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东台市中医院处女膜修复多少钱Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa urged for calm in relations with Serbia following a war of words that erupted between the two countries over the weekend.科索沃和塞尔维亚周末发生口水战,科索沃总理穆斯塔法呼吁同塞尔维亚的关系中保持冷静。In an exclusive interview with VOA’s Albanian Service, Mustafa was responding to comments by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic who said his country “is y to send troops to Kosovo to protect Serbian nationals, if necessary,; after a train painted with the words ;Kosovo is Serbia; was stopped Saturday from entering Kosovo.这是穆斯塔法在接受美国之音阿尔巴尼亚语组采访时,对塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇说的“如有必要,塞尔维亚准备向科索沃派遣军队,保护塞尔维亚公民”这种说法所做出的回应。上星期六,一列从塞尔维亚开往科索沃,上面写着“科索沃是塞尔维亚的”列车被拦在边界,不得进入科索沃。Mustafa called Nikolic s statement ;irresponsible; and a threat ;not only to Kosovo but also to the Balkans.;穆斯塔法批评尼科利奇的言论不负责任,说这不仅是对科索沃,而且是对巴尔干半岛的威胁;We do not want to respond to that threat with the same language,; said Mustafa. ;We are interested in living in good neighborly relations with Serbia.;他说:“我们不会用同样的语言来回应这种威胁。我们愿意同塞尔维亚保持友好睦邻关系。”Nikolic said Kosovo had shown it wanted war after it deployed special forces to prevent the train painted with Serbias national colors from entering its territory.塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇指责科索沃向边界派遣特别部队,阻止这列涂着塞尔维亚国家代表色的列车入境是想要挑起战争。Mustafa told journalists the train ;sent a message of occupation.;科索沃总理穆斯塔法则告诉记者说,这列火车传递了“占领的信息”。来 /201701/489203盐城/市哪个医院做无痛人流好What do the governments of Belarus, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Russia have in common, apart from their lack of enthusiasm for participatory democracy?白俄罗斯、文莱、柬埔寨、老挝和俄罗斯几国的政府除了都对参与式民主没兴趣之外,还有什么共同之处呢?Beijing claims they have all recently come out in support of its position on the South China Sea. It says they back its arguments, either that maritime disputes should be resolved bilaterally or that the arbitration case brought by the Philippines against Beijing’s claims is illegitimate.中国政府宣布上述政府最近都站出来持其在南中国海的立场,称它们持自己的观点,包括海上纠纷应通过双边协商解决,以及菲律宾对中国的领土主张提出的仲裁案是不合法的。This is no accident. A judgment on the Philippines case is expected within months. Beijing is working hard to persuade other countries that the court of arbitration in The Hague has no right to adjudicate on its claims.此事绝非偶然。菲律宾提出的仲裁案预计将在数月内得出裁决。北京方面正努力说其他国家相信,海牙仲裁法庭无权对中国的主张作出裁决。During recent weeks, Wang Yi, the wily Chinese foreign minister, has been courting counterparts with renewed vigour, with visits to Brunei, Cambodia and Laos designed to keep Southeast Asia divided in its approach to China.近几周来,深谋远虑的中国外长王毅一直以充沛的精力拜访同行,访问了文莱、柬埔寨和老挝,意图分化东南亚对中国的态度。Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, last week became the latest senior diplomat to side with China’s opposition to external interference the US in the South China Sea.俄罗斯外长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)上周成为持中国立场的最新一位高级外交官,表示反对对南中国海问题的外部干预——意指美囀?China has drawn huge attention and criticism for its construction of islands and military facilities on contested reefs. But diplomacy is an equally important part of its strategy for dominating these waters, which contain rich fisheries, vast oil and gas reserves and key global trade routes.中国的填海造岛、以及在争议性岛礁上建造军事设施的举动,已引起极大关注与批评,但外交同样是其主导这片海域的重要策略。该海域含有丰富的渔业资源、大量石油和天然气储量,以及关键的全球贸易路线。The unfolding public relations battle over the Philippines arbitration case shows that policymakers in Beijing are worried China will look like a rogue international rule-breaker because of its defiance of The Hague tribunal.