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大理人流的方式云南省大理妇产科检查多少钱Asian and Russian homebuyers who once made up a third of those buying property in London’s wealthiest areas have largely deserted the market this year as emerging market currencies plunged against sterling.曾经占伦敦最富裕地区三分之一购房者的亚洲和俄罗斯买家今年基本上放弃了这一市场,原因包括新兴市场货币兑英镑汇率大幅下挫。Properties in boroughs such as Kensington, where the average home price is 1.5m, were a sought-after asset among wealthy buyers seeking an investment in a global, politically stable city.房屋均价在150万英镑的肯辛顿(Kensington)等区的房产,曾经是寻求在政治稳定的全球城市置业的富裕买家们追捧的资产。But that has changed in 2015, in a shift that estate agents said was partly down to turmoil in emerging markets and partly to sweeping changes to stamp duty, increasing the rate for those buying homes worth more than 937,000 This includes rates of 10 per cent on the portion of the sale price above 925,000 and 12 per cent on the part above 1.5m.但这种情形在2015年发生了改变。房产经纪称,这种转变部分源自新兴市场的动荡,还有一部分原因在于英国印花税的大幅度改革——提高买价超过93.7万英镑的房产的税率。售价介于92.5万至150万英镑之间的部分执行10%的税率,超过150万英镑的部分按12%缴纳印花税。Asians made up 26 per cent of those buying homes in areas such as Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia in the first three-quarters of last year, but that fell to 6 per cent in the same period of 2015, according to figures compiled exclusively for the Financial Times by Hamptons, a high-end estate agent. Chinese buyers were down from 9 per cent of the total to 3 per cent and Russians were down from 7 per cent to 1 per cent.高端房产经纪公司汉普顿斯(Hamptons)专门为英国《金融时报》汇编的数据显示,去年前三季度,在肯辛顿、切尔西(Chelsea)以及贝尔格拉维亚(Belgravia)等高档区购房的人群中,亚洲买家占26%,而这一比例在2015年同期下降至6%。中国买家的比例从9%下降至3%,俄罗斯买家从7%降至1%。The fall has coincided with a period of turbulence in Chinese equity markets, which sp to other Asian emerging markets, prompting falls in the region’s currencies against sterling. China’s renminbi is down 6.6 per cent since April.购房人数的减少正值中国股市动荡时期,此轮股市暴跌还蔓延至其他亚洲新兴市场,导致该地区货币兑英镑汇率出现下挫。自今年4月以来,人民币汇率已下跌6.6%。In Russia, the war in Ukraine and international sanctions, together with lower oil prices, have taken a big toll on the country’s economy. The rouble has shed 25 per cent against sterling since April and is down 53 per cent over the past two years.在俄罗斯,乌克兰战争、国际制裁以及油价下跌对该国经济造成了巨大破坏。自4月以来,卢布兑英镑汇率已下跌25%,过去两年间累计下跌了53%。Transactions in prime London boroughs were down 19 per cent in the first three-quarters of 2015 against a year earlier, according to LonRes research.研究公司LonRes提供的数据显示,2015年前三季度,伦敦高档区的房产交易量同比下降了19%。 /201511/411924大理治宫颈糜烂哪里好 China will raise the deposit interest rate for its housing provident fund to allow more proceeds for depositors, the central bank said Wednesday.中国人民上周三表示,我国将上调住房公积金账户存款利率,为缴存者带来更多收益。The rate will be increased to 1.5 percent starting from Feb. 21, the People#39;s Bank of China (PBOC) said in a statement. The current rate is 0.35 percent or 1.1 percent, depending on when the deposits were placed.根据中国人民发表的一项声明中表示,自本月21日起,住房公积金存款利率将升至1.5%。目前,根据公积金存款归集时间,公积金账户存款利率为0.35%或1.1%。The housing provident fund is a saving program that allows employees and employers to set aside a portion of wages to be used as deposits on home purchases.住房公积金是一种储蓄形式,允许雇员和雇主留出一部分工资作为购房存款。;The move will help employees gain reasonable returns from their deposits, making the program fairer and more effective,; the PBOC said.央行称:“此举将有助于住房公积金缴存职工获得合理存款收益,进一步提高住房公积金制度公平性和有效性。”The hike will not affect the country#39;s overall interest rate level, it noted.此外,央行还指出,此次调整不会影响我国整体利率水平。Some analysts said the move will be an incentive for home buyers to make better use of the fund, thereby, helping house sales and reducing inventories, while others noted its role will be limited.一些分析人士表示,此举将刺激购房者更好的利用公积金,从而促进房屋销售和减少存房,但有些人则认为它的作用将是有限的。