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宜昌哪个医院男科比较好宜昌人民医院地址THOMAS HOBBES famously described the original state of nature as bellum omnium contra omnes. Californiarsquo;s governor, Jerry Brown, who received a Jesuit education and likes to flaunt his classical learning, has of late been using the phrase to describe a war of all against all in the Golden State. It may be his undoing. To end Californiarsquo;s budget crisis, he wants to cut spending and raise revenues. And to do that, this being California, he must collect approximately 800,000 signatures to put a measure before voters on polling day in November. It now seems, however, that at least one other tax proposal will also share the ballot that day.自然的初始状态就是一切人反对一切人的战争状态,这是霍布斯的著名论断。最近,曾受耶稣会教育并喜欢炫耀自己的古典学识的加州州长杰里bull;布郎引用了霍布斯的这句话来形容黄金州里一切人反对一切人的战争。这场战争可能会导致他失败。为了让加州摆脱预算危机,他想采取削减开和增加财政收入的措施。而要在加州做这些事情,他就必须收集约八十万个签名,让他的提案能在11月的投票日参与投票。但如今看来,在投票那天至少会有另一份税收议案与之争夺选票。Under Californiarsquo;s rules, if more than one measure on the same topic is approved at the ballot, the one with the largest number of votes prevails. It generally happens in such situations, though, that voters get confused and instinctively reject all the measures. This is why Mr Brown and his wife, Anne Gust Brown, often described as his consigliere, have been working desperately to keep all rival measures off the ballot. For instance, and regrettably, they persuaded a group proposing fundamental tax reform of the sort that California and America badly need to end its campaign.根据加州法例,如果同一项议题有多于一份提案获得通过,有效的将是得票最多的那一份。然而在这种情况下经常会出现以下局面:投票者被不同的提案弄糊涂了,于是本能地拒绝所有提案。这就是杰里bull;布朗和其妻Anne Gust Brown(常被称为杰里的参谋)一直拼命不让其他提案参与投票的原因。例如,他们已说一个提倡从根本上改革税收制度的团体结束其争取公投的活动。其实加州和美国都非常需要这种改革,实在是遗憾。That victory was supposed to clear the path for Mr Brownrsquo;s own plan. This aimed to slightly raise sales taxes for four years and income taxes on the affluent for a period of five years. The additional revenue; billion a year, on an optimistic calculation;would repair the overall budget and benefit schools in particular. By sprinkling but not soaking the rich, and by cutting spending as well as raising taxes, Mr Brown, a Democrat, was hoping to appear moderate and to win approval.杰里bull;布朗本以为成功说该团体应该会为自己的计划扫清障碍。他的计划是小幅上调营业税和富裕阶层的所得税,期限分别为四年和五年。由此,每年的财政收入将增加七十亿美元(据乐观估计),这样就能填补所有的预算漏洞,尤其是学校会有所得益。杰里bull;布郎这位民主党人希望,稍微提高富人税率但又不向其征收重税、增加税收的同时削减开这些措施能使自己以温和派的形象示人,并获得持。Then the war began. It is a civil war, since the foes are liberals on Mr Brownrsquo;s own side. One group, the California Federation of Teachers, the statersquo;s second-largest teachersrsquo; union, pushed a ;millionairesrsquo; tax;. Taking its cues from the Occupy movement, it was aimed squarely at the rich. And, unlike Mr Brownrsquo;s measure, this one would raise their taxes permanently.结果;一切人反对一切人的战争;却爆发了。这是场内战,因为敌人就是与杰里bull;布朗同一阵营的自由主义者。有一个团体提倡征收一项;lsquo;百万富翁rsquo;税;,那就是加州第二大的教师联盟加州教师工会。从占领华尔街运动得到启发,他们的目标直指富裕阶层。而且与杰里bull;布朗的提案不同,他们的措施将长期增加税收。The other campaign is more of a one-woman quest. Molly Munger is a rich civil-rights lawyer who, as a child, chose to leave her private school for a state one and now considers it her mission to save public education. She also happens to be the daughter of Warren Buffettrsquo;s partner at Berkshire Hathaway, Charles Munger. And she seems willing to spend however much it takes to win.而为另一份提案拉票的活动则更像是一个女人在唱独角戏。莫莉bull;曼格,一位富有的民权律师,孩提时代选择离开私立学校去上州立学校。如今她视拯救公立教育为己任。恰好她也是查尔斯bull;曼格之女(查尔斯bull;曼格是沃伦bull;巴菲特在伯克希尔bull;克撒韦公司的搭档)。而且为了获胜,她似乎愿意不惜一切代价。Ms Mungerrsquo;s measure, ;Our Children, Our Future;, would raise the most, billion a year for 12 years. It would raise income taxes, but target not only the rich. And it would earmark most of the new revenue for schools.莫莉bull;曼格的提案;我们的孩子,我们的未来;会在十二年内每年增加一百亿美元的税收,幅度是所有提案中最大的。它也会加征收入所得税,不过目标不仅限于富裕阶层。而且,这项提案会将大部分新增的财政收入投入到学校中。On March 14th Mr Brown apparently reached a deal with the millionairesrsquo; tax camp. Their new agreed proposal lessens Mr Brownrsquo;s proposed sales tax increase a bit, but raises income taxes on the affluent more than he wanted. But that still leaves two proposals on the table. The teachers unions may now be on Mr Brownrsquo;s side, but parents of schoolchildren, insofar as they are organised by the powerful parent-teacher association, are with Ms Mungerrsquo;s. Voters seem bewildered, with different polls showing them favouring different permutations of the proposals on offer.3月14日,杰里bull;布朗似乎与提议征收百万富翁税的阵营达成了一致。