围绕菲律宾仲裁案展开的这场公关战显示出,北京的政策制定者担心中国会因藐视海牙法庭而被看作野蛮的国际规则破坏者。The Philippines contends that China’s claim to “historic rightsover almost the entire South China Sea based on its “nine-dash linemap has no basis in international law. Manila also claims large parts of these waters, as does Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.菲律宾称中国基于其“九段线”地图对几乎整个南中国海提出的“历史性权利”主张没有任何国际法依据。菲律宾政府也对该海域大片区域提出主张,文莱、马来西亚、台湾和越南也一样。Although the judges are not considering overt questions of sovereignty, if they rule in the Philippinesfavour on this issue, it would significantly undermine China’s claims.虽然法官不会考虑主权问题,但如果他们在这件事上的判决倾向菲律宾一方,将对中国的主张造成严重破坏。The US and the EU, which are concerned about China’s increasingly strident behaviour, have thrown their weight behind Manila, arguing that Beijing should respect the outcome of the case.美国和欧盟对于中国日益强硬的行为十分关注,它们对菲律宾政府予以持,认为北京应该尊重裁决结果。China is lining up its own team of supporters and is neutralising potential opponents with the promise of big infrastructure investments for those who play ball.中国正在组织自己的持者队伍,并努力让潜在的反对者中立化,对愿意合作者许以大型基础设施投资的承诺。Beijing wants to ensure that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the only regional body that regularly discusses security issues, remains divided and weak when it comes to the South China Sea.北京方面希望确保,唯一定期讨论安全问题的地区组织——东ASEAN)——在面对南中国海问题时仍然维持分裂、软弱的状态。Regional diplomats fear that it is succeeding.该地区外交官担心,这一策略正在取得成功。Mr Wang claimed after the visit to Brunei, Laos and Cambodia that Beijing had reached a “consensuswith these nations to oppose “unilateralactions, a euphemism for the Philippines case.在对文莱、老挝、柬埔寨进行访问后,王毅宣称,中国已经与这些国家就反对“单边”行动(对菲律宾行为的委婉说法)达成了“共识”。Laos and Cambodia, which rely heavily on Chinese investment, have long done Beijing’s bidding by preventing Asean from taking a harder line on the maritime disputes. But oil-rich Brunei, which is feeling the pressure of lower crude prices, has not previously sided so openly with China.由于严重依赖中国投资,老挝与柬埔寨长期以来一直按照北京方面的吩咐,阻挠东盟在海洋领土争端上采取更强硬的路线。但石油资源丰富的文莱——如今正承受原油价格下跌带来的压力——此前从未如此公开地站在中国一边。Meanwhile, Southeast Asia’s biggest nation, Indonesia, is trying hard to stay out of the disputes, insisting that a recent clash with China’s coastguard over illegal fishing has nothing to do with China’s geostrategic ambitions.与此同时,东南亚最大国家印度尼西亚正努力置身这些争端之外。该国坚称,最近围绕非法与中国海警发生的一起冲突与中国的地缘政治野心无关。This is music to Beijing’s ears.这种表态令北京方面感到悦耳。Donald Weatherbee, a visiting fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, says that “Indonesia and the other four targets of China’s South China Sea policy are in the same boat, but there is no captain or sailing directions新加坡东南亚研究所(Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)访问研究员唐纳德#8226;韦瑟Donald Weatherbee)表示:“印尼与中国南中国海政策其他四个目标国家同坐一条船,但他们没有船长或航行指南。”Divisions among China’s Southeast Asian neighbours have left the way open for it to alter the “facts on the waterby building military installations from runways to radar stations in the South China Sea.东南亚邻国间的分歧使中国得以一路畅通地通过在南中国海建立军事设施——从飞机跑道到雷达站——来改变“海上现状”。Ashley Townshend, a research fellow at the University of Sydney, compares Beijing’s actions to those of a rebel group trying to amass as much bargaining power as possible before being forced eventually to agree a ceasefire.悉尼大学(University of Sydne)研究员阿什#8226;汤曾Ashley Townshend)将北京方面的行为,比作反叛组织的成员试图在最终被迫同意停火前尽可能多地积累讨价还价的筹码。The next test of Beijing’s appetite for risk could come at the Scarborough Shoal, which it snatched from Philippines control in 2012. It is rumoured to be the next destination for China’s island-building barges.对北京方面风险偏好的下一场考验可能来自斯卡伯勒浅滩(Scarborough Shoal,中国称黄?