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  Eating less #39;can boost your brain and help you remember more#39;吃得少能刺激大脑智力 帮你提高 Eating less could help you remember more, researchers have found.有研究者发现,吃得少能提高。Skipping dessert and having an after-dinner coffee instead could also be good for your brain, as well as your waistline.放弃餐后甜点,来一杯餐后咖啡,有益于你的脑子,也有助于控制你的腰围。The news comes from an Italian study into lsquo;calorific restrictionrsquo; ndash; the idea that near-starvation rations boost health and extend life.这样的说法来自于一个意大利的关于;卡路里限制;的研究,而研究显示,接近饥饿的食物配给能有助于促进健康和延长寿命。Scientists have long known of the phenomenon, but have struggled to work out just what it is about severely cutting calories that improves health.科学家们在很久以前就得知这种现象,但通过近期的努力钻研,科学家们才知晓大量减少卡路里能增进身体健康到底是怎么一回事。Researcher Giovambattista Pani decided to focus on a protein called CREB1 that is known to be important to memory and learning.科学家Giovambattista Pani决定对一种名为CREB1的蛋白质作针对性研究,而这种蛋白质对于学习能力和记忆能力是十分重要的。In experiments on mice, he showed that cutting calories boosted learning if the animals could still make CREB1. He also showed that cutting calories boosts the amount of the protein made in the brain. The animalsrsquo; calorie count was only cut by 25 to 30 per cent. In human terms, this equates to about 600 calories a day.在老鼠的实体试验中,他发现在老鼠大脑持续产出CREB1的情况下,减少卡路里能增加记忆能力。同时,他也得出,减少卡路里也能促进大脑细胞数量的增长。实验中只是让小白鼠减少25-30%的卡路里摄入,而在人体内,这相当于每天减少600卡路里。A cup of tea or coffee may also be beneficial, with studies crediting caffeine with upping the amount of CREB1 made in the body. The work by Dr Pani, of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome is detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.研究显示,咖啡因能让身体多产CREB1蛋白质。那么,喝一杯茶,或是品一杯咖啡会是非常有益。这个研究项目由罗马圣心天主教大学的Pani士负责,该研究的具体细节刊登在《国家科学院学报》的期刊论文上。Dr Pani said: lsquo;It is just 25 to 30 per cent fewer calories. It is like not eating a cake at the end of the meal. This gives us a tool to better investigate this brain circuitry and try to figure out more drugs that do the same. We are trying a couple of compounds right now on animals but it is at a very preliminary stage.Pani士表示:;这项实验仅仅需要减少25-30%的卡路里,只是让你感觉像是没吃餐后甜点一样。这为我们提供了更好的研究大脑路径的方法,我们也尝试找出更多的药物减少卡路里,提高记忆。我们即将在活体上尝试几种复合物,但这还停留在非常初步的阶段。;Keeping the brain young could be of huge value in an ageing population. Alzheimer#39;s and other forms of dementia affect more than 800,000 Britons, and the number expected to double in a generation.在人口老龄化的今天,保持大脑活性将拥有巨大的价值。阿尔茨海默氏症以及其它形式的痴呆症影响着超过80万英国人,而下一代患痴呆症的人数将会是上述数据的两倍。Dr Pani said: lsquo;Our findings identify for the first time an important mediator of the effects of diet on the brain. This discovery has important implications to develop future therapies to keep our brain young and prevent brain degeneration and the ageing process. Our hope is to find a way to activate CREB1, for example through new drugs, so to keep the brain young without the need of a strict diet.rsquo;Pani士表示:;我们的研究第一次确认了饮食习惯对大脑产生影响的中介物质。这次的发现意义重大,我们可以研发出创新疗法,让我们的大脑保持活性,还能防止大脑衰退和老龄化进程。我们希望寻求一种激活CREB1蛋白质的方法,例如通过新药(而不是制定严格的饮食计划)就能让大脑保持活性。; /201112/165832


