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福建省泉州二院医生的QQ号码泉州哪家医院做引产便宜福建省中医院医生 It#39;s still early days in Argentina这些只是阿根廷的最初发现and Oliver#39;s work may yet yield many new and different avenues of research,Oliver的工作可能还会衍生出许多新的不同的研究内容but aly it is giving us a glimpse of what might have been happening in this mysterious, dark age of the dinosaurs.但它已经使我们窥见了神秘的恐龙黑暗年代中可能发生的事The transformation of the dinosaurs began when the world was ripped apart in the mid-Jurassic.当世界在中侏罗世崩解之时,恐龙也随即发生了剧变As the sea flooded in, dinosaurs became cut off from each other allowing them to evolve separately.由于海洋的入侵,恐龙们被彼此分隔,使得它们开始独自进化。The newly formed continents began to develop new climates.新生大陆发展出了新的气候系统This more varied world offered the dinosaurs a host of new opportunities.这个多变的世界为恐龙提供了许多新的机遇There were habitats to suit dinosaurs of every shape and size各种各样的栖息地适合各种模样和体型的恐龙and it was a world they would go on to rule for almost 100 million years.它们将在这个世界称霸将近1亿年。 Article/201707/516148He even built a giant wooden model to show the king and clergy just what they would be getting.他建造了一个木制模型 向国王及教士 展示未来的大教堂How could they not be awestruck by the huge dome当他们看到这个采用了类似显微镜的技术that used the same technology as a microscope to flood the interior with light?以便让阳光洒进教堂的巨大圆顶时 怎能不惊奇呢But there was a problem.然而还有一个问题Wren had designed his cathedral as a Greek cross,为在光学及声学上求得完美sacrificing the traditional floor plan of a Protestant church雷恩按照希腊十字架的样式设计这座教堂in favour of perfect acoustics and light.从而牺牲了传统的新教教堂的结构You can almost hear the mystified, angry complaints of the reverends.牧师们迷惑而愤怒的责怨 随处可听Where exactly is the choir supposed to go?唱诗班该站在哪里呢How do we process up a nave which isn#39;t there?没有中殿 还怎么上中殿布道呢Mostly they said, ;Call us old-fashioned,大部分教士认为 我们确实守旧But this looks suspiciously to us like a Catholic basilica.可我们很怀疑这是天主教教堂We#39;ll be, if your partner phrase, damned If we#39;re going to let St Paul#39;s turn into St Peter#39;s.我们会遭诅咒 如果我们任凭圣保罗教堂变成圣彼得教堂When the king joined the critics,he told him to go back to the drawing board,国王听到埋怨后 责令他重新设计Wren#39;s normally very dry eyes are said to have filled with tears.雷恩熬夜干涩的眼睛禁不住涌出泪水He would have his chance to build his dome cathedral,他可以建造他梦想的圆顶教堂but only when it was joined to a long nave,但前提是必须加上长长的中殿something resembling a traditional church.而这与传统的教堂大同小异 /201704/505233泉州无痛人流那里便宜

泉州新阳光妇科医院惠安县中心医院能用社保 【视频讲解】The Future Strategy Office had come to represent the concentration of elite power that South Koreans are so fed up with, says Lee Jong-tae (no relation to Mr Lee) of SisaIN, a South Korean magazine.一家韩国杂志SisaIN的Lee Jong-tae(和李先生没有关系)称,未来战略室曾代表着韩国人厌烦的精英力量的中心。Elite 精英,杰出人物:“In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them”(Times Literary Supplement)“除了社会平等概念之外还强调其中精英们和英雄们所起的作用”(时代文学增刊)feed up with 对...厌倦I get fed up with other people#39;s greed.我对别人的贪婪厌烦透了。In the past, the office was said to have been vital in ensuring the family#39;s control. It managed relations with the government to that end.在过去,未来战略室据说在保李氏家族控制权上一直是至关重要的。