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A recent survey has shown that about 66.8 percent of young and middle-aged Chinese believe their health is poor.最近一项调查表明,大约66.8%的中国年轻人以及中年人认为他们的健康状况糟糕。A little over 44 percent of respondents said they feel fatigued, according to a latest report by Insight China, a magazine administered by Qiushi, the flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.略高于44%的受访者说他们觉得疲劳,据《洞察中国》的最新报道,一份由中共中央委员会的机关刊物《求是》监管的杂志。The report surveyed 1,012 people between the ages of 15 and 60, with just 21.1 percent of respondents indicating that they are satisfied with their physical and psychological well-being.该报告调查了15到60岁之间的1012人,仅有21.1%的受访者表示他们满意他们的生理和心理健康。The survey cited stress, long working hours and difficult sleeping as the three biggest sources of health concerns.调查引述压力、长时间工作和睡眠困难作为健康问题三大原因。;The survey indicates that people#39;s health conditions are not optimistic,; the report said.“调查表明人们的健康状况并不乐观,”该报告表示。 /201304/233431

Mice were trained to identify feces from bird-flu-infected ducks by smell.老鼠经过训练后能通过气味识别出感染禽流感的鸭子的粪便。Four-Legged Biosensors Sniff Out Bird Flu也能嗅出禽流感病毒You’ve probably seen dogs working security at airports, sniffing for drugs, bombs and contraband food. Now our best-friend biosensors might have a new task: ferretting out the scent of bird flu.你可能在机场看到过警犬参与安全检查工作,它们可以嗅出毒品、炸弹以及违禁的食品。是我们最好的朋友,目前作为生物探测器的可能又有了一项新的任务:那就是搜索出禽流感的蛛丝马迹。And they may not be alone on the job. Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture and Monell Chemical Senses Center trained mice to identify duck droppings from animals infected with bird flu. The work was presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.而且可能不是唯一担任这项任务的动物。来自美国农业部以及蒙奈尔化学传感中心(Monell Chemical Senses Center)的研究者们对老鼠进行训练后,让它们从其它动物的粪便中辨别出感染了禽流感的鸭子的粪便。该项工作发表在波士顿举行的美国化学会全国会议上。The scientists trained six mice to run a maze in search of infected feces. Every time they found the right feces, they got a drink of water. The mice learned to choose infected over non-infected duck feces about 90 percent of the time.科学家们训练六只老鼠在迷宫中寻找感染禽流感的鸭子的粪便。每次如果它们能找到这些粪便的话,它们就会喝到一次水。在90%的情况下,这些老鼠都能找出感染禽流感鸭子的粪便。The researchers believe the implications could be twofold. First, bird flu apparently leaves an odor imprint on bird feces, and so dogs—and even mice—could be trained to recognize it. Second, scientists might be able to isolate the cocktail of compounds that gives off the odor to develop lab instruments or automated field detectors. Until then, we may find four-legged sensors, large and small, sniffing away to protect us from a bird-borne epidemic.研究者们相信,该研究的意义可能是双重的。首先,禽流感很显然在鸟的粪便中留下了一种气味,因此—甚至是老鼠—在训练之后能识别出这种气味。第二,科学家们可能在众多的化合物混合物中分离出放出这种气味的化合物,从而可以开发出实验室使用的仪器或者自动化的野外探测器。到那个时候,我们也许会发现大大小小的四足传感器(译者注:这里指)四处搜索禽流感病毒,从而保我们不被这种流行病侵害。 /201304/233547

FROZEN meals containing horsemeat may be given to the needy.含有马肉的冷冻肉可能将被发放给穷人。Charities have put up their hands to claim meals that have been yanked from retail shelves as the growing horsemeat scandal engulfs Europe.随着愈演愈烈的马肉风波席卷整个欧洲,已有慈善团体表示申领这些从零售超市下架的马肉。Three French charities say they’re prepared to hand out thousands of frozen dinners that contain horsemeat.三家法国慈善团体表示将把含有马肉的数千份冷冻食品发放出去。Six French supermarkets have recalled - or are planning to recall - y-made meals found to contain horsemeat, despite being labelled as beef.六家法国超市已经召回——或打算召回——发现含有马肉(虽然标签为牛肉)的即食肉制品。The charities, Restos du Coeur (Restaurants with Heart), Secours Populaire (People Rescue) and Banque Alimentaire (The Food Bank) want to get hold of the meals and re-distribute them among their clients.“爱心饭店”、“人民救援”与“食品”三家法国慈善团体打算申领这些肉制品,然后再将其分发给资助对象。The three charities met last week to try to work out a plan of action, according to English-language French newspaper The Local.据法国一家英语报纸The Local报道,这三家慈善团体上周末进行了碰面,力求制定一份行动计划。#39;#39;Above all, these cannot be thrown out. If the meals are safe, we will take them,#39;#39; a branch manager from Secours Populaire told Europe 1 radio.“最重要的是,不能将这些肉制品统统扔掉。如果这些肉制品可安全食用,我们将要申领”,“人民救援”的一个分的负责人接受欧洲一台采访时说道。Philippe Le Mescam, head of the Brittany branch of Restos du Coeur said, #39;#39;It would be scandalous to destroy all these tonnes of food, if tests show that they don’t pose a health risk.#39;#39;“爱心饭店”慈善组织布列塔尼分负责人菲利普·勒·梅斯堪姆表示,“如果检测结果显示这些食品不会对健康构成威胁,那么将这些重达数吨的食品摧毁就太丢脸了”。The meals would also have to be re-labelled before being handed out, as their packaging wrongly suggests they only contain beef.由于弄错的包装上说明仅含有牛肉,这些肉制品在被分发前将会重新贴上标签。A spokeswoman for Restos du Coeur said the charity wouldn#39;t accept meals for the moment, saying there were many health issues to be sorted out before they could be redistributed.“爱心饭店”组织的一位女发言人称该慈善团体眼下不会接受这些肉制品,她表示这些肉制品在分发前还有诸多健康问题需要解决。#39;#39;Our goal is to fight waste. These products are now in storage, awaiting some sort of resolution. So if they can’t be sold, we could take them and distribute them to deprived people,#39;#39; said director of the French Federation of Food Banks, Maurice Lony.“我们的目标是消灭浪费。这些肉制品现在都已储存起来,等待解决办法的出炉。所以,如果这些肉制品不能出售,我们就会买来分发给困难群众,”法国食品联合会会长毛里斯·罗尼如是说。The food scandal began on January 15 when horse DNA was discovered in frozen beef burgers sold in Irish and British supermarkets.这一食品丑闻肇始于今年1月15号,当时在爱尔兰和英国超市销售的冷冻牛肉汉堡中发现了马肉DNA。Further investigations revealed horsemeat was also in frozen packaged beef lasagna and spaghetti bolognese as well as meatballs. The meat has been traced to European abattoirs.进一步的调查发现,冷冻包装牛肉千层面、意大利番茄牛肉面以及肉丸中均含有马肉。经追查这些马肉来自欧洲的几家屠宰场。 /201302/226145