  Skinny jeans are awesome. They#39;re the ultimate pants for fashion lovers.紧身牛仔裤真是棒极了,是时尚潮人们的基本必备。They suit all body types because they flatter even the most flawed bottom-half. That#39;s because they can elongate and slim the leg, and make one#39;s butt look like an apple.它适合所有身材,即便是下半身体型最糟糕的人,穿上紧身牛仔裤也能收获满意的效果。这是因为紧身牛仔能令腿部变得更纤长,使臀部看起来像个苹果。They#39;re also very adaptable, providing a neutral base upon which people can build an outfit. They tuck into boots easily, and look equally good with heels.此外,紧身牛仔裤还十分百搭,可以用其打底搭配出整体效果。它们可以轻易地塞进靴子里,配高跟鞋也很美。However, recently there#39;s a public crossfire in the US about whether it#39;s a good idea to wear these sorts of jeans, or if its better we discard pants that are just too tight.然而,近日,美国上下掀起一场关于紧身牛仔的激烈论战,人们质疑穿着这种紧身裤是否明智,是否该摒弃这种过紧的裤子。There are plenty of horror stories associated with skinny jeans. They range from falling over and not being able to get up again because of how tight the jeans are, to experiencing numbness in the thighs.关于紧身牛仔裤骇人听闻的报道层出不穷。有人因为紧身牛仔裤太紧以致于摔倒后站不起来,有人的穿上紧身牛仔裤后大腿麻痹失去知觉。A latest Wall Street Journal article goes further, pointing out some scary health risks of our favorite skinny jeans.《华尔街日报》近日的一篇文章更进一步指出,我们最爱的牛仔裤可能为健康带来可怕的威胁。The article listed several symptoms of ;skinny jean syndrome; including lower back pain, and in cases where the waistband is extremely tight, digestive issues and blood clots.这篇文章中列举出一些;紧身牛仔综合征;的症状,包括腰痛症状,以及一些由于(牛仔裤)腰部过紧而导致的消化系统问题及血液凝块现象。Friction caused by overly tight pants may lead to bladder infections.过于紧身的牛仔裤所产生的擦可能导致膀胱感染的发生。Plus, it causes nerve compression. A very tight pant leg can pinch a sensitive nerve in your upper thigh. And it stirs terrible burning and pain.另外,紧身牛仔还会压迫神经。非常紧身的裤子会挤压到你大腿上部的敏感神经,产生剧烈的灼烧感和疼痛感。Finally, a strange kind of disfigurement can occur when too-tight jeans force fatty tissue into areas above the knee. This causes horizontal lesions to appear around the thighs. They#39;ll end up looking like thigh donuts that are ugly.最后,过于紧身的牛仔裤会将脂肪组织推到膝盖以上部位,从而产生一种奇怪的畸形。这会在大腿周围产生一系列横向的皮肤损伤,最终会使大腿看起来像是丑陋的甜甜圈。Would you like to become a fashion victim? Or will you opt to upsize your skinny pants a bit?你是想沦为时尚的牺牲品,还是选择把紧身牛仔裤的尺寸放宽一点?Killer heels and belts高跟鞋和腰带也暗藏杀机Tight jeans aren#39;t the only fashion item on trial. The Wall Street Journal identified other trendy closet items with a dark side.紧身牛仔裤并非唯一接受人们审判的时尚单品。《华尔街日报》同时也指出了其他一些暗藏弊端的时尚衣橱单品。High heels: result in nerve and bone damage, and ankle sprains.高跟鞋:;恨天高;会导致神经、骨骼受伤,脚踝扭伤。Earrings: produce itchy red rashes and promote infection.耳环:引发发痒红疹,并引起感染。Tight belts: reduce oxygen intake, leading to light-headedness.紧身腰带:减少摄氧量,引起轻微头痛。Shirt collars and neckties: can cut off circulation to the brain, producing headaches, blurry vision and ringing ears, if you wear them too tight.衬衫衣领和领带:如果你系得太紧,可能会切断通往大脑的血液循环,产生头痛,视线模糊及耳鸣等症状。 /201203/175624

