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Robot that cleans - inventor's ideal womanAn inventor has created his perfect woman, a robot who can do the cleaning, remember his favourite drink and him the newspaper headlines.Le Trung, 33, has spent pound;14,000 creating Aiko, who he describes as "in her 20s" with a 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.She can speak English and Japanese and is so accomplished at mathematics she can do Mr Trung's accounts.Mr Trung, from Brampton in Ontario, Canada, said he has never had time to find a real partner – so he designed and created his ideal woman using the latest technology.The former software programmer has taken out credit cards and loans, sold his car and spent his life savings on perfecting his "fem-bot".Now he is desperate to find a corporate sponsor to help him complete and perfect Aiko.He said: "Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty."I want to make her look, feel and act as human as possible so she can be the perfect companion."I talk to her a lot, and hope to improve her knowledge."So far she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese, so she's aly fairly intelligent."Aiko recognise faces and says hello when any of my family come around to visit. She helps me pick what to have for dinner and knows what drinks I like."She even helps me with directions when we're going somewhere."She doesn't need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is very patient and never complains She is the perfect woman."Mr Trung has designed Aiko with a touch-sensitive face and body so she reacts in a natural way if she is shown affection or hurt. /200812/58677A long time ago, when Hercules fought the monster Hydra, a huge crab bit Hercules’ feet but was finally defeated. The crab fell onto an island in the Aegean Sea. Because the crab did not finish the task given by Hera, the Queen of Athens was affected by the curse. As a result, when the princess of Athens Meriot was born, a prophet foretold that the day the princess got married was the day the Queen would die. Therefore, the Queen made sure the princess did not marry.在很久很久以前,赫五力大战蛇妖许的时候,从海中升出一只巨蟹为帮助蛇妖咬了赫五力的脚踝,后来这只巨蟹被赫五力打死,落在了爱琴海的一座小岛上。巨蟹没有完成女神赫拉的任务,因而被诅咒,这诅咒便波及到了雅典王后的身上。在雅典公主美洛出生的时候,就有一位预言家预言,公主结婚的时候就是王后死亡的时候。为着这个预言,王后一直没有叫公主嫁人。When Meriot was 20 years old, a prince named Sa came to Athens. He admired Meriot’s beauty and wanted to marry her. And when Meriot saw Sa, she fell into love at first sight. But the curse was still valid and she could not pursue her own happiness by sacrificing her mother’s life. Meriot tried her best to control her emotions by arranging nine impossible missions for him to complete. Only by finishing these tasks could he marry her. However, Sa managed to complete them eventually, putting the princess in a great dilemma. Eventually her mother agreed to their marriage for the happiness of her daughter.直到美洛二十岁的时候,雅典城来了一位王子,名叫所飒。所飒是慕名而来,他一心想娶美洛为妻,而美洛在第一眼见到所飒时也深深的爱上了他。然而诅咒是可怕的,公主也不希望只为了自己的幸福去牺牲母亲的生命。于是她想尽办法阻止所飒也阻止自己的欲望。他定下了九关,就如同九个不可能完成的任务一样,除非所飒一一做到,他才可以迎娶美洛。然而,英勇无比的所飒竟一一做到了!公主陷入了两难的境地。伟大的母亲为了女儿的幸福,毅然决定把美洛嫁给所飒。On their nuptial day, the Queen did not go to the ceremony, as she did not want anything terrible to happen. The Queen went to the beach and jumped into the Aegean Sea. When the Queen drowned, a huge crab appeared in the sea and embraced her as if a shell of protection.在美洛和所飒举行婚礼的这一天,王后并没有到场,她不希望宴会上出现什么意外来破坏气氛。王后一个人悄悄走向海边,迎接着爱琴海的浪涛,蹈水自尽了。当人们怎么也找不到王后时,在海上发现了一只巨大的蟹,它的双臂环绕在胸前,仿佛缺乏安全感,又像是一位善于保护的母亲。When Hera found out about her mother’s death, she was full of regret and transformed the crab into a constellation in the sky called Cancer.女神赫拉知道这件事情以后也有些后悔,于是让那温柔而敏感的母亲在天上成为一个星座,它的形象就是一只巨蟹。 /201108/150278To see what patterns of behavior most Americans consider "normal", I asked an ad agency--whose researchers are experts in uncovering consumer buying habits and motivation--to tell me how Americans wash their hair, go to bed, change a tire. In some instances, the results are entirely predictable; in others, downright surprising. Four times as many men as women hug their spouse first thing when they walk in the door after work. When no one's around, men are also more likely to drink straight from a carton or bottle. And they're more likely to salt food without tasting it first.There are some other glaring male/female differences. Who'd have guessed women are more likely to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle--or worse, from the top!Although both men and women swear an average of 16 times a day (much more if we have kids), courtesy lives in America. Most men let women get off the elevator before them. When it comes to opening the car door for the opposite sex--a sign of chivalry--a full 70% of men usually do. And most people acknowledge a sneeze: only 13% remain mute. (Most folks prefer "God bless you.")It's on the road where we really demonstrate good manners. If upset with another driver, 54% of us do nothing. Less-popular responses: shouting dirty words (17%), making angry gestures (16%), and the rest: flashing our lights.When it comes to changing a tire, we're fairly self-reliant. More than a third of female road warriors would tackle it themselves, although 6% of female drivers with a flat confess they'd simply stand there and "look pathetic and hope someone would help." But before chests are puffed out thish manly pride, consider this: twice as many men as women hail a cab for a trip of less than two blocks.We're lazy in other areas too. 90% of us use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Most of us rarely change our answering-machine message, and almost a quarter of us slip into our shoes without untying them. And while more than one out of then shop for Christmas year-round, 22% of men and 9% of women putting off until the last day or two.Americans are compulsive about cleanliness. Almost half of us change the toweles daily or after every shower. On the other hand, 21% of us don't make the bed every day--and 5% admit they never do!There's a lot of diversity out there. So, whatever you prefer, remember there's always someone else on this planet just like you. /200902/63338Looking back on those previous issues, those loves just like some meteors highlight our life. We always like to scale of our destiny make us separation. But actually the really truth which affects us is the opportunities of we meeting or feeling in love with each other. Between a male and a female, there is laden with a great deal of changes. A little change could change the final direction.   回首往事,想起那些如流星划过生命的爱情,我们往往会把彼此的错过归咎于缘分。其实真正影响我们的是相遇和相爱的时机。男女之间的交往,充满了变数,一个小小的变化,就可能改变最终选择的方向。 /201108/150811

