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;The stuff was quite disgusting. As though someone had liquidized bogieflavored Every Flavor Beans. ;“那东西很难喝,好像有人把比比多味豆的味道全混在一起榨成了汁。”He poses with Jo for photographs.他和乔拍了照片。Big eyes are great, Stephen.睁大眼睛,斯蒂芬。Jo, keep engaged. Yeah.乔,保持注意力。Sorry. It#39;s all right.对不起。 没关系。The Chinese have a saying: Be careful what you wish for.中国有个成语叫做心想事成。I wondered how much J.K. Rowling wanted all this fame.我不知道J.K ·罗琳对这些名利有几许期望。I wished to be published.我想要我的书被出版。And I wished more than anything in the world to be a writer.与世界上任何事相比,我只想成为一名作家。Did I wish...It never occurred to me in a million years, James that people would search my dustbins pull a longlens camera on me on the beach, you know.我希望……我从来都没想到过,詹姆士,人们会翻我的垃圾箱,人们会在沙滩上拿着长镜头相机对着我,你知道的。Never occurred to me a journalist would bang on the door of one of my oldest friends and offer her money to talk about me.从不会想到还有记者拍我老朋友的门拿出钱来求他们讲我的故事。Never occurred to me that my children would be scrutinized to see how spoiled they were because their parent was famous.从未想过我的孩子们被审视,看他们有没有被宠坏,因为他们的父母出了名。Three weeks before the launch of the final book Jo attends the film premier of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the fifth book in the series.最后一本书发售前的三周乔出席了《哈利·波特与凤凰社》电影的首映这一系列中的第五部。It#39;s a starry, glamorous occasion.这是一个星光熠熠,闪亮迷人的时刻。And Jo is expected to behave like a film star. But she is a writer.乔被期待着表现得像一名电影明星。但她是一位作家。And when she started, she could hardly have expected all this attention.当初,她很难想到如今的万众瞩目。 Article/201511/408642Our sculpture, one of the earliest known, probably dates to the third century AD, when Gandhara was ruled by the Kushan kings of northern India, whose empire stretched from Kabul to Islamabad. It was a wealthy region, thanks to its position on the Silk Road - the trade routes linking China, India and the Mediterranean. From Gandhara the main route ran west through Iran to Alexandria in Egypt. Gandhara#39;s prosperity and political stability allowed the construction of a great landscape of Buddhist shrines, monuments and sculpture, and further missionary expansion. It#39;s something that will be a recurring feature through this week - the religions that survive today are the ones that were sp and sustained by trade and power. It#39;s profoundly paradoxical: Buddhism, the religion founded by an ascetic who spurned all comfort and riches, flourished thanks to the international trade in luxury goods. With the luxury goods like silk went the monks and the missionaries, and with them went the Buddha, in human form, perhaps because such an image helps when you#39;re teaching across a language barrier.这尊佛像大约雕刻于公元三世纪,是已知最古老的佛像之一。当时犍陀罗在北印度贵霜王朝的统治之下,该王国的领土从喀布尔一直延伸到伊斯坦布尔。其时,丝绸之路连接着中国、印度与地中海地区,贵霜王朝位于这条路线的节点上,因而国力强盛。始于犍陀罗的主干道向西穿过伊朗,一直通往埃及的亚历山大港。国家经济繁荣,政治稳定,因而可以修建大量寺庙和佛像,并能派出僧侣,四处传扬佛法。能够流传至今的宗教,起初都是靠着贸易与国家实力发展起来的。佛教的创始人当年拋弃了荣华富贵,过着苦行僧的生活,但矛盾的是,佛教的繁荣靠的却是奢侈品贸易。僧侣们与丝绸等贵重物品一起踏上旅途,随身携带佛像。也许在语言不通的时候,用人类形象表现的佛像更能体现佛法的深意。There are four standard poses for the Buddha that we know today. He can be shown lying, sitting, standing and walking; and each pose reflects a particular aspect of his life and activity, rather than a moment or an event. Our sculpture shows him in his enlightened state. He#39;s robed as a monk, as might be expected, but unlike a monk his head is not shaved. He#39;s dispensed with finery and removed his princely jewellery. His ears are no longer weighted down with gold - but the elongated lobes still have the empty holes that show that this man was once a prince.我们今天所熟悉的佛像有四种标准姿势:卧姿、坐姿、站姿及行姿。 这些姿势所表现的与其说是某一时刻,不如说是佛陀生活中的某一侧面。本文中的佛像表现的就是佛陀开悟时的形象。他身着袈裟,但蓄有头发,与普通僧人不同。他已脱掉了华丽的衣饰,摘掉了珠宝。他的耳朵上不 再坠有沉甸甸的金饰,但长耳垂上的耳洞仍显露了他的王子身份。 Article/201504/369550英语非常道 第33期:奥斯卡上的发言第84届奥斯卡刚刚结束,在奥斯卡的颁奖台上,演员们留下了哪些精演说 Article/201510/396111