At the foot of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain peak in Japan, sprawls a 30 square kilometer forest called Aokigahara.在日本最高的山峰富士山脚下,有着30平方公里的青木原森林。More commonly referred to as the Sea of Trees, Aokigahara is a forest of unbridled beauty and serenity. Upon entering the region, one must wade through a thicket of trees, slipping over the knotted roots and rocks, to access amazing vantage points to view Mount Fuji and explore hidden icy caverns.青木原森林是树木的海洋,有着无与伦比的美丽和平静。一到这片区域,你需要在树木中间穿梭徘徊,经过盘绕的树根和岩石,才能到达观赏富士山景点的最好位置,探险隐蔽的冰冷洞穴。In the forest, one is also completely shrouded in darkness – save for the sporadic stream of sunlight from gaps in the treetops – and experiences an overwhelming silence, pressing in from all sides. As such, it’s a perfect place for solitude and reflection and correspondingly, is the perfect place to die. At least according to the 100 people who commit suicide here every year.在森林里,周围绝对漆黑一片。除了树的顶端会有星星点点的阳光从缝隙射入,周围是死一般的沉寂,四周都十分压抑。因此这是与世隔绝反思的绝好地方,当然也是自杀的好地方。据称每年至少有100人会在该森林选择自杀。Aokigahara has always been dogged with morbid myths and legends. It is widely believed that the Japanese custom of ubasute, where an elderly relative is left to die in a remote location, was widely practiced in the forest. Aside from tales of ubasute, rumors of demons and hauntings in the forest are also pervasive. The more recent tag of the ‘Suicide Forest’ began to dog the region after tourists began to encounter decomposing bodies in Aokigahara in the 1950’s. Since the early 1970’s, a small army of police, volunteers and journalists annually scour the area in search of bodies.青木原森林充满了诡异的秘密和传说。日本一个广为人知的风俗是将年长的亲戚抛弃在远方(多半是森林),任其自生自灭。除去关于该风俗的故事之外,森林里有魔鬼和鬼怪的传言也极其逼真。这个“自杀森林”的名号始自1950年,当时游客首次在青木原森林发现被肢解的尸体,“自杀森林”也成为了该处的象征。自20世纪70年代早期以来,一小队警察、志愿者和记者每年都会进入该地区寻找尸体。It is believed that the penchant for suicide in the area stems from the 1960 novel, ‘Wave of Trees’ by Seicho Matsumoto, in which the protagonists commit suicide in Aokigahara forest. The death rate has shown a significant annual increase, reaching a peak in 2004 when 108 people committed suicide in the forest. The sight of hanging bodies in the forest is common, as is the sight of animals feeding on yet undiscovered corpses.人们普遍认为偏爱在此处自杀源于日本作家松本清张1960年的小说《树的波浪》,书中的男主角最后在青木原森林自杀。当地自杀率每年呈增长趋势,在2004年达到了高峰,108个人在森林中自杀。在森林里看到上吊的尸体,动物在未被发现的尸身上进食都不足为奇。Currently, Aokigahara is considered the second most popular suicide location in the world, losing out only to the Golden Gate Bridge. Authorities have placed signs emblazoned with warnings, “Please reconsider” and “Think carefully about your children, your family”, at the entrance of the forest.目前青木原森林被看成是世界第二大自杀率最高的地方,仅次于旧金山的金门大桥。政府当局目前已在入口处贴出了醒目的警告:“请三思” 和 “考虑考虑你的孩子们,你的家庭” 。In 2010, 247 people attempted suicide in the forest, though only 54 were successful. A disquieting reminder of the forest troubled history are the scattered personal belongings found throughout the forest from previous suicides. Moss covered shoes, photographs, briefcases, notes and ripped clothing have all been discovered strewn across the forest floor.2010年有247人在森林试图自杀,只有54个成功。先前自杀者的私人物品遍布整个森林,成了令人不安的历史据。布满苔藓的鞋、照片、箱子、笔记本和腐烂的衣在森林里随处可见。 /201301/219128

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