岛)。中国于2012年从菲律宾夺得了对该岛的控制权。据称,这里将是中国大批造岛驳船的下一个目的地。If China does try to build up a reef that lies not far from Manila, the US would come under pressure to respond with more freedom of navigation operations or some other show of military force.如果中国真的试图在这处距马尼拉不远的岛礁填海造岛,美国将面临以更多的航行自由行动或其他展示军事力量的方式进行回应的压力。But Beijing is hoping it can continue to get away with incrementally changing the status quo and neutralising opposition.但北京方面正希望能够继续如愿地一边逐步改变现状,一边让反对的国家中立化。来 /201605/441139A series of blasts in Thailands southern provinces in a 24-hour period Thursday and Friday has killed at least four people and wounded dozens more.泰国南部省份星期四和星期4小时内发生一系列爆炸,至人死亡,几十人受伤。The explosions occurred in the seaside resort of Hua Hin, the island gateway town of Surat Thani and in southern Trang.爆炸发生在滨海避暑胜地华欣,海岛入口城镇苏叻他尼,以及董里府南部;The bombs are an attempt to create chaos and confusion,; said junta chief Prayut Chan-o-cha. ;Why have the bombs occurred as our country is heading towards stability, a better economy and tourism?;泰国总理巴育说:“爆炸是为了制造混乱和困惑”。他说:“为什么这些爆炸发生在我们国家正迈向稳定,以及经济和旅游好转的时候呢?”In a referendum last week, millions of Thais voted to approve a junta-backed constitution the countrys military leaders say opens the way to new elections, but critics see it as legitimizing the military’s role in government for years to come.上个星期,几千万泰国人在全民公投中投票通过了军政府持的宪法。泰国军方领袖说,这个宪法为新的选举铺平了道路,但批评人士认为,新宪法的通过使得军方在日后把持政权合法化了。来 /201608/460661阜宁县治疗早孕哪家医院最好的

建湖县第三人民医院不孕不育多少钱盐城/到那个医院无痛人流好Stephen Hawking, the great explainer of cosmic mysteries, is also known for sharing his wisdom on more earthly matters. He has weighed in on climate change (bold action is needed), boycotting Israel (he favored it), and the departure of Zayn Malik from the boy band One Direction (he could still be in the band in a parallel universe).斯蒂芬·霍Stephen Hawking)不仅是伟大的宇宙奥秘解读者,也喜欢在世俗一些的事情上分享自己的智慧。他曾谈过气候变化(需要采取大胆的行动),对以色列的抵制(他赞同这么做),泽恩·马利Zayn Malik)离开男孩组合单向乐队(One Direction)单飞(在一个平行宇宙中,他可以仍然属于该乐队)。But on ITV’s “Good Morning Britainon Tuesday, Mr. Hawking, a theoretical physicist and best-selling author, acknowledged a mystery that he has found impenetrable.不过,在ITV《早安英囀?Good Morning Britain)本周二的节目中,作为理论物理学家、畅销书作家,霍金承认自己发现了一个不可破解的谜团。Asked to explain the political ascendance of Donald J. Trump, he said simply, “I can’t.”节目组请霍金解释唐纳德·J·特朗Donald J. Trump)在政坛的崛起,他直接回答,“我解释不了。”“He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,he said in prerecorded remarks.“他是一个煽动者,似乎对最小公分母很有吸引力,”,霍金在预先录制的发言中说。A message left with the Trump campaign on Tuesday was not immediately returned. The subject did not come up at a news conference that the Republican presidential candidate held in Manhattan on Tuesday.本周二发给特朗普竞选团队的消息没有立即获得回应。这位共和党总统候选人当天在曼哈顿举行新闻发布会时也没有提到这件事。Dr. Hawking may be the smartest person to admit being baffled by Mr. Trump’s unlikely path to the presumptive party nomination, but he is certainly not the first. Last year, pundits from across the American political spectrum pegged Mr. Trump’s chances at slim to none.特朗普稳获党内提名一事大大出乎众人的意料,霍金可能是承认自己看不懂这条崛起之路的最聪明的人,但他肯定不是第一个。去年,全美各地的观察人士都认为特朗普的提名机会几乎为零。At another point on “Good Morning Britain,Dr. Hawking, who is British, weighed in on the contentious debate over whether the country should remain in the European Union, a process often referred to as Brexit.在《早安英囀?节目中,霍金还在有关“英国退出欧盟Brexit)的激烈辩论中发表了自己的看法。霍金本人是英国人。“Gone are the days when we could stand on our own, against the world,he said. “We need to be part of a larger group of nations, both for our security and our trade. The possibility of our leaving the E.U. has aly led to a sharp fall in the pound, because the markets judge that it will damage our economy.”