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Hong Kong police are investigating the disappearance of a publisher who sold books critical of China’s top leaders, in a case that has sparked further protests about mainland interference in the affairs of the semi-autonomous territory.香港警方正在调查一名出版人失踪的案件,此人曾销售批评中国最高领导层的图书,此案已引发抗议,抗议针对的是中国内地干涉这个半自治的特别行政区的事务。Lee Ka-chiu, a senior official in the government’s security bureau, said on Sunday that the police missing persons unit was trying to find out what happened to Lee Bo, who was last seen in Hong Kong on Wednesday, but that it had not yet reached any conclusions.香港保安局(Security Bureau)副局长李家超(Lee Ka-chiu)周日表示,警方的失踪人口调查组正在试图查明李波(Lee Bo)的下落,后者上周三最后一次在香港露面,但警方尚未得出任何结论。Four of his colleagues from the Mighty Current publishing company disappeared late last year while outside of Hong Kong, amid speculation that they had been taken for questioning by security forces in mainland China.李波在巨流传媒(Mighty Current)出版公司的四名同事去年末在香港境外相继失踪,当时有传言称,他们被中国内地安全部门带走问话。Activists say Mr Lee’s case is even more concerning because he went missing from Hong Kong, which has an independent, British-style legal system as part of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that was agreed with Beijing when the former colony was handed over in 1997.活动人士表示,李波的案件甚至更加令人关切,因为他是在香港失踪的,而香港拥有一个英式的独立司法体系,这是这个前殖民地1997年回归中国时达成的“一国两制”安排的一部分。On Sunday, the bookstore in Causeway Bay, which sits underneath a nail parlour and opposite a Burberry store in the heart of Hong Kong’s main shopping district, was closed.周日,位于铜锣湾(Causeway Bay)的这家书店没有开门。该书店地处香港主要购物区的心脏地带,楼上是一家美甲店,对面是一家柏利(Burberry)专卖店。Posters outside the shop promoted a range of their books, which would almost certainly be banned in authoritarian China because they cover a range of topics that are deemed highly sensitive, such as corruption and the personal lives of top leaders.店外的一些海报推介一系列图书,这些书在威权的中国内地几乎肯定会遭禁,因为它们涉及一些被视为高度敏感的主题,比如腐败以及最高领导人的私人生活。Mr Lee’s wife told Hong Kong media that she last saw him on Wednesday and he later called from a mainland number to tell her he was “assisting in an investigation” and would be back soon.李波的妻子告诉记者,她最后一次见到他是在上周三,之后他从一个内地电话号码给她打电话,说他正在“协助调查”,很快会回来。Albert Ho, an opposition lawmaker in Hong Kong, said on Sunday that he had “strong reason to believe Mr Lee Bo has probably been kidnapped and smuggled back to the mainland for political investigation” because of his role in publishing books that were critical of the Chinese government.香港立法会的民主派议员何俊仁(Albert Ho)周日表示,他有“充分理由相信李波先生很可能已被绑架,并被偷偷带回中国内地协助政治调查”,原因是他在出版批评中国政府的图书方面扮演了角色。It was not immediately possible to verify his claim.记者无法立即核实他的这一说法。Mr Lee, the Hong Kong security official, said that the police had asked their mainland counterparts if the publisher had been detained and they were yet to hear back from them.香港保安局的李家超表示,警方已询问内地同行有没有拘留这名出版人,但尚未得到回音。Although Chinese security forces regularly detain dissidents in the mainland without charging them or informing their families, they have no legal right to operate in Hong Kong.尽管中国内地安全部门经常在不提出指控、也不通知家人的情况下扣留在内地的异见人士,但他们依法没有在香港执行任务的权利。However, democracy campaigners fear that the city’s autonomy and its British-style freedoms are being eroded, pointing to growing threats to freedom of the press and academic independence.然而,民主派活动人士担心,该市的自主性和英式自由正受到侵蚀,他们指出新闻自由和学术独立面临越来越大的威胁。Lee Cheuk-yan, another opposition lawmaker, said the disappearance of the booksellers undermined Hongkongers’ sense of security and suggested that the one country, two systems arrangement had “been torn up”.另一位民主派议员李卓人(Lee Cheuk-yan)表示,书店职员的失踪破坏了港人的安全感,并且表明一国两制安排已“被撕毁”。“We’ve been living with a false sense of security and that’s very frightening,” he said.“我们一直生活在安全的错觉中,那是非常可怕的,”他说。 /201601/420943。

