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5. Late Fees5. 滞纳金A: Im sorry, but you cant borrow this book.A:对不起,你不能借这本书。B: What do you mean?B:你是什么意思?A: You have not paid your late fees for your overdue books.A:你还没有为逾期的书付滞纳金。B: I never had any overdue books!B:我从来没有任何过期的书!A: The computer doesnt lie.A:电脑不说谎。B: What books do I have late fees for?B:我的什么书有滞纳金?A: Theyre all math books, and according to the system, you still have them.A:他们都是数学书,根据系统提示,你还有他们。B: Oh yeah, I do! I totally forgot about them and left them on my bed.B:哦,是的,我有!我完全忘记了他们,把他们落在我的床上。A: Once you return them and pay the fee, you can borrow booksagain.A:一旦你归还并付费用,你就可以再借书了。B: But I really need to borrow those books now.B:但是现在我真的需要借这些书。A: I can put them on hold for you.A:我可以为你把它们搁置。B: Yes! You are the best. B:是的!你是最棒的。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/409421话说昨天我接到了我的电话,她跟男朋友吵架了,特别伤心。她把他们吵架的内容一句一句转述给我,足足讲了两个多小时! 这让我想到了一个习惯用语:blow by blow.Blow, 这个词本身的意思是“敲击”,而blow by blow作为一个习惯用语的意思是 “详细地描述事情经过”。My sister told me the fight blow by blow,我把她跟男朋友吵架的事原原本本告诉了我。下面这个句子谈到一对好莱坞夫妇,Debbie and Charles。我们来听一听:例句-1:Whats happened to one of Hollywoods hottest couples? First, Debbie learned that Charles had a serious gambling problem. There was a huge fight. A couple months later, Debbie threw all of his belongings into the street. He moved out, and then asked for a divorce. Thats the blow by blow so far.这段话是说:好莱坞最红的夫妇,Debbie和Charles之间到底怎么了? 原来啊,Debbie得知Charles特别好赌,他们俩大吵了一架。几个月之后,Debbie把Charles的所有东西都扔到了大街上。Charles搬了出去,还提出跟Debbie离婚。目前知道的就是这些。当个明星真不容易。现在社会,各种录音设备齐全,仔队很容易就能give a blow-to-blow description of their private life, 他们很容易就能详细披露明星的私生活。******我有个朋友前几天在外面等人的时候,目睹了一次抢劫的经过! 他向警方详细描述了他所看到的情况。让我们来听一听:例句-2:I was waiting outside of the bank. And, through the window, I saw the robber approach the teller, pull out a gun, and demand that she hand over all the money from her drawer. Then he shot at a guard before running out the side door. Since I saw it all happen, it was easy for me to give the police a blow-by-blow description.这段话是说:我当时在外面等人。透过窗户我看到那个抢劫犯走向出纳员,拔出一把,逼她把抽屉里的所有现金拿出来。之后他向警卫开,从侧门逃了出去。因为我一直在那,所以我能够向警察详细描述事情的全部过程。有了这么详尽的描述,警察寻找起嫌疑犯来一定容易多了。请大家注意,blow by blow,也可以当作形容词来用,意思是“详尽的”。比如说,a blow-by-blow description, 详尽的描述;a blow-by-blow analysis, 详尽的分析; a blow-by-blow review,详尽的审查。做形容词的时候,我们一般要在这个短语之间加上hyphen, 连字符。 /201609/463157

unit 132弄错物品致歉(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:Im really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your towel.A:真得很抱歉,我好像把你的毛巾放错地方了。B:Oh, thats all right.B:哦,没关系。A:Im very sorry. Can I get you another one?A:很抱歉,要不要我再给你拿一条?B:No. Forget about it. lts not important.B:不用了。别放在心上。没多重要。 /201507/385300

