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网络社交英语口语 68:最近过得如何SCENE⑤ D 演奏会上 赫伯特跟柔丝说话 Herbert: How's life these days? 赫伯特: 最近过得如何? Rose: Mmmm, OK. And you? 柔丝: 嗯,还好。你呢? Herbert: I've been working on some 1) song lyrics. 赫伯特: 我最近在写一些歌词。 Rose: I'd like to 2) have a look at them sometime. 柔丝: 我希望有机会能看一看。 Herbert: Mmm, well, maybe you could come to Hsinchu. 赫伯特: 嗯,或许你能到新竹来一趟。语言详解 A: That test was a cinch. 那考试真是小事一件。 B: Maybe for a genius like you... 或许对像你这样的天才来说是…… 【How is life these days? 最近过得还好吧?】 这里又是一句打招呼的话 A: How's life these days? 最近过得还好吧?B: Not bad. I'm really enjoying my new job. 不坏。我还喜欢我的新工作。 【I've been working on... 我最近在忙……】 work on something是表示在努力做某事,既花时间,又耗精力。好比有一个计划需要完成,你就得要去work on the project. A: How come I haven't seen you recently? 怎么最近都没看到你?B: I've been busy working on my newest book. 我最近都在忙我的新书。 1) song lyrics 歌词2) have a look 看一看 /200708/16851/200812/59488114. 我妻子总喜欢留朋友吃顿便饭。 [误] My wife is fond of asking her friends to stay for a casual meal. [正] My wife is fond of asking her friends to stay for a light meal.注:casual 可作“不拘礼节的,非正式的”讲,如:clothes for casual wear(便)。但“便饭”人们习惯用形容词 light,该词也有“随便的,不重要的”之意,如:a light conversation(闲谈)。 /200807/43691

S: you are an early bird, Tom. What do you do in the morning then?T: exercise. The morning hours are the most precious period within a single day. We should not pass them up easily. Seize the time and do something useful.S: so, you choose to spend it on bodybuilding. Where do you exercise?T: usually, I run to the Black Bamboo Park as a warm-up. Admission is free. Then I start my activites. S: do you do the same exercises every day?T: no, I've deliberately kept a balance between various exercises: parallel bars, push-ups, sit-ups, bunny-hops, five-kilometer run, and so on. I alternate them over the weekdays. Sometimes, when I find myself in a bad state, I will simply idle about in the park.S: why don't you just stay in bed when you feel unfit for exercising?T: It's not easy to keep a good habit, you know. I fear that if I fail to get up early one day, I may find it still more difficult to rise early the next. Besides, a mere walk in the early morning is much fun, too. Here and there in the park, you meet whole gangs of senior citizens who might be singing operas or old songs, playing er'hu, chess, or just chatting and gossiping. It's interesting to join them.S: oh, yes. Singing is also a good way of keeping fit, at least mentally. /201004/102182