它为此经营与政府的关系。Vital 至关重要A vital component of any democracy is a free labor movement”(Bayard Rustin)自由工人运动是任何民主所不可缺少的组成部分”(贝亚德#8226;拉斯廷)To that end 为了达到目的To that end, the study will do what cannot be done with people — kill some of the monkeys to examine their brains and pancreases.为了达到这个目标,研究中需要做一些无法用人来进行的实验——杀掉其中一些猴子来考察它们的大脑和胰脏器官。Yet even its abolition serves the Lee dynasty. It is a pacifying move to try to “save” the young chieftain, says Lee Jong-tae. Mr Lee can now seek bail, and a court must rule within three months.但是即使它的废除仍然对李氏家族有利。 Lee Jong-tae说到,试图“挽救”这位年轻的首领是令人欣慰的行动。 李在镕可以现在寻求保释,法院需在三个月内裁决。Abolition 废除Their discussion centred around the abolition of slavery.他们的讨论是以废除奴隶制度为中心而进行的。Pacify 平息Government forces have found it difficult to pacify the rebels.政府军发现难以平定叛乱分子。Chieftain 酋长In truth, he has been acting as a corrupt chieftain. 事实上,他的行事作风如同一位腐败的首领。Still, after his arrest, says Chang Sea-jin of the National University of Singapore, Mr Lee will have “neither the legitimacy nor the size of equity stake” to maintain the emperor-style management of his father (inheritance tax will slightly reduce the family‘s stake). Perhaps!尽管如此,新加坡国立大学的教授张信真称,李在镕被捕后,为保持他父亲帝国式的管理方式,他不会拥有合法性也不会拥有股权(遗产税将略微减少该家族的股份)。或许如此equity stake 股权The ADB is also prepared to take a small equity stake in private sector ventures.亚洲开发也准备在私人企业中收取不量的股本金。inheritance tax 遗产税Inheritance tax should be paid when the wealth of a dead person is inherited by someone.遗产税应该在继承死者的财富的时候缴等等。The day-to-day running of Samsung will be little affected by the dissolution of the family#39;s most loyal body, because of the control still wielded by the Lee dynasty.三星日常的经营不会受到该家族最忠实的人离开的影响,因为控制权还是掌握在李氏家族day-to-day 日常的I am a vegetarian and use a lot of lentils in my day-to-day cooking.我是个素食者,日常烹调中使用许多扁豆。Dissolution 解散He stayed on until the dissolution of the firm in 2000.他一直呆到2000年公司解散。Wield 掌握 (权力)He remains chairman, but wields little power at the company.他还是主席,但在公司内没有什么权力。Most people expect the key functions of the strategy office to be transferred to other parts of the group, most likely to three companies—Samsung Camp;T, Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics—in preparation for a long-anticipated transition to a more transparent holding-company structure.许多人认为,战略部的关键职能可能由其他部门来实现,最有可能的三个部门是三星物产,三星生命保险和三星电子,这三个部门已经为转变为控股公司做了长久的准备。transparent易懂的; 显而易见的The company has to make its accounts and operations as transparent as possible.该公司不得不尽力使它的帐目和运作一目了然。holding-company控股公司Shares in Samsung Electronics are trading at near record highs owing to strong results and optimism about the coming launch of the latest model of its main smartphone, the Galaxy S8.三星电子的股份以接近历史新高的速度交易,这归功于对其主要的智能机盖乐士S8最新模型将要展出的强劲业绩和乐观态度。owing to 由于;因为He was out of work owing to a physical injury.他因为受伤而失业了。Galaxy1. 星系2. 一群有才气的、迷人的或显赫的人或物a galaxy of theatrical performers.众星云集The chief surprise this week was the mass resignation of the strategy office#39;s nine executives, including an old guard handpicked by the elder Mr Lee.