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In the war racked country of Sudan lies Boma national park. The largest intact savanna in East Africa. Mile upon mile of what it looks like pristine rudeness unfolds. But much of this is an empty paradise.玛国家公园位于饱受战争折磨的国家苏丹。这里有东非最大最完整的热带稀树草原。一望无际的它无不透露出一种野性与原始。但这里是一处幻想的天堂。During the Sudans decades of ruin in the civil war, the park supported rebel armies and untold refugees.经过苏丹数十年内战的洗礼,公园曾持过叛军和无数的难民。The wildlife was decimated. And its was long fear that one of the most spectacular migrations on earth not seen by outsiders in 20 years have been wiped out.大量的野生动物惨遭屠杀。20多年外界人都不曾见到的地球上最壮观的景观之一;;大迁徙被毁于一旦。Then in 2007 aerial surveys begans spotting them. Handfuls, then hundreds of them, eventually estimates reached in the hundreds of thousands.直到2007年,调查才开始关注这些动物。一开始是一个两个,然后数以百计,最后估计达到数以千计。Miraculously the white eared cub had survived. A magnificent antelope that lives no where else on the earth.这只白色幼仔奇迹般地幸免于难。一只伟大的羚羊,只要是地球上的任何地方,都可以生存。The cub had been migrating in numbers perhaps equal to those in the Serengeti, covering hundreds of miles from their wet season feeding grounds in the south to their breeding battle grounds in the north.这孩子迁徙的次数可能等同于那些在塞伦盖蒂的动物,这些动物在南方湿润季节成长,而到了北方则为了生育权进行殊死战斗,整个迁徙绵延数百英里。词语解释:1. savanna n. 稀树大草原2. rebel n. 叛军3. decimate v. 大量杀死201111/162793China Pandas' Bamboo Dwindling 地震造成熊猫口粮短缺 Bamboo, the staple diet of pandas, is reportedly in high demand following last month’s powerful earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province. Officials say there is only three to five months' supply of bamboo for the pandas to eat. "There are many landslides which are covering the bamboo area, so basically there’s no bamboo there. The amount of bamboo which can be purchased or cut has decreased sharply." Chinese television reported on Saturday that staff at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center were trying to find fresh supplies of bamboo. Despite the food crisis, visitor numbers to the center have returned to pre-earthquake figures. Chinese news media is also reporting that in Shifang [1], soldiers rescued a lion and two tigers abandoned after the quake. According to reports, the road to Happy Valley Zoo in Shenfang was blocked by rubble and subsequent landslides, but the military managed to reach the zoo and rescued the three big cats which were all reportedly suffering from malnutrition. The lion and two tigers were more than 65 pounds underweight. Chinese television reported an endangered northeast tiger, found only in the northeastern part of China, needed urgent attention. Over 30 soldiers helped (to) [2]carry the animals in crates for one mile from the zoo for a temporary landing spot for evacuation. Local transport then took them to another zoo for treatment.参考中文翻译:据报道,上个月四川强震过后,大熊猫的主要口粮——竹子需求量大增。相关官员说,现在的竹子仅够大熊猫三到五个月的用量。“竹子供应地区面临大量砂体滑坡,那些地方基本已经没有竹子供应链。能够购买或者砍伐的竹子锐减。”中国电视台周六报道,成都大熊猫养殖研究中心的工作人员正在试图寻找新鲜竹源。尽管面临这口粮危机,该中心的游客量已经恢复到了震前水平。另据中国新闻媒体报道,在什邡,解放军官兵解救了地震过后遗弃的一头狮子和两只老虎。报道说,通往什邡欢乐谷动物园的道路被碎石和随后的山体滑坡阻断,但是军队成功抵达动物园并且解救了这三只营养不良的大型猫科动物。这头狮子和两只老虎都严重重量不足,比正常体重低65磅。中国电视台报道,仅存于中国东北地区的东北虎需要紧急关注。30多名士兵抬这装这三只动物的笼子走了一里多路,把他们从动物园抬到了临时撤离点。随后地方运输把它们送到另一个动物园进行治疗。200811/56850

Twice a year, day and night, fall into balance, lasting for nearly equal length. Known as equinoxes, Latin for equal night, they occur in March and September and along with solstices mark the changing of seasons as Earth travels around the sun. Astronomers like to describe the equinox within the conceptual celestial sphere. Here the heavens are projected around the Earth, like an enormous planetarium. The model is bisected by the celestial equator, a projection of Earth’s own equator. The equinox occurs at the point at which the sun’s path or ecliptic crosses the celestial equator. In spring it is known as the vernal equinox, and in fall the autumnal equinox. The other two seasonal points on the sun’s path are the two solstices; in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice marks the shortest. The seasonal aligning of the sun has been more than just a unique celestial event for humankind throughout history. Ancient sites like Stonehenge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru have well documented solar alignments during the solstices. Similarly, the equinoxes have been associated with some amazing man-made phenomena. In the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, the great pyramid known as El Castillo is oriented along cardinal axis. During the equinoxes, shadows cast by the railings create the illusion of a writhing serpent body, descending the northern steps where it joins the carved serpent’s head at the base of the stairway. The cultural significance of the fall equinox and changing of seasons continues today, especially in the northern hemisphere, where the autumnal equinox occurs around harvest season. In fact, the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is commonly referred to as the harvest moon. In China and other Asian countries, this time is celebrated with the mid-autumnal festival; the origins are linked to the birth of the moon goddess and festival traditions revolve around families with reunions and feasts and special moon cakes. In Jewish culture, thanks for the harvest is given during the week-long feast of the tabernacles or Sukkot. Families eat meals in temporary shelters outside, recalling the Israelites' days in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt.200810/52860

Job losses in Britain increase ITN's James Blake examines what type of industries are cutting back their employment numbers. These students are at Hackney Community College training to be builders, but that's the sector that seems huge job losses over the past year. Couple to that, Hackney has won the highest unemployment rates in the country and now it's going up again. Total unemployment reaches its highest level through 11 years today. For 18 to 24 year-old, it’s even worse. It’s not been this bad since 1995. I’ve learned a few of brick lessions for brick land ships, and at the moment, I’ve got nothing, so I just wait and to hope the teachers’ help would get me as well. I am not worried, it’s about getting a job and I will get a job. Across the UK unemployment has now reached more than 1.8million, up a 140,000 in just a quarter. For young people alone it’s more than half a million, an increase of 53,000. In the last recession, Britain suffered a 31 consecutive