  • Silicon Valley’s stereotypical approach to solving public problems is to invest in social entrepreneurship. Bypass lumbering government bureaucracy to find innovative solutions that harness economic incentives to create social value. In place of government-run schools, find corporations to fund charter schools. Instead of foreign aid, fund Kiva, a platform that allows individuals with capital, however small, to lend directly to development entrepreneurs who need it.硅谷解决公共问题的模式化做法是投资社会企业。绕过迟缓的政府官僚体制,找到利用经济激励创造社会价值的创造性解决方法。找到企业资助特许学校,以替代政府办学。不是直接对外援助,而是资助Kiva平台,无论数额有多小,拥有资金的个人都可以通过该平台直接借钱给需要资金的创业家。The tech titan perhaps most identified with the concept and practice of social enterprise is Jeff Skoll, first president of eBay, whose eponymous foundation has invested directly in social entrepreneurs around the world, as well as establishing the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Sa#239;d Business School, Oxford university, and the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.最能体现社会企业的概念和实践的科技业巨子可能是eBay的首任总裁杰夫#8226;斯科尔(Jeff Skoll)。他的与自己同名的基金会直接投资给全世界的社会企业家,他还在牛津大学(University of Oxford)赛德商学院(Sa#239;d Business School)建立了斯科尔社会企业中心(Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship),并举办一年一度的斯科尔社会企业世界论坛(Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship)。The growing class of social entrepreneurs that Skoll and others fund stands between the private and public sectors, applying new tools and approaches to the work government has traditionally done. But in a new book, Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works, Skoll Foundation chief executive Sally Osberg and Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management, present a model of social enterprise that directly engages government in a number of critical ways.斯科尔和其他人资助的不断扩大的社会企业家队伍立于私人部门和公共部门之间,将新的手段和方法运用到传统上由政府完成的工作上。但在一本新书《超越更好:社会企业是如何运作的》(Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works)中,斯科尔基金会的首席执行官萨莉#8226;奥斯贝格(Sally Osberg)和罗特曼管理学院(Rotman School of Management)前院长马丁#8226;罗杰(Roger Martin)提出了一种社会企业模式,以多种极其重要的方式直接让政府参与进来。They offer a helpful definition of social entrepreneurs, as distinct from direct social service providers and social advocates. Social entrepreneurs, they write, “seek to shift a stable but suboptimal equilibrium in a way that is neither entirely mandated nor entirely market driven. They create new approaches to old and pernicious problems.”他们提出了一种有益的社会企业家定义,与社会务的直接提供者和社会事业的倡导者区分开来。他们写道,社会企业家“寻求以一种既非完全授权,又非完全市场驱动的方式,改变稳定但并非最优的均衡。他们创造应对旧的、有害的问题的新方法。”Social entrepreneurs who fit this definition include Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of “microfinance”, or Molly Melching, the founder of Tostan, who found a way to convince African villagers to reject female genital mutilation on their own terms.符合这一定义的社会企业家包括“小微金融”的先行者穆罕默德#8226;尤努斯(Muhammad Yunus),以及Tostan的创始人莫莉#8226;梅尔欣(Molly Melching),后者找到办法说非洲的村民放弃以他们的方式对女性行割礼。It is interesting, and significant, that social entrepreneurs have found ways to work with government rather than around it. They increase “the willingness or ability of the government to invest” in a particular government service “by reframing the way its value is articulated”. Madhav Chavan, for instance, found a way to measure the efforts of Indian teachers in terms of actual student learning, creating an incentive for the government to invest not in inputs (the numbers of teachers in the field), but in outcomes — the numbers of literate students. As Paul Farmer, the founder of Partners in Health, puts it: “Nongovernmental organisations can and should strengthen the faltering public sector.”社会企业家找到了办法和政府合作,而不是围绕着政府开展工作,这很有趣,意义也很重大。“通过重构价值的表达方式”,他们提高了对特定政府务的“政府投资意愿或者能力”。