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And then, deep in the Crimea forest, the war comes to Freundlichs camp.然后,在克里米亚的密林里,战争来到了弗雷德里奇的营地。Freundlich suddenly sees some uniformed Russian officers come to his camp and asking him for his papers.弗雷德里奇突然看见一些穿制的俄罗斯军官来到他的营地,向他索要文件。Hearts starts going beat beat beat.心跳开始加速。Russians come over to see what they are doing and realize these are Germans with a telescope.俄国人过来看他们在做什么,并且意识到这些德国人带着望远镜。And they start tearing down his equipment.之后他们开始拆除设备。;Get off my equipment. I have to observe the eclipse.;“离我的设备远一点。我必须观察日食。”These are our possessions now.这是我们的财产了。Your country declared war on us.你的国家向我们宣战。You have nothing to say.;你没什么好说的。”They arrested them immediately.他们立即逮捕了他们。Theres no question asked and they are considered spies.毫无疑问,他们被认为是间谍。;Herr Freundlich, you are now a prisoner of war.; ;What?;“赫尔·弗雷德里奇,你现在已经是战俘了。“什么?”Campbell, an American, is neutral.而坎贝尔,作为美国人则保持中立。And the Russians allow them to continue to observe the eclipse.而俄国人允许他们继续观察日食。They have come all this way, spend all this money, survive the fact that war broke out and clouds ruin their plans, total failure.他们来到此地,花了这么多钱生存下来的事实却是战争爆发,云摧毁了他们的计划,彻底的失败。Not only does Campbell fail to get his photograph, but hes forced to abandon his state-of-the art equipment.坎贝尔不仅没有得到他的照片,而且他被迫放弃先进设备。Because hes an American, Campbell is not arrested. But he leaves for home a defeated man.因为他是个美国人,坎贝尔没有被逮捕。但是他却以失败者的身份返回家乡。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/180505A volunteer undregoes a virtual sex change. His virtual reality headset was showing him a woman and a young girl in a room and transport him into the girls body. Once there the woman strokes his arm while his real arm is being stroked at the same time. The research aims to reveal how much were prepared to believe that the virtual is real, according to university of Barcelonas, Panha Spindly .一名志愿者正在实验转换性别的虚拟现实技术。他头上佩带的虚拟现实头盔让他看到一个房间,里面有一名年长的女性和一名年轻女孩,接着头盔将视角转换成年轻女孩的视角。当画面中的女人触摸女孩儿的手臂时,实验者的胳膊也被施加相似的触碰。巴塞罗纳大学的Panha Spindly表示,这项实验旨在检验我们在多大程度上会把虚拟当成现实。What were doing this research with reality is that we show it from a first persons perspective, so when you look down at yourself you actually see the girls body. And this shows to be more important than the synchronous and synchronous stroking.我们通过使用第一人称视角进行这项关于现实和虚拟的实验,因此,当男性受试者看向自己的时候,映入眼帘的是女性的身体。实际上,这种第一人称视角比同步视觉和触觉信息更加重要。7 minutes of stroking gets the volunteer comfortable, and then the virtual perspective changes from first to third person and the mood changes. Immediately after the experiment volunteers said on average they felt their arm was being stroked by the virtual woman. Even though the visual image of the girls arm was less convincing.长达7分钟的抚摸使受试者感觉很舒,接着受试者的视角转换为第三者的视角,情况也有变化。受试者普遍对着突如其来有着相同的感觉,他们觉得好像是虚拟的年长女性抽打了他们。即使他们的视角已经不再是年轻女孩的视角了。Weve done another experiment where we actually look at how much realism is important, and it shows that what is important is not the visual quality but just the way virtual reality reacts to what youre doing.我们还做了另一个实验来验虚拟现实中最重要的元素,实验结果显示,视觉效果并不是最重要的,最重要的是虚拟现实是如何反馈受试者的行为。Virtual reality is aly being used by the US military to treat troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, could become more helpful in many other areas.虚拟现实技术用于美国军方治愈士兵的战后创伤后精神紧张症,这项技术也将广泛应用于其他领域。If you would have some abuser put into virtual reality where they are actually the victim of the abuse. That could change their view of whats, what they are actually causing to that person.如果对施暴者使用这项虚拟现实技术,他们就会在虚拟现实中成为自己暴行的受害者。这将会改变他们的视角,使他们认识到对受害人的伤害。Spindly said the new way of 3D consumer technology such as the wii would make virtual reality common place in the home of the future.Spindly表示,这项新的3D技术,例如wii游戏机,将使得虚拟现实技术在未来广泛运用。Steward, Reuters, Barcelona.Steward报道,路透社巴塞罗纳消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201209/198372And now to the device that is promising to change our lives in a way we interact with the written word.