months of rising unemployment. So economists agree it’s going to get much worse in the downturn. Some are even predicting it will reach 2.5 million by 2010. So another steep rise in the unemployment, the government has bailed out the bank since to propose tax cuts to stimulate the economy, but now the Unions has insisted it must help the growing ranks of unemployed by increasing benefits. It is that they say or poverty sps. "We have yet not seeing figures of the level we saw in early 90s and in the early 80s when three million were unemployed, but this is a different kind of recession. A lot of white collar jobs are disappearing, it is not just hitting manufacturing in the north of country, every part of the country is being affected. That's why we really do need the urgent action to make sure we don't reach the level of unemployment that we saw three million plus in previous, in previous downturns. So unemployment is rising in every sector and nearly in every region in the country. This morning the government announced it was doubling the funding of its job center rapid response from 3 to 6 million pounds with perhaps more money to come. Our job is to spend as much time in effort making sure the people stay in work when economy becomes boiled as early as possible, as well as provide as much supports we can give to people as they sadly lose their jobs to get back to the labor market as soon as possible. All that’s being done, the pre-budget report will announce the next stage that people have to wait and see what that says. Yesterday Virgin media ** announces a total of 5,000 job losses. Manufacturing, the number of jobs is now at its lowest level since records began in 1978.200811/56169

  Journey out of this world 4:49 Space Adventures client Richard Garriott discusses space tourism and his plans to visit the International Space Station. Every kid wants to fly in space, right? Well, if that kid happens to have a dad who's an astronaut who's been to space, that dream gets solidified. But it's amazing how fate and life can give you a twist and turn, and your path to space may not be exactly what you have anticipated. Richard Garriott is case in point on that. His father Owen flew to/ Skylab in 1973, flew on the Shuttle about ten years later, [That's right.] and he went off and made a fortune with the game business. [Exactly.] Tell us briefly about that.Yeah, I'm actually one of the earliest members of the club, so to speak, I was making games since the late 1970s and it grew to a company. [Wow, it's like punch card or something like that.] And I, my first games on schools was a paper tape. [Wow, wow.] Exactly.So you did well on that business but you always had this dream to go to space, and tell me how that changed the way you invested, and how it led you to what you're doing right now.Well, throughout my career, even though I was generating my income in the business of computer games, all of my personal investing has been in the privatization of space. So I've been literately through my whole career trying to find ways to open up space travel for more than just governments, and for private individuals, of course, thinking of myself as a principal on that list.Right, and so you found Space Adventures, this company which you now are a customer, it’s one of those with their victor client like it so much about the company, that kind of thing. [Exactly right.] What is it about Space Adventures that you think is going to be a good solid return on the investment.Well, I think that the key issue is, I think it's been proven through the ten years that Space Adventures is now under its belt, is good planning and good management. You know it's one thing to dream of going to space and theorize about wouldn't it be fun if, but putting together natural business plan with the appropriate steps to succeed all the parts and pieces that have to come together to make it happen, to make it realizable, and simultaneously find the clients who're willing to buy the products and services at these, as you know, pretty high prices is a very tough thing to put together, and they've shown the vision to do that.Well, when you're talking between 20 and 30 million a ticket, it's a niche market, to say the least. Now you invested several million dollars, [Right.] and you feel pretty confident you're gonna get a good return in the end?Well, no question. Although, you know, to be honest, my original investment was an, what we'd call, an investment of passion, trying to open up this frontier on the part of, you know, humanity in general but myself selfishly in specific. However, I then, you know, hope that I'm also, that that money is not squandered, and very fortunately it really does appear that, you know, Space Adventures for ten years now has built a growing, inspiring business that looks very well poised for the future.You are set to be the sixth space tourist, space participant, whatever you wanna call it, you probably don't like the term tourist. I know you've got a lot of things planned that are not at all like tourism, including a lot of scientific experiments happens in October. Tell us a little bit about the training, is it what you anticipated? Is it harder either? The Russian training is supposed to be pretty rigorous.It is, in fact, you know before I went out there, it was going like what I'm going to do for 9 months of training. And I was going like what's * of me to participate in this way, I didn't think it would be that great. As soon as I got there and began the training, I was going like, Oh man, I have underestimated what I really need to know in order to participate and not just feel comfortable and safe and a contributing member of the team, so to speak. But also especially if you want to do what like I do, you want to do some actual science and research activities, there is really a lot to learn, so the Soyuz and the International Space Station are very complex machines, there is a lot to learn to operate there safely.Do you feel pretty confident about the Soyuz? The Soyuz that you'll ride a whole month, latched on the International Space Station very likely has the same fundamental problems which led to some couple of scary landings, the last couple of landings. You don't have time to get into the technical details but there were some issues as to whether it's separated at the right time, and that led to a, what they call ballistic entry which means more G-loads for the crew. It's