  AQUARIUS The Aquarian is meticulous when it comes to personal appearance. You do not like fussiness around you or in your perfumes, you want a perfume that shows what you stand for - independence, simplicity and gentility. The fragrance to suit your Aquarian qualities is Elizabeth Arden.水瓶:在众人面前瓶子总是小心翼翼。你不喜欢过于复杂的香水,而体现独立、简单和优雅气质的香水通常是你的首选。Elizabeth Arden正好能满足你的需要。 /201208/194602A study of the nation#39;s best-loved sounds found that Brits love nothing more than the noise of the sea - which topped the list of fifty.一项有关全国人民最爱声音的调查发现,英国人最爱大海的声音,美妙的海浪声排在了50个最爱声音的榜首。The sound of rain against the windows - if you are on the inside - something Brits have had plenty of chance to enjoy over the recent wash-out summer, came second.在屋里听到的雨点敲打窗子的声音排在了第二,这可是英国人在夏天雨季有大把机会能享受到的声音。Fireworks, children laughing and bacon sizzling are also sounds brits found pleasing to the ears, according to the study of 2,000 people.这份2000人参与调查还发现,发现烟火的声音,小孩的笑声,煎培根滋滋作响的声音都是英国人爱的声音。TOP 10 MOST LOVED SOUNDS10大最受欢迎的声音1.Waves against rocks1.拍打岩石的声音2.Rain against the windows2.雨点击打窗子的声音3.Ting on snow3.踏雪的声音4.Baby laughing4.婴儿的笑声5.Birds chirping5.小鸟叽叽的叫声6.Crackling open fire6.明火的爆裂声7.People laughing7.人群的笑声8.Leaves crunching beneath your feet8.脚步踏在枯叶上的声音9.Cat purring9.呜呜的猫叫声10.Church bells in the distance10.远处教堂的钟声内容来自: /201209/197627

  ;I need something to motivate our employees.Should I order the Warren Buffett Pez dispensers or the Donald Trump comb and brush kits?;我需要采取些办法激励我的员工,到底是定购一些巴非特的玩偶糖还是唐纳的梳子套装呢? /201507/388141

  1. The Halloween celebration comes from All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, the 1st of November. This was originally a pagan festival of the dead, but later became a holiday to honor Christian saints. 万圣节的庆祝活动来源于每年11月1日的All Hallows Day 或All Saints Day。它原先是异教徒们纪念死者的节日,但是逐渐演变成一个纪念基督圣者的节日。2. The name Halloween comes from a contraction of All Hallows Eve (Evening), the day before All Hallows Day. On this night it was believed that the spirits of the dead would try to come back to life! Halloween就是All Hallows Eve的缩写。而All Hallows Eve(夜晚)是All Hallows Day 的前一天。人们认为在当天晚上,亡者的灵魂会重新复活!3. Dressing up in costumes is one of the most popular Halloween customs, especially among children. According to tradition, people would dress up in costumes (wear special clothing, masks or disguises) to frighten the spirits away. Dressing up in costumes是最受欢迎的万圣节风俗之一,尤其是受孩子们的欢迎。按照传统习俗,人们会dress up in costumes(穿戴一些特別的裝,面具或者装饰)来吓跑鬼魂。4. Popular Halloween costumes include vampires (creatures that drink blood), ghosts (spirits of the dead) and werewolves (people that turn into wolves when the moon is full).流行的万圣节装包括vampires(吸血鬼),ghosts(死者的灵魂)和werewolves(每当月圆时就变成狼形的人)。5. Trick or Treat is a modern Halloween custom where children go from house to house dressed in costume, asking for treats like candy or toys. If they don't get any treats, they might play a trick (mischief or prank) on the owners of the house. Trick or Treat 是现代万圣节的风俗。孩子们穿着特殊的衣走街串巷,讨取糖果和玩具之类的赏赐。如果他们得不到任何的赏赐,就可能会对屋主大搞恶作剧或者胡闹了。6. The tradition of the Jack o' Lantern comes from a folktale about a man named Jack who tricked the devil and had to wander the Earth with a lantern. The Jack o' Lantern is made by placing a candle inside a hollowed-out pumpkin, which is carved to look like a face. Jack o' Lantern 的传统来自于一个民间传说。一个名叫Jack的人戏弄了恶魔,之后就不得不提着一盏灯在地球上流浪。Jack o' Lantern是用雕刻成脸型,中间挖空,再插上蜡烛的南瓜做成的。