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2019年10月19日 20:34:17

Being skinny can raise the risk of depression, researchers warn囧研究:瘦人更容易得抑郁症Being skinny can raise your risk depression, experts believe.专家们称,过分骨感可能会增加抑郁的风险。Experts believe they have found the first evidence of a significant link between being underweight and being depressed.他们称已经找到了第一手的据,能够明体重过低和抑郁之间有重大关系。And it seems both men and women are affected by negative thoughts about being too thin.This differs from depression among obese people, which mostly affects women.和肥胖不同,肥胖的影响人群大部分是女人,而体重过低,不论男女,都会时常被消极的想法所困扰。However, experts from Seoul National University of Medicine, who led the study, were unable to say whether depression leads to thinness or vice versa.然而这项研究的组织者,来自首尔国立大学医学院的专家们也无法明抑郁是否会造成消瘦或者是否消瘦就一定会导致抑郁。Writing in the British Journal of Psychiatry, the team analysed data from 183 separate studies.They found that obesity increased the risk for depression in a dose-response manner - the fatter people were, the more depressed they felt.这项研究结果发表在英国精神病学杂志上,团队一共分析了183人。他们发现肥胖症和抑郁之间呈现一种剂量反应关系——体重越高的人越容易感觉抑郁。But they noted gender differences according to how people felt about being overweight.但是专家们注意到,男人和女人在对待超重这个问题上的态度是不同的。They said: “It seems that the current ideal of thinness affects women more than their male counterparts and causes more psychological distress in women, which can, in turn, lead to depression.他们说:“相较于男人,如今人们对于瘦的标准对女人的影响似乎要更大,同时也增加了她们的心理压力,而这种压力反过来则会导致抑郁。”“In contrast, men who are overweight showed a significantly decreased risk of depression.”The experts said previous research has suggested that men are more likely to be of a “jolly fat”disposition than women.专家们称,“相较而言,超重的男人得抑郁的概率则要小得多。”他们说之前的研究已经表明,男人比女人更容易“享受肥胖之乐”。They concluded: “Both underweight and obesity increase the risk of depression.“In clinical practice, medical care providers should pay attention to the mental health of people who are underweight.“Likewise, women who are overweight and obese populations should also be monitored for possible depression.”因此他们得出结论:过瘦或过胖都会增加患抑郁症的风险。在临床实践中,医护人员要重点注意体重过轻的患者的精神健康。同样,也要检查超重的女性和患有肥胖症的人群是否有抑郁的倾向。Dr Agnes Ayton, vice-chairman of the eating disorders faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: “This large study confirms that optimal nutrition is fundamentally important for physical and mental health. Both being underweight and obese is associated with an increased risk of depression.艾格尼丝·艾顿士是英国皇家精神科医学院中饮食障碍系的副主任,她说:“这项大型研究进一步实了优化营养对于身心健康有着根本性的重要作用。”“It is an important finding, as people with eating disorders often assume that losing weight will improve their happiness.这项研究十分重要,因为患有饮食障碍的人经常误认为减轻体重会提高他们的幸福感。”“This study shows that the opposite is true and malnutrition has a detrimental effect on people’s mood. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for good mental health.”而这项研究表明,事实恰恰相反,营养不良对人们的情绪有着破坏性的影响。保持标准体重才是心理健康的基础。 /201704/506028宜昌男健医院有泌尿外科吗Almost half (48 per cent) of people in the UK have O blood. But according to an analysis of studies involving 1.3million people, those who have A, B and AB blood have a slightly higher risk of heart disease and stroke.英国有近一半(48%)的人是O型血。但根据对130万人的研究分析,A、B、AB型血的人患心脏疾病和中风的风险要更高。Scientists think it could be because of higher levels of a blood-clotting protein in those blood groups.科学家认为,这可能是因为这些血型中凝血蛋白水平较高。Study author Tessa Kole, of the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, said blood group should be considered in the future as part of risk assessment in preventing cardiovascular disease.荷兰格罗宁根大学医学中心的研究人员泰莎·科莱表示,将来应考虑将血型视为预防心血管疾病风险评估的一部分。Of those with blood group O, 14 in 1,000 people suffered a heart attack. For non-O blood groups, the figure was 15.在1000名O型血的人中,14人有心脏病发作史。而对于非O型血的人,该数字为15。Charities say the most important thing to avoid heart disease is to eat healthily, stop smoking and take exercise.慈善机构称,避免心脏病最重要的是要健康饮食、戒烟以及锻炼身体。Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, told the B: ;Most of a person#39;s risk estimation is determined by age, genetics (family history and ethnicity) and other modifiable risk factors including diet, weight, level of physical activity, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.英国心脏基金会副医学主任麦克·纳普顿士向B透露:“大多数人患心脏病的风险,是由年龄,遗传因素(家族史和种族)以及其他可变的风险因素决定的,包括饮食,体重,身体活动水平,吸烟,血压,胆固醇和糖尿病。” /201705/508114宜昌包皮过长怎么办As Amy Winehouse once said: ;Love is a losing game ;.歌手艾米`怀恩豪斯曾经说过:“爱是一场注定失败的游戏”。It certainly is for a young man from Guangzhou, China, who was put down in near Shakespearean tragedy.这句话对来自中国广东的一名年轻男子很适用,他的遭遇堪比莎士比亚悲剧。The student staged one of the fruitiest and elaborate marriage proposals in recent times, putting together an astonishing heart of pomelos on the floor of his university mall.近日,一个学生上演了一场最具水果味、精心设计的求婚,他在大学城的商业广场上用柚子摆成一个超震撼的求爱心形。He#39;d collected and laid out 999 pomelos, his sweetheart Mumu#39;s favourite fruit, and waited there with a bunch of flowers.他搜罗了999个柚子拼成心形,这是他喜欢的女孩最爱吃的水果,男孩手捧一束鲜花在广场等她。Chinese news reports that the man sang to Mumu as she arrived on the scene.据中国新闻报道当女孩出现在广场时男孩为她献唱。“She is my idol;, he sang.他唱到:“她是我的女神”。;She likes eating pomelos, so I’ve bought a lot of them for my proposal.”Pomelo means ;you; in Mandarin.But Mumu rejected him.“她喜欢吃柚子,所以我表白的时候买了很多”。柚子在普通话中的发音是英语“你”的意思,但是木木拒绝了他。“I don’t like you;, she allegedly told the would-be Romeo.“我不喜欢你”,她直接告诉这位表白的男生。;I have been treating you as my best friend. But I’ll keep the pomelos.”Wow~“我一直把你当作我最好的朋友,但是我会收下你的柚子”。哇噢~In a bid to break the tension, one of Mumu’friend grabbed the mic and said, ;hey! Mumu said everyone can take some pomelos.;为了打破僵局,木木的一位好友抢过话筒说,“木木说,柚子大家可以随便拿!”When Mumu agreed, the crowd tore apart the displayed to get the fruit . All 999 pomelos were gone in about 2 minutes, media reported.在得到木木首肯后,围观的人群迅速散开去拿柚子,媒体报道999个柚子在两分钟内被一抢而空。 /201609/466162I#39;m not a big fan of these genetically modified fruits and vegs... We always end up losing half our inventory...我可不是这些转基因水果和蔬菜的忠实粉丝……我们总是以失去一半库存的代价告终(因为这些转基因蔬菜、水果成精了?)…… /201701/487847宜昌市中医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱


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