not necessarily unsafe; it's just that you'd want to know why that all happen. Are you, you feel it's a safe way to go touring from space?There is no question. I mean, the Soyuz has a 30-year track record of safety, which in this industry is forever. And so just the statistic can bear out that it's a, you know, for doing something that's frankly not safe, this is about a safer way as you can, you know, can approach a relatively hazardous undertaking. But the, you know, the engineering on the Soyuz as you mentioned is so good they’ve got backups to backups to backups, and in fact the ballistic reentries we've seen here on the last two are in fact still considered a normal reentry. It's, it's not, that on itself is not considered anything particularly endangering.Well, either way, I'm sure it will be a landing to remember. Richard Garriott, who are in October if all goes well will be the first second generation astronaut to fly to space. Thank you, good luck and, as they say, Godspeed.Thank you Miles.200812/58897

  Green-collar jobs The workplace is turning more eco-friendly, creating new occupationsHave some coffee? Yes!After 34 years working in Toledo Ohio’s automotive industry, John Morris was laid off, and left to fend for himself in a bleak job market. ‘Being that I was in automotive, it just was not then out there.’ But to his surprise, his skills on the assembly line actually came in handy, landing him a job as a safety engineer at Xunlight, a start-up company that makes solar energy panels. ‘I'm a green-collar worker now. It was very exciting for me, to be able to start on the ground floor of a new type of development.’ Our modules are light-weight and flexible...The company’s president and CEO Xunming Deng believes Toledo is a good place to grow his company, in part because of the availability of skilled factory workers like John Morris. ‘There are some venture capitalists that say that we gotta move to California to grow a successful startup. But there are other venture capitalists, they come over and say, they said Xunming, this is the wonderful place because you have all these highly trained workers available to help out, they are just right there!’ Before Xunlight, Toledo was aly home to First Solar, the nation’s largest solar panel maker. But it’s not just Toledo, green-collar jobs are sprouting up across the country. And with the proper incentives, analysts say the industry could generate 3,000,000 new jobs over the next two decades. ‘It could leak overseas, unless the ed States, I think it's particularly the Federal level, is really aggressive about providing Federal supports.’ George Sterzinger with a renewable energy policy project fears the US could miss out on this emerging market. "One of the things that people have to realize is that it is a potential, it’s only a potential…" Toledo’s mayor Carty Finkbiener has seen the potential, he singles out solar energy as one of the lone bright spots in Ohio, a state that has lost close to a quarter of its manufacturing jobs in the last decade. "We regain some of the lost quality of life, some of the lost jobs, the economic vigor." For John Morris, the future is going green. "It's a business that I hope, I don't have to worry about tomorrow will I be out of the job and there’s a good future for us." But advocates for green-collar jobs says Congress is the key, despite the success stories, tax credits for alternative energies were not renewed in 2007. Analysts say those tax credits are facing an uphill battle this year. Jim Acosta, CNN, New York.Notes:Come in handy: Used casually when someone comments that something unexpected could prove useful.01/60397。

  The.First.EmperorQin Shi Huangdi remains a controversial figure in Chinese history. After unifying China, he and his chief adviser Li Si passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including the first version of the Great Wall of China, the now famous city-sized mausoleum guarded by a life-sized Terracotta Army, all at the expense of many lives. To ensure stability, Qin Shi Huang outlawed Confucianism and buried many scholars alive. All books other than those officially decreed were banned and burned in what is known as the great Confucian purge. Despite the tyranny of his autocratic rule, Qin Shi Huang is regarded as a pivotal figure....07/77551

  The ed Nations and international aid agencies are ramping up their assistance to earthquake victims in Haiti. But, they report the extent of devastation caused by the powerful quake is hampering their relief efforts. 联合国和国际援助机构正加紧向海地的地震受难者提供援助。但是,他们报告说,强烈地震造成的灾害程度阻碍着他们的救援努力。Haiti is prone to disasters, but this huge quake is the worst to hit the Caribbean island state in two centuries. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday destroyed much of the country's capital, Port-au-Prince. 海地经常受到灾害的威胁,但是这次大地震是两个世纪以来袭击这个加勒比岛国的最严重的一次。星期二发生的里氏7.0级地震给海地首都太子港带来严重破坏。The International Red Cross fears up to three million people may have been affected by the earthquake, which not only devastated the capital city, but many smaller nearby communities. 国际红十字会担心有多达300万人可能受到了地震的影响。这次地震不仅给首都带来毁灭性破坏,还央及附近很多其他较小的社区。The ed Nations reports electricity has been cut off and communications are difficult. It says bridges have been knocked out, hospitals and care facilities have been damaged or destroyed. Haiti's envoy to the ed States estimates losses could run into the billions.联合国的报告说,当地电力供应中断,通讯存在困难。报告说,桥梁被毁坏,医院和医疗设施也受到破坏或者被毁掉。海地驻美国的特使预计损失可能达到数十亿美元。The World Food Program is leading the ed Nations emergency operation in Haiti. The director of the WF office in Geneva, Charles Vincent, says the airport in Port-au-Prince is open. But, he says access to the town from the airport is limited because of debris and other obstacles on the roads.世界粮食计划署主导联合国在海地的紧急救援行动。日内瓦的世界粮食计划署负责人文森特说,太子港的机场仍然开放。但是他表示,因为道路被废墟和其它障碍阻拦,从机场到城市的交通受到限制。"The Dominican Republic, which … could be an important hub for us to bring relief material on behalf of the humanitarian community has not been damaged, so we can use the Dominican Republic assets. And, we are beefing up our teams on the other side of the border," he said. “多米尼加共和国没有遭到破坏,那里可能成为我们一个重要的中转站,把人道组织的救援物资送进去,所以我们可以利用多米尼加共和国的资源。同时,我们也在边境的另一边增加救援力量。”