7. There are many other superstitions associated with Halloween. A superstition is an irrational idea, like believing that the number 13 is unlucky! 和万圣节有关的迷信还有很多。迷信是一种不合常理的想法,比如认为13是不吉利的数字!8. Halloween is also associated with supernatural creatures like ghosts and vampires. These creatures are not part of the natural world. They don't really exist... or do they? 万圣节还和一些诸如鬼魂和吸血鬼之类的超自然的生物有关。这些生物不是自然界的一部分。他们实际上是不存在的……或许他们其实真的存在?9. Witches are popular Halloween characters that are thought to have magical powers. They usually wear pointed hats and fly around on broomsticks. 女巫是万圣节很受欢迎的人物,人们认为她们具有强大的魔力。他们通常戴着尖顶的帽子,骑在扫把上飞来飞去。10. Bad omens are also part of Halloween celebrations. A bad omen is something that is believed to bring bad luck, like black cats, spiders or bats. 恶兆也是万圣节庆祝活动的一部分。人们相信恶兆会带给坏运气,黑猫、蜘蛛或者蝙蝠都算是恶兆。 /201110/158974

  An apartment that is believed to be the most expensive one-bedroom property in the world is on sale in Tokyo with a price tag of a cool Y1.8 billion (pound;14.72 million).位于日本东京的一栋公寓以18亿日元(约合1472万英镑)的价格出售,成为世界上最昂贵的单卧室公寓。The House Minami-Azabu is sp over more than 4,430 square feet of a condominium building in the Minami-Azabu district of west Tokyo and is being sold by Japan Sotheby#39;s International Realty. The price means that 1 square foot of the property costs pound;3,320.33.这套豪华公寓坐落于东京都港区南麻布,占地约4430平方英尺,相当于每平方英尺售价3320.33英镑,目前正由日本苏富比国际地产公司挂牌出售。The owner of the penthouse apartment – whom Sotheby#39;s would only identify as a successful and married businessman – spent 18 months completely refurbishing the property from a four-bedroom family home.这栋豪华公寓的主人——苏富比公司只透露他是一名已婚成功商人——花了18个月时间把原先的家庭四居室翻新为现在的单卧室公寓。Stone and wood imported from Italy has been used for the walls, flooring and doors, a Japanese ;ryotei;-style dining room is designed specifically for dinner parties where the chef can serve guests directly from the kitchen.公寓内的墙壁、地板和门用的是意大利进口石材和木材;居室内专门为晚宴聚会设计了日式“料亭”风格餐厅,厨师可以直接从厨房给客人上菜。A separate ;casual; dining room has a Parisian-style terrace overlooking the neighbouring park. The bedroom includes an expansive walk-in closet, while the bathroom incorporates a hot-tub and a 60-inch television.另一个独立的休闲餐厅还带有一个巴黎风格的露台,可以俯瞰邻近的公园。卧室里有一个宽敞的走入式衣帽间,浴室里有热浴缸,还装有一台60英寸电视。The storage for shoes in the entrance has space to accommodate 200 pairs of shoes, but the focal point of the property is the courtyard with a surrounding lounge area where guests can ;enjoy the charming seasonal garden;.玄关处的鞋柜可容纳200双鞋。但该公寓的画龙点睛之笔还在于配有休息区的后花园,客人可以在那里“观赏四季迷人的花园”。;We have been quite surprised at the interest that has been shown in the property so far,; Mika Takemura, of Sotheby#39;s, told the reporters.苏富比员工米卡#8226;竹村告诉记者说:“到目前为止,已经有很多人表示对这套公寓有兴趣,十分出乎我们的意料。”;We did not think we would get many inquiries at that price or with only one bedroom, but there have been several couples who have inquired about it,; she said, adding that international businessmen who have to spend a couple of months in Tokyo every year have also expressed interest.她说:“我们起初认为人们会因这所公寓的昂贵价格或只有一间卧室而少有问津,但目前已经有好几对夫妇前来咨询了。”她还补充道每年都要在东京待几个月的跨国商人们也表示对这所公寓感兴趣。