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Some of us are sending up to 50 or even more text messages per day. This is concerning because as we know lots of information can be lost or misinterpreted in a text. There are no faces to , no eyes to look into, no sighing and no crying to hear.  有些人每天发送的信息要超过50条。而让人担忧的是,在这些信息的发送过程中,很多信息都会遗失或者被误解。因为我们看不到面部表情,也无法读到眼神,听不到叹息声或者哭声。  Maybe we can try the ;Five-second Rule; before sending a message:  或许,我们在发送信息之前可以试试“5秒原则”:  1.We should pause for five seconds to re- a message before sending it. We might catch something that would be hurtful.  在信息发送之前,我们应该暂停5秒,重新读一遍信息,或许会发现信息里有些可能伤人的话。  2.Perhaps, we can use these five seconds to see if our feelings last for that long.  或许,我们可以利用这5秒钟让自己的情绪平复一下。  3.During those five seconds we can make sure that the text is going to the right person. I have personally gotten into trouble with this one. I sent an ;I love you; message intended for my daughter to a male co-worker. YIKES.  这5秒钟的时间里,我们也可以检查一下信息的接收方是不是你要发送的那个人。我曾经把本来要发给女儿的“我爱你”错发给了一位男同事。太尴尬了。  4.During these five seconds we can select an emoticon that might help clarify the tone of our message.  我们也可以在这5秒钟里选一个可以恰当表达自己当前情绪的表情符号。  5.We can use these five seconds to consider whether or not the message should be delivered via a phone call rather than a text.  我们也可以利用这个时间想一想,这个信息通过电话说会不会更好。 /201603/433447Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened up about her marriage in an interview with actress and activist Lena Dunham published Tuesday.前国务卿希拉里·克林顿于9月29日接受采访,向演员兼政治活跃分子莉娜·杜汉姆敞开心扉,畅谈自己的婚姻生活。;I was terrified about losing my identity and getting lost in the wake of Bill#39;s force-of-nature personality,; she said of the former president. ;I actually turned him down twice when he asked me to marry him.;提到她丈夫,希拉里说:;比尔有种与生俱来的魅力,我一开始害怕在他面前迷失自我。事实上,前两次他向我求婚,我都拒绝了。;;That was a large part of the ambivalence and the worry that I wouldn#39;t necessarily know who I was or what I could do if I got married to someone who was going to chart a path that he was incredibly clear about. My ideas were much more inchoate. I wasn#39;t sure how to best harness my energies. So I was searching,; she added.;那时候我左右为难,又焦虑万分,主要是因为找不到个人定位,对未来也毫无头绪。毕竟,比尔早已有了清晰的规划,可我还一头雾水。我不知道如何才能最好地发挥我的力量,所以一直在寻找方向,;她补充道。Bill Clinton often recalls how he proposed twice, and how he initially felt that his future wife, who is again running for president, would be more suited for a life of public service.比尔·克林顿谈及两度求婚遭拒的往事时则常说,一开始便预感希拉里这一生都会奉献给公共事业。如今,希拉里卷土重来,宣布再次竞选总统。;I once told her, #39;I do want you to marry me, but you shouldn#39;t do it,#39; and she said #39;that#39;s not a very good way to make a sale, what do you mean?#39;; he said in an interview with E! News. ;I said well, #39;I love you and you#39;re endlessly interesting to me and we#39;ll have a good life, but I think you#39;re the most talented person of our generation for public service and what you should really do is go home to Illinois and run for office, or go to New York and practice law and run for office.#39;;比尔·克林顿在接受E!新闻采访时表示:;我告诉希拉里,#39;我希望你嫁给我,但你不该这么做。#39;她说,#39;这种求婚招数也太烂了吧。你到底想说什么呢?#39;于是我说,#39;我爱你,你让我无限着迷,我们生活在一起会幸福的。不过,我觉得你是咱们这代人的政治天才。因此,你现在当务之急应是回到老家伊利诺伊州去竞选公职,或是去纽约闯一闯,当律师,竞选公职。#39;;In her interview with Dunham, Hillary Clinton explained that she was worried how marriage would affect her teaching or her work at a legal-aid clinic.