比如,马达夫#8226;恰范(Madhav Chavan)找到一种办法,以实际学习的学生数量衡量印度教师的工作,不仅推动政府投资于投入(实地教学的教师数量),也投资于产出——有文化的学生数量。就如Partners in Health的创始人保罗#8226;法默(Paul Farmer)所说:“非政府组织能够且应该加强衰落的公共部门。”The public sector, however weak, provides vast scale. And, for all its flaws, it is a source of legitimacy. What is more, it turns out that private entrepreneurs can do more public good when they team up with government. The ride-sharing company Lyft, for instance, has partnered with government planning agencies in California on data-sharing projects to help provide a more detailed picture of how it fits into the regional transport network. It has also shared data about how many customers call Lyft to be picked up or dropped off near train, bus, or subway stations, raising the possibility of an integrated public-private transit system.无论多么衰落,公共部门所提供的规模是巨大的。而且,虽然有诸多缺陷,公共部门是合法性的来源。此外,事实表明,在和政府合作的时候,私人企业家能够更好地造福大众。比如,拼车公司Lyft和加利福尼亚州的政府规划机构合作开展数据分享项目,就Lyft如何融入地区交通网络描绘一幅更详尽的图景。该项目还分享有关有多少通过Lyft叫车的用户在铁路、公交或者地铁站附近上车或者下车的数据,提高公共-私人交通运输系统一体化的可能性。For its part, the American Public Transportation Association has published a report on “Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit.”美国公共交通协会(APTA)方面则发布了“共享移动性和公共交通转型”的报告。There are similar examples in other industries. Airbnb has agreed with the cities of Portland and San Francisco to help streamline disaster response by identifying hosts who will take in needy citizens in the event of an earthquake or other emergency and sharing that information with city planners. Uber has launched a pilot project with Macomb County in Michigan to offer free rides for jurors and has begun a programme in several cities to increase the number of Uber drivers with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.其他行业也有类似的例子。Airbnb已经和波特兰、旧金山等城市达成协议,通过确定哪些房主能够在发生地震或者其他紧急情况时接收有需要的市民,并将这一信息与城市规划者分享,来帮助简化灾难应对流程。优步(Uber)和密歇根州马科姆(Macomb)县合作启动了一个试点计划,为陪审员提供免费乘车务,并在几个城市启动了增多有轮椅无障碍车辆的优步司机的项目。The larger point here is the emergence of an ecosystem for public problem-solving in which government is no longer the only or even necessarily the primary actor. It includes universities, public policy organisations, direct service and advocacy groups, social enterprise and far-sighted private enterprise. All must learn to work together more closely. If they do, the result will be a new model of effective, engaged and connected democracy.这其中更重要的一点是一种解决公共问题的生态系统的诞生,政府不再是唯一、甚至不再是必不可少的主要参与者。这个生态系统包括了大学、公共政策机构、直接务和倡导群体、社会企业和有远见的私人企业。所有参与方都必须学会更紧密地合作。如果他们做到了,结果会是一种饶有成效、多方参与、相互联通的新民主模式。 /201606/448719。
  • Hillary Clinton sought to press home her polling advantage over Donald Trump’s misfiring campaign on Thursday by pledging to take a tougher line in trade disputes with countries like China and accusing him of offering tax handouts to millionaire and billionaire allies.希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)周四寻求在唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)的竞选活动连连失误之际充分利用自己的民调优势,她承诺要在与中国等国家的贸易争端中采取更强硬立场,并谴责特朗普为其百万富翁和亿万富翁盟友提供税收优惠。The former secretary of state’s speech setting out her economic agenda in Warren, Michigan came three days after Mr Trump unveiled a programme of reforms in Detroit that included steep cuts to business and income tax rates, looser regulation and a tougher stance on trade deals.美国前国务卿在密歇根州沃伦发表演讲,阐述她的经济议程。就在她这次讲话三天前,特朗普在底特律公布了改革计划,内容包括大幅削减企业税和所得税税率、放松监管,并对贸易协定采取更强硬立场。In her address Mrs Clinton promised to create a new position of trade prosecutor and triple the number of enforcers as she responded to Mr Trump’s hardline agenda on trade and his claims that countries such as China and Mexico have gained an unfair advantage over the US.针对特朗普在贸易问题上的强硬派议程、以及其有关中国和墨西哥等国已取得对美不公平优势的说法,希拉里在讲话中承诺要设立一个贸易检察官的新职位,并将执法人员增至现有水平的三倍。 /201608/460460。
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