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浙江省妇幼保健院做人流三塘中心医院做彩超B超价格萧山人流现在多少钱 Chinese technology group Tencent has bought a stake in a German-owned mapping company in an attempt to win market share from Baidu and Alibaba, as the three gear up to compete for driverless cars’ navigation systems.中国科技企业腾讯(Tencent)收购了德国一家地图绘制企业的部分股权,此举意在从百度(Baidu)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)那里抢夺市场份额——这三家企业正在无人驾驶汽车导航系统方面展开角逐。Tencent, along with Chinese mapping provider NavInfo and Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, will jointly buy a 10 per cent stake in Here at a price of up to EURO241m, the companies announced on Tuesday. The purchase would reduce the shareholdings of Here’s owners, the German carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler.相关公司周二宣布,腾讯将联合中国地图供应商四维图新(NavInfo)和新加坡主权财富基金——政府投资公司(GIC),以2.41亿欧元的价格收购Here 10%的股权。这次收购将降低Here现有股东——德国车企奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)和戴姆勒(Daimler)的持股比例。Providing maps for autonomous cars requires a technological leap. Maps designed to be by people have a 10 metre accuracy level but autonomous cars will need to know where they are to the nearest centimetre.为自动驾驶汽车提供地图需要一个技术飞跃。为人们阅读而设计的地图的精度为10米级别,但自动驾车汽车需要以厘米精度了解自己的位置。“With the benefit of Here’s technology, we’re mainly planning to advance our in-car navigation systems and mapping services for driverless cars,” said a spokesperson for NavInfo, which provides map data for Tencent.“在Here技术的帮助下,我们主要计划推进面向无人驾驶汽车的车载导航系统和地图务,”为腾讯提供地图数据的四维图新(NavInfo)的发言人表示。“This collaboration#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;facilitates Tencent’s exploration of future technologies including autonomous driving and artificial intelligence,” said Julian Ma, a vice-president of Tencent.“这一合作……为腾讯探索未来技术——包括自动驾驶和人工智能——创造了条件,”腾讯副总裁马喆人(Julian Ma)表示。Tencent faces an uphill battle for smartphone map users in a sector dominated by Baidu and Alibaba’s recent entrant Amap, which it acquired two years ago from AutoNavi. Figures from iResearch, the consultancy, show that Baidu and Alibaba’s maps have around 200m monthly users each, whereas Tencent’s standalone map application has only 8m.在这个由百度和新对手高德地图(Amap,阿里巴巴两年前从高德软件(AutoNavi)手中收购)主导的领域,腾讯在争夺智能手机地图用户上面临着一场硬仗。咨询公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据显示,百度和阿里巴巴的地图各自拥有2亿左右的月活跃用户,而腾讯独立的地图应用仅有800万月活跃用户。However, this figure would rise dramatically if it included the 850m users of the company’s messaging app WeChat who might use the app’s built-in mapping services — for instance, to share their location with friends.然而,如果把腾讯旗下的即时通讯应用微信(可能使用该应用内置的地图务)的8.5亿用户包括在内——比如与朋友分享自己的位置——该数据将大幅上升。 /201612/485917萧山人流手术是怎么做的

临安区妇女儿童医院人流收费标准Smog in Europe and North America could be more than 25 times more lethal than the average air pollution found in Chinese cities, a new study suggests.一项最新研究发现,欧洲和北美的雾霾致命性可能比中国城市平均空气污染水平高出25倍以上。In the largest ever study of its kind in the developing world, researchers tested the effects of air pollution on the health of people in 272 cities in China.在这项有史以来针对发展中国家进行的最大规模的同类研究中,研究人员测试了中国272个城市里空气污染对人体健康的影响。They found average annual exposure to fine particles, known as PM2.5, in those cities was more than five times higher than the level recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), according to a paper in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.