Chinese authorities have issued a slew of measures to revive the property market after it took a downturn in 2014 due to weak demand and a supply glut.中国政府已经就2014年楼市因为需求疲软和供应过剩而有所下滑做出了一系列振兴楼市的措施。 /201602/427460Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize, despite the rejection by the country’s voters last week of his historic deal with the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc).哥伦比亚总统胡安#8226;曼努埃尔#8226;桑托斯(Juan Manuel Santos)赢得了2016年诺贝尔和平奖,尽管该国选民上周拒绝了他与哥伦比亚革命武装力量(FARC)叛军达成的历史性协议。The Nobel committee said the efforts by Mr Santos had nonetheless brought the search for a permanent peace “significantly closer” and commended his “resolute efforts to bring the 50-year long civil war to an end”.诺贝尔委员会表示,尽管如此,桑托斯的努力使得寻求永久和平的目标“显著更近了”,并赞扬他“为结束长达50年的内战付出坚决努力”。The committee acknowledged there was “real danger the peace process will come to a halt and the civil war will flare up again”. But it said the prize was an effort to “encourage” all those trying to achieve peace, justice and reconciliation in Colombia.委员会承认“存在和平进程停止、内战再次爆发的真切危险”。但它称,该奖意在“鼓励”所有试图在哥伦比亚实现和平、正义与和解的人们。Mr Santos, 65, said he was accepting the prize on behalf of the victims of the civil war. “I receive this with great emotion, and this is something that will forever be important for my country and the people who have suffered with this war, especially the victims.现年65岁的桑托斯表示,他代表内战的受害者接受该奖。“我带着强烈的情感接受它,它对我国和经受战争苦难的人民、特别是受害者来说永远是重要的。“The message is, we have to persevere until we reach the end. To reach the end of this war, we are very, very close. We just need to push a bit further, to persevere. He said the government had restarted peace talks with the Farc, adding: “I hope they understand how important it is also to support this process because peace will be much stronger and much more durable if it’s supported by every single Colombian.”“这其中的信息是,我们必须坚持,直到到达终点。要到达这场战争的终点,我们已经非常、非常接近。我们只需要更进一步,再坚持下去。”他说,政府已重新启动了与FARC的和平谈判,并补充说:“我希望他们明白持这一进程有多重要,因为如果每一个哥伦比亚人都持和平,和平将会更强大、更持久。”Mr Santos made his name in politics as a supporter of his predecessor, álvaro Uribe, who later emerged as leader of the opposition to the peace deal. Mr Santos served as minister of defence in the Uribe administration from 2006 to 2009 and earned Mr Uribe’s endorsement in the 2010 election.桑托斯在政治上作为他的前任阿尔瓦罗#8226;乌里韦(álvaro Uribe)的持者声名鹊起;后来乌里韦成了反对和平协议阵营的领导人。桑托斯于2006年至2009年担任乌里韦政府的国防部长,并在2010年的选举中获得乌里韦的持。But on taking office, Mr Santos shifted away from Mr Uribe’s hardline approach to Farc, changing the government’s slogan from “democratic security” to “democratic prosperity”. In the recent referendum campaign Mr Uribe labelled Mr Santos a “Castro-Chavista” and Farc as “narco-terrorists”.但在上任后,桑托斯逐渐与乌里韦对FARC的强硬立场拉开距离,把政府的口号从“民主安全”改为“民主繁荣”。在最近的全民公投造势期间,乌里韦把桑托斯称为“卡斯特罗-查韦斯塔”,把FARC称为“毒品恐怖分子”。The opposition campaign successfully tapped into widesp popular hatred of the leftist guerrillas, who have committed atrocities over five decades.反对和平协议的阵营成功利用了选民对左翼游击队的广泛仇恨,这些叛军在50年里犯下了不少暴行。The Nobel committee said yesterday that giving the prize to Mr Santos was a tribute to those Colombians who had not given up hope of a just peace, and to the countless victims of the civil war.诺贝尔委员会昨日表示,向桑托斯颁奖是为了向那些没有对正义和平放弃希望的哥伦比亚人、向这场内战的无数受害者致敬。 /201610/469783大理体检比较好

