总而言之,他考试不及格并没使我吃惊。 /201501/355074。

Sometimes, American English does not make any sense.有的时候,美语让人琢磨不透。Like if someone says this: You can#39;t squeeze blood out of turnip.比如有人说:你不能从萝卜里挤出血。(squeeze blood out of turnip)Vegetables don#39;t have any blood in them... And who is squeezing turnips?蔬菜可没有血……那谁又在压榨萝卜呢?Let#39;s see if we can figure out what it means...让我们来听听,能否明白这个短语的意思……Hey, Can you loan me .00, I can pay you back on Friday.嘿,你能借我50刀么,我周五就还你的。I wish I could help, but I don#39;t have any money....我真的希望能帮助你,但是我确实没有钱……Are you sure? I really need it.你确定?我真的很需要。I understand, but you can#39;t squeeze blood out of turnip.我明白,但是你不可能从萝卜里挤出血啊。(squeeze blood out of turnip)You can#39;t squeeze blood from a turnip means you cannot get something from a person that they don#39;t have to give you.你不能从萝卜里挤出血的意思是你不能从某人那里得到他们压根就没有的东西。And it#39;s used about money.这个短语用于钱财方面。You see, it actually makes sense, because no matter how hard you squeeze a turnip, it will never bleed,大家看,其实也很好明白的,因为不论你怎么压榨萝卜,它也不会流血。and if somebody does not have any money to give you, you#39;ll never be able to get it.所以如果某人没有钱给你,你永远也得不到。And that#39;s English in a Minute.以上就是本期的《 一分钟英语》。 /201312/268386。

听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) How often does his routine change?a) Yearlyb) Daily2) What influences his routine the most?a) Workb) School3) He usually wakes up at ___ .a) the same timeb) different times本期话题Topic:Does your routine change a lot?Hello, this is Fred from Canada for elllo.org. My routine has changed a lot over the past year. Actually, it changes all the time, everyday! Do I really have a routine? Mm, not so sure! Someday I wake up early, someday I wake up late. It depends. But, I would say, mostly, if my work changes, then there is a big change in my routine. So if I get a job, then, perhaps depending on whether I work in the morning, or night, then the routine really changes. So, does your routine change often? Do you have the same routine everyday?听力b a a。

看Flash学口语-日常口语篇,囊括了家庭生活、日常起居、餐厅用餐、美容美发、恋爱婚姻、节日庆祝五个大方面。这五个大项又细分为了72个小章节,把你生活中可以想到的需要用到英语的地方都展现的淋漓尽致,想你所想。 /200911/89951。

英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第57课:Recreation and sports 文体活动[00:00.00](RECREATION AND SPORTS)[00:06.69]841. Baseball is my favorite sport. What's your favorite?[00:11.56]垒球是我最喜欢的一项体育活动,你最喜欢什么?[00:16.43]842. My nephew is a baseball player, He is a catcher.[00:20.91]我的侄子是个垒球运动员,他是一个接球员。[00:25.39]843. When you played football, what position did you play?[00:30.56]你踢足球是踢的什么位置?[00:35.74]844. We played a game last night. The score was tied six-to-six.[00:40.22]昨天晚上我们赛了一场球,打成六平。[00:44.70]845. I went to a boxing match last night. It was a good fight.[00:50.08]昨天晚上我去看了一场拳击比赛,这是一场精的搏斗。[00:55.46]846. When I was on the track team. I used to run the quarter mile.[00:59.83]过去我在田径队时,我总是跑400公尺。[01:04.21]847. I like fishing and hunting, but I don't like swimming.[01:09.75]我喜欢钓鱼和打猎,但不喜欢游泳。[01:15.28]848. My favorite winter sport is skiing. I belong to a skiclub.[01:19.76]我最喜欢的冬季运动是滑雪,我是滑雪俱乐部的成员。[01:24.24]849. Would you be interested in going to the horse races this afternoon.[01:28.71]今天下午你有兴趣去看赛马吗?[01:33.18]850. The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser.[01:37.20]最难学的一点是要做一个输得起球的运动员。[01:41.22]851. Be a good sport. Play according to the rules of the game.[01:45.25]要做一名风格高的运动员!要遵守比赛规则。[01:49.27]852. Our family went camping last summer. We had to buy a new tent.[01:53.84]去年夏天我们全家都去露营了。我们只好买了一顶新帐篷。[01:58.41]853. This afternoon we went to the gym for a workout. We lifted weights.[02:03.25]今天下午我们到体育馆练习了,我们练了举重。[02:08.08]854. What do you do for recreation? Do you have a hobby?[02:11.94]你有些什么活动?你有什么爱好吗?[02:15.81]855. My muscles are sore from playing baseball.[02:19.38]我的肌肉因打垒球而感到酸病。 /200910/6150。

You got a little time later 你一会有空吗?按语法来说a little 不能修饰time。但是老美就这么用了,所以,口语无语法!内容来自: /201209/198638。

大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语说“勇敢去做”Take A Risk 勇敢去做So,I#39;m thinking about asking out this guy in my math class!Is that crazy? Should I do it?我想约一个我数学课上的男同学,是不是有点疯狂呢?我应不应该约他呢?Yes!Take a risk! What is the worst that could happen!当然,勇敢去做,最坏能坏到什么程度What does your gut say? 你的直觉是什么?Listen to your gut 跟着感觉走 /201410/338768。

281.I#39;m stuffed.我快胀死了!I can#39;t take another bite.I#39;m stuffed.我吃不下,我快胀死了!282.As long as you like it.你喜欢就好。I don#39;t care how much that diamond ring costs.As long as you like it.我不管那钻石戒指多少钱。只要你喜欢就好。283.How did this happen?怎么会这样?How did this happen?Fix it!怎么会这样?快把它修好!284.What#39;s bugging you?你在烦什么?What#39;s bugging you?There#39;s nothing to worry about.你在烦什么?没什么好担心的。285.What does it matter?有什么关系?You shouldn#39;t act that way.你不该有那种举动。What does it matter?有什么关系?286.You#39;re the boss.一切听你的。You#39;re the boss!I#39;ll do whatever you say!一切听你的!我会照你说的做!287.Whatever#39;s convenient for you.你方便就好。I#39;ll meet you anyplace you choose.Whatever#39;s convenient for you.我会到你选的地方见你。你方便就好。288.We#39;re even.我们扯平了。OK,you win this time,but I won last time.So we#39;re even.好,这次你赢,上次我赢,所以我们扯平了。289.That#39;s more like it!这才像话嘛!Ok.I#39;ll give you ,000 to buy clothes.好啦,给你1000元去买衣。Yeah!That#39;s more like it!哦!这才像话嘛!290.Take a bad spill!跌个吃屎!What happened to you?你怎么了?I took a bad spill on the stairs.我在楼梯跌个吃屎! /201304/234799。