51.Shopping购物Useful Expressions常用语句1.May I help you sir?先生,我可以为你效劳吗?2.Im looking for a suit.我正在找一套衣。3.What size suit do you wear?你穿什么尺寸的衣?4.Try on this coat.试穿这件外套。5.Why dont you try on this coat?你为何不试穿这件外套呢?6.Take off your coat.脱下你的外套。7.Put on your coat.穿上你的外套。8.Does this coat fit?这件外套合身吗?9.The price is the same.价钱是一样的。10.The material is the same.材料是一样的。11.The color is the same.颜色是一样的。12.Lets take a look at that suit.让我们看看那套西。13.I want to see about the price.我要看看价钱。14.Is there a charge for that?那件东西要收费吗?15.Is there anything else you need?你还要别的东西吗?16.How much is that in all?一共多少钱?17.Ill pick up the suit on Friday.我将在星期五来取衣。18.The doctor will see you now.现在医生要来看你。19.What size shoe do you wear?你穿几号的鞋子?20.What size suit do you wear?你穿几号的衣?21.Put on your coat.Its cold outside.把你的外套穿上,外面很冷。22.Are these coats all the same price?这些外套价钱都一样吗?23.This suit doeant fit.It isnt the right size.这套衣不合身,它的尺寸不对。24.This coat isnt the right length.这件外套不够长。25.Is this cash or charge?这个付现金还是记账?26.I dont have very much cash now.我现在没有很多现款。27.Some stores take cash only.有些商店只收现金。28.I like to pay for things by check.我喜欢用票购物。29.How long will it take to fix the car?这辆车子要多久才可以修好?30.I have to measure the room.我要丈量这间房子。31.These trousers are too long.Do you have another pair?这些裤子太长了,你们有别的裤子吗?32.Im looking for a tie.我正在找寻一条领带。33.The sleeves of this coat are too long.这件外套的袖子太长了。34.Are you comfortable in that chair?你坐在那张椅子上舒吗?35.Are you looking for a particular book?你在找一本特别的书吗?36.Where are the trousers that go with this suit?这套衣的裤子在哪里?37.What kind of shirt do you want?你要哪一种衬衫?38.What kind of suit are you looking for?你要选购哪种衣?39.The material in the two suits are the same.这两套衣质地相同。40.Dont put on your hat in the house.你在室内不要戴帽子。41.Dont take your coat off,because its cold.天气很冷,你不要脱外套。42.Take off your old coat and try on this one.脱下你的旧外套,试穿这一件。43.The prices of new cars are very high.新车价钱很高。44.Ill have to pick up my friend at 8:00.我要在8点去接我的朋友。Practical Conversation实用会话Q:May I help you,sir?先生,我能为你效劳吗?A:Yes,Im looking for a suit size forty.是的,我正要找一件40号的衣。Q:Yes,sir.Ill be glad to show you some.Any particular color?是的,先生,我给你看几件,你喜欢什么颜色?A:Id like something in gray or blue.我喜欢灰色或是蓝色的。Q:Do you want a darker gray?Is this the color you want?你要深灰色吗?这是你要的颜色吗?A:Yes,that looks more like it.是的,那件看起来差不多。Q:Take off your coat and try on this one on.脱下你的外套,试穿一下这件。A:The sleeves are not long enough.袖子不够长。Q:Try this one,then.The style is different and it may fit better.那么试一试这件,这件式样不同,可能比较适合。A:Yes,this one feels comfortable.The sleeves are O.K. too.是的,这件穿起来很合身,袖子也合适。Q:Is that as good as this one?那套和这套一样好吗?A:Thats as good as this one.那套和这套一样好的。Q:Will the price be the same?价钱将是一样的吗?A:The price will be the same.价钱将是一样的。Q:Do you always go to this store?你经常去这家商店吗?A:I always go to this store.我经常去这家商店。Q:Did the students usually go to town on Saturday?这些学生通常在星期六进城吗?A:The students usually went to town on Saturday.这些学生通常在星期六进城去。Q:How much is this suit?这套衣多少钱?A:This suit is with tax.这件衣含税一共40美元。Q:Is this girl as pretty as her sister?这个女孩和她的一样漂亮吗?A:No,this girl is not as pretty as her sister.不,这个女孩不如她的漂亮。Q:Do you want to see about a suit?你要考虑一套衣吗?A:Yes,I want to see about a suit.是的,我要考虑一套衣。Q:Is there a charge for fixing the trousers?修改裤子要钱吗?A:No,there is no charge for fixing the trousers.不,修改裤子不收费用的。Q:How many shirts did your friend buy?你的朋友买了几件衬衫?A:My friend bought three shirts.我的朋友买了3件衬衫。