大理妇保医院剖腹产怎么样How are trade partners to respond when US policymakers talk nonsense? That is the situation in which Europeans, Japanese and South Koreans now find themselves. The words of Wilbur Ross, US commerce secretary, and the man who Donald Trump trusts most on trade policy, show one can be a billionaire and yet not understand how the economy works, just as one can be an athlete and not understand physiology.当美国政策制定者胡说八道时,其贸易伙伴该如何应对?这正是欧洲人、日本人和韩国人如今面临的处境。美国商务部长威尔伯?罗斯(Wilbur Ross)是唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)在贸易政策上最信任的人,他的言论表明,一个不懂得经济如何运行的人也可以成为亿万富翁,正如一个不懂生理学人可以成为运动员。Objecting to warnings of protectionism from Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Mr Ross told the Financial Times that “we are the least protectionist of the major areas. We are far less protectionist than Europe. We are far less protectionist than Japan. We are far less protectionist than China.”在反驳国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜?拉加德(Christine Lagarde)关于贸易保护主义的警告时,罗斯对英国《金融时报》表示:“我们是保护主义程度最轻的主要地区。我们远没有欧洲的保护主义那么严重。我们远没有日本的保护主义那么严重。我们远没有中国的保护主义那么严重。”He added: “We also have trade deficits with all three of those places. So they talk free trade. But in fact what they practice is protectionism. And every time we do anything to defend ourselves, even against the puny obligations that they have, they call that protectionism. It’s rubbish.”他还称:“我们还对所有这三个地区都有贸易逆差。所以他们在空谈自由贸易。但是事实上他们做的是保护主义那一套。而每次我们采取自卫行动,哪怕是针对他们应该承担的微小义务,他们都会称之为保护主义。那是胡扯。”It is what Mr Ross says that is rubbish. A trade deficit is not proof that a country is open to trade. It is proof that it is spending more than its income or investing more than it saves. This is not just a theoretical point. Solid evidence supports it.罗斯所说的才是胡扯。贸易逆差并非一国贸易开放的据。它只能明一国的出多过收入,或者投资多过储蓄。这不仅仅是一个理论观点。有确凿的据持这一点。The Heritage Foundation, no less, provides an annual Index of Economic Freedom, which includes “trade freedom”. The think-tank, which prides itself on commanding influence in the Trump administration, derives the latter from data on trade-weighted tariffs and non-tariff barriers. The US, it shows, has far from the most liberal trade policies.美国传统基金会(Heritage Foundation)每年都发布包括“贸易自由度”在内的经济自由度指数(Index of Economic Freedom)。这家以可对特朗普政府施加影响为傲的智库,利用关于贸易加权关税和非关税壁垒的数据得出贸易自由度。该指标显示,美国贸易政策远非最自由的。These measures of trade freedom can be combined with data on current account balances, adjusted for the size of economies. (On this basis, the US deficit was 98th biggest out of 177 countries.) Just as theory predicts, no significant relationship exists between trade freedom and deficits. To the extent there is one, it is in the opposite direction: there is a weak tendency for liberal traders to run larger surpluses.这些衡量贸易自由度的指标可以结合经常账户余额数据,并根据经济体的规模调整。(在此基础上,美国的逆差规模在177个国家中排第98位。)就像有学说预言的那样,贸易自由度与逆差之间并不存在显著关联。如果有的话,也是一种反向关系:自由贸易国有产生更大顺差的弱趋势。The idea that protection will reduce trade deficits does make intuitive sense. It is wrong, however, because the economy does not consist of isolated markEts: everything is related to everything else. Taxes on imports are also taxes on exports. If one imposes protection against imports, one pulls resources out of production for export. To put the point in other words, exports are just a way of supplying imports. If a country imports less, because of protection, the incentive to produce exports will, other things being equal, also fall. The mechanism through which this is likely to happen, in the case of the US, will be a rise in the dollar, as the demand for imports falls. Thus, protection reduces ratios of trade to gross domestic product (making economies more closed), not trade deficits.贸易保护将减少贸易逆差的确听起来言之有理。然而,这种观点是错误的,因为经济并非由孤立的市场构成:一切都是相互关联的。对进口征税也是对出口征税。如果一国抵制进口,则会导致用于生产出口商品的资源减少。换句话说,出口只是供应进口的一种方式。如果一国因贸易保护减少进口,生产出口商品的动力(在其他条件不变的情况下)也将下降。就美国而言,随着对进口的需求下降,可能造成这种情况发生的机制将是美元走强。因此,贸易保护会降低贸易占国内生产总值(GDP)的比重(使经济更加封闭),而非减少贸易逆差。Now compare the savings rates of high-income economies with their current account balances (again relative to GDP). Just as one would expect, differences in national savings rates are powerful predictors of current account balances. If we look at high-income countries alone, we find that the US is not exceptional in any way. It is a relatively low-saving country that, largely as a result, has persistently run a current account deficit.