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Christmas Eve, which is annually on December 24, is the day before Christmas Day.平安夜是在每年的12月24日,也是圣诞节的前一天。Since Christmas Eve is not an official holiday, most people have to work. However, many workplaces hold celebrations, so there is a celebratory air to the day.圣诞节不是官方节日,大部分人必须要工作。然而,许多工作场所举行庆祝活动,因此整天都有节日氛围。Many people decorate their homes with decorations. The centerpiece of the decorations is often a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments. Outdoor light sculptures are also becoming increasingly popular.许多人用装饰品装饰他们的屋子。中心装饰品往往是一棵装饰着饰品的圣诞树。室外光雕塑也变得越来越流行。In the evening, many families, particularly those with children, will hang up stockings on the fireplace or the end of their bed. Children hope that Santa Claus will enter their home via the chimney and fill their stocking with gifts.在晚上,许多家庭,尤其是那些有小孩的,会把长袜挂在壁炉边或床尾。孩子们希望圣诞老人通过烟囱进入他们家并在袜子里装满礼物。 /201212/216264。

Born with a tash! This pup bears a striking resemblance to author Agatha Christie#39;s detective Hercule Poirot!生下来就有小胡子!这只小汪星人长得极像侦探小说家阿加莎·克里斯蒂笔下的侦探赫尔克里·波洛。This pup has become an internet sensation thanks to his incredible facial markings.这只小因为脸上特别的印记,在网上迅速蹿红。Just six months old, he has really grown into the hairy-upper lip look which lends him greatauthority as he eyeballs the camera.这只小只有六个月大,它的上嘴唇已经长上了厚厚的毛茸茸的八字胡,这可让这只小汪星人赚足了眼球。It is unclear where he is from or exactly what breed he is, but there is no mistaking thesimilarity between him and author Agatha Christie#39;s effete Belgian detective Hercule Poirot,known the world over for that handlebar moustache.人们还不清楚它到底从哪里来,是什么品种,但是可以肯定的是:它长得和阿加莎·克里斯蒂笔下的比利时侦探赫尔克里·波洛非常像,这位比利时侦探就是以那一撇小胡子而举世闻名的。The white markings appear on the dog#39;s head, each of his four paws, his chest area andthe very tip of his tail.在这只汪星人的头上四个爪子上、胸口和它的尾巴尖儿上都有白色的印记。The #39;houndlebar#39; moustache gives the dog an austere look that betrays his six months.这撇八字胡有点显老了,这只明明才六个月大。 /201306/244025。

Former NBA player Yao Ming may have been a star on the basketball court, but he moves onto an unfamiliar arena - the private equity arena - following reports he has bought and rebranded Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Group. 前美国职业篮球联赛(NBA)球员姚明在篮球场上或许是个明星,但现在他开始涉足私募股权这个他并不熟悉的领域了。有报道称,姚明接手了一家基金管理公司,并将公司更名为重庆渝富弘远股权投资基金管理公司(Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Group)。 He joins a club of other celebrities that have also moved into the private equity world, including U2 singer Bono, who co-founded media, entertainment and technology investment firm Elevation Partners, and former NFL quarterback Steve Young, now a managing partner and co-founder of Huntsman Gay Global Capital. 其他明星也有移师私募股权业的,如U2乐队主唱波诺(Bono)联合创立了专注于媒体、和科技投资的私募股权基金Elevation Partners,美国国家橄榄球联盟(NFL)前四分卫杨(Steve Young)联合创立了私募股权基金Huntsman Gay Global Capital,现为该基金执行合伙人。姚明现在也加入了这些明星的队伍。 Although athletes and celebrities may not always have financial background, they do bring star power, especially when it comes to fundraising. 虽然运动员和明星可能并不总是拥有金融背景,但他们确实会带来一定的明星效应,特别是在筹款方面。 #39;One thing famous sports and music figures bring to a private equity firm is brand awareness, which certainly cannot hurt fundraising,#39; said Bruno Roy, managing partner of McKinsey amp; Co.#39;s office in Beijing. #39;Everyone will take a meeting with Bono, Steve Young and Yao Ming.#39; 麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Co.)驻北京的执行合伙人罗颐(Bruno Roy)说,知名运动员和音乐人给私募股权公司带来的一大好处就是品牌知名度,这对筹款来说当然是有百益无一害的,每个人都想找机会与波诺、杨和姚明见面。 Indeed, the mere mention of Mr. Yao could also be good for his recently-bought firm#39;s deal sourcing, said Alberto Forchielli, a founding partner of Mandarin Capital Partners. Mr Fortchielli noted, however, that #39;[Mr. Yao] alone can spot good opportunities, but can still lose money if the deal is poorly executed.#39; 曼达林基金(Mandarin Capital Partner)创始合伙人福尔基耶利(Alberto Forchielli)说,对他近期买下的这家机构来说,仅仅是提到姚明这个名字就有可能为招揽业务带来好处。不过他也指出,单凭姚明一人是可以发现好机遇,但如果项目执行得不好,可能仍会亏钱。 And while Mr. Yao may have a strong track record on the court, all that#39;s going to matter is his track record in the private equity world. 虽然姚明在球场上可能有着辉煌的过往,但现在最重要的是他在私募股权界的业绩记录。 #39;If he can grasp deal structuring concepts quickly and can intelligently participate in discussions, he could be a tremendous asset,#39; said one Beijing-based venture capital investor, noting that other celebrities have a history of mixed results when it comes to investing. 一位驻北京的风投人士说,如果姚明能很快领会交易架构的概念并且能理智地参与相关讨论,他可能会成为私募基金的一笔宝贵财富。这位投资人指出,其他明星在投资方面的表现有好有坏。 On top of this, returns from sport-related deals are #39;generally lousy,#39; said Mr. Forchielli, highlighting that #39;private equity always stays away from them.#39; He added that in European soccer, investors have lost money #39;big time,#39; pointing to this month#39;s sale of Manchester ed, which only raised 0 million from an expected 0 million. 福尔基耶利说,与运动有关的交易回报一般都很糟糕。他强调说,私募股权总是离这些交易远远的。他还说,投资者在欧洲足球那里亏了大钱。本月,英国足球俱乐部曼彻斯特联队(Manchester ed)上市仅筹到了3亿美元,而他们本来期望能筹到5亿美元。 Although the jury is still out on Mr. Yao#39;s move into the private equity world, #39;his experience in dealing with locker room dynamics while at the Houston Rockets will serve him well when dealing with fractious corporate boards,#39; said Tom Tsao, founder of Shanghai-based Gobi Partners. 虽然姚明进军私募股权业结果如何现在还不得而知,但位于上海的风投企业戈壁合伙人有限公司(Gobi Partners)创始人曹嘉泰说,姚明在休斯顿火箭队(Houston Rockets)衣帽间里与人打交道的经验应该会让他有能力与那些难对付的公司董事会打交道。 #39;He#39;s got personal experience in building a global brand [his own] that many companies will find useful. And if he can dunk over Shaq, I#39;m sure he can handle a stubborn CEO,#39; said Mr. Tsao. 曹嘉泰说,姚明在打造他个人全球品牌方面有其独到的经验,很多公司会发现这一点很有用,如果他能盖大鲨鱼的帽,我相信他也能与固执的CEO们周旋。 News of Mr. Yao#39;s move was previously reported by Reuters. 姚明进军私募股权业的消息此前路透社(Reuters)曾报道过。 /201208/197275。