Poor sleep habits are often the cause of daytime sleepiness. Before you go through any more groggy and crabby days, try these 12 ways to improve nighttime sleep and avoid daytime sleepiness.不好的睡眠习惯通常是日间奢睡的根源。再你经历更多的没有生机和易暴躁的日子之前,试一下下面的十二中方法来改善你的夜晚睡眠质量并避免日间困倦。1. Get adequate nighttime sleep.That may sound obvious, but many of us succumb to shaving an hour or two off our sleep time in the morning or at night to do other things. Most adults need seven to nine hours a night, and teenagers usually need a full nine hours. Block out eight or nine hours for sleep every night.充足的夜晚睡眠这听起来是不足为奇的,但是我们中的许多人都会从我们的睡眠时间里剔除一到两个小时去做其他的事情。不管这是发生在清晨还是夜里。大多数成年人需要7到9个小时的夜间睡眠,青年人通常需要足足9个小时的睡眠。每晚为你的睡眠规划好8到9个小时。 /201105/137065

我们经常可以在偶像剧中看到,纤瘦的女主角在飘雪的冬天,穿着一件肥肥大大的长毛衣外套,一副楚楚可怜的样子,真是好美!如何复刻韩剧女主角的长毛衣LOOK呢?让我们来看看编辑精选的几款超纯情的长毛衣搭配吧。淡蓝色长款毛衫温暖而柔美Long light blue sweater——warm and soft /200911/88303

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