Q:How much coffee do you drink every day?你每天喝多少咖啡?A:I drink a lot of coffee every day.我每天喝很多咖啡。Q:How many times did you your lesson?你阅读功课几次?A:I my lession six times.我阅读我的功课6次。Q:When will you pick up your suit?你什么时候来取衣?A:Ill pick up my suit tomorrow.我明天将来取衣。Q:When will we pick you up?我们什么时候来接你?A:Youll pick me up every day.你每天都要来接我。Q:Do you usually take the bus to town.你常坐公共汽车进城吗?A:Yes,I usually take the bus to town.是的,我经常坐公共汽车进城。Q:Do you every fly to New York?你曾坐飞机去过纽约吗?A:No,I never fly to New York.不,我从未坐过飞机去纽约。Q:Do you want anything else?你还要别的东西吗?A:Yes,I want something else.是的,我还要一些别的东西。Q:Do you aly know English?你已懂得英语吗?A:No,I dont know English yet.不,我还不懂英语。Q:Is the train crowded yet?这班火车还拥挤吗?A:No,the train is not crowded yet.不,这班火车还不算拥挤。Q:Do you still like bacon and eggs?你仍喜欢腌肉加蛋吗?A:Yes,I still like bacon and eggs.是的,我仍喜欢腌肉加蛋。Q:Is he aly eating lunch?他已经吃午餐了吗?A:No,he is not eating lunch yet.不,他还未吃过午餐。Q:Does Paul usually work at night?保罗经常在夜间工作吗?A:Yes,Paul usually works at night.是的,保罗经常在夜间工作。Q:Where should we go?我们上哪儿去?A:Lets go some place where we can talk.我们去一些能聊天的地方。Q:What about the National Club?去国际俱乐部怎样?A:The National Club is nice.But the Metropolitan is quieter and not as crowded.It is also more interesting and has better food.国际俱乐部很好,但是都会俱乐部比较安静而且客人不多,那里比较有趣,而且菜肴也比较好。Q:Is that an interesting book?那是一本有趣味的书吗?A:Yes,but the book I last week was more interesting.是的,但是上星期我看过的那本书更有趣。Q:Does she have any friends here?她在这里有一些朋友吗?A:She has some friends here.她在这儿有一些朋友。Q:Are there any books in the room?房间里有一些书吗?A:There are some books in the room.房间里有一些书。Q:Did she watch any TV shows last night?她昨晚有没有看电视?A:Yes,she watch some TV shows last night.是的,她昨晚看过一些电视节目。Q:Are there any large cities in the state?在这一州有些大城市吗?A:There are some large cities in the state.在这一州有些大城市。Q:Did you take any sandwiches with you?你有没有带一些三明冶?A:Yes,I took some sandwiches with me.是的,我带了一些三明冶。 /201503/361058Good for you. 你真行;做的不错;干得好例句:A:Good morning,Mike.早上好,迈克。B:Morning,Sally.Whats up?You seem in a hurry.早上好,莎莉,怎么了?看你匆匆忙忙的。A:I have an exam at 9 oclock,and its aly 8:30.我九点有个考试,现在都已经八点半了。B:Dont worry,Ill drive you.别担心,我载你一程。A:Thank you very much.太谢谢了。B:How is your thesis coming along?你的论文写得怎么样了?A:Quite well,thanks.Ill probably finish next week.But t is a lot of work.Ive been working on it for 6 months,and Im so close to the end.I can feel it.还不错,谢谢了。我估计下周就能写完了,不过工作量还是挺大的,我已经写了六个月了,就要接近尾声了。我能感觉的到。B:Wow,good for you.It sounds like it was a lot of work.Im proud of you.Is this the right building?哇,真不错,听起来工作量是挺大的,我真为你感到骄傲,是这栋大楼吗?A:Yes,its only 8:40.Thanks so much.是的,才8:40.谢谢。B:Youre welcome.Good luck!Bye!不客气,祝你好运,再见。A:Have a nice day.Bye!祝你一天愉快。再见。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201702/4940428. Buying an Appliance8.买一个设备A: I cant believe the coffee maker broke!A:我不能相信咖啡机坏了!B: Well, it was a pretty old model.B:嗯,这是一个很旧的样式。A: I guess it did last quite a few years.A:我想在过去那几年它确实是。B: We should buy a new one.B:我们应该买一个新的。A: Do you want to buy the same model?A:你想买同样的样式吗?B: Maybe its time we upgrade.B:也许我们是时候升级了。A: What do you mean by that?A:你这么说的意思是什么?B: Well, now we can buy a better coffee maker.B:好,现在我们可以买一个更好的咖啡机。A: What did you have in mind?A:你脑海里有心仪的吗?B: Maybe something with more functions!B:也许要有更多的功能!A: I would really like an expresso maker.A:我就像一个真正的浓咖啡机。B: Its settled, then! Well buy a new coffee maker! B:那就这么定了,我们会买一个新的咖啡机! /201510/405104