在接受莉娜·杜汉姆的采访时,希拉里也表示,自己当时有教学任务,并在一家法律援助事务所工作,害怕婚姻对自己的事业带来影响。;I loved doing that. And I wasn#39;t quite sure how everything I cared about might fit into a marriage with him. So eventually, I said yes. It was a big leap of faith, and I think most marriages are,; she said. ;You really do just sort of say, #39;Okay, I think I know what it#39;s gonna be like, but I don#39;t know for sure. Let#39;s find out.#39;;她说:;我很爱自己的工作,当时对事业与婚姻如何兼容也没想太多,但最后还是答应了比尔的求婚。结婚是放手一搏,不过我想大部分婚姻都这样。你会对另一半说,#39;唔,我想我大概知道以后过日子是个什么样,但还不确定。那就让我们边走边看吧。#39;; /201510/402561

In a survey of over 2.6 million engaged people, Facebook found that 30 per cent of them became engaged across November and December.“脸书”在一项对超过260万名已订婚人士的调查中发现,其中大约30%的人是在每年的11-12月这一期间求婚的。While Valentine#39;s Day is traditionally known as the most romantic day of the year, and confirmed as the most popular day for dates - it is Christmas Eve that is deemed the best day for popping the question.尽管传统上人们认为情人节是一年之中最浪漫的节日,也是最流行的约会日,但事实上平安夜才是最佳的求婚日。The date of choice could be for a number of reasons - the ability to give a Christmas present and engagement ring at once or perhaps, allow a year to plan ahead of a summer wedding.选择平安夜求婚有很多原因,或许是因为可以把圣诞礼物跟订婚戒指来个;二合一;,或者是如果求婚成功,就可以为来年夏天的婚礼留出半年准备时间。And while the Christmas period may be the most popular time for those wanting to propose, it is not a preferred time when it comes to tying the knot.圣诞节期间对那些想要求婚的人来说可能是最受欢迎的时间点,但是,它却不是更受青睐的结婚时间。In Australia, McCrindle research revealed Christmas Day has an average of just 37 weddings booked each year - a very large difference to the average 2,000 weddings taking place on Saturdays across the country.在澳大利亚,据麦克林德尔研究所统计显示,平均每年圣诞节只有37场婚礼,这与定于周末的平均每年2000场婚礼的数字形成了鲜明对比。And interestingly, a whopping average of 923 weddings occur on Australia Day.有趣的是,平均会有923场婚礼发生在澳大利亚国庆节这一天。 /201512/418215

After 10 years as a necessary, but ultimately unwelcome, live-in son-in-law, Ma Xuedong divorced, and moved out of his wife#39;s family home.在马学东被当作一个必需存在、却十分不受待见的上门女婿十年之后,他最终选择了离婚,从妻子家搬出来了。The end of his unhappy marriage pleased the 37-year-old migrant construction worker, even though he had to scramble to find a place to live in Baoji, Shaanxi province. ;My previous life was too depressing,; Ma said. ;It#39;s a feeling you will never be able to understand if you have not experienced it.;尽管这名37岁的外来建筑工人在陕西省宝鸡市还要再找容身之地,但终结这段不幸福婚姻,他还是感到一身轻松。“我以前的人生太压抑了,”马学东说。“这种感觉如果你没亲身经历过,那就永远不能理解。”Ma speaks for many of China#39;s so-called live-in sons-in-law, who marry and move in with their wives#39; families, but never quite became an integral part of the family.马学东为中国很多所谓的上门女婿道出了心声。上门女婿,是指一些男人结婚后搬到妻子家里生活,但却从未真正成为家庭的一员。Their numbers are legion, a result of China#39;s decades-old gender imbalance, a historic preference for male offspring, and the desire of families to preserve a surname in danger of dying out in a household in which all of the children are girls.上门女婿数量庞大,是源于中国数十年来的性别失衡、中国自古以来重男轻女的思想、以及家人担忧如果全生女孩会有“香火失传”的危险。In a traditional view of marriage in China, a woman marries a man and lives with his family, or the couple lives in their own house, bought by the husband#39;s family, and their children take the husband#39;s surname.在中国传统的婚姻观中,女人同男人结婚后,应当与男方家人住在一起,或者夫妻住在由男方家庭购买的房子里,孩子应随男方的姓。