201001/94531Majority of Americans lack faith in Obama: pollNearly 60 percent of American voters say they lack faith in President Barack Obama, according to a public opinion poll published on Tuesday.The results of the Washington Post/A News poll are a reversal of what voters said at the start of Obama's presidency 18 months ago when about 60 percent expressed confidence in his decision making.Confidence in Obama is at a new low but the poll found that his numbers are still higher than lawmakers of either major party four months ahead of the November congressional elections.Asked how much confidence they have in Obama to make the right decisions for the country's future, 58 percent of respondents said "just some" or "none."Sixty-eight percent expressed the same sentiments about Democrats in Congress and 72 percent said the same of Republicans.The Post said problems in the housing industry, sluggish job growth and other economic issues may have taken a toll on Obama's approval rating.Just 43 percent of all Americans, including a third of Democrats, now say they approve of the job Obama is doing on the economy, while 54 percent disapprove.The survey also found wide anti-incumbent sentiment with 62 percent of voters saying they were not inclined to support their current representative.All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs in the November 2 election as well as 36 of the 100 Senate seats.Democrats now control both houses of Congress, but a slight majority of those polled said they would prefer to have Republicans in control to serve as a check on Obama's policies.The poll of 1,288 people was conducted July 7-11 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.Vocabulary:take a toll: be damaging or harmful, cause loss or destruction(产生负面影响,造成重大损失)incumbent: holding an indicated position, role, office, etc., currently(在职的,现任的)up for grabs: available to anyone willing to expend the energy to get it(提供的,可供争夺的)inundated: to overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp(淹没,洪水般的扑来)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109068Obama Moves Toward Sweeping Ideological Change奥巴马走向美国意识形态大变革  President Barack Obama's plan to use the government to jolt the faltering U.S. economy back to life signals the most significant ideological shift in Washington since President Ronald Reagan came to power in 1981. 奥巴马总统打算利用政府力量来让举步维艰的美国经济重获新生,显示了1981年里根总统上台以来美国在意识形态上的最大变迁。Candidate Obama promised sweeping change during last year's presidential election, and the scope of that change was on full display in President Obama's recently released 10-year budget plan. 在去年的总统大选中,当时还是候选人的奥巴马承诺将进行大规模的改革。改革的规模在奥巴马总统最近公布的10年预算计划中得到了全面体现。In it, Mr. Obama pledged massive government spending, increased taxes on corporations and the wealthy and large budget deficits. 在这份计划中,奥巴马承诺大幅增加政府开,提高对公司和富裕阶层的征税,并扩大预算赤字。The president says the economy has grown so weak that only the government can provide the spark to bring it back to life. 奥巴马总统说,经济是如此羸弱,只有政府才有能力使其起死回生。"At this particular moment, with the private sector so weakened by this recession, the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back into life," he said. 奥巴马说:“这是一个特殊的时刻,私营部门因为这次的经济衰退变得如此羸弱,联邦政府是唯一拥有资源让经济复苏的实体。”At the same time, President Obama has promised to tackle a number of difficult long- term challenges facing the country, like expanding health care coverage while trying to contain its growing cost, make the U.S. more energy independent and reform education. 与此同时,奥巴马总统还承诺解决美国长期面临的几大挑战,比如,扩大健康保险的范围,并控制保险费用上涨,促进美国的能源独立以及推进教育改革等。It seems like a lot to do all at once, says Fred Barnes, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. 保守派杂志标准周刊的编辑巴尔内斯说,看起来,奥巴马是打算多管齐下。But Barnes told VOA's Issues in the News program that the president is right to make an early push for his entire agenda. 巴尔内斯在接受美国之音采访时说,总统尽早推出他的一整套方案是对的。"There has been a debate on what strategy to follow, and he is following the one that says we are going to do everything at once rather than doing things one at a time, say with taxes or health care, the environmental agenda or whatever," said Barnes. 他说:“对采取何种策略向来就有争议,他采取的策略就是多管齐下,而不是个个击破,不是一次只解决一个问题,比如税收、健康保险,环境保护等问题。”Barnes is quick to add that he thinks the Obama agenda is too liberal and may be picked apart by opposition Republicans in Congress. 巴尔内斯补充说,他认为奥巴马的计划过于自由开放,可能会遭到国会共和党人强烈反对。Conservatives are aly mobilizing against the Obama budget plan, including talk show host Rush Limbaugh. 保守派已经在动员反对奥巴马预算计划,这些人当中包括访谈节目主持人拉什·林堡。Limbaugh recently whipped an audience of conservative activists into a frenzy in Washington with a no-holds barred critique of President Obama."What is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed," asked Limbaugh. 林堡说:“为什么说实话就那么古怪呢?我直说,我就希望奥巴马失败,如果他的使命只是重建和改组这个国家,从而颠覆资本主义和个人自由这两大国家基石,我为什么要希望他成功呢?”Even if only portions of the Obama agenda are enacted into law by Congress, it would represent the most sweeping ideological change since conservative Ronald Reagan's emphasis on tax cuts and domestic spending cuts in the early 1980s. 奥巴马的计划即使只是部分得到国会批准生效,这也将代表着里根总统以来意识形态的最大变化。里根在1980年代强调减税和削减国内开。Some analysts are comparing the Obama approach to the one President Franklin Roosevelt took during the Great Depression of the 1930s. 一些分析人士把奥巴马的举措与富兰克林.罗斯福总统在1930年代大萧条时期推行的措施相提并论。"Now on some level, we accept that the federal government for the most part, not everyone does, obviously, but we accept that the federal government has a role to play in a time of economic crisis, which was much more debatable in early 1933," said Matt Dallek, political historian at the University of California's Washington Center. 加利福尼亚大学华盛顿中心研究政治的历史学家马特·达莱克说:“现在在某种程度上,我们接受联邦政府的大部分做法,但是,并不是每个人都这样。 很明显,我们接受联邦政府在经济危机时应当承担责任。这一点,在1933年初曾引发更大的争论。”But that debate appears to be resurfacing in , at least among some Republican congressional leaders. 但是,这种争论看起来在年又卷土重来了,至少是在一些共和党国会领袖中间。Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin says enactment of the Obama budget plan would lead to the largest expansion of government since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. 共和党人众议员、来自威斯康辛州的保罗·瑞恩说,一旦奥巴马的预算计划得以实施,这将是罗斯福总统施行新政以来,政府权力的最大扩张。So far, though, many analysts believe that Mr. Obama has done an effective job of making the case for sweeping government action to try and end the recession. 尽管如此,许多分析人士相信,奥巴马确实作了很多有效的工作,说各界必须通过大规模政府行动来结束经济衰退。"It seems to me, fair or not, that a majority of the country has decided that Obama is the last best hope to get us out of this mess, or if not the best hope, the only hope for four years," said Tom DeFrank, Washington bureau chief for the New York Daily News. 纽约每日新闻报华盛顿分社的汤姆·德弗兰克说:“在我看来,不管公平与否,在这个国家,大部分人认定奥巴马是带领我们走出泥潭的最后的也是最好的选择。即使不是最好的希望,也是接下来四年的唯一希望。”