Todd: So, Shuan, where are you from?托德:肖恩,你来自哪里?Shuan: Im actually, well, I was actually originally born in Hong Kong and I lived in Hong Kong for around six years and then I moved to Canada which is where I am from now.肖恩:实际上我出生在香港,在香港生活了六年,之后我搬去了加拿大,所以我来自加拿大。Todd: Wow, so do you remember Hong Kong?托德:哇,你还记得香港的事情吗?Shuan: I do. I loved Hong Kong. I still do love Hong Kong. Its always been the city that I was born in, and the city I grew up in.肖恩:记得。我热爱香港。我仍然爱香港。那是我出生的城市,也是我成长的城市。Todd: What do you remember about Hong Kong?托德:那你还记得香港的什么情况?Shuan: The massive buildings, the plethora of people.肖恩:高楼大厦还有非常多的人。Todd: Right, right.托德:好,好的。Shuan: Yeah, and also the toy shops. They were some of the biggest Ive ever seen.肖恩:还有玩具店。那是我见过的最大的玩具店。Todd: Yeah, for a child. Did you actually learn some Chinese when you were there?托德:的确,对孩子来说是这样的。你在香港的时候有没有学中文?Shuan: I did. I used to be able to converse pretty much, basically converse with taxi drivers, shop keepers, people on the street if I ever got lost. I used to be able to actually ask them where, where to go, how long would it take me to get there, but Ive seem to have lost all of that now.肖恩:学了。我以前能说很多中文,我可以和司机、店主交谈,如果我迷路了我也可以在街上问路。我以前可以问路,询问到那里的时间,不过现在我好像已经都忘了。Todd: It was a long time ago. What was it like moving from Canada, I mean from Hong Kong to Canada?托德:那是很久以前的事情了。从香港搬去加拿大的感觉怎么样?Shuan: It was a big change. I came out of Hong Kong with a really strong British accent, and I spoke just like everyone else I knew spoke in Hong Kong, but when I got to Canada I was made fun of because I said all the other words I pronounced differently to other kids, so it was a weird experience. I got laughed at a whole bunch but now you know, my accent has changed, shifted to a Canadian one. Although, I still have reminants of a British accent.肖恩:变化非常大。香港英语的英音口音非常重,在香港的时候大家都这么说英语,所以没问题,可是去加拿大以后,我经常被别人取笑,因为我和其他孩子的发音不同,那是一段很奇怪的经历。我经常被一群人取笑,不过你知道,现在我的口音已经改过来了,改成加拿大口音了。不过我可能还会有一些英国口音。Todd: OK, actually, when you moved from Hong Kong to, was it, Vancouver?托德:那你是从香港搬去了温哥华吗?Shuan: Its Victoria.肖恩:不是,是维多利亚市。Todd: Oh, you lived in Victoria? What was that like going from a big city to Victoria?托德:哦,你住在维多利亚市?那从大城市搬去维多利亚感觉怎么样?Shuan: Ah, it was a depressing change I guess. We had a town house in Hong Kong, and it was just long term friends there, you know friends that I had for a long time ever since I was born and moving to Victoria, it was, it was a shock to me I guess and I needed to make new friends I needed, I needed to find a new place to hang out and since our home in Victoria was out in the country it was nowhere close to the town and there was not bus service at the time. Mind you I was a bit too young to ride the bus but it was just so out of the way that I spend most of my days at home playing with lego.