A little boy did not like the look of the barking dog.一个小男孩非常不喜欢狂叫的样子。;It#39;s all right,; said a gentleman, ;don#39;t be afraid. Don#39;t you know the proverb: Barking dogs don#39;t bite?;“没有关系,”一位先生说,“不用害怕,你不知道这条谚语吗:“吠不咬人。””;Ah, yes,; answered the little boy. ;I know the proverb, but does the dog know the proverb, too?;“啊,我是知道,可是也知道吗?”。

Achtung baby注意,宝贝!Anyone seeking to understand why Germany remains the economic powerhouse of Europe need only to look at the performance of its auto industry. Its flagship brands -- Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche -- are all enjoying record years and forecasting even better results for 2013.如果有人不明白德国为什么是欧洲经济的发动机,只要看看德国汽车业的表现就明白了。梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、宝马(BMW)、奥迪(Audi)和保时捷(Porsche)等德系品牌的旗帜这几年的销量节节攀升,而且预计2013年还会有更好的业绩。Logically, they shouldn#39;t be doing well at all. At a time when most of the world#39;s consumers have a case of the shorts, Germany is selling premium cars at premium prices. With gasoline at wallet-busting levels, it continues to profit from high-performance V-6 and V-8 engines. And with typical buyers squeezing into smaller cars, there is no shortage of upscale German limos -- black only, of course -- festooned with more luxury features than a first-class seat on Emirates.从逻辑上讲,德系车本来不应该这样繁荣的。如今全球大多数消费者的钱袋都比较紧张,更何况德国人还是以高端的价格卖高端车型。而且油价近年来一直高得吓人,德国车虽然动辄搭载V6和V8发动机,但依然能继续盈利。另外,尽管一般消费者越来越青睐小型车,但高端德国豪车总是不愁销路——当然,它们还是一水的黑色,车里的豪华配置甚至比阿联酋航空公司(Emirates)的头等舱还要豪华。So much for logic. In the first five months of this year, BMW#39;s global sales are up 6.4%, Porsche has gained 13%, and Audi is a remarkable 14% better off.逻辑问题就先谈到这里。在今年的头5个月里,宝马的全球销量上升了6.4%,保时捷上升了13%,奥迪的销量更是上升了14%。How do the Germans do it? You could say they#39;re smart, work hard, and have momentum on their side. But they also enjoy 10 unique advantages:德国人是如何创造这个奇迹的?你可能会说,他们很聪明,工作努力,而且得到了老天的眷顾。不过除此之外,德国还有10个独特的优势。 /201308/251573。