现在,我们比较一下高收入经济体的储蓄与它们的经常账户余额(还是相对于GDP)。正如人们所料,国民储蓄的差异可以很好地用于预测经常账户余额。如果只看高收入国家,我们会发现,美国一点也不例外。美国是一个储蓄相对较低的国家,很大程度因为这一点,美国才一直保持经常账户赤字。This has allowed the US to invest more than it saves. If it wishes to reduce its external deficits, it must either lower investment (evidently, a bad idea) or raise savings. If it wishes to do the latter, the obvious start would be not to slash taxes, as planned, but raise them, instead.这使得美国的投资多过本国储蓄。如果美国希望降低外部赤字,它必须要么减少投资(这显然是个坏主意)要么增加储蓄。如果美国想增加储蓄,第一步就是不要按原计划那样减税,而是要增税。Mr Ross’s misunderstandings of the economics of trade are far from harmless follies. The administration’s fiscal policies seem sure to increase the US external deficit, for which foreigners will be blamed. Its trade policies will fail to reduce US trade deficits, for which foreigners will again be blamed. The US will propose the ludicrous objective of bilateral trade balancing in a world in which commerce itself is multilateral. This too will fail, for which foreigners will be also blamed. In all, the administration could demolish the open trading system simply because it is clueless.罗斯对贸易经济学的误解,绝不是一些毫无害处的傻念头。特朗普政府的财政政策看起来势必会增加美国的外部赤字,外国人将为此背锅。而其贸易政策将不能减少美国的贸易逆差,外国人将再次背锅。美国将提出可笑的目标,想在一个商业本身就多边化的世界里取得双边贸易平衡。这也会失败,然后再次甩锅到外国人头上。总而言之,特朗普政府可能会仅仅因为无知而废除开放的贸易制度。The trading system has been the basis of post-second world war prosperity. This period has in turn been the most prosperous for humanity in history. An excellent recent paper from the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization lays out both what is at stake and needs to be done to sp the gains from trade more widely.该贸易制度是二次世界大战后繁荣的基础,这一时期也是迄今人类历史上最繁荣的时期。IMF、世界(World Bank)和世界贸易组织(WTO)最近发表了一篇精的文章,清晰地阐述了更广泛地分配贸易的好处所要涉及的紧要问题以及需要做些什么。In particular, it demonstrates that creating a safety net for affected workers and communities, combined with policies to support adjustment to change, is effective. Yet that is precisely what the Republicans intend to weaken. Alas, that makes protection the only policy on offer to those adversely affected by economic changes, including imports.这篇文章还特别论了为受影响的劳动者和群体建立一张安全网,结合持针对变革作出调整的政策,是有效的。但这正是共和党人打算削弱的。唉,这让保护主义成了对那些受经济变化——包括进口——不利影响的人唯一能提供的政策。What is frightening about the trade agenda of the administration is that it manages to be both irrelevant and damaging. A relevant agenda would focus on the imbalances in savings and investment across the world economy. A beneficial agenda would focus on combining the necessary adjustment to economic change, of which trade is a relatively small part, with widening shares in the gains and assistance with adjustment. It would also recognise that trade has been one of the engines of economic dynamism. What is most worrying about trade has been the slowdown in its growth. That, the World Bank suggests, may be one reason for the productivity slowdown.特朗普政府贸易议程的可怕之处在于,它既不切中要害,又有破坏性。切中要害的议程会侧重于整个世界经济中储蓄和投资的不平衡。有益的议程会侧重于将针对经济变化(贸易在其中只占了相对小的一部分)的必要调整,与扩大好处分享并协助调整相结合。这样的议程还会承认,贸易一直是经济活力的引擎之一。贸易最令人担忧之处一直是增长放缓。世界认为,这可能是生产率下滑的一个原因。So how should trade partners respond to US demands? They need to accept the significance of macroeconomic imbalances. They need to make concessions that increase trade, without damaging the global economy. They need to argue the case for multilateral liberalisation. They need to do whatever they can to protect the principle of trade rules that bind both strong and the weak. Above all, they need to be patient. The US should not be governed forever by those who have so little understanding of what is at stake.那么美国的贸易伙伴应该如何回应美国的要求呢?他们需要承认宏观经济失衡的显著性。他们需要作出让步以增加贸易,不去损害全球经济。他们需要为多边自由化据理力争。他们需要极尽所能地去保护能够约束强弱双方的贸易规则原则。最重要的是,他们需要有耐心。美国应该不会永远掌控在那些对紧要问题如此缺乏了解的人的手中。 /201704/505396南涧县做无痛人流医院 大理医院引产手术要多少钱

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