本周主要令人意想不到是战略室九位高管的大量辞职,包括李健熙精心挑选的一位保守派Handpicked亲自挑选的; 精选的The president relied on his handpicked security and intelligence forces in the Interior Ministry to maintain his rule.他依仗自己在内政部精心挑选的安全与情报势力来维护自己的统治。Mr Chang suspects that this “corporate cleansing” will work in the younger Mr Lee#39;s favour. Some of the executives had become so powerful that they might have overshadowed him.张教授猜测这次“公司清理”在李在镕的持下会成功。其中一些高管权利太大可能会压倒他。Overshadow1. 使黯然失色Hester is overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister.她那更年轻而且更有魅力的使赫斯特黯然失色。2. 给…蒙上阴影Fears for the president#39;s safety could overshadow his peace-making mission.对总统安全的担心会给他的和平促进任务蒙上阴影。The unit#39;s closure might both save the heir and make his return easier.这个部门的关闭可能既挽救了这个继承者,也使他的归来更容易。Closure1. 倒闭; 关闭...the closure of the steel mill. …这家钢厂的关闭。2. (道路、边界等的) 封闭Overnight storms left many streets underwater and forced the closure of road tunnels in the city.一夜的暴风雨使城市里的许多街道都淹没在水中,公路隧道被迫封闭。3. 认栽I asked Trump if the reunion was meant to achieve closure. 我问迈可特朗普再度联合是否意味着认栽。 Article/201707/516213泉州第二医院医生电话

泉州现在无痛人流要多少钱Anti-government marches in Venezuela devolved into violent clashes between police and protesters once again.委内瑞拉的反政府游行再次演变成警察和抗议者之间的暴力冲突。Opposition leaders documented the marches on social media, capturing police using tear gas and protesters throwing Molotov cocktails.反对派领导人在社交媒体上记录游行,捕捉到警方使用催泪瓦斯,示威者投掷燃烧瓶。And the vice president of Venezuela#39;s legislature was reportedly injured in the clashes.据报道,委内瑞拉立法机构副主席在冲突中受伤。The opposition is fighting President Nicolas Maduro over the fate of the country#39;s constitution. Maduro has announced plans to form a new legislative assembly and rewrite the constitution.反对党就国家宪法的命运与总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗展开斗争。马杜罗宣布计划成立一个新的立法议会并修改宪法。The opposition calls the move a blatant power grab, similar to a retracted attempt to dissolve the country#39;s legislature earlier last month.反对派称此举是裸的权力攫取,类似于上个月早些时候试图解散该国立法机关的企图。Venezuela#39;s worsening economic crisis has sparked widesp protests in recent weeks. At least 33 people have been killed in the unrest since early April.最近几周,委内瑞拉日益恶化的经济危机引发了广泛的抗议。自四月初以来,至少有33人在动乱中丧生。译文属。 Article/201705/508151 Have you ever been snacking on some sashimi and paused to wonder: why do we eat raw fish?你是否曾经在吃生鱼片的时候突然会想:为什么我们能吃生鱼but not raw chicken?却不吃生鸡肉呢Really, eating any kind of raw meat comes with some health risk to humans, depending事实上吃任何未熟的肉都有可能有健康风险on how it was slaughtered, stored, and prepared.这取决于生肉是如何屠宰 储存和加工的But some are more iffy than others, because different animals have different microbes但有一些生肉风险会更高 因为不同的动物体内有着不同的微生物和寄生虫and parasites inside them, some of which are really nasty to humans.它们某些对人类的危害确实严重Fish is on the safer end of the spectrum.鱼则是这些动物中较安全的一种It doesn’t usually carry bacteria that are harmful to humans, but we do have to watch鱼通常不携带对人类有害的细菌 但我们确实out for parasitic worm larvae like , roundworms, tapeworms, or flukes.会发现一些寄生幼虫 像蛔虫 绦虫或者是吸虫If you eat infected raw fish, the larvae will mature into worms that can latch onto organs and cause some serious damage.