This custom has been upended in two ways. First, China#39;s gender imbalance means many men, especially in rural areas, have trouble finding wives. By the end of 2015, on the Chinese mainland, men outnumbered women by 33.66 million, making it challenging for China#39;s left-over men to find a partner. Second, a poor man who cannot pay an expected ;bride price; may look for a family that will pick up the cost. These men may marry a woman with no brothers, move into the woman#39;s family home and allow their children to carry their mother#39;s surname.但是这种传统已经从两个方面被颠覆了。首先,中国性别失衡,意味着男性难找到老婆,尤其是在农村地区。截止2015年底,中国大陆男性比女性多3366万人,中国的“剩男”找老婆已经成为一道难题。其次,没钱的男人付不起礼钱,可能会找一个能承担结婚费用的女方。这些男人可能会娶个没有兄弟的女人,搬到女方家里住,让孩子跟女方姓。Even though the arrangement meets the needs of all involved, families and communities still look down on those who have no sons and opt for live-in sons-in-law to fill the void. In many cases, the resentment creates unhappiness.尽管这种方式满足了所有人的需求,但家人和邻里仍然瞧不起那些没有儿子而招个上门女婿来填补空缺的人。在很多情况下,由怨恨就产生了不愉快。Zhang Baotong, a social and economic development expert with the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said live-in sons-in-law should learn to get along with their wives#39; families and people in their communities.陕西省社科学院的社会经济发展专家张宝通表示,上门女婿应该学会如何与妻子的家人和邻里相处。;With the development of urbanization, more and more poor farmers will work and live in urban areas and some of them may become live-in sons-in-law as they cannot pay for houses and the other costs of marriage,; Zhang said. ;And our marriage concept should change with the development of the times to give full respect to the sons-in-law.;张宝通说:“随着城市化的发展,越来越多的贫困农户将会前往城市工作和居住,由于买不起房子且承担不了婚姻的其他费用,其中一些人可能会做上门女婿。同时,我们的婚姻观念应当与时俱进,对上门女婿给予充分尊重。” /201603/430317Ming Dynasty明朝Fall of the Ming Dynasty明朝的灭亡The fall of the Ming Dynasty was a protracted affair, its roots beginning as early as 1600 with the emergence of the Manchu under Nurhaci.明朝的灭亡是一件长期的事情,它的覆灭早在1600年努尔哈赤统治的满族出现后就埋下了祸根。Under the brilliant commander, Yuan Chonghuan, the Ming were able to repeatedly fight off the Manchus, notably in 1623 (where Nurhaci himself was killed by a much smaller force commanded by Yuan.) and in 1628.在杰出的将领袁崇焕的带领下,明朝得以不断击退满族人,其中最著名的是1623年(努尔哈赤被比自己兵力少得多的袁军所杀)以及1628年。But the tragic killing of General Yuan in 1630 by the futile Ming emperor began to change things around ; the succeeding general proved unable to eliminate the Manchu threat.然而自从1630年袁江军被无能的明朝皇帝杀害后,一切都变了;继任的将军无法减少满族人的威胁。Earlier, however, in Yuan’s command he had securely fortified the Shanhai Pass, thus blocking the Manchus from crossing the pass to attack Liaodong Peninsula.早先,袁崇焕曾下令加固山海关的安全防御并因此阻挡了满族人入关攻打辽东半岛。Unable to attack the heart of Ming directly, the Manchu instead bided their time, developing their own artillery and gathering allies.因为无法直接攻打明朝的中心,满族人等候着,加强他们自己的炮兵并召集盟军。They were able to enlist Ming government officials and generals as their strategic advisors.他们能够招募明朝的官员和将领作为他们的军事参谋。Large part of the Ming Army mutinied to the Manchu banner.明朝军队的大部分人马向满族人倒戈。In 1633 they completed a conquest of Inner Mongolia, resulting in a large scale recruitment of Mongol troops under the Manchu banner and the securing of an additional route into the Ming heartland.1633年,满人征了内蒙古,因此将蒙古的大部分兵力收归自己麾下,这是入侵明朝中心的另一个保障。By 1636 the Manchu ruler Huangtaiji was confident enough to proclaim the Imperial Qing Dynasty at Shenyang, which had fallen to the Manchu in 1621, taking the Imperial title Chongde.