在他们最新商定的计划中,营业税的增幅比杰里bull;布朗提出的稍小,但富裕阶层收入所得税的增幅比杰里所希望的大。不过即便如此,仍会有两份提案参与投票。现在教师联盟可能已与杰里bull;布朗成为同盟,但在强大的家长老师协会的组织下,学生们的家长却与莫莉bull;曼格站在同一阵线上。投票者们似乎为此所困,在不同的民意调查里,参与投票的议案在他们心目中的排名竟有所不同。This is exactly what Mr Brown keeps warning about. His wife supposedly berated Ms Munger. Mr Brown, though, was more diplomatic, visiting the rival teachersrsquo; union boss at home and even letting his daughter interview him about animal euthanasia as part of her homework. But the other group of taxers are staying in the fight, while the anti-tax Republicans are grinning. As a Brown adviser puts it, speaking of fellow Democrats: ;Welcome to the circular firing squad.;这正是杰里bull;布朗一直以来告诫人们要警惕的事情。据说,其妻痛斥了莫莉bull;曼格。不过,杰里bull;布朗却更为老练,他登门拜访了其对手教师联盟的主席,并让主席的女儿采访他关于动物安乐死的问题,作为她作业的一部分。但另一个纳税人团体却坚持斗争,而反收税的共和党人则在一边冷笑。正如布朗的一位顾问在谈及民主党伙伴时所言:;欢迎来到自相残杀的加州民主党。;201203/175259湖北宜昌医院治疗生殖感染价格 Anyone who can swim understands that to breathe, it is necessary to keep your head above the water even if the rest of your body is submerged. In a sudden flood, however, people who never learned how to swim may find themselves struggling to keep their heads above the unexpected rush of water.任何会游泳的人都知道,游泳时要保持呼吸。必须把头露出水面,即使你身体的其它部分已被淹没。然而,当面对突如其来的洪水时,不会游泳的人可能会发现自己需要拼命把头露出水面。In the same way, in business, you always try to make a profit and avoid loss, but sometimes, bad financial decisions or a sudden downturn in the economy can flood you with payments due, reduce your profits, and make you feel like you are drowning in debt. At such times, you might say that financially, you are struggling to keep your head above water. You are still not totally desperate, meaning you are not in such a bad situation that you will immediately become bankrupt, but you dont know how long you can continue to stay afloat.同样的道理,在商业活动中,你总是试图盈利、避免损失。但有时候,糟糕的财务决策或突然的经济萧条都可能使你面临大量应付款项,利润减少,甚至债台高筑。在这种时候,你可能会说,你正在债务洪水中努力将头露出水面。你没有完全绝望,这意味着你还不至于马上破产,但你不知道你还需要像这样漂流多久。201203/174553宜昌男健男科医院尿科

宜昌泌尿系统在线咨询湖北宜昌割包皮多少钱 Music and Verbal Memory音乐和非文字记忆Even if you havent touched a piano in years, if you suffered through music lessons as a kid you may have benefited from those lessons in ways you wouldnt expect. When you train on a musical instrument your brain is stimulated and changes and develops as a result. Because the parts of the brain are interconnected this stimulation doesnt affect musical ability only.即使你已经很久没有弹钢琴,但只要你小时候学过钢琴,你就能在各个意想不到的方面受益于这些钢琴课。当你在训练一种乐器时,大脑受到刺激而变化生长。由于大脑的各个部分是相互连接的,这种刺激不会只影响到音乐能力。Psychologists have discovered that the stimulation musical training enacts on the left temporal region of your brain enhances verbal memory. People with musical training are significantly better at recalling words from a list and learning new words. Whats more, the longer the duration of musical training, the better the verbal memory.心理学家还发现,这种音乐刺激训练担当大脑的左颞区可以提高非文字记忆。接受过音乐训练的人能够更容易记住单词,学习新的单词也更容易。更重要的是,音乐训练的时间越久,非文字记忆能力越强。So while children who study music for two years demonstrate better verbal memory than children who have not studied music, children who continue to study music continue to improve their verbal memory.因此,学过两年音乐的孩子,他们的非文字记忆比没学过音乐的孩子要强得多,而继续学习音乐孩子的记忆会随之提高。The good news for those of us who trained on musical instruments but quit at some point is that we dont seem to lose the verbal benefits we gain from this training.有个好消息,对于那些学过乐器后来又放弃的同学,你们并不会失去这种训练的好处。Scientists are particularly interested in what this suggests about the interconnectedness of the brain and thus the predictability of the effects of stimulation to a brain area on cognitive functions located in that area. Further research may lead to developments in cognitive rehabilitation for people with brain injuries. For example, in order to rebuild verbal memory in patients with injury to that part of the brain, doctors may prescribe music lessons.科学家们对大脑的这种相互连接特别感兴趣,从而预测音乐刺激对大脑认知能力的影响就在这个区域。进一步的研究可能导向对脑损伤病人在认知康复的发展。例如,为了重建病人大脑受损的非文字记忆部分,医生也许会开设音乐课。 /201301/220750宜都市第一医院男科专家

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