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Part . Listen and Relax.Keywords. systems analysts, variety entertainer, clown college.Vocabulary. security, juggle, unicycle, gig, literally, have a ball, rat race, ringmaster, emcee.Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey. Greatest Show on Earth.Youre going to hear a conversation between radio host Robert Siegel and Mike, listen and enjoy.This is Talk of the Nation. Im Robert Siegel, Were at 800-989-855. That 800-989-Talk.And on the line with us now from Rockd, Illinois, is Mike Hiteman. Mike Hiteman. Robert. How are you? Fabulous, thanks asking.Can you tell me a little bit about first your past as a securities-was it as a securities analyst or a systems analyst?A system analyst. Whatd you do, What did you do with that?I was a computer operations technician and a network telecommunications analyst a major retailer through their catalog division.Until what? Until...I was...I had to make a decision in my life about what I was happiest doing,Robert. And while I was a computer technician and a telecommunications analyst, I was also a part-time variety entertainer.I enjoy juggling and uni-cycling and that type of thing as a hobby.Which later kind of grew into kind of a part-time gig me, where I, you know, was doing shows on a local level as well as doing this computer job on the side.If youre familiar with computer-type jobs, most of those shifts are three day a week jobs, so three days a week Id be the computer guy, and four days a week I was juggling and uni-cycling my way around town.You were literally juggling and then, two jobs. Yeah, indeed. And?I made a decision at what...I had to determine what I was happiest doing, Robert, and I decided that I was most definitely happiestwhen I was in front of an audience doing my skills and just feeding on the response from them, the applause after the show, people coming up and telling me how much they enjoyed my permances,and I decided if I could do that every day of my life, that would be indeed the most happiest thing me.So I left the computer world and applied a spot with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey clown college down in Vitus, Florida.I was accepted to clown college and spent my time during that eight-week program down there training with the Greatest Show on Earth and ultimately landed a contract perming with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus on this season tour.You ran away and enjoyed the circus. Indeed, I did. Still with it now? How many years? This is my first year on tour. Mm hmmm. And Im having a ball.And there are no moments when you wonder what you would do in this clown rat race really gets to you, and youve...Sure. Im always thinking towards the future.There is always life after Ringling, and Im looking to be perming ever anyplace I can... I can get a gig, either with clown character, or... Im also an assistant ringmaster here in the show.So an announcing job as emcee or perming onstage my own variety act or clowning around.Ill continue to do it, I wont go back to the corporate America.Mike, thanks talking with us. How, by the way, would we recognize you if we saw you at the circus.Im a captain character, Captain Mike.I describe my character as a healthy mix of the Skipper from Gilligan Island, Popeye, the sailor man and Captain Kangaroo.Unmistakable, I would think. Thank you very much talking with us. Thanks having me, Robert. 