到1636年时,满族的领袖皇太极已经足够有自信在沈阳(1621年被满族政府)建立大清帝国,立年号为崇德。The end of 1637 saw the defeat and conquest of Ming’s traditional ally Korea by a 100 000 strong Manchu army, and the Korean renunciation of the Ming Dynasty.1637年年末见了明朝的传统盟友韩国被拥有100000人马的强大的满军打败和政征,最终韩国与明朝脱离了关系。On May 26, 1644, Beijing fell to a rebel army led by Li Zicheng.1644年5月26日,北京陷入由李自成领导的反叛军手中。Seizing their chance, the Manchus crossed the Great Wall after Ming border general Wu Sangui opened the gates at Shanhai Pass, and quickly overthrew Li’s short-lived Shun Dynasty.满族人抓住这个机会,在明朝将领吴三桂打开山海关的大门后进入了长城,很快就推翻了李自成建立的短命的顺王朝。Despite the loss of Beijing (whose weakness as an Imperial capital had been foreseen by Zhu Yuanzhang) and the death of the Emperor, Ming power was by no means destroyed.因为北京失守(朱元璋曾预见北京作为国都的弱点)和皇帝的驾崩,明朝毫无疑问地灭亡了。Nanjing, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanxi and Yunnan could all have been and were in fact strongholds of Ming resistance.南京、福建、广东和山西是明朝时期的要塞,然而中央政权的沦陷导致了许多明朝伪政权的出现,它们无法共存。However, the loss of central authority saw multiple pretenders for the Ming throne, unable to work together.这些政权被清军各个击破,直到1662年,永历皇帝朱由榔去世后,明朝复兴的最后一丝希望破灭了。Each bastion of resistance was individually defeated by the Qing until 1662, when the last real hopes of a Ming revival died with the Yongli emperor, Zhu Youlang.尽管明朝战败,到中华民国成立以前仍然有许多小规模的反清复明运动。Despite the Ming defeat, smaller loyalist movements continued till the proclamation of the Republic Of China. /201512/412255Film-maker Alex Gibney knows how to pick a controversial subject for his documentaries.电影制片人亚历克斯·吉布尼(Alex Gibney)知道怎样为自己的纪录片挑选一个有争议的主题。His examination of Apple’s co-founder arrives at a time of renewed debate about Steve Jobs’ life. In March, Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli argued in their book, Becoming Steve Jobs , that their subject was too harshly portrayed by his many previous biographers.他所拍摄的关于史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)的纪录片《史蒂夫吠布斯:机器人生》(Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine)上映时,围绕这位苹果(Apple)联合创始人生平的辩论再度展开。今年3月,布伦特施伦德(Brent Schlender)和里克礠噲利(Rick Tetzeli)在《成为史蒂夫吠布斯》(Becoming Steve Jobs)一书中表示,以往的许多传记作者对乔布斯过于苛刻。Later this year, Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s drama starring Michael Fassbender as the iPhone impresario will go backstage at key product launches.由丹尼娠伊尔(Danny Boyle)导演,阿伦∠尔金(Aaron Sorkin)编剧,迈克尔法斯本德(Michael Fassbender)主演的《乔布斯传》(Steve Jobs)将登上大屏幕,展现苹果关键产品发布的幕后故事。Gibney’s addition to the canon points out, like so many others before him, that Jobs was a man of contradictions: the renegade who wanted to be legit, the humanist who denied paternity of his first daughter, the Wall Street idol embroiled in stock options and recruiting scandals. “He had the focus of a monk,” Gibney says as narrator, his camera lingering over Japanese zen gardens, “but none of the empathy.”如之前其他许多作品一样,吉布尼的作品也指出乔布斯是个矛盾的人,他是个叛逆者,却想得到承认;他是个人道主义者,却拒认自己的大女儿;他是华尔街的偶像,却身陷股票期权和招聘丑闻。吉布尼在旁白中说道:“他有着僧侣一样的专注。”镜头扫过日式禅宗花园,“却没有同理心。”The familiar stories told in this documentary are brought to life with extensive interviews with former Apple employees and Jobs’ associates, as well as archive footage that includes his first screen test.这部纪录片讲述的故事并不新鲜,但片中大量的前苹果员工和乔布斯同事的访谈,以及包括乔布斯首次试镜等影像资料,给这些故事注入了生命力。