研究人员发现,在这些城市中,人们的年均PM2.5接触量是世界卫生组织建议水平的5倍多。研究论文发表在《美国呼吸系统和重症护理医学杂志》上。However they also discovered that it was much less likely to increase the death rate than PM2.5 in Europe and North America.但研究人员也发现,与欧洲和北美的PM2.5相比,中国的PM2.5致命性要低得多。The researchers, led by Dr Maigeng Zhou, of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested this was because China is affected by large amounts of natural dust blown by the wind from arid areas, while most pollution in the West comes from industry.中国疾病预防控制中心周脉耕士领导的这个研究团队提出,这是因为中国的空气污染源于从干旱地区吹来的大量天然尘土,而西方的污染主要来自工业。They found that for every increase of 10 micrograms of air pollution in a cubic metre of air, the mortality rate increased by 0.22 percent, discounting deaths from accidents.他们发现,如果不考虑意外事故造成的死亡,中国每立方米空气里的污染物每增加10微克,死亡率就增加0.22%。Professor Frank Kelly, an expert in environmental health at King’s College London, who was not involved in the study but has studied air pollution in China, told The Independent: “Those relative risks are considerably less than those seen in Europe and the US.英国伦敦大学国王学院环境健康专家弗兰克-凯利教授告诉《独立报》记者:“这些相对的风险明显比欧洲和美国小得多。”凯利没有参与此项研究,但研究了中国的空气污染。“For premature mortality [in Europe] we are working on a six percent increase per 10 micrograms.”凯利说:“就(欧洲的)过早死亡率来看,每立方米空气污染物每增加10微克,死亡率将增加6%。”That suggests air pollution in Europe is about 27 times more toxic than average air pollution in China.这表明,欧洲空气污染的毒性约为中国的27倍。However Professor Kelly said cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong were likely to suffer from Western-style air pollution.但是,凯利教授说,北京、上海和香港这样的城市可能也存在“西式”空气污染。;The natural dust component there is not of the magnitude that it would dwarf the coal, biomass and fossil fuel signals,” he said.“那儿空气中天然尘土的数量还不足以使煤炭、生物物质和化石燃料等因素相形见绌。”“That [the lower mortality rate] may be true in certain cities whose pollution is not dominated by local power generation or major traffic congestion.”他说:“在污染物主要不是来自当地电厂或严重交通拥堵的某些城市,(死亡率较低)可能是事实。”Natural dust particles can cause physical damage to the lungs and trigger an asthma attack. Particles of carbon produced when fossil fuels are burned can lead to similar problems but they are also coated with toxic heavy metals, chemicals and volatile organic compounds.天然粉尘可能使肺部受损,引发哮喘。燃烧化石燃料时产生的碳微粒可能导致类似问题,但它们外表还包裹着有毒的重金属、化学物质和挥发性有机物。These are able to pass from the lungs into the blood stream where it is thought they cause further damage to the body.这些物质可能从肺部进入血液,据称这会给身体造成进一步损害。Areeba Hamid, an air pollution campaigner with environmental group Greenpeace, said: “Toxic air causes havoc to people’s health wherever in the world they live.环境团体绿色和平组织的反空气污染活动家阿丽芭-哈米德说:“有毒空气给世界各地人们的健康造成严重损害。”“We now know fumes from diesel vehicles are a lot more toxic than car companies claimed and this is a big cause of air pollution in Europe and North America.“我们如今知道,柴油车排放的废气毒性比汽车公司宣称的要大得多,而这是欧洲和北美空气污染的一大原因。”“These companies have a lot to answer for, but so far they’ve managed to avoid any real accountability.”“这些公司要承担很大责任,但到目前为止它们都避免承担任何真正的责任。”The study of cities in China found the average annual expose to PM2.5 was 56 micrograms per cubic metre, compared to the WHO guideline limit for safe air quality of 10 micrograms.对中国城市的这项研究发现,PM2.5的年均接触量为每立方米56微克,而世界卫生组织的空气质量安全标准为每立方米10微克。People who were older than 75, had less education or who lived in hotter places were more likely to die.75岁以上、教育水平较低或生活在较热地区的人死亡风险更高。