今天我们要谈论的是改善我们生活的物品。Apples new iPad goes on sale this Saturday. Its aly sold out.本周六,苹果公司的新产品iPad一上市,就立即脱销。In a moment we are going to give you an exclusive first look at it. But first Becky Worly is here with more of the massive buzz surrounding the gadget.我们马上独家来了解。但首先Becky Worly将会带来更多关于这个产品的信息。Since the moment Steve Jobs announced its arrival. (We call it the iPad.) The iPad has been both a mystery and a media icon at the same time.自从Steve Jobs宣布苹果公司的新产品iPad上市。iPad就成了一个谜,并受到了媒体的追捧。The iPad comes out on my actual birthday. Its like Steve Jobs and God get together to say we love you Phil.iPad在我生日这天上市,就好像Steve Jobs和上帝在为我庆生一样。Now we are just few days from people actually getting to touch the new iPad instead of just ing about it.现在我们马上就能体验iPad,而不是阅读它的有关报道了。I think its probably be a game changer people have been waiting for an Apple tablet.我认为这是苹果公司平板电脑的颠覆者。Its kind of somewhere in between an iPhone and a PC. And I think its a great idea.它介于iPhone和台式电脑之间。我认为它是个不错的产品。Its gonna take the iPod to the next level.它完善了ipod。Analysts say they expect up to 5 million iPads to fly off the shelves this year despite the starting price of 9.专业人士认为,尽管iPad售价499美元,今年还是会有500万ipad售出。Pre-orders have been brisk. Buyers now have to wait more than a week to get iPads from the online store.买家必须提前预定,并等候一周时间在网上商城购买到心仪的iPad。But thats not keeping folks from making big iPad plans.但是这还是不能阻挡大家对于iPad的热衷。Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania says theyll be outfitting every full time student with an iPad come Fall.宾夕法尼亚州的斯腾山大学表示这个秋天,他们将会给所有全日制学生配备iPad。If its anything like the much-hyped iPhone, analysts say iPads might be in short supply in the early weeks, those students in Seton Hill better hope for a good place in line.如果说iPad和被大肆宣传的iPhone有什么相似之处,那就是专家早些时候的预言,说iPad很有可能会脱销,斯腾山大学的同学也许要多等等了。Now its important to know that the iPad thats going on sale this weekend is the Wi-Fi only version meaning that you can only connect up to internet if you are in your home,重要的是,现在上市的iPad都是Wi-Fi版本的,这就意味着你只能在家,Wi-Fi networker,the hot spot, later this month throughout we are gonna see the iPads from ATamp;T that have that 3G cellular connection, they cost 130 bucks more and start with a month data plans.繁华地段或是其他Wi-Fi网络环境中联网。但本月晚些时候,我们将能看到3G无线连接功能的iPad,这种iPad将增加售价130美元,并配有每月15美元的套餐收费。Overall what do you think about this packing?你对整体的套餐有什么看法?I think its a big iPod touch or a big iPhone without the phone aspect. But the factor is that its so big, gives you some really cool things you can do.我认为iPad是加上触屏功能的iPod,或是去掉通话功能的放大版iPhone。iPad真的大了很多,允许你能做更多的事情。So lets talk about photos.所以,让我们来说说照片。I can look at photos and then watch this: I can flip it over and it changes the orientation, watch, Ill show you again, you can go bump and just, sorry, here here and it then flips the orientation as we go to that camera, really cool, right? Now what you notice right away thats amazing is the book function, so you see... (Its like ing a book?) it is true because of the color, so I am gonna open it up. We need a pull and you can see the color images and watches as I turn the page, did you see the page turning as I go? It really feels like a book.我能观看照片,当我转动iPad的时候,照片的方向也在随之改变。看,我再向你展示一遍,你可以突然转动iPad,这样,照片的方向就跟着变了,很酷,不是吗?现在,你看到的这项神奇的功能是图书阅览功能。(这就像阅读一本书一样?)是的,这颜色就像一本书,我打开一本。我们拖动一下,你可以看到这张色图片,另外,当我翻页的时候,你看到正在翻动的书页了吗?这看上去真的很像一本书。Now of course you can browse the internet,you can check out sites like EBay or you know whats really need to is that you can look at beautiful graphical sites like the National Geographic and you can pinch and pull and zoom in, that is neat.我们来看iPad的上网功能,你可以轻松上Ebuy网,还能在国家地理网看这么清晰美丽的图片,甚至可以放大或缩小。Now there are some things that are not quite y meaning like , thats in flash on many of these sites will not be available. (sites like, not being able to pick that up?) Not yet, but they will come soon as apps developed.有的网站上的视频或是动画功能还不完全(还不能完全显示?)是的,但马上将会研制出对应的解决方案。