The company will not name the interested parties but Takemura said that they include ;famous people in the business world;.该公司并未透露有意向客户的身份,但竹村说其中不乏“商界名人”。The owner of the property is also selling off two more exclusive properties. A three-bedroom family home on the beach at Hayama, 90 minutes south of Tokyo and the summer residence of the Imperial Family, is on sale for Y1.3 billion (pound;10.63 million), while a vacation home in the mountain resort of Karuizawa is on the market for Y550 million (pound;4.5 million).这栋公寓的主人与此同时还在出售另外两套高级豪宅。一所三卧室住宅位于东京以南90分钟车程的叶山海滩,售价13亿日元(约合1063万英镑),该房屋是皇家的夏季住宅。另一栋是位于轻井泽山区的一处度假屋,市场价5.5亿日元(约合450万英镑)。 /201207/190736。


  How to cope with Insomnia 8个步骤让你轻松摆脱失眠安稳入睡 Exercise 锻炼 Walk, take the stairs, clean your house. Anything to make sure your body actually needs sleep.When I was working in an office,I typically was sitting down all day and not doing that much. I would have trouble sleeping and thus trouble keeping my head up the next day. Exercise or exhausting yourself for even 30 minutes a day will greatly help with your sleep. 走走路,爬爬楼梯,清洁你的房子。做一些让你的身体需要休息的事情。当我在办公室工作的时候,我通常都会坐一整天,那些事情我根本不会去做。所以我睡不好觉,第2天的精神也不能保。每天让自己运动30分钟,会对你的睡眠有益处。 Don't use the computer, watch television, or play with any electrionics right before going to bed 睡觉之前尽量不使用电脑,看电视或用一些电器 All of these tell your brain, "WAKE UP!". Avoid this! 所有这些都会向你的大脑传达“醒醒!”的指令。请远离这些! Avoid caffeine and sugar 避免咖啡因和糖分的摄取 At least a few hours before bed, so that they do not keep you awake. 睡觉前至少几个小时请尽量避免,这样他们就不会让你保持清醒。 Get into a routine 养成一个好习惯 Walk the dog, brush your teeth, lay out clothing for the next day, and get into bed. Something similar that you do every night to get your mind into sleep-mode. 溜,刷牙,准备妥当第二天的衣后就去睡觉。类似的事情会让你的头脑每到晚上都会进入睡眠模式。 /201110/157947

  1. In the end nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another.1. 最终我们在一生中说的做的都不如我们爱别人的方式重要。2. People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that#39;s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to to your own attention so you can change your life.2. 人们觉得灵魂伴侣是与自己完美的结合,这也是每个人都想要的。但是真正的灵魂伴侣是一面镜子,这个人会展现出所有让你退缩的事,让你注意到自己,这样就能改变人生。3. If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.3. 如果你能记得我,我不在乎别人是不是忘记了。4. Love must be learned, and learned again and again; there is no end to it.4. 爱要通过学习,不断的学习,永无止境。5. The love that saves us is not a love that might come to us in the future, but rather the love we can give to whomever is around us right now.5. 能拯救我们的爱不会在将来发生,而是我们现在能为身边的人付出些什么。6. The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are.6. 不管你在哪里,爱和被爱的机会总是存在。7. Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.7. 有时候你在我附近,我会忘记如何呼吸,我想说的一切都不知该从何说起。然后,我只能沉默,希望我的眼睛能说出心声。8. Those who live passionately teach us how to love. Those who love passionately teach us how to live.8. 会生活的人教我们如何去爱,会爱的人教我们如何去生活。9. If you live the questions, life will move you into the answers.9. 如果你带着问题而活,生活会告诉你。10. If you#39;re gonna make a change, you#39;re gonna have to operate from a new belief that says life happens not to me but for me.10. 如果你想改变,你需要建立新的信念,到底是“生活为我”还是“我为生活”。 /201212/217858

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