It is thought people in warmer cities were more likely to spend time outside or leave their windows open, thereby breathing more polluted air, the researchers said.研究人员说,在较热城市生活的人到户外去或开窗的时间可能更长,因此会吸入更多的污染空气。They also speculated that less well educated people might have poorer access to health care or experience poorer environmental health conditions.他们还推测说,教育水平较低的人享受医疗务的机会较少,他们接触的环境卫生状况也较差。 /201702/492437杭州哪里治疗宫颈糜烂比较好 China#39;s leading bicycle-sharing service provider Mobike Technology has secured more than 0m in the latest round of funding since January this year, the company#39;s CEO Wang Xiaofeng said.国内领先的共享单车务提供商拜科技有限公司的首席执行官王晓峰日前表示,自今年1月以来,该公司在最新一轮融资中已募集到超过3亿美元的资金。Mobike received equity investment from Singapore#39;s Temasek and add-on investment from Hillhouse Capital, which led Mobike#39;s last round of funding.拜获得了新加坡公司淡马锡的股权投资,以及领投拜上一轮融资的高瓴资本的追加投资。Wang said Mobike will use the money to explore the global market by duplicating its business model elsewhere. The company will also spend more on research and development, manufacturing and recruitment.王晓峰称,拜将把这些资金用于开拓国际市场,将拜的商业模式复制到其他地方。拜还将加大在研发、生产和人才招募方面的投入。Mobike and its market rival ofo revolutionized China#39;s commuting market after they began app-based bicycle sharing services.自拜以及它的市场竞争对手ofo开启了基于app的共享单车务之后,这两家公司变革了中国的通勤市场。Wang said Mobike bicycles are now available in 21 cities. A total of 200m rides have been recorded since the company launched its first service in Shanghai about 10 months ago.据王晓峰介绍,拜单车现已覆盖21个城市。约10个月前,拜最先在上海推出务,迄今累计骑行量超过2亿人次。The number of Mobike#39;s active users was estimated around 5.85m, according to a survey by independent market research firm iResearch.根据独立市场研究公司艾瑞咨询的一项调查,拜的活跃用户数量估计约为585万。In January, Mobike entered into a strategic partnership with Foxconn to double its bike manufacturing capacity to over 10 million units a year.今年1月,拜单车和富士康公司达成战略伙伴关系,以此将自行车的年产量翻番至超过1000万台。 /201703/495333萧山妇产医院哪家好

萧山市妇幼保健院门诊部医生的QQ号码They are strange-looking creatures, covered with hard scales (鳞). They can roll up into a ball to protect themselves from enemies and have tongues (舌头) that are longer than their bodies. They rarely get the attention of people, and some even don’t know they exist. However, pangolins (穿山甲) have recently become the focus of Chinese people, after social media posts of the strange animal being eaten at dinner caused public anger.它们浑身长满了坚硬鳞片,是一种长相奇怪的生物。它们能将身体蜷成球状以保护自己不被天敌伤害,而它们的舌头比自己的身体还长。人们鲜少注意到它们,一些人甚至根本不知道它们的存在。然而,穿山甲近来却成了中国人关注的焦点,起因是社交媒体上食用这一奇怪动物的帖子引发了众怒。Earlier this month, a screenshot (截屏) of a micro blog post showing some people in Guangxi eating pangolins at a banquet sp. A few days later, people were angered again by pictures posted on a woman’s weibo account showing her eating protected animals, including pangolins.本月早些时候,一张广西“穿山甲宴”的微截屏流传开来。几天后,一名女性在微上晒出了自己食用穿山甲等保护动物的照片,此举再度惹怒了公众。Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more pangolins have been hunted or killed. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than 1 million of them have been killed or sold in the last 10 years. It also said that they are the most illegally traded mammals (哺乳动物) in the world. In September, the IUCN added the pangolin to the world’s “endangered animals list”. They are now more endangered than pandas.但这只是冰山一角。还有更多的穿山甲被猎杀。据世界自然保护联盟 (IUCN) 的数据显示,在过去的十年间,超过100万的穿山甲被杀害贩卖。