Now you know this is an amazing device where we are really gonna see innovation is gaming, scrabble that you can play against each other using iPhones and iPod touches,amazing gaming device,too.iPad就是这样一款神奇的产品,尤其是它的游戏程序,可以连上iPhone和iPod一起玩,它的游戏功能很神奇。I was trying to pull back but I had one when I was driving so its get prepared for any 500 being pace cargo,but yeah, you just really had this sensation that you were driving, but newspapers, books it goes on and on and on.我真想把它据为己有,但我家已经有一个了。但你真的会有一种引领潮流的感觉,报纸,书籍,iPad一应俱全。It will be interesting to see how this changes media and changes the way we use our devices.能看到它怎样来改变媒体,改变人们应用电子产品的方式真的很有趣。All right, we have to get these back, dont we? (Yeah.) I can tell those security guards are right there.好的,我们必须把这个样品发回去是吗?(是的)那里有保安人员在。Thank you for the first look and we will see. So tell us what you think, go on and shot on broad at the abcnews.com.,Do we really have to get them back? (Yeah.) All right.谢谢你向我们做的详细的介绍。所以观众们可以告诉我们你的想法,请在abcnews.com的留言板上留言给我们。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/186181

In the often super-secret world of high-tech military hardware, this is an unusually public display. Made for television unveiling by the regions most powerful military. Its called the Eitan, the Hebrew word for strong and its Israels latest edition to an expanding fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. With a giant wingspan of 26 meters and a hefty 1,200 horse power engine, the Eitans manufacturer, Israel aerial space industries said it is capable of flying at extremely high altitude to the range of about a thousand kilometers.高科技军事装备通常神秘莫测,但这个公共表演却不同寻常。地方军队通过电视向我们揭示了军备的神秘面纱。这架飞机叫做Eitan,Eitan一词来源于希伯来语,代表强壮,这架飞机也是舰队扩编所加入的最新飞行器,或者说是无人战斗机。这架飞机配备有26米的巨型机翼和1200高强马力引擎,以色列航空航天工业表示它能在一千千米左右的高空飞行。This can fly 24, 36 hours, so you can continuously patrolling the area to make sure that your enemies do not approach areas of your own country.它能飞行24到36个小时,所以你可以持续在空中巡逻以确保敌人没有接近你的国家。And while offering the latest intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance technology, can also be modified to carry missiles.它可以提供最新的监视情报,侦察技术,通过改装它还可以加装导弹。It would be a major weapon system of the future world.它将是未来世界的主要武器。But why so much publicity? Call it part force projection and part good old-fashioned marketing. As the war of words between Israel and Iran over Tehrans nuclear ambition stokes regional and international tensions, both sides have engaged in some very public saber rattling, which tit-for-tat missile test, military exercise and troop movements have become the norm. And now a new Israel UAV capable of reaching Iran, on this day, Israel stresses the nonlethal applications of its new UAV. But with a not so subtle acknowledgement that its capabilities can be expanded.为什么要公开军事装备?一部分原因是军事部署,一部分原因是良好的营销传统。从以色列伊朗不和,到德黑兰的核野心,再到地区国际局势紧张,都是在虚张声势,针锋相对的导弹试验,军事竞争,军队演习都成了家常便饭。现在以色列有能够直达伊朗的无人战斗机,以色列强调其无人机的非杀伤性应用,但并未介绍其可能存在的其他功能。Its for gathering information and getting intelligence, but the future capabilities of this vehicle will allow us what ever needed to carry in this vehicle.这架飞机主要是为了收集信息和情报,但未来可能允许搭载任何需要运输的物品。Really not for acts of strike vehicle?这真的不是攻击性武器吗?I can not going to that area.我不能确定。Can this go as far as Iran?它能去到伊朗那么远吗?I can not going to that, but I can ensure you that we can fulfill any mission that needed by the ideas.我不能确定,但我能确定的是需要完成的任务它都能够办到。Whether the Eitan has flown to Iran or not. Its manufacturer which sells 8 UAV models to countries around the world is banking out being a big seller.不管Eitan能否飞抵伊朗。它的制造商已经向全世界国家出售了8架无人机,累计已经成为了大卖家。More and more percentage of UAVs will be part of the force of all the different countries.无人机将会越来越广泛地应用于各个国家。For the government of Israel, it seems this UAV showing tout was as much for Iran as it was for luring future costumers.对于以色列政府来说,这架飞机既是在向伊朗炫耀又是在吸引潜在客户。Kevin Flower, CNN, Jerusalem.Kevin Flower,CNN消息,耶路撒冷。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/184379

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