1.Thank you for comforting me when I'm sadLoving me when I'm madPicking me up when I'm downThank you for being my friend and being aroundTeaching me the meaning of loveEncouraging me when I need a shoveBut most of all thank you forLoving me for who I am 2.Love is more than a word,it says so much.When I see these four letters,I almost feel your touch.This only happened sinceI fell in love with you.Why this word does this,I haven't got a clue. 3.Sweet heart,My thoughts are deep into youFrom the moment that I wake upAnd to the whole day throughHappy Valentine's Day 4.Thank you for standing behind meIn all that I doI hope you're as happy with meAs I am with you 5.If I could save time in a bottlethe first thing that I'd like to dois to save everyday until eternity passes awayjust to spend them with youif I could make days last foreverif words could make wishes come trueI'd save everyday like a treasure and thenagain I would spend them with you 6.To sweet heart or friend,words can mean much.Valentine heart to heart,conveys a loving touch. 7.You're always there for meWhen things tend to go wrongIt's that faith you have in meThat make sour love strong 8.It's your loving and your caringAnd knowing that you're nearThat gentle touch you haveMake my troubles disappear 9.A better love I couldn't ask forWith your sweet and gently wayAnd knowing that your love for meGrows more everyday 10.We share so much togetherAnd you always pull me throughThank you for standing behind meIn all that I do /02/62300美国习惯用语-第219讲:Touch Base/o Lunch大家都知道,各行各业的人在跟同行业的人讲话时都有一些专门的行业术语。不管是医生,律师还是警察都有他们圈子内用的特殊词汇。这里讲的并不是指各行业的技术词汇,而是指他们如何把人们日常用的语言用到他们的行业里,使它们具有特殊的意义。举一个例子来说吧。美国的公共汽车驾驶员把他们驾驶的公共汽车叫做驴子,不在他们行业里的人就不一定听得懂。当然,有的行业俗语一般人也经常用。我们今天要讲的第一个习惯用语就是一个例子。To touch base. To touch就是碰,或者是接触。Base就是基地,或基础。To touch base作为一个俗语,它的意思就是把某一件事的情况告诉有关的人。这个习惯用语是来自美国的棒球运动。但是,它已经成为一个常用语了。意思是跟有关人员进行联系。下面的例子是一个负责人在跟一个要借钱的店主在讲话。例句1: Mister Lee, you have a good credit record and I think we can okay the loan. But I do have to touch base with the head of our loan department for his okay. I'll try to phone you tomorrow.这个负责人说:李先生,你在借贷方面信用很好。我想我们能够同意你贷款的要求。但是,我们还需要本行贷款部负责人的同意,所以还得跟他联系一下。我明天再给你打电话。******To touch base虽然在商业界用的很多,但是一般人也经常用。凡是一个人认为有必要跟其他有关的人互通一下情况,使大家都知道这件事的进展和计划,就可以用to touch base来表示。下面这个例子是几个朋友准备一起去旅游,但是日期和路线还没有定。负责安排这次旅行的人在对其他成员说:例句2: There are several thing we can't decide right now. Mary has to know if her husband wants to join us and I need to consult my wife as to when I can start the trip. Anyway, I'll touch base with you all when I have these answers.这个人说:我们还有几个问题不能马上决定。玛丽得知道她丈夫是不是要参加我们的旅行。我得跟我太太商量什么时候我才能够动身。不管怎么样,等到我有了我会跟你们大家联系的。美国人非常喜欢旅行,旅行已经成为他们生活的一部份了。特别是到了夏天,出外旅行的人更是多。有的人到国外去旅行,有的在国内旅行。不少人还喜欢长途开车,沿着安排好的路线一路欣赏风光。在美国,你可以租一辆旅游车,在车里可以睡觉,还可以做饭。******今天我们要讲的第二个习惯用语是当前非常时髦的说法。在一般情况下,我们要是说:吃午饭,那就是:To eat lunch, or to have lunch together.可是,现在不少参加工作的人不说to eat lunch, 而说:To do lunch. Do lunch这个 do是有一定含义的。To do就是做一件事。To do lunch就是表示这顿午饭不是仅仅在一起吃午饭、聊天,而是有正经的事情要讨论。下面是一个例子。这是一个人在马路上碰到一个朋友,他说:例句3: Charley, good to see you! Say, let's do lunch next week - I have some new ideas I want you to hear. I'll give you a ring tomorrow to set a date.这人对他的朋友说:查利,见到你很高兴。喂,下星期我们一起吃午饭吧。我有些新的想法想讲给你听听。我明天给你打个电话约一个日子。To do lunch这个说法参加工作的人用的比较多,因为他们往往会利用一起吃午饭的机会讨论一些工作上的问题。一般不工作的人,如家庭妇女就不太会用这种说法。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个工程设计人员遇到很多问题,所以很着急。他正在打电话给他的朋友Peter。例句4: Peter, I'm afraid I can't finish the design before the deadline. There are simply too many problems that need to be solved. Let's do lunch today - I desperately need to hear your views.他说:比得,我怕我在限期内不能完成这项设计了。要解决的问题实在是太多了。我们今天一起吃午饭吧。我非常想听听你的看法。 /200711/21205英语口语王 第3部分:第16章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/49747

人生充满了争吵,由于我们的修养不够,争吵很容易发展成冲突。如何让争吵获得有益的结果呢?今天特别为大家隆重奉献25种让世界更和谐的吵架方法。Please try to understand my point of view.请理解我的观点.Wait, can I take that back?等一下,我能收回我说的话吗?You don't have to solve this — it helps me just to talk to you.我不用帮我解决这个问题.和你聊一下就对我有帮助. /201003/998821. Have fun. 玩得高兴点。2. My treat. 我请客。3. I'm full. 我饱了。4. I'm home. 我到家了。5. Bottom up!干杯!124. 大舌头的人发音都很糟糕。 [误] Big-tongued persons have terrible pronunciations. [正] Thick-tongued persons have terrible pronunciations.注:tongued 常和其他词构成复合词,如:loose-tongued(铙舌的,随口乱说的),silver-tongued(能言善辩的)等。说一个人是个口齿不清的“大舌头”,除了可用 a thick-tongued person 来表达,还可以用 a lisper 表达相同的意思。 /200807/44105

你同他鬼混在一起肯定是不会得到好结果的。 Your hanging around with him is going to end up in a big trouble. /200803/28728训练方法说明:先看汉语部分-口头译为英语并大声朗读出来-对照英文部分-写出发生错误的问题所在让我们开始吧,请阅读下面的汉语,口头翻译为英语并大声读出来怎样去冲破阻碍触摸到你心爱的女孩?要明白什么时候该伸出你的手,什么时候该悬崖勒马,确实不易。有些女孩不会在你一步步接近她时给出警示信号,而这时--你会沮丧地发现--你已经越界,并使她感觉不适。。 点击此处查看英文部分 说明:将你口译的内容对比下面的原文翻译:How do you break the touch barrier with a girl you like? It's difficult to know when to reach out, and when you're going too far. Some girls won't warn you that you're getting too close, and you might discover—the hard way—that you've accidentally crossed the line and made her feel uncomfortable. /05/69053Calm down. 冷静一点。 /201108/147728

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