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Master Kong Artificial Seafood Flavor Instant Noodle  康师傅鲜虾鱼板面  Far and few between are the Master Kong varieties I find in the US. This is one of them I got a couple months ago – a real surprise. I don’t know why so many of them aren’t available in the US; I’m guessing possibly that many of their products contain chicken or beef, and import of chicken or beef into the ed States from Asia is very hard if not impossible. Luckily, fish products are generally accepted for import quite easily and here we are. Let’s check out this Master Kong Seafood instant noodle!  我发现在美国很少有康师傅方便面。这是几个月前我拿到的康师傅方便面中的一包——真正的惊喜。我不知道为什么那么多康师傅方便面在美国买不到;我猜可能是因为康师傅的许多产品里含有鸡肉或牛肉,而从亚洲往美国进口鸡肉或牛肉非常难。幸运的是,鱼类产品一般很容易进口,所以就有了这个品种。我们来看一下这种康师傅鲜虾鱼板面。  Here’s the back of the package. While these products don’t have instructions on how to cook them, I generally do the same thing with all of them. Add noodle block and sachet contents to 500ml boiling water. Cook for 3 minutes and enjoy!  这是包装袋的背面。虽然这些产品没有如何烹调的说明,我一般用同样的方式烹饪。500ml的水,煮沸,加入面块、调味料,3分钟后即可食用!  Added narutomaki, kamaboko, prawns, sweet onion and mung bean sprouts. The noodles have a familiar gauge and chew – not very thick and not very chewy, but all the same decent. The broth has a nice seafood flavor leaning mostly towards the prawn end of the stick. The broth has a decent richness and slight oiliness which is just right. The dehydrated vegetables were alright. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  加入鸣门卷、鱼糕、对虾、甜洋葱以及绿豆芽。面条的口感很熟悉——既不太粗也不是很难嚼,依然很美味。面汤的海鲜味很不错,主要是虾的味道。面汤香味浓郁,稍微有点儿滑腻,这样刚刚好。脱水蔬菜也可以。5分满分的话,可以给3.75分。 /201604/437688。

An 84-year-old Russian actor famous for more than 140 roles in Soviet and Russian films has announced he plans to start a family with his new wife who is 60 years his junior.一名曾出演前苏联以及俄罗斯电影、塑造超过140个角色的84岁著名俄罗斯男演员,日前宣布将与比自己小60岁的女友组建新家庭。Legendary Russian actor Ivan Krasko married his 24-year-old fiancée Natalia Shevel, a former student of his, in a secret ceremony attended only by close friends and family in St Petersburg.传奇的俄罗斯演员伊万·科拉斯科将迎娶曾是自己学生、今年24岁的娇妻娜塔莉。他们在圣彼得堡低调地举行了婚礼,婚礼只邀请了家人及好友。Despite criticism from many, the pair described their relationship in an interview with Russian media as a #39;match made in heaven#39;.尽管两人的结合受到不少非议,但二人在一次俄罗斯媒体的采访中表示,两人是天作之合。They met while the father-of-six was teaching fine art at St Petersburg Institute of Liberal Education and Ms Shevel, one of his students, began writing him poetry which he said had made a #39;huge impression#39; on him.两人相识时,已经是六个孩子的父亲的伊万正在圣彼得堡自由教育学院教艺术。而据伊万回忆,作为他的学生的娜塔莉,开始给他写一些诗歌,这让他印象深刻。The actor, who has been married three times before toy younger wives, said: #39;As a result of her words, I started to feel like a man in a way that I thought had long since vanished. But it was like being rebooted, and something which was missing returned.#39;伊万之前已经有三任妻子,对于现在的娇妻,他说道:“在与她的相处过程中,我开始感觉到自己是一个男人,而这种感觉我已经很久都没有感受到了。那种感觉就像重新启动了一样,就像消失的东西又重新回来了一样。”Mr Krasko, who will turn 85 in two weeks, added that the relationship prior to their marriage remained platonic, but he now hopes they will have a family together as they #39;both wanted children#39; and that there was a mutual attraction between them both.再过两周就85岁的伊万补充说道,随着婚礼的举行,他们之间柏拉图式的恋爱也就结束了,他们都喜欢孩子,他希望他们能一起组建家庭,这也可以加深他们之间的关系。The actor proposed by getting down on one knee on the St Petersburg metro and presenting Ms Shevel with a diamond ring. The very next day the couple then went to register an application to become married.这位演员是在圣彼得堡的地铁里,单膝跪地,手捧钻戒求婚的。就在第二天,这对新人注册结婚。When a journalist implied the marriage was simply a publicity stunt by the young woman to shortcut the usual career ladder by linking herself with a famous fiance, Mr Krasko rejected the idea. He said that it was a fact that she was currently unemployed but added he would not be attempting to boost her career saying: #39;An actor is always best off when they work on their name and by creating their brand on their own.#39;当一名记者暗指这场婚姻只是年轻的娜塔莉想通过嫁个名人而出名的手段时,伊万否定了这种猜测。他表示,娜塔莉确实现在没有工作,但是自己并不准备帮助她的事业。他说道:“一个演员,只有以自己的名义努力工作并打出自己的名声,才能成功。” /201607/457120。

Prince William#39;s visit to the Taj Mahal was bound to be nostalgic and tinged with memories after themausoleum provided the stunning backdrop to one of the most iconic pictures of his late mother.  威廉王子的泰姬陵之行注定是感伤的回忆,这座陵墓前留下了威廉已故母亲最标志性的相片之一。  And visiting the historic building on Saturday and posing with Kate on the same marble bench as Princess Diana appeared to have left the Duke feeling emotional.  周六与凯特一同参观这座历史建筑,一起在大理石长凳上摆造型拍照,威廉公爵的情绪有点波动,戴安娜王妃似乎也曾在此留念。  In the photos believed to be taken after his visit to the bench, William is seen bringing his hand up to the side of his face as he walked with his back to the cameras. He then put on his sunglasses, perhaps to hide his emotions.  据悉,照片是他们经过长凳之后拍的,可以看到威廉抬起手遮住脸、背对照相机走开,然后戴上眼镜,似乎想要掩饰自己的情感。  The Duchess is also reported to have become #39;emotional#39; during the visit after hearing stories of the landmark#39;s past. The story behind the Taj Mahal had touched the royal.  据报道称,公爵夫人听闻这一标志建筑过往的故事后,情绪也波澜起伏。泰姬陵背后的故事触动了皇室夫妇。  The royal pair brought their tour of India to a poignant close sitting on the same marble bench as Diana had in 1992. The image of Diana looking forlorn and alone as her marriage to Prince Charles crumbled was a sign to the world that their#39;s was a union beyond repair.  这对皇室夫妇坐在长凳上,他们的印度之行的尾声有点哀伤。1992年的时候,戴安娜坐也是坐在同一张长凳上,照片上的她看起来孤单无助,向全世界表明她和查尔斯的婚姻分崩瓦解、无以破镜重圆。  When Princess Diana sat in the same spot three days before Valentine#39;s Day in 1992, she cut a forlorn figure outside the so-called #39;monument of love#39;, the spectacular marble mausoleum becoming a symbol of her loneliness.  1992年情人节前的三天,戴安娜王妃在同一个地点留下孤单的身影,这座壮丽的大理石陵寝,人称“爱的纪念碑”,成了戴安娜孤单的的象征。 /201604/440214。