Two new polls seem to bolster that point. The president enjoys a 60 percent job approval rating in the latest Wall Street Journal-N News poll, and a 59 percent approval rating in the latest national poll from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. 最近公布的两个民意测验似乎进一步加强了这个论点,在华尔街日报和全国广播公司新闻网的联合调查中,奥巴马的持率为60%。康涅狄克州奎尼皮亚克大学最近一次的全国调查也发现,奥巴马的持率为59%。Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown says Mr. Obama's personal ratings suggest stronger public support for him than for his economic program. "There is much more of a public relations job that is needed to convince the public. And at this point, he is doing it because people want to see him succeed. The fact that he is doing as well as he is among non-Democrats shows that people at this point are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt," Brown said.Political experts may differ on Mr. Obama's approach of trying to do everything at once on the economy, but there is general agreement that the new president's strategy is bold and potentially risky. 尽管政治分析人士对奥巴马试图多管齐下处理经济问题的做法有不同意见,但是他们似乎都一致认定,新总统的战略很大胆,也有潜在的风险。"Whether this president succeeds or fails, he's going to do it in historic proportions. It seems to me that in a sense, it is another New Deal or Great Society. You may support it. You may oppose it. But it is big," says Larry Sabato, who directs the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. 维吉尼亚大学政治中心主任萨巴托说:“不管总统成败与否,他将要做的是具有历史意义的。在我看来,这是另一次‘新政’,或是‘大社会’,你可能会持它,也可能反对它,但是,它的确是个庞大的计划。”And with a big plan comes big risk. President Obama is banking on an improvement in the domestic economy before public support for him and his policies begins to ebb in the opinion polls. 庞大的计划伴随着巨大的风险。奥巴马总统现在把希望寄托于改善国内经济上,并要抓紧公众对他和他政策的持率尚未退潮的时机来实现这一目标。03/63868

  The trouble with half and half这一半与那一半之间的苦恼The plan to fix California’s budget has run into problems 解决加州预算的方案陷入困境JERRY BROWN was being forced to contemplate plans B and C to save his governorship as The Economist went to press. He was sworn in this year (for the third time, having last been governor in 1983) as California confronted yet another budget deficit considerably larger (at more than billion) than the entire budget in most other states. And because California has aly made painful cuts in recent years, Mr Brown wanted to solve roughly half of the problem by cutting spending and half by extending a collection of temporary increases in income, sales and car taxes. The idea was to get a deal by making Democrats and Republicans share equally in the political discomfort.在本期《经济学人》出版时,为了保住自己的职位,杰里.布朗正被迫考虑备用方案二和方案三。他在今年初宣誓就职(这是他第三次任职,上次任职是在1983年),当时加州再次面临预算赤字,且和其他大多数州的整体预算相比,都多很多(至少250亿美元)。因为在近几年间,加州已经进行了痛苦的削减,布朗希望通过削减出方案大致解决一半的问题,再通过延长一系列在个人所得税,销售税和汽车税方面的临时加税措施解决另一半问题。布朗希望,通过让民主党和共和党共度政治困境来达成协议。The first half has proved relatively easy. The legislature, controlled by Democrats and newly empowered by voters to pass budgets by a simple majority rather than one of two-thirds, has aly adopted most of the necessary cuts, sparing only schools among the main spending items. Democrats made the sacrifice knowing that the alternative—an “all-cuts” budget—would double the pain.事实明,前一半完成得比较轻松。由于州议院受民主党控制,最近又获得选民授权以绝对优势通过预算方案,而不是以仅仅三分之二的微弱优势,所以大多数必要削减已被批准,在主要出中只有教育出被宽免。民主党之所以做出这个牺牲,是因为他们知道另一种选择——“全面削减”方案——加使痛苦加倍。It is the other half, the tax extensions, that is proving intractable. Mr Brown won his election in part by promising no new taxes without “a vote of the people”. So his plan, and his fate as governor, requires getting the tax extension onto the ballot.结果是另一半,即延长税收让人伤脑筋。布朗竞选胜利,在某种程度上,是由于他承诺没有进行“选民投票”就不征收新税。所以他的方案,连同他作为州长的命运,要求采用无记名投票来决定是否采取延长税收方案。He was hoping to do this in June, just before the start of the new fiscal year in July, when the temporary taxes are set to expire. That way the vote would still be about “extending” (rather than “raising”) taxes. In the latest polling, a majority of voters do, in fact, favour putting the decision on a ballot, although their support has been declining. More worrying, only 46% now say they would vote for the proposed tax extensions.他希望在今年六月前进行投票,这样正好赶在七月新的财政年度开始之前,届时临时税收将到期。这样,投票内容将还是关于“延长”(而不是“提高”)税收。事实上,最近的一次民意调查显示,虽然选民持度一直在下降,他们大多数还是赞成采用无记名投票来做出决定。更令人担忧的是,目前只有46%的选民称他们会对提出的延长税收方案投赞成票。But if Republican legislators have their way, the voters will never make that decision. To put the vote on the ballot the traditional way, Mr Brown needs a supermajority (two-thirds) in the legislature. That means winning over at least two Republicans in each chamber. So Mr Brown has been negotiating with five who seemed amenable. These five apparently demanded huge cuts in public pensions and red tape, and a spending cap for future years. It might seem to be a Republican dream: a wish list of goodies that make the Democratic governor (backed by public-sector unions) squirm.但如果共和党议员从中作梗,参选者将连投票的机会都没有。采用传统方式以不记名形式投票,布朗需要在议会有绝对多数(至少三分之二)的持率。这意味着在参、众两院中,都至少要争取两位共和党员。所以布朗一直在同五位较为温和的共和党员协商。很明显,这五位要求大幅度削减公共养老金和政府出,并且为未来出做出限定。这似乎是个共和党梦想:一列美好的愿望名单,使这位民主党州长(受公共事业联盟持)坐立不安。201104/132747Reluctant Pakistan Considers IMF Loan to Avoid Default巴基斯坦考虑IMF贷款以还外债 Pakistan holds talks this week with the International Monetary Fund about what is expected to be an estimated billion bailout package. With foreign currency reserves dwindling and the rupee trading at all time lows against the dollar, Pakistan is in danger of defaulting on its debt. The country's traditional donors are not offering any immediate aid. 本星期,巴基斯坦和国际货币基金组织举行会谈,主要讨论巴基斯坦预期接受的一百亿美元救助计划。由于外汇储备下降,以及卢比对美元的汇率降到历史最低点,巴基斯坦面临无法偿付国际债务的风险。而传统援助国现在没有向巴基斯坦提供任何帮助。Pakistani officials say that because of the country's central role in the war against terrorism, shoring up its economy is an international priority.  巴基斯坦官员说,由于巴基斯坦在反恐战争中的重要地位,救助巴基斯坦经济是一项国际首要任务。Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters this week in Islamabad that he was optimistic the international community would come to Pakistan's aid. 巴基斯坦外长库雷西在伊斯兰堡对记者表示,他对于国际社会向巴基斯坦伸出援手感到乐观。"The world is recognizing Pakistan's role to keep the world peaceful and secure and also recognizing the economic challenges and the human price Pakistan has paid to make the world a safer place," said Qureshi. "And the democratic government of Pakistan is projecting Pakistan's case on that platform." “国际社会了解巴基斯坦在维护世界和平与安全方面扮演的角色,同时也了解巴基斯坦为了维护世界安全而承受的经济挑战并付出的人力代价。巴基斯坦民主政府正是基于这种原因来发出呼吁。”