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Famously generous with their bonuses but hard hit by the sub-prime mortgage crises, big investment banks are facing a dilemma this year---to reward or not to reward. Can the big banks get away with handing out chunky bonuses in the face of ailing profits? For more in this issue of end-of-year bonuses, I'm joined by Andrew Oliver. He is the managing director of executive search company Profile Search and Selection based right here in Hong Kong.Welcome to the program. End-of-the-year bonuses, it's a time fast approaching. What should we expect?Well, I think the short answer is that at the end of the year banks are gonna pay out enormous amounts of money. However, the subtext here is a little more complicated. These are vast institutions that rely on very, very diverse revenue streams by division and geography. And for some of the parts of the banks, they've had to start the year again in 2007. So how big a bonus will be handed out?Well, that's a very interesting question. I think it depends on where you are working and I suppose geographically and by division and also depends on whether you are a peak performer or you are not. I think this year we are gonna see some areas, when I say areas I mean geographies hit harder than others. And we're gonna see some divisions hit harder than others. But next year the banks are still gonna make money. They're still gonna carry and hold on to their peak performers. So people will get paid regardless.So how much is the cost to hold on to a peak performer?Well, I think the top 10, 15% regardless of the division area, will be paid at least flat or maybe up from last year. However, I think we're gonna see a polarization of bonuses this year. Peak performers will get paid because they've got to look at 2008.Give me a number, Andrew. Because I some place, it's an average of 200,000 US dollars. Does that sound right?Well, I mean the numbers that come out, you know, the numbers that come out are in my opinion sometimes a little bit misleading. Because you take, you know vast organizations, then divide the number by the number of employees. I think the people who are making the money, the key producers, within the key front line roles will still get paid.And they will get paid how much as a bonus?Well, I think if you look in percentage terms in 2006, that's probably a better indication. And I would say peak performers will still get paid more than they got paid last year.You are still not giving me a concrete number but they will still get paid. They will still get a big bonus. And this year was a notoriously bad year for the financial sector. How can banks justify, handing out such big bonuses during such a terrible year?Well, looking in the context, it's not been a terrible year. It's been a terrible few months. It's been a fairly terrible few months for certain part of very large institutions. Parts of the businesses have made a lot more money than they made last year. And part of the geographies around the world had made a lot more money than they made last year.So in terms of where the bonuses will come from, certain sectors of the bank will probably end up paying out the bonuses for the other players in the bank.Yes, there's always gonna be a little bit of, there’s always gonna be a little bit of cross-divisional support. However, I think you know, we'll see, you know, certain divisions that have been hit very hard by the sub-prime issues. Yes,they're gonna get hit hard in their bonuses. But yes, you know, certain divisions such as equities divisions or corporate finance divisions that have made a lot of fees and underwriting in the early part of this year will in some way support parts of the businesses that have been hit.But in a year, there have been layoffs, and I'm hearing of, of more layoffs to come. It's really an employer's market. Why is it even necessary to pay out big bonuses?Well, the people who run the organizations will have to run amid a commercial, in a commercial manner. They need to look at, looking after the people that're gonna make the money in 2008. Someone said to me it's sometimes very difficult to say, is it a retrospective reward for what you did last year or is it a reward for what you may do next year.That's the question. Andrew Oliver, thank you very much for joining us.Thank you.Notes: retrospective: Applying to or influencing the past200807/43587