Evolutionists still clung to the theory that a fish evolved into the first five-fingered land walking ancestor进化论者依然坚持认为因为干旱,鱼进化成了最早的五趾陆行祖先as a result of drought, even though they knew there was a gap in the story,尽管他们知道这一理论中还有一个很大的漏洞but without new evidence no one could come up with a better idea.但是如果没有新的据,谁都无法提出更合理的解释But then in 1981 along came palaeontology#39;s avenging angel.可是后来,到了1981年,古生物学界的“复仇天使”降临了Jenny Clack had long dreamed of embarking on the quest to find out why we first walked on the land,Jenny Clack一直梦想着找出我们涉足陆地的原因but when she arrived in Cambridge it seemed a remote hope.但当她来到剑桥时,看起来却是希望渺茫I had just finished my thesis when I started work here and was looking around for another project来这里工作时,我刚完成我的论文,正准备联系下一个项目and a colleague of mine said don#39;t worry, something will turn up and I didn#39;t believe him.我的一位同事说:“别担心,有些东西会突然出现的”,我一点都不相信他What turned up was the notebook of a geology student who had visited Greenland in 1970.这突然出现的东西是一位地质系学生的记录本,他曾于1970年去过格陵兰In one corner he#39;d made an extraordinary note that showed though he knew about rocks, he knew little of fossils.在一个角落里发现了他那本很特别的记录本,从中可以看出虽然他很了解岩石,但他并不了解化石He#39;d written that he had found remains of ichthyostega, Jarvik#39;s legendary first tetrapod他写道他发现了鱼石螈的遗骸,也就是Jarvik找到的第一只颇具传奇色的四足动物of which only one complete specimen existed anywhere in the world.目前世界各地只找到了一具完整的标本He#39;s noted, ;Ichthyostega bones and skull bones common,; and他写道:“鱼石螈骨骼和头骨很常见”early tetrapod specimens are not common anywhere, particularly not Devonian tetrapods on a mountain in Greenland不管在什么地方,早期四足动物标本都不是很常见,尤其是格陵兰山区并没有发现泥盆纪四足动物and to see this in his notebook just set the bells ringing. We have to go there.他的记录虽然语焉不详,但却是一石激起千层浪。我们必须去那儿。 Article/201702/493263

Written on one of the spoons in the hoard are the words #39;VIVAS IN DEO#39;-#39;May you live in God#39;-a common Christian prayer. And it is likely that our fleeing family was Christian. By this date Christianity had been the official religion of the Empire for nearly a hundred years and, like pepper, it had come to Britain via Rome. Faith and trade often travel together, and both the peppercorn and the cross had a reach far wider than the Roman Empire itself.宝藏中的一把汤匙上刻着“VIVAS IN DEO”(愿主保佑你),这是一句常见的基督教祝词,因此宝藏的主人很可能是基督徒。当时,基督教作为罗马帝国的国教已达百年。它与胡椒一样从罗马来到了英国,如今,帝国早已消失,但它们依然存在。Next week I shall be moving away from earthly pleasures to examine some of the new spiritual structures that humanity was creating around the world about two thousand years ago. We will be starting in India-with an image that sits most happily in our contemporary Western imagination...a seated Buddha.下周我将远离尘世的喧嚣进而探究大约二千年前人类所创造世界各地一些新的精神结构。我们的旅程将从印度开始,它在我们当代西方人想象中是最幸福快乐的景象…它是一尊佛陀坐像。 Article/201503/362706

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