“我们可以独自对抗世界的日子已经过去了,”他说。“我们需要成为一个更大的国家集团的一部分。这既是为了我们的安全,也是为了我们的贸易着想。我们离开欧盟的可能性已经导致英镑的暴跌,因为市场认为脱欧会损害我们的经济。”Those who favor leaving argue that the country’s membership in the bloc has diminished British influence and sovereignty. A referendum is scheduled for June 23.赞成脱欧的人认为,欧盟成员身份削弱了英国的影响力和主权。有关此事的公投定于63日进行。Dr. Hawking, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, has also been a bullish advocate for people with disabilities, a group that has been critical of Mr. Trump.霍金患有肌萎缩侧索硬化症,又称卢·格里克病。他也是一位积极的残障人士权益倡导者,而这些人大多对特朗普持批评态度。During a campaign event in November, the candidate appeared to mock a reporter for The New York Times, who has a physical disability called arthrogryposis, which restricts the functioning of his joints.在去1月的一次竞选活动中,特朗普似乎对《纽约时报》的一位记者进行了嘲笑。此人有关节弯曲身体残疾,限制了他的关节功能。“Now the poor guy, you ought to see this guy,Mr. Trump said, before jerking his arms around.“有个可怜的家伙,你们应该看看这个家伙,”特朗普说,然后朝着四周抽搐手臂。Responding to criticism over the comments, Mr. Trump denied that he had intended to mock the reporter.遭到批评后,特朗普否认他有意嘲笑这名记者。来 /201606/447421建湖县第三人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱12-year-old girl finds ancient Egyptian amulet12岁女孩发现古埃及护符An ancient Egyptian amulet was uncovered in Jerusalem by a young girl taking part in a family dig in the capital.耶路撒冷小女孩参加“圣殿山筛选项目”考古活动时,发现一古埃及护符。Neshama Spielman, from Jerusalem, found the artifact four years ago at a dig organized by the City of David and the Temple Mount Sifting Project, which works to examine tons of dirt removed without archaeological supervision from the Temple Mount by the Muslim Waqf. Details of the find and its identification, however, have only now been revealed. Spielman, who is aged 12, was just 8 when she made the find.小女孩名叫Neshama Spielman,来自耶路撒冷。她年前在“圣殿山筛选项目”中发现这个护符的。该项目旨在检查从神圣犹太教遗址移来,未经考古检测过的泥土。当年,Spielman只有8岁。The piece was taken away for laboratory testing, and the Spielman family only received a phone call this month telling them the amulet had been identified.后来此护符被拿去实验室检测,知道上个月,Spielman一家才接到电话,被告知检测结果。Spielman was sifting through dirt at the Emek Tzurim national park on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem when she noticed the small rectangular object.当时,Spielman正在耶路撒冷Emek Tzurim国家公园橄榄山的斜坡上检查泥土。突然就注意到了这个小小的矩形物件。Just 21 millimeters long, 16 millimeters high, and 4 millimeters thick, the amulet, of which part is missing, has a “raised decorationon it with a loop at one end that allowed it to be worn on a cord around the neck.该护符只1毫米长6毫米高毫米厚,部分已经缺失。上方凸起的部分有个孔,可以用绳穿起来挂在脖子上。The raised decoration shows a cartouche an oval frame around Egyptian hieroglyphics indicating a royal name. Above the frame archaeologists could make out the symbol of an eye and that of a cobra.凸起那部分有个“涡卷饰品”——(古埃及碑上)在王和神的名字周围的椭圆形装饰。考古学家在上面发现有眼镜蛇一只眼的符号。The amulet has been dated to 3,200 years ago and bears the name of Pharaoh Thutmose III, a prominent figure from the Eighteenth Dynasty who reigned from 1479 E to 1425 E.护符距今已有3200年的历史,上面还刻有“图特斯三世”法老的名字。他于公元前1504至公元前1450年在位统治。“Thutmose III was one of the most important pharaohs in Egypt’s New Kingdom and is credited with establishing the Egyptian imperial province in Canaan,said Gabriel Barkay, the co-founder and director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project.“图特斯三世是埃及新王朝最重要的法老之一。他使埃及在迦南完成了从一个地域性王国向洲际大帝国的质变。”“圣殿山筛选项目”的联合发起人和总负责人Gabriel Barkay如是说。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201607/453459射阳县治疗子宫内膜炎哪家医院最好的

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