So let's go back to Sheffield to that whole plan by McDonald's to try and burn the waste and the leftovers from their burgers and the packaging to try and turn it all into household energy. Lucy Manning reports from Sheffield.Their ads say their customers are loving it, but what no one much likes is the amount of rubbish McDonald's and other big businesses generate every day. So the Golden Arches are trying to take on a greener tint. A pilot project in Sheffield will see 11 MacDonald's restaurants turn their waste into heat and electricity for local buildings. It works something like this: take a MacDonald's burger, chuck it away, take that and a hundred tons of rubbish each restaurant generates a year. And instead of taking it to a landfill, drive it down the road to an energy recovery plant, mix it up with some of Sheffield's other rubbish, burn it in an incinerator and get electricity and heat.We've got a real serious issue to address here in Britain overall. And that is there is just too much rubbish being buried in the land. There is too much waste going to landfill. I think it's incumbent on big, big businesses, business like McDonald's to try and find innovative solutions ‘coz we all have aspirations to send zero waste to landfill. But bringing that into reality is something of a challenge for us.MacDonald's has done much over the last few years to try and rebrand itself. And now like a lot of other companies, it's choosing to go down the green route. But will my filleted fish, milk shake and chips really make a difference to the planet.The amount of electricity and heat it creates is not gonna be that great. In fact, this entire scheme covering 11 stores is gonna provide the heat and electricity for about 50 homes, that's all, 50 homes. And even if you extended it across the whole of the MacDonald's estate, it would only be 5,000 homes. So it's good, but it's nowhere near enough.What more do you think needs to be done for McDonald's to go green? Well, there is an astonishing fact that they have released, haven't they? They've told us that each store, each individual MacDonald's produces 100 tons of waste a year, that is the most enormous amount of waste. And that what MacDonald's really ought to be working on now is trying to diminish that, trying to cut that to a reasonable level.But MacDonald's says it has tried to minimize packaging and improve recycling. Its delivery vehicles will soon be powered with used cooking oil and it hopes it can lead the way on dealing with waste.One things that MacDonald can't bring is scalability to positive programmes such as this, so if being proven out in its 11-restaurant green city trial, then the potential across 1,200 restaurant estate and across the broader food industry and general commercial waste is huge.But there're only around 20 of these energy recovery plants across the country and unless more are built, that's going to mean long drives for the rubbish, reversing any green benefits and green campaigners say no matter how hard MacDonald's tries to be environmentally-friendly, the fact (that) its core product is beef means it will always struggle. The vegetarian society has launched this campaign, warning people about what it calls the dangerous emissions from cattle, more deadly it says than the effect on climate change of the transport system across the world, but this link between diet and global warming may be more difficult for the Big-Mac-Generation to stomach.200805/39907

McCain Picks Alaska Governor as Vice Presidential Candidate麦凯恩挑选阿拉斯加州长为副手  Republican Senator John McCain has chosen a first-term governor from the state of Alaska to run as his vice presidential candidate in the November elections. Governor Sarah Palin bolsters McCain's message of reform. 美国共和党参议员约翰.麦凯恩挑选初次担任阿拉斯加州长的莎拉.佩林为自己的副总统竞选夥伴,一起参加11月的大选。佩林州长使麦凯恩关于改革的主张得到加强。Senator McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate only hours after the close of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The announcement during a rally in Ohio was aimed at grabbing the attention away from Democrats and building momentum for the Republican Party convention, which opens next week. 在丹佛的美国民主党全国代表大会结束几小时之后,麦凯恩参议员宣布佩林为自己的竞选夥伴。他在俄亥俄州的一个集会上宣布了这一决定,目的是把人们的注意力从民主党身上拉开,为下周开始的共和党全国代表大会造势。Senator McCain said he chose the Alaska governor after a long search for someone he said could bring change to Washington, and help put the nation back on the road to prosperity and peace. 麦凯恩说,他花了很长时间来寻找一个可以给华盛顿带来改变、帮助美国重返繁荣与和平之路的人,最后他选择了佩林。"I have found the right partner to help me stand up to those who value their privileges over their responsibilities, who put power over principle, and put their interests before your needs," he said. 他说:“我找到了合适的搭档,她将帮助我同那些重特权而轻责任、重权利而轻原则、只考虑自身利益而忽视人民需要的人进行斗争。”McCain noted Palin is a relative newcomer to politics and someone who has never served in Washington. He praised Palin for her record in Alaska, where she has served as mayor and state commissioner, and was elected governor in 2006.  麦凯恩指出,佩林相对来讲是一个政界新手,而且从来没有在华盛顿工作过。他称赞佩林在阿拉斯加的政绩。佩林曾经在阿拉斯加担任过市长和州行政长官,并且在2006年当选州长。Palin said she was proud to accept the invitation to run alongside John McCain in the general election in November. She said her record in Alaska shows she is committed to reform, such as cutting taxes and fighting corruption. 佩林说,她自豪地接受麦凯恩的邀请,将在11月的大选中同麦凯恩并肩作战。她说,她在阿拉斯加的政绩显示,她致力于减税和打击腐败等改革措施。"Politics is not just a game of competing interests and clashing parties," said Palin. "The people of America expect us to seek public office and serve for the right reasons." 佩林说:“政治并不只是利益竞争和政党对抗的游戏。美国人民期望我们成为政府官员,为正确的理由而奋斗。”Palin is the first female and the youngest person to be elected governor in Alaska, a huge and remote state that is home to key oil and gas reserves. As governor, the 44-year-old said she has taken advantage of high oil prices to fund new energy projects. "We are now embarking on a billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence," said Palin. 阿拉斯加是远离美国本土的一个大州,蕴藏着丰富的石油和天然气资源。佩林是阿拉斯加最年青的州长,也是那里的第一位女州长。44岁的佩林说,她在担任州长期间利用高昂的油价来为新能源项目提供资金。她说:“我们目前正在着手铺设一条价值400亿美元的天然气管道,帮助美国实现能源独立。”Senator McCain has focused his campaign on finding new energy solutions, as well as maintaining strong military support for the war in Iraq. Palin said her son has enlisted in the Army, and will be deploying soon to the region. 麦凯恩竞选活动的主题就是找到新能源,以及继续为伊拉克战争提供强大的军事持。佩林说,她的儿子正在美国陆军役,而且很快会被派到伊拉克去。"On September 11, Track will deploy to Iraq in the service of his country, and Todd and I are so proud of him and all the fine men and women serving the country," she said. 她说:“今年9月11号,我儿子特拉克将被派到伊拉克,在那里为美国务。我和我丈夫托德为特拉克以及所有的军人感到骄傲。”Palin traveled from Alaska to Ohio Friday along with her husband Todd and four of their five children. 星期五,佩林从阿拉斯加来到俄亥俄州,她的丈夫托德和他们的另外4个孩子和她一同前往。200808/46914