Just as compelling are clips from the March 2008 deposition, where Jobs squirms constantly in his seat as he is quizzed over allegations of backdated stock options.其中有个片段颇为引人入胜,这是2008年3月拍摄的一段视屏词。当时乔布斯因回溯股票期权的指控接受问询,画面中他在座位上一直坐立难安。Absent from the screen, however, are any current Apple employees. Several members of Apple’s current management team blessed Becoming Steve Jobs as their preferred account of their former chief. Eddy Cue, who heads Apple’s services business, was rather less enthusiastic about Man in the Machine, calling it “an inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend”.但是这部纪录片里没有一个苹果在职员工。苹果目前管理团队中的几名成员更青睐《成为史蒂夫吠布斯》作为前掌门人的传记。苹果务部门主管艾迪錠伊(Eddy Cue)对《史蒂夫吠布斯:机器人生》态度冷淡,称这部片子“对我的朋友抱有一种不准确且刻薄的观点。”It is not hard to see where Apple loyalists would object.不难看出苹果拥趸们会反对这部纪录片的地方。Early on, the film-maker professes his love for his iPhone and Pixar movie Wall-E, but says he struggled to understand the global outpouring of grief in 2011 at the death of a man he calls “ruthless, deceitful and cruel”. He supports this argument by recalling suicides at Apple’s suppliers in China, investigations of its overseas profits and ripped-off colleagues such as Steve Wozniak and Daniel Kottke.该片开头,阿里克斯吉布尼表达了自己对iPhone、皮克斯(Pixar)电影《机器人瓦力》(Wall-E)的喜爱,但表示难以理解2011年当乔布斯——一个被他称之“无情、虚伪、严酷”的男人——去世时,全球各界表达的悲痛之情。为了持自己的观点,吉布尼提到了苹果在华供应商员工自杀事件,苹果海外利润受到调查,以及乔布斯昔日同事史蒂夫茠祬尼亚克(Steve Wozniak)和丹尼尔科特克(Daniel Kottke)的吃亏上当。Yet by failing to include Jobs’ heirs and bring the story up to date, Gibney misses an opportunity to examine the company that survives him — at a crucial moment for the iPhone maker’s leadership.然而由于未能采访到乔布斯的继任者以补充整个故事的最新情节,吉布尼错失了考查这家公司在乔布斯过世后的情况的机会,而当前对于苹果的领导层是一个关键时刻。“Jobs’ genius was how he sold the iPod. It wasn’t a machine for you, it was you,” Gibney says. As Apple pushes beyond phones into watches, televisions, even cars, it is still figuring out how to sell these new categories without its master marketer.吉布尼说:“乔布斯的天才之处在于他销售iPod的手段。它不是你的一件设备,它就是你。”除手机以外,苹果现在又推出了手表、电视机,甚至汽车,没有了乔布斯这位营销大师,苹果仍在摸索如何销售这些新品类的产品。Gibney criticises Jobs for “behaving as though Apple was a start-up”, despite it becoming one of the world’s most valuable companies, yet the film-maker underestimates the energising force of playing the underdog.吉布尼批评乔布斯“表现得就像苹果还是一家初创公司”,尽管它已经成为全球市值最高的公司之一,但这位电影制片人低估了扮演弱者的励志效果。“This is a field in which one does one’s work and, in 10 years, it’s obsolete,” a young, bearded Jobs tells us towards the end of the film.影片结尾时,蓄着胡子的青年乔布斯说道:“在这个领域,人们所做的事10年后就过时了。”Apple is about to enter its fifth year without its co-founder. All these controversies about Jobs’ life may soon give way to renewed debate about the future of the company he left behind.苹果即将进入离开乔布斯的第五个年头,关于这位联合创始人一生的所有争议,可能很快就让位于围绕他留下的这家公司的未来发展的辩论。Steve Jobs: The man in the machine, directed by Alex Gibney, released by Magnolia Pictures, now in selected cinemas, on iTunes and on demand《史蒂夫吠布斯:机器人生》,阿里克斯吉布尼执导,木兰影业(Magnolia Pictures)发行,可在部分影院、iTunes以及点播电视上观看 /201510/402732