But the country's traditional donors have not stepped-in to help. Last week, President Asif Zardari returned from China with pledges to help construct two nuclear power plants - but no direct aid. This week, the "Friends of Pakistan" meeting of several wealthy nations including the ed States and Saudi Arabia, produced no plans to address the immediate problem of servicing Pakistan's debt. 巴基斯坦的传统援助国尚未出手相助。上个星期,巴基斯坦总统泽达里在中国访问期间,中国承诺帮助巴基斯坦建造两座核电站,但没有提供直接援助。本星期,包括美国、沙特阿拉伯在内的一些和巴基斯坦关系友好的富裕国家举行了会议,但是没有就帮助巴基斯坦偿付债务达成任何方案。Former finance minister Zubair Khan says inaction by the current government and the global financial crisis have left Pakistan few options for meeting its estimated billion in upcoming debt payments. 巴基斯坦前财政部长祖贝尔·坎恩说,现任政府的无所作为和席卷全球的金融危机让巴基斯坦对于即将到期的大约30亿美元债务束手无策。"The worldwide financial crisis has aly put strains on potential donor countries. Secondly, Pakistan has not come up with a viable economic program, which they would be y to support," said Zubair. "I do not think anyone is y to give just pure cash to Pakistan to do whatever it likes with it." “全球金融危机已经让潜在的援助国承受了压力。其次,巴基斯坦没有制定出可行的、可以马上得到援助国持的经济计划。我想,现在没有哪个国家愿意向巴基斯坦提供现金援助,让巴基斯坦想怎么花就怎么花。”Zubair says seeking money from the IMF will force Pakistan's government to adopt badly needed financial reforms that should lead to longer-term financial stability. 贝尔说,从国际货币基金组织寻求资金可以迫使巴基斯坦政府实行急需的金融改革,这将有助于长期金融稳定。But officials have been reluctant to apply for politically-unpopular IMF aid because its stringent financial conditions could hurt Pakistanis aly reeling from high food and energy prices.  不过,巴基斯坦官员不愿意申请政治上不受欢迎的国际货币基金组织援助,因为这种援助附加的苛刻金融条件可能会使已经面临高昂食品和能源价格的巴基斯坦人处境更困难。Sartaj Aziz, who served as finance minister under Nawaz Sharif in the 1990s, says an IMF loan could push the rupee even lower against the dollar, drive up unemployment and further raise utility prices. He says if officials can secure enough money from somewhere else to meet upcoming debt payments, Pakistan may be able to stabilize itself in the next year.He says right now the problem is short term, because if there is the expected bumper food crop this year and oil prices stay low, then next year Pakistan can be out of the crisis. Sartaj said one of the country's last opportunities to avoid accepting an IMF package appears to be President Zardari's trip to Saudi Arabia scheduled for the first week of November. Saudi Arabia has aly turned down requests to postpone payments for oil imports, casting doubt on the country's willingness to provide immediate aid. Economists say Pakistan's financial problems have been developing for several years, but the seven-month-old government has done little to address them since taking office.  经济学家们说,巴基斯坦的金融问题已经发酵了几年时间,但是新政府在过去的七个月里几乎没有采取任何措施解决这个问题。Now, facing a growing Taliban insurgency along its Afghan border and a gloomy international financial climate, Zubair Khan says the government may have no other choice but to accept the hardships of an IMF loan. 现在,面对阿富汗边境地区日益猖獗的塔利班反政府武装以及国际金融动荡,祖贝尔·坎恩说,政府除了接受条件苛刻的国际货币基金组织贷款之外可能没有其他选择。"It was mostly for political reasons that they were trying to avoid going to the IMF, but now the time of reckoning has come and they have to go there," said Zubair Khan. “巴基斯坦试图避开国际货币基金组织主要是基于政治原因。但现在,由于面临巨大的债务压力,他们必须和国际货币基金组织接触。”Pakistani officials are meeting with IMF representatives this week in Dubai. Pakistan's finance ministry said IMF officials were scheduled to meet in Pakistan, but changed the venue because of security concerns. 巴基斯坦官员本星期将在迪拜和国际货币基金组织代表会晤。巴基斯坦财政部说,这次会晤原来计划在巴基斯坦境内进行,但国际货币基金组织出于安全考虑改变了地点。200810/53773

  Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Pierre Berton: What is the difference between Chinese boxing and what we see the young man doing at eight o'clock every morning on the rooftops (eha) and in the parks called "shadowboxing," which they're always...?Bruce Lee: well, actually, you see, that is part of Chinese boxing (it is). There are so many schools, different schools...Pierre Berton: Everybody here seems to be you know, going like this all the time.Bruce Lee: Haha, well, that's good. I mean, I mean I'm very glad, I'm very glad to see that because at least somebody is caring for their own bodies, right?Pierre Berton: yeah.Bruce Lee: I mean that's a good sign. Well it's a kinda of a slow form of exercise which is called "tai chi chuan". I'm speaking mandarin just now (yeah), in Cantonese, "Kai di kune", haha, Okay? (I see) And it's more than an exercise for the elderly, not so much for the young.Pierre Berton: Give me a demonstration, show me, can you do a little bit of it, just …?Bruce Lee: I mean, hand-wises, it's very slow and you push it out but all the time you are keeping the continuity going: bending, stretching, everything, you know, suppose, you know, I mean, you, you just keep it moving.Pierre Berton: It sounds like a ballet dancer there...Bruce Lee: Yeah, it is, I mean to them the idea is "Running water never grows stale." So you've got to just "keep on flowing."Pierre Berton: Of, of all your students, famous, James Garner, Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin, James Coburn, Roman Polanski, which was the best? Who, who adapted best to this oriental form of exercise and defense?Bruce Lee: well, um, depending, ok? Now, as a fighter, Steve, Steve McQueen, now, he is good in that department because, that son of a gun has got the toughness in him....Pierre Berton: Yeah, I see it on the screen....Bruce Lee: I mean, he would say, "all right baby, here I am, man," you know, and he'll do it, (yeah) now James Coburn is a peace-loving man....Pierre Berton: I've met him.Bruce Lee: Right? I mean, (yeah) you've met him....Pierre Berton: Yeah.Bruce Lee: I mean he's really, really nice, I mean super mellow, or, and all that...Pierre Berton: Yeah, he is!Bruce Lee: You know what I mean? Now he appreciate(d) the philosophical part of it. Therefore, he's understanding of it, is deeper than Steve. So it's really hard to say, you see what I'm saying now?Pierre Berton: I see....Bruce Lee: I mean it's, I mean it's different, that's, depending on what you see in it...Pierre Berton: Interesting, that, we don't, in our world, and haven't since the days of the Greeks who did, combined philosophy and arts with sport. But quite clearly the oriental attitude is that the three, are facets of the same things.Bruce Lee: Man, listen, you see, really, to me, ok, to me, ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself. Now it is very difficult to do. I mean it is, it is easy for me to put on the show and be cocky (yeah) and be flooded with a cocky feeling and then feel, like pretty cool and all that. Or I can make