Hello, Annas just arrived at her desk to start the day at Tip Top Trading.你们好,安娜早上刚刚到了Tip Top Trading的工位上。Paul is walking towards her, eating a biscuit, he looks a bit bothered.保罗吃着饼干走向她,他看起来有点烦心事。Anna? Yes, Paul.安娜? 是的,保罗。Come and have a biscuit in my office. Now Anna, about Mr Lime. I didnt say yes!来我的办公室吃点饼干。那么安娜,关于Lime先生。 我没有同意。Pardon? Yes to what?什么?同意什么?Oh, nothing.没事。You sent him an email yesterday and copied me in. Yes.你昨天给他发了一封邮件并且抄送给了我。 是的。Your email s: boxes ok. pls c d u cfirm wnt 300 ta.你在邮件上写:箱子,可以,请确认你要300个。Yes: please could you confirm you want 300.是的。请确认你要300个。Right. Now thats not really the best way of writing an email to a client, is it?是的,这并不是给客户写信的最好方式,不是吗?Please could you re send your message to Mr Lime, using actual words that make sense. Okay.请你用正规的用语再给Lime先生写封信。 好的。Thank you. Now here. Have a chocolate crunchy! Thanks.谢谢,这里,来一块巧克力饼干。 谢谢。Morning Anna. Hello.早上好,安娜。 你好。Let me guess, Paul just spoke to you about your email?让我猜猜,保罗刚跟你说了关于你写邮件的事。 /201701/483848

We are at the Georgia Home Theater in Atlanta and the idea of a high-end home theater, well, that's still mainly for celebrities and sports superstars. But there are some things you can do with your own home setup. And joining us now with some tips on that is Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with CNET.So Brian, first of all, let's start with the position of the couch relative to your television. And then (right) this is gonna be a sensitive issue in some households. A lot of folks get this wrong. Here is what you should do. Take the size of your TV. I don't care what kind of TV it is, flat, projection, whatever. This is a 55-inch, for example. And count off 2 to 3 times that size. Here's 2, right about where this sofa is. That's gonna seem close to some folks. But you don't wanna take a big TV and sit farther necessarily. You wanna sit close enough so that you are immersed in the picture. But not so close that you can see the pixels and it looks grainy. That's where to put your seating. All right. That's the visual part of this. Let's move on to the audio. Ok.Alright, Brian, well, I think this is what I would have if I could afford it as first home theaters goal. I bet you'll do it.OK. Er, pretty high-end stuff here. The speakers are really nice. But in terms of the position of them, anybody can learn about where to put them. Yes. It doesn't matter if you spent 50,000 dollars on the system like this or more or just a few thousand dollars on your whole home system. The placement is the same. These speakers, for example, in the front, you have two, left and right. They should go up against the picture screen on the front wall to the sides of the picture of course. And you want the main part of the speaker like this here to be at seated ear level. So wherever your ears are when you are sitting down to watch a movie. The front center channel is often a problem. This should go up snugged against the bottom of your picture whether it's a giant screen like this or if you have a smaller screen on the wall. Snug it up to the bottom because this is where the voices come from. You want them to sound as if they are coming from where the faces are. All right, and what about the subwoofer? It can be tricky to find a place for this guy. These tend to be kind of big and cumbersome, not necessarily a great design feature in your room. But the good news is you can put them almost anywhere. Base frequencies that come out of these are very non-directional. They will fill the room very easily almost anywhere you put it. All right. Now to complete the surround sound, we have the rear speakers, which obviously go behind you. (Yeah) But what about the position and the height?I want these to be a few feet behind your head. Not at the same level as your ear. I want them behind you a bit for better depth. And I'd like them to be more close to ear level like the fronts. But these are very special speakers and I’ve mounted them higher. But gemly get them at the ear level. All right, that completes our Home Theater Experience. Brian Cooley, editor at large with CNET. Thanks so much.Thank you200810/51638

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