He may have the right stuff, but he got the wrong digits.尽管他有一身本事,可还是弄错了号码。Timothy Peake, a former British Army Air Corps officer and current European Space Agency astronaut aboard the International Space Station, phoned home to a wrong number on Thursday.前英国陆军航空队(British Army Air Corps)军官蒂莫西·皮克(Timothy Peake)目前是欧洲航天局(European Space Agency)驻国际空间站(International Space Station)宇航员。他周四给家里打电话时拨错了电话号码。After failing to connect, he took his flub to Twitter, posting: “I’d like to apologise to the lady I just called by mistake saying ‘Hello, is this planet Earth?’ - not a prank call...just a wrong number!”皮克没能与家人接通电话,于是在Twitter上发帖承认错误:“我刚才打错电话了,还说‘你好,是地球吗?’我想向那位女士道歉。这不是恶作剧……只是拨错了号码!”It was not clear if the person who answered understood how long-distance the call actually was.还不清楚那名接电话的女士是否知道,这通长途电话实际上有多么长途。Responding to Mr. Peake’s tweet, one Twitter user wanted to know what the space station’s area code was. But even without that, Earthlings can connect with the station: Its amateur radio frequencies are publicly available, and anyone with the proper equipment and the required radio license can try to call when it passes 250 miles above.一名Twitter用户回复了皮克的帖子,询问空间站的区号。但即便没有区号,地球上的人也可以与空间站取得联系:国际空间站的业余无线电频率已经对外公布,只要有适当的设备和所需的无线电执照,就可以在空间站经过时,尝试给距地面250英里(约400公里)的空间站打电话。Mr. Peake, 43, should probably be forgiven for his lack of mastery of ship-to-shore dialing, because he is a recent arrival to the International Space Station. He is the first publicly funded British astronaut, and his voyage to the space station on Dec. 15 was closely watched in Britain, where cost-conscious governments have generally avoided supporting human spaceflight. His job during his six-month mission is running science experiments, he has said on his blog, and in his spare time, he is training for the London Marathon.43岁的皮克还没有掌控船对岸拨号的技巧,是因为他最近才到达国际空间站,这一点应该原谅他。皮克是第一个获得公共资助的英国宇航员,他于12月15日启程前往空间站,整个航程在英国受到密切关注,在这个国家,注重节省成本的政府通常会避免对载人航天计划予以持。他在客上表示,在执行为期六个月的任务期间,他的工作是开展科学实验,业余时间进行训练,为参加伦敦马拉松做准备。 /201601/419373A pair of Vietnamese fraternal twins have been confirmed to have different fathers, a local genetic association has told the B. The twins had their DNA tested after their family noticed they looked different, said local reports.当地一家遗传机构接受B采访时透露,一对越南的异卵双胞胎已被实来自不同的父亲。据当地媒体报道,该双胞胎在其家属觉察长相不同后,接受了DNA测试。The occurrence, known as heteropaternal superfecundation, is rare with few publicly known about. It happens when a woman#39;s eggs are fertilised by two men within a short period of time.发生的这一案例被称为异父超级受精,这是一种鲜为公众所知的罕见案例。这只会发生在女性的一个卵子在短时间内被两名男性的精子受精的情况下。Professor Le Dinh Luong, president of the Hanoi-based Vietnam Genetic Association which did the DNA testing, said the results were ;100% correct; in what he called ;an extremely rare case;.总部位于河内的越南遗传学会负责了本次DNA测试,其董事长Le Dinh Luong教授表示,这个“极为罕见的案例”的测试结果“百分百正确”。;There are only less than 10 known cases of twins with different fathers in the world. There might be other cases but the parents and/or the twins were not aware of it or didn#39;t want to announce it,; he told the B#39;s Nga Pham.他告诉B的记者Nga Pham称:“世界上仅有不到10例这种拥有不同父亲的双胞胎案例。当然也可能存在有其他案例,但其父母或双胞胎并没有意识到或者不想公布。”He declined to give further details citing client confidentiality, but added that local reports stating the twins#39; location, names and timeframe were inaccurate.他拒绝进一步提供关于该用户隐私的细节,但他补充说道,当地报道公布双胞胎的地址、姓名和出生时间表是不正确的。Reported cases are very rare - the last case was in 2015 involving twin girls in New Jersey, only the third such case to ever occur in the US. Turkish media reported a similar case in 2010 involving twin boys.被报道的类似案例极少。上一个类似案例是2015年新泽西州的两个双胞胎女孩,这也仅仅是在美国发生的第三个案例。此外,土耳其媒体也于2010年报道过一对双胞胎男孩的类似案例。 /201603/431214

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