all kinds of phony thing, you see what I mean? Blinded by it. Or I can show you some, really fancy movement, but, to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to express myself honestly now, that, my friend is, very hard to do. And you have to train. You have to keep your reflexes so that when you want it, it's there! When you want to move, you are moving and when you move you are determined to move, not taking one inch, not anything less than that, if I want to punch, I'm gonna do it man, and I'm gonna do it. You see, so I mean, so that is the type of thing you have to train yourself into it, to become one with the…, you think.Pierre Berton: Yeah, this is very un, western, this attitude. I want to ask you about your movie and TV career, but first uh, we take a break, and we will be back with Bruce Lee.Pierre Berton: I've been taking to Bruce Lee, mainly about the Chinese martial arts which include things like Chinese boxing, karate and judo, which is what he taught when he was in Hollywood after he left the University of Washington, where he studied, of all things, philosophy, if you can believe that. But he did, but that, perhaps you understand why the two go together from the first half of this program. And you can perhaps understand how he got into films, he knew a lot of actors but I'm told that you got the job on the green hornet, where you played Kato, the chauffeur mainly because you were the only Chinese-looking guy who could pronounce the name of the leading character, Brich Reid!Bruce Lee: I meant that as a joke of course, haha. And it's a heck of name, man, I mean every time I said it, at that time I was super-conscious, I mean, really now, that's another interesting thing, huh? Let's say if you learn to speak Chinese...Pierre Berton: yeah?Bruce Lee: And it's very, I mean it's not difficult to learn and speak the words. The hard thing, the difficult thing, it's behind what is the meaning, what brought on the expression and feelings behind those words, like when I first arrived in the ed States and I looked at a Caucasian, and I really would not know whether he was putting me on (yeah) or is he really angry? Because, because we have different way of reacting to it, (of course) those are the difficult things, you see?Pierre Berton: It's almost as if you came upon a strange race or a smile didn't mean what it does to us. In fact, a smile doesn't always mean the same, does it?Bruce Lee: of course, not.Pierre Berton: Yeah, and it's a problem of that. Tell me about the big break when you played in long street...Bruce Lee: Ahh, that's it.Pierre Berton: I must tell our audience that Bruce lee had a bit part, or a supporting role in, in the long street series and this had an enormous effect on the audience. What was it?Bruce Lee: well,…02/62584

  Obama, McCain Target Pivotal States in Election Race奥巴马麦凯恩加紧在战场州竞选 Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain Friday focused on states that could play a pivotal role in the November 4 election.美国总统候选人奥巴马和麦凯恩星期五把精力集中在能在11月4号的选举中发挥枢纽作用的州。With a little more than two weeks to go until Election Day, Democrat Barack Obama is keeping up the pressure on his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain.离开选举日不到两星期了,民主党总统候选人奥巴马正在对他的共和党对手麦凯恩加强压力。Obama campaigned Friday in the southern state of Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in 1964.奥巴马星期五在维吉尼亚州的南部竞选,该地区上次选举了民主党人当总统是在1964年。Obama continued his relentless campaign to tie Senator McCain to the economic policies of the Bush administration.奥巴马继续毫不懈怠地展开竞选,把麦凯恩参议员与布什政府的经济政策相联系。"So I know I am not running against President Bush," he said. "But I am running against President Bush's policies, the policies John McCain has supported, the policies John McCain would continue and that is something that we cannot afford another four years of, more George Bush economics!"他说:“我当然明白我不是在跟布什总统竞选。但是我是在跟布什总统的政策相抗争,这些政策是麦凯恩一向持的、而且将继续执行的。我们可经不起另外四年的布什经济策略了。”The latest polls give Obama a lead in Virginia. Obama is also competitive in several other states that have supported Republican presidential candidates in recent elections including Missouri, North Carolina and Colorado.最近的民调显示,奥巴马在维吉尼亚领先。奥巴马在另外几个在最近几次选举中持共和党总统候选人的州里,也相当具有竞争力,如密苏里州、北卡罗来纳州和科罗拉多州。Recent national polls also give Obama a lead over McCain by margins ranging from five to 14 points.But Obama is quick to caution his supporters not to get too confident in the final two weeks of the campaign."You can't pay attention to the polls," he said. "We have got to keep making our case for change."Also Friday Obama won the endorsement of the Washington Post newspaper, which called him the right man for a perilous time.Meanwhile, Republican John McCain campaigned in Florida on Friday, another key battleground or swing state where both campaigns are very competitive.同在星期五,共和党人麦凯恩在佛罗里达州展开竞选,这又是一个战场州,双方的竞争激烈。McCain slammed Obama's tax plan and promised that he too would take the country in a different direction from the Bush administration.麦凯恩抨击奥巴马的税务计划,并保要引导国家迈向不同于布什政府的方向。McCain acknowledged to the crowd that he is trailing in the polls, but he also urged his supporters to pull off an election surprise on November 4.麦凯恩向民众承认自己的民调得分落后,但是他也敦促他的持者在11月4号的大选中出奇制胜。"We have 18 days to go. We are six points down," he said. "The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes. But you know what? They forgot to let you decide. My friends, as it has been in other races, we've got them just where we want them!"他说:“我们还有18天的时间。我们落后六个百分点。全国媒体认为我们没有指望。奥巴马参议员觉得自己胜券在握。但是你知道有一个重要因素:他忘了让你们来作出决定了。我的朋友们,我们正击中他们的要害问题了。”In the final days of the campaign, both McCain and Obama are trying to improve their prospects in several important swing states where the margin is close.在竞选的最后阶段,麦凯恩和奥巴马都努力改进自己在几个重要的战场州里的前景,在那几个州里双方的比分接近。Some of them are large states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina that are major prizes in the state by state electoral voting that decides who will win the presidency.其中包括像俄亥俄、佛罗里达和北卡罗来纳之类的大州,这些州是按州逐一计算选举团票的,所以对于谁当选总统能起决定性作用。Obama has broadened the number of election battelground states to several that normally vote Republican, including Virginia.University of Virginia political expert Larry Sabato told MSN television that Obama is displaying unexpected strength in a state where McCain was the favorite."It causes the McCain people and the Republicans to spend money and to spend time in a state that they actually listed as solid Republican in the spring," he said. "They said they had nothing to worry about and planned to put out no effort in Virginia. Well, guess what, it turned into a toss-up state."Most experts believe that Obama's surge in national and some state polls is a direct result of voter unhappiness over the state of the U.S. economy and an overwhelming desire for change after eight years of the Bush presidency.200810/53168。