5550[Sgmz(uA]Scrbo*Li96Hl^7n_hG%D|#)rc.hjBarbara likes funny stories. She likes to hear funny stories. She likes to tell funny stories. She told her mom a funny story. When she finished, she waited her mom to laugh. “Mom, why aren’t you laughing? That was a funny story,” Barbara said. “Oh, I’m sorry,” her mom said. “Sometimes you think something is funny, but someone else thinks it isn’t funny.” So, Barbara’s mom did not laugh at Barbara’s story.Barbara told the same story to her younger sister. Her younger sister laughed at the story.9|n~ayA8pYJ8DPjT%~oMvlQIcH#8m~..Y9hTj9fHg.nFi5cv@LV+*KIHu 37In the sprawling grounds of China's bidden City, once home to the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, one small shop is in the midst of a brewing controversy----Starbucks, that poster child American mass marketing and a growing number of Chinese who want to banish it. The bidden City should preserve its uniqueness, says this woman. Ever since it opened more than 6 years ago, Starbucks has been a contentious presence in one of China's most revered historical icons.Some of these symbols of western cultural influence, Starbucks is just the tip of the iceberg, do rub up against Chinese nationalistic sensibility, that is what we are seeing, it’s that simple. Earlier this year, the trademark green sign was removed to reduce this store's visibility after Rui Chenggang, an anchor on state-run television began an online campaign to have the coffee shop closed good.You can still tell it is a Starbucks and when you tour around the bidden City you see hundreds of cups with big Starbucks logo on it, you know, all around, to me, it spoils fun.And now, complaints of "latte and imperialism" have reached the National People's Congress, the annual session of parliament. "As long as it stays in the Imperial Palace, it poses a challenge to our traditional culture", says lawmaker Jiang Hongbin who submitted the motion to congress to have Starbucks closed. This is much more than a storm in a coffee cup. With almost 0 stores aly in China's big cities, Starbucks is aiming to make this country its largest market, and bad publicity is bad business. The company says it is aware of the complaints but adds, "many tourists find our respectful presence a welcome place of rest". Over the years, the rent from stores like Starbucks have helped cover the cost of the upkeep and renovations to the almost 600-year-old bidden City, but soon here, it could be "One Starbucks to go".John Vause CNN, in the bidden City ,Beijing. 1Green Card, a Perfect Solution?绿卡,完美的解决方案?Seven years ago, when I was visting Germany, I met with an official who explained to me that the country had a perfect solution to its economic problems. Watching the U.S. economy soar during the 90s, the Germans had decided that they, too, needed to go the high-technology route. But how? In the late 90s, the answer seemed obvious: Indians.七年前我到德国访问在那里我遇到了一个官员,他说这个国家已经找到了能够完美解决经济问题的方法回首美国在世纪90年代的经济腾飞,德国也走上了构建高新科技为核心的经济发展道路但事实如何呢?在90年代后期,效果显而易见:印度After all, Indian entrepreneurs ed one of every three Silicon Valley start-ups. So the German government decided that it would lure Indians to Germany just as America does: by offering green cards. Officials created something called the German Green Card and announced that they would issue ,000 in the first year.印度人创建了硅谷三分之一的企业所以德国政府决定走美国的老路,直接给印度人发绿卡让他们成为经济发展计划的主体政府官员创造了一个叫做“德国绿卡”的东西,并宣布第一年会发放000张Naturally, the Germans expected that tens of thousands more Indians would soon be begging to come, and perhaps the as would have to be increased. But the program was a failure. A year later barely half of the ,000 cards had been issued. After a few extensions, the program was abolished.