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英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 自信心的重要性My View on the Importance of Self-confidence -- :: 来源: Self-confidence means the firm belief that you can do things well. If you want to succeed in doing anything, you must have confidence in your ability. Otherwise, you may hardly achieve anything. Some people always complain about how difficult their tasks would be and how incapable they are. They often refuse to have a try, and theree have no opporty to overcome difficulties in order to get themselves improved. Apparently, this shows their lack of self-confidence. 自信心就是坚定地认为你能够做好某事如果你想成功,你就应当对于自己的能力十分自信一些人常常抱怨说,他们的任务多么地艰巨,自己又是多么地无法胜任他们经常拒绝尝试,因为根本就没有机会克困难,提高自己很明显,这说明他们缺乏自信 There are several reasons why people feel frustrated or discouraged in face of difficulties. Firstly, they underestimate themselves. Second, they tend to overestimate the difficulties. Third, they are afraid of making mistakes or getting failures. 为什么人们在困难面前会感到沮丧和泄气呢?首先,他们低估了自己其次,他们往往高估了困难最后他们害怕犯错误,害怕失败 It is important young people to build up self-confidence. As a proverb goes,” confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success.” we should make sufficient preparations and encourage ourselves bee setting about doing anything in order to achieve success, which may help us gain self-confidence. We should have a right attitude toward our ability and should never look down upon ourselves. In addition, we don’t have to be afraid of mistakes or failures, we can learn from mistakes and “failure is the mother of success”. 年轻人树立自信心是十分重要的,有则谚语讲到,“自信是通往成功的第一步”为了取得成功,在着手做事的时候,我们应当做好充分的准备,不断鼓励自己,这样才能获得自信对于自己的能力我们应当有一个正确的态度,永远不要小看自己此外,我们还不要害怕失败和错误,因为失败是成功之母,我们可以从失败中学习 自信心 重要性 View。

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  • 英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高三英语小作文 -- 18:59: 来源: Now we’re facing with a choice. Whether to rent the school dormitory or not depends on different persons. Obviously, the school dormitory is cheaper. And I think as a university student I can afd it. But as each coin has two sides, the equipment isn’t very ideal. If I live in the school dormitory, I cannot occupy the whole toilet. That must be a terrible problem a gift. What’s more? I have to go to bed on time and get up on time next morning. On the other hand, renting a flat near school may solve all these problems except the expense. It’ll cost me 800 RMB a month, and the price is considerably high a no salary university student. But it’s really attractive to live with few people and have my own space. As mentioned above, I’ve made up my decision to live near school and rent a flat. Though the price is high, maybe I can find another girl also finding somewhere to live. And we can rent it together. Thus reducing our expenses. 作文 英语 高三 nbsp。
  • 军争篇 NO.2:故军争为利,军争为危。举军而争利则不及,委军而争利则辎重捐。是故卷甲而趋,日夜不处,倍道兼行,百里而争利,则擒三军将,劲者先,疲者后,其法十一而至;五十里而争利,则蹶上将军,其法半至;三十里而争利,则三分之二至。是故军无辎重则亡,无粮食则亡,无委积则亡。这句啥意思:“军争”为了有利,但“军争”也有危险。带着全部辎重去争利,就会影响行军速度,不能先敌到达战地;丢下辎重轻装去争利,装备辎重就会损失。卷甲急进,白天黑夜不休息地急行军,奔跑百里去争利,则三军的将领有可能会被俘获。健壮的士兵能够先到战场,疲惫的士兵必然落后,只有十分之一的人马如期到达;强行军五十里去争利,先头部队的主将必然受挫,而军士一般仅有一半如期到达;强行军三十里去争利,一般只有三分之二的人马如期到达。这样,部队没有辎重就不能生存,没有粮食供应就不能生存,没有战备物资储备就无以生存。英文这么说:Maneuvering with an army is advantageous;with an undisciplined multitude, most dangerous.If you set a fully equipped army in march in order to snatch an advantage, the chances are that you will be too late. On the other hand, to detach a flying column for the purpose involves the sacrifice of its baggage and stores.Thus, if you order your men to roll up their buff-coats, and make forced marches without halting day or night, covering double the usual distance at a stretch,doing a hundred LI in order to wrest an advantage,the leaders of all your three divisions will fall into the hands of the enemy.The stronger men will be in front, the jaded ones will fall behind, and on this plan only one-tenth of your army will reach its destination.If you march fifty LI in order to outmaneuver the enemy, you will lose the leader of your first division,and only half your force will reach the goal.If you march thirty LI with the same object,two-thirds of your army will arrive.We may take it then that an army without its baggage-train is lost; without provisions it is lost;without bases of supply it is lost. “危与利”的古语智慧 唯物主义认为,任何事情都具有两面性,即有危害性的一面,也有有利的一面,“危”和“利”贯穿于整个事物发展的过程,是辩统一的。战争同样也是有利的一面,也有危害型的一面,因此将帅必须有效分析两军对峙,相互制约时,不管敌我双方的任何一方“利”和“危”两面都要分析,也就是“知己知彼”。当“利”和“危”都作相应分析之后,要想方设法让两者相互转化,目的在于各种战术都对我方有利,减少和避开危害。这样辩统一的分析解决问题是客观而科学的。 Article/201308/251143。
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  • 年6月四级作文范文:大学生就业 -- :36: 来源: 年6月四级作文范文:大学生就业Directions: this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Jobs Graduates. You should write at least 0 words and base your composition on the outline below:  大学生难找工作,  原因很多,  解决的办法  Job hunting has always been a headache college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. Most serious of all, some still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation.  The reasons this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on that the number of graduates was greater than the need in the market. On the other hand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country.  I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures. First, they should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. Second, students’ attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to small cities and country. There they can also give full play to their professional knowledge. In a word, if we pay much attention, the situation can be improved.。
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