  The economy美国经济Excuses, excuses总是找借口A litany of special factors exposes the recovery’s fragility次危机中的连环利空因素揭露美国脆弱的复苏RECOVERIES from financial crises are usually subdued, but America’s is starting to look comatose. On May 26th the government said GDP grew by an annualised 1.8% in the first quarter, identical to its preliminary estimate. Economists had hoped for an upward revision. Worse, as signs of weakness accumulate, forecasters have trimmed estimates for the current quarter from around 3.5% they were projecting a month ago to 2.7% or less now.金融危机后的经济复苏总是温和的,但是美国的复苏现在看上去有点疲软。在5月26日,美国政府声称在第一季度,美国的国内生产总值按年度计算增长了1.8%,这与之前的估计数字相一致。经济学家们本来希望经济增长率会有一个向上的修正。随着一系列的疲软迹象的增加,现在,经济预测员们把当前季度的经济增长估计值从上个月所预测的3.5%调整到了2.7%或者更低的数字。 Last December an agreement between Barack Obama and the Republicans to extend George Bush’s tax cuts and enact new ones led to forecasts of 3% to 4% growth this year. But the new consensus rate of 2.6%, for a recovery now two years old, is barely above America’s long-term potential and scarcely enough to bring unemployment down. To be sure, the post-crisis imperative for banks and households to reduce their debt meant a V-shaped rebound was never on the cards. Even so, this is a terrible performance.去年12月,奥巴马和共和党人士之间在关于延长小布什的税收减免和颁布新的减税政策的事项上达成了一致,这使得人们对今年的经济增长有了3%到4%的预测。但是,近期的被公认的2.6的增长率几乎不能显示美国的长期增长潜力,这也不足以使失业率下降,因为到现在,复苏已经维持了两年之久。可以肯定的是,后经济危机迫使和家庭降低自身的负债,这意味着v字型的经济反弹是不可能发生的。201106/139832

  Twice a year, day and night, fall into balance, lasting for nearly equal length. Known as equinoxes, Latin for equal night, they occur in March and September and along with solstices mark the changing of seasons as Earth travels around the sun. 每年有两次,日日夜夜进入平衡,几乎相等。这种现象被称为春秋分,这是拉丁语,意思是平等的夜晚,它在3月和9月发生,标志着季节的变化。Astronomers like to describe the equinox within the conceptual celestial sphere. Here the heavens are projected around the Earth, like an enormous planetarium. The model is bisected by the celestial equator, a projection of Earthrsquo;s own equator. The equinox occurs at the point at which the sunrsquo;s path or ecliptic crosses the celestial equator. In spring it is known as the vernal equinox, and in fall the autumnal equinox.天文学家喜欢用天球描述春秋分。这里的天投射在大地,像一个巨大的天文馆。该模型的有天体赤道,这是天球的地球赤道。春分这一点发生在太阳经过天体赤道。黄道在春天称为春分和而在秋天则称为秋分。The other two seasonal points on the sunrsquo;s path are the two solstices; in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice marks the shortest. The seasonal aligning of the sun has been more than just a unique celestial event for humankind throughout history. Ancient sites like Stonehenge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru have well documented solar alignments during the solstices.另外两个在太阳路径上的季节点是两个至点。在北半球,夏至是一年中白天最长的一天,而冬至则是最短的。太阳的季节性调整已经不仅仅是人类历史悠久的一个独特的天象。像英格兰的巨石阵和秘鲁的马丘比丘这样的古代遗址就有至点期间太阳阵列的明文规定。Similarly, the equinoxes have been associated with some amazing man-made phenomena. In the ancient Maya city of Chicheacute;n Itzaacute;, the great pyramid known as El Castillo is oriented along cardinal axis. During the equinoxes, shadows cast by the railings create the illusion of a writhing serpent body, descending the northern steps where it joins the carved serpentrsquo;s head at the base of the stairway. The cultural significance of the fall equinox and changing of seasons continues today, especially in the northern hemisphere, where the autumnal equinox occurs around harvest season.同样,春秋分与一些了不起的人为现象一直联系。在古代玛雅城市古, 被称为艾尔卡的大金字塔就是面向主轴。在春秋分,栏杆的阴影会创造蛇的身体颤抖的幻觉,它会与北部楼梯雕刻的蛇头会合。秋分的文化意蕴和季节改变在今天也继续影响着,特别是在北半球,秋分意味着丰收的季节。In fact, the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is commonly referred to as the harvest moon. In China and other Asian countries, this time is celebrated with the mid-autumnal festival; the origins are linked to the birth of the moon goddess and festival traditions revolve around families with reunions and feasts and special moon cakes. In Jewish culture, thanks for the harvest is given during the week-long feast of the tabernacles or Sukkot. Families eat meals in temporary shelters outside, recalling the Israelites days in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt.事实上,靠近秋分的满月通常被称为收获的月亮。在中国和很多其他亚洲国家,这个时间会庆祝中秋节日;起源是月亮女神的诞生,节日围绕家庭团聚的传统及特殊的月饼盛宴。在古犹太文化中,感激收获的节日庆典将持续一周。在外面临时帐篷内,家庭会吃肉,以回忆以色列人离开埃及后漂泊的日子。165329

  Vuvuzela enters the dictionaryThe World Cup, global warming and the credit crunch have all inspired the latest additions to the English language.The vuvuzela, the horn instrument which provided the soundtrack to this summer's football extravaganza in South Africa, is one new entry in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is based on how language is really used.The battle to deal with climate change has given us carbon capture and storage - the process of trapping and storing carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels - and geo-engineering - manipulation of environmental processes in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.The credit crunch has introduced toxic debt to the language - debt with a high risk of default - and quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the national supply by a central bank.Cyberspace produces a constant supply of words and phrases. The dictionary now offers social media - websites and applications used for social networking - and microblogging, or posting short entries on a blog.In all there are more than 2,000 new items in the third edition of the dictionary, which was originally published in 1998.Other new entries are :* wardrobe malfunction: when someone exposes an intimate part of their body after clothing slips;* chill pill: a notional pill to make someone calm;* bromance: a close but non-sexual relationship between two men;* LBD (little black dress): This refers to the simple evening or cocktail dress that, it is claimed, should be part of every womans wardrobe; and* frenemy: a person that one is friendly with despite a fundamental dislike.Vocabulary:extravaganza: any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.(盛典,铺张华丽的表演)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111760

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