自然而然,德国人盼望着数以万计的印度人涌入德国,或许绿卡的配额也要提高可是计划失败了一年后不到一半的份额发放了出去再过了一段时间,这个计划被彻底废除I told the German official at the time that I was sure the initiative woudl fail. It not that I had any particular expertise in immigration policy, so I understood something about green cards, because I had one (the American version).我告诉那个德国官员当时我就觉得这个计划会失败这并不是我在移民政策方面是个地道的专家,但我了解绿卡,因为我就有一张美国绿卡The German Green Card was misnamed, I argued, because it never, under any circumstances, translated into German citizenship. The U.S. green card, by contrast, is an almost automatic path to becoming American (after five years and a clean record). The official dismissed my objection, saying that there was no way Germany was going to offer these people citizenship. ;We need young tech workers,; he said. ;That what this program is all about.;我说,德国绿卡是不合理的,因为就形式来说,它根本无法转换德国公民身份而美国绿卡在其内涵上来说就像是一个让你成为美国人的道标(5年守法的留美经历)这个德国官员反对了我所提出的异议,表示为大多数移民提供德国公民身份是个门都没有的事情“我们需要的是年轻的技术人员”他说“这才是这个项目的目的所在”So Germany was asking bright young professionals to leavve their country, culture and families, move thousands of miles away, learn a new languaged and work in a strange land - but without any prospect of ever being part of their new home. Germany was sending a signal, one that was clearly received in India and other countries, and also by Germany own immigrant commy.,德国让那些既年轻又精明的专家离开他们的国家、文化和家庭,跋涉数万英里,学一门全新的语言然后在陌生的国度上工作,但却永远无法在这块土地上获得能够让他建一个新家的空间德国的这个信号正在清晰并不断地向印度和其他国家,以及那些属于德国的殖民地区传递 59科幻喜剧片《黑衣人3主演威尔.史密斯访谈中告诉大卫当一名乌克兰记者试图亲吻他时究竟发生了什么事!到底发生了什么呢?本期访谈为您揭秘I saw this footage someplace in Years some places, in some place there is a guy, you beat up a guy that was trying to hug you.我看到这个镜头,在近年来的一些地方,在一些地方有个家伙,你痛打了他是因为那个家伙想拥抱你I didnt beat up a guy.hhaha, in boston?no, no we.我并没有痛打一个家伙哈哈,是在波士顿吗?不,不,那不是我们What was the guy, where were you first of all?那个家伙是什么来头,是你首先挑起事端的吗?I was we were in moscow, we were doing this going to.我,我们当时正在莫斯科,我们正准备去做些事情What was the guy doing?那个家伙是干什么的?Were doing a interview, right? and he says said, man, you know,right?我们正在做一次采访,是这样吗?他说,你认识这个人,对吗?Yes, he a reporter. he says Im one of your the biggest fans, you know, can I have a hug,please?.是的,他是一名记者他说“我是你的最大的粉丝之一,你明白的,我能拥抱你吗?”So I go to give this joke journalist a hug, and he liked trys to lean in to like kiss me.所以我给这个玩笑记者一个拥抱,而他好像要想要吻我Right.you know,and then first of all, how much.是的你知道,然后首先,之后之类的事情就这样发生了It just awkward, have an awkward day,hahahhahhahahah这是非常尴尬,非常尴尬的一天,哈哈I can see what where it went with me to. but what kind of a journalist, or here is my thing,yeah我明白事情的发展但是究竟是怎样的一位新闻记者,这是我想要知道的You know,I am Dan Rather dan whether, I am gonna going to see if I can kiss people how can ya kiss me, boy.你知道,我是丹·拉瑟,是否,我要去弄明白我是否可以随便亲吻人们,我会怎样亲吻你呢,小子Yeah, you know.but what is that there.是啊,你知道的但是,这就是问题所在I dont know. that why they would say any like oh no, we were sorry, you know, it was just a hitch dick,you know.我不知道这就是为什么他们会说任何像哦不,我们很抱歉,你知道,这只是占了便宜一样,你知道的Yeah.you know, and I said that why his ass got stuck,you know是的你知道,我说,这就是为什么他的屁股被堵住的原因,你明白我的意思注:听力文本来源于普特 186

Don: Yes, I know her name is Fiona. Im her husband, Don.Acheng:Oh! Im so sorry! I had no idea.Don:Do all Chinese men hit on married women?Acheng:No, no. Im really sorry.Don:I think youd better sit down now.Acheng:Yes, of course. In fact, it time us to go. Thanks so much...Don:So Chinese men dont pay either7?Acheng:Oh! Yes! Here!Don:That more like it.参考译文:唐:是,我知道她叫费欧娜我是她先生,唐阿震:喔!对不起!我不知道她已经结婚了唐:中国男人都会勾引已婚妇女吗?阿震:不,不我真的很抱歉唐:我想你现在最好坐下阿震:对对对事实上,我们该走了谢谢……唐:原来中国人也都不付钱的吗?阿震:喔!对!拿去!唐:这还差不多重点词汇:hit on...喜欢上某人,勾搭某人Why are you hitting on my girlfriend8?你为何勾引我女朋友?That more like it.那才象话嘛那样还差不多A: Here your money.这是你的钱B: That more like it. Dont make me wait again.这才对嘛别再让我等了 3619

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