该组织还表示,穿山甲是世界上遭受非法贸易最严重的哺乳动物。去年9月,世界自然保护联盟将穿山甲列入世界“濒危物种名录”。现在,它们的濒危程度已经超过了大熊猫。A growing trade of their scales and meat is the main reason for their decline in numbers. Many people in Asia and Africa consider pangolin meat is a delicacy (美味). Some people even think pangolin scales have medicinal qualities. However, their scales are made of keratin (角蛋白), the same material human fingernails are made of.贩卖穿山甲鳞片和肉的案件越来越多,是它们数量递减的主要原因。在亚洲和非洲,许多人将穿山甲视作一道佳肴。一些人甚至还认为穿山甲鳞片具有药用价值。然而,它们的鳞片只是由角蛋白组成,和人类指甲的成分无异。Luckily, the situation is getting better. World Pangolin Day is on the third Saturday of February each year. This year, it fell on Feb 18. It’s a day to help people know more about pangolins. The government now stops anyone from buying and eating pangolins in China. Breaking this law is regarded as a crime (罪行). The trade of pangolins across the world is also not allowed, according to the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.幸运的是,情况正在逐渐好转。每年二月的第三个星期六是世界穿山甲日。今年的世界穿山甲日是2月18日。穿山甲日让人们了解到更多关于穿山甲的知识。中国政府现在禁止购买及食用穿山甲。违反这项法律将被视为犯罪。根据《濒危野生动植物物种国际贸易公约》,在世界范围内穿山甲贸易是被禁止的。“I hope more people will join us to protect pangolins from such a sad situation,” Zhou Canying, head of the Wildlife Protection Association in Changsha, told Xinhua News Agency.“我希望更多人能加入我们,保护穿山甲,”长沙市野生动植物保护协会会长周灿英在接受新华社采访时表示。 /201702/494609 A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.日前,Win 10系统的一次升级已经让许多网络摄像头停止了工作。The update, released earlier this month, stops many cameras being used for Skype or to broadcast and stream footage.在本月上旬发布的这次更新,使得许多摄像头既不能用于Skype网聊,也不能用来视频直播。The cause seems to be a change in the way Windows 10 handles . Microsoft said it was working on a fix but has not given any date for when the patch will be available.造成这一现象的原因似乎是因为Win 10系统处理视频的方式发生了改变。微软公司表示,他们正在修复这个问题,但是并没有给出补丁可以使用的日期。Soon after Windows Update 1607 was distributed in early August, many people started reporting webcam problems to Microsoft via its support site.自从8月上旬Win 10更新1607版本发布以来,许多人都开始通过网站向微软公司报告摄像头问题。The trouble affected both webcams connected via USB cables or on the same network and meant either that footage could not be streamed, or that images froze after a while.受这一问题影响的摄像头既包括用USB连接的设备,也包括同一网络里的摄像头,这意味着视频既不能播放,图像也不能正常显示。Analysis put the blame on changes to the encoding systems with which Windows 10 works.分析结果将这一问题归咎于Win 10系统视频编码系统的改变。The update ends support for two widely used encoding systems so it became possible for more than one application to use as it is being shot. Prior to the update Windows 10 only allowed one application access to a stream.Win 10持两个使用很广泛的视频编码系统,如此一来,在拍摄视频的时候就可以有多个软件来处理这个视频。在Win 10更新之前,一次只能运行一个软件处理视频。A Microsoft camera engineer who responded to complaints on the support th said the company had done ;a poor job; of letting people know about the change.一名微软摄像头工程师对网站上的批评抱怨做出了回应,他表示微软做得“很糟糕”,没能让用户知道这个改变。;We dropped the ball on that front, so I#39;d like to offer my apologies to you all,; he said.他说道:“在这件事上我们掉了链子,我想向大家道歉。”He added that Microsoft was working on a way to fix the problem and get webcams working again. The fix is likely to be released in September.他补充说道,目前微软正在寻找方法来修复这个问题,并让摄像头重新工作。修复补丁可能将会在9月份发布。Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the problem.微软公司目前尚未正式就此事作出。 /201608/463006萧山区萧然妇科医院正规吗?浙江杭州萧然综合医院看效果怎么样



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