如果你吃了受感染的生鱼肉 幼虫将会在你体内成熟并侵染你的器官 然后造成严重的危害Sometimes fish is frozen for storage, and if it’s cold enough, any parasites or bacteria hanging around will die.有时为了保存而将鱼冰冻 只要温度够低 任何寄生虫和细菌都会死亡But cooking fish is the best way to make sure everything infectious is gone.但是将鱼煮熟是确保鱼没有感染能力的最好方法But if your sushi comes from a clean, reputable kitchen, it’s probably safe to eat.只要你的寿司来源干净卫生的厨房 一般没什么大问题Now, what about other meats, like beef, chicken, and pork?但其他那些肉类呢 如牛肉 鸡肉和猪肉The bacteria that live in these animals, like strains of Salmonella and E. coli, tend to在这些动物身上存活的细菌一般都是沙门氏菌和大肠杆菌be more dangerous to humans than any that live in fish.比起鱼身上的细菌它们对人类的危害更大Many harmful microbes live in cattle guts, not the muscle where we get cuts of steak.许多有危害的微生物一般存活在家畜内脏里 而不是我们食用的肌肉部分But beef can be contaminated if a butcher punctures the digestive tract. So steaks might have bacteria on the surface.但如果在屠宰场屠夫穿刺了牛的消化道 那么它极有可能被感染了 所以肉类表面可能会附有细菌Usually a good, hot sear is enough to kill off anything infectious,通常高温足以杀死任何感染物and leaving the inside red is fine, because it#39;s sterile in there.其余体内剩下的则没有问题 因为它们没有生存的条件了Ground beef is more treacherous, because any germs living on the surface of the meat get mixed inside.搅碎的牛肉会更危险 因为肉质表面的细菌 完全混合其中Plus, it tends to contain meat from multiple animals,此外 它也会携带更多类的其他肉类so one contaminated cow means bad news for an entire batch of ground beef.所以一头被感染的牛再拿去搅碎的话这真是件坏事That’s why you should probably not order totally rare hamburgers -- they should be cooked all the way through.这也是为什么你不应该点半熟的汉堡的原因 它们应该彻底的加工煮熟The meats firmly on the dangerous-when-raw list are chicken and pork,当生鸡肉和生猪肉在一起时 那是相当的危险which might be carrying even more harmful microbes than beef.它们所携带的有害细菌完全超过了牛肉Infectious, diarrhea-causing Campylobacter strains can live in chicken guts.有感染能力且能造成腹泻的弯曲杆菌 一般成株地生存在鸡内脏中And the crowded, dirty conditions at many chicken farms mean that lots of raw chicken may be contaminated.拥挤肮脏的鸡圈意味着生鸡被污染了Pigs, on the other hand, have historically harbored the parasitic worm Trichinella spiralis,另一面 猪身上通常 含有旋毛寄生虫although modern farming practices mostly prevent it from sping.即使现代农场科技已经可以阻止 它的传播The larvae form cysts inside the muscle tissue of pigs, so if you eat infected, undercooked猪的肌肉组织可能会含有幼虫 所以如果你吃了被感染又没煮熟的猪肉pork, some worms will make a home in your guts.可能就会有一些幼虫寄生在你的内脏中So sushi and rare steaks can be delicious when they’re prepared safely,加工安全的寿司和半熟肉排吃起来会很美味but you should always pass on the pork tartare.但你在吃鞑靼猪肉时应该密切注意Thanks for asking, and thank you especially to all of our patrons on Patreon who keep these answers coming.感谢在Partreon上持我们的小伙伴 也感谢那些向我们提问 和回答我们的小伙伴If you’d like to submit questions to be answered, or get s a few days earlier, you can go to patreon.com/scishow.如果你有任何问题或者和其他影视资料想要给我们 欢迎来patreon.com/scishonAnd don’t forget to go to youtube.com/scish不要忘了去youtube.com/scishow给我们留言哦 Article/201707/517122泉州哪家医院处女膜修复泉州治疗妇科疾病哪个医院好



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