肖恩:嗯,我认为那是令人沮丧的改变。我们在香港市内有套公寓,你知道,香港有我出生后就在一起玩的朋友,搬去维多利亚对我来说是个冲击,我要交新朋友,我要重新找可以玩的地方,而且我们在维多利亚的房子在乡村,离城镇很远,当时那里连公交车都没有。对了提醒你一下,刚搬过去的时候我还太小,不能独自坐公交车,因为房子非常偏远,所以我大部分时间都在家里玩乐高玩具。Todd: Rigth, right.托德:嗯,是啊。 译文属 /201504/37134114. Record it for Me 14.为我记录A: Can you record the new episode of Clarence for me?A:你能为我记录新一集的克拉伦斯吗?B: Why dont you watch it yourself?B:你为什么不自己看它?A: I wont be home that day and my Internet is down.A:我那天不会在家,而且我的互联网坏了。B: Okay, Ill record it since I know its your favorite show.B:好的,我会记录,因为我知道那是你最喜欢的节目。A: Thank you in advance!A:提前谢谢你!B: It may be a good chance to watch it myself, actually.B:其实这可能是我自己看的一个好机会。A: I really recommend it! Its cute and funny.A:我真的强烈推荐它!它可爱又有趣。B: Have you watched the shows I recommended to you?B:你看了我推荐给你的节目吗?A: No, but I will once my Internet works again.A:没有,但是我的电脑一好我就会看的。B: We can have a day that we get together to watch TV shows.B:我们可以有两个人一起看电视节目的一天。A: That sounds like a lot of fun!A:那听起来很有趣!B: Its a plan, then! B:那就这么定了!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/4412707. Where to Get Off (1) 7.在哪下车(1)A: Whats wrong? You seem unsure about something.A:怎么了?你似乎对什么不确定。B: Im unsure of where to get off the bus.B:我不确定在哪里下车。A: Where are you coming from?A:你从哪来?B: I got on the bus in Pasadena.B:我在帕萨迪纳上的车。A: Where are you heading to?A:你要去哪?B: Im trying to go downtown.B:我想要去市中心。A: I could tell you where to get off.A:我可以告诉你在哪里下车。B: You can? That would be very nice of you. Thank you.B:你可以?那真是太好了。谢谢你。A: Im happy to help a stranger anytime.A:我总是很愿意帮助陌生人。B: Whats the street that I should get off on?B:我应该在哪条街道下车?A: Youre going to get off on Wilshire.A:你要在威尔希尔下车。B: How much further is that stop?B:离那站还有多远?A: The bus is fifteen minutes away from there.A:还有15分钟的车程。B: Were pretty close then.B:我们离得很近了。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/437027

10. Picking Up at the Airport 10.机场接人A: Ill pick you up at the airport when you come back from your business trip.A:你商务旅行回来的时候我会在机场接你。B: Im taking the red-eye, so I land early in the morning.B:我乘的是夜班飞机,所以我会在早上下飞机。A: Tell me the airline and terminal number so I know where to get you.A:告诉我你的航空公司名字和终端号,我好知道在哪接你。B: Im taking Jet Air so thats terminal 4.B:我乘坐的是喷气式飞机,终端号4.A: Call me when you land.A:到了给我打电话。B: My flight comes in at 6 a.m., so just wait for me then.B:我的航班6点到,那时在那等我就好。A: Cars arent allowed to wait outside the terminal for more than a few minutes.A:不允许汽车在终点外面停留过多时间。B: I dont want to have to wait at the curb for too long.B:我不想在路边等太久。A: Well, I dont want to get a ticket.A:好吧,我不想拿到罚单。B: Fine, Ill call you when Im at the baggage claim.B:好的,我到行李认领处时给你打电话。A: Call me after you get your bags from the baggage claim.A:你在行李认领处找到行李后打电话给我。B: Fine, but dont make me wait too long for you. B:好的,但是别让我等太久。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429914栏目简介:《FiVE 口语秀情景剧》一档基于原创视频内容的,寓教于乐的英语口语教学节目。本栏目是实战英语口语下面的子栏目,内容贴近实际生活,能够通过视频的形式将口语对话再现,是英语口语教学的好材料。 /201509/398034

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