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For example, over Europe.譬如 整个欧洲It is, indeed, true that when you reduce the ice确确实实 当冰川体积减小时that lets lots of heat out of the ocean, so in the Arctic,海洋中会释放很多能量 因此在北极you see several degrees of warming在大气层底部in the lower part of the atmosphere.温度确实上升了几度And there#39;s little doubt毫无疑问that it#39;s been getting warmer in the Arctic.北极确实正在变暖In the last ten years,过去的十年里the sea ice has reached record low levels.海冰的总体积已经下降至极低点According to the Met Office#39;s从英国气象局所建立的highly sophisticated computer models,极为复杂的计算机模型中可以看到a hotter Arctic doesn#39;t equal a warmer Britain.北极变暖并不意味着英国也会变暖That warming that#39;s happening北极变暖的同时over the Arctic is not seen over Europe.欧洲并没有随着一起变暖The reason for that is because导致这个现象的原因是the circulation changes, the wind changes.大气环流的变化 风的变化It turns out when you remove the Arctic ice,当冰川体积减小时and the winds become more easterly.风向会变的更偏东So the winds start to circulate from east to west around the Arctic因此北极的风向转为围绕着北极由东向西and south of the Arctic,并且开始影响北极以南and that dominates the response over Europe.这个风向则是决定欧洲气温变化的原因So instead of warming in the winter因此 在北极海冰减小的同时over Europe when the ice is depleted欧洲的冬季并不会变的更温暖we get cooling because we#39;re欧洲会变得更冷dragging the air from Siberia over northern Europe.因为西伯利亚的冷风被气流带到了北欧 Article/201411/339670吉安市中心人民医院韩式三点多少钱2011年1月8日,国会议员加贝·吉福兹在她的故乡亚利桑那州图森市会见选民时,被击中头部。她的丈夫,宇航员马克·凯利,立即飞到她的身旁陪伴。在这番与帕特·米切尔的深情对话中,这对患难夫妻描述了他们意外前后的生活,以及他们发起的”有责任拥有“运动。 Article/201410/335432遂川县光子美白多少钱Bobby Taylor worked hard.鲍比·泰勒很勤奋l mean, l can#39;t say it enough. I want people to know.我不能停止重申这点 我要大家都知道He worked harder on them than he did with the Vancouvers.泰勒对他们比对Vancouvers还严格My motivation was Michael.迈克尔是我的动力l just figured this kid here, he#39;s an adult in kid#39;s clothing.我看着这孩子 外表像孩子但内心却是大人That was my only motivation.那是我唯一的动力Everybody around here knew that Michael Jackson was #39;it. 大伙都知道迈克尔·杰克逊是个奇葩The world just didn#39;t know it.只是还未公诸于世罢了Bobby was pushing.鲍比逼得很紧When l say he was pushing,我所谓逼得紧the next time l seen Bobby or l seen the group,下次我见到鲍比与团员时he had called me and said he#39;s working at the Apollo.他打给我说他在阿波罗剧院演出And come over to the Apollo, he got a surprise for me.我一到阿波罗他就给了我个惊喜And when l went to the Apollo, the Jackson 5 was on the bill.节目表上竟然有杰克逊五人组的名字The Apollo was known as the greatest Ramp;B showroom in the world,阿波罗可是世上最著名的Ramp;B舞台because many albums had been made from there,有许多专辑都是在此灌制James Brown, live at the Apollo.詹姆斯·布郎的Live at the ApolloJackie Wilson played the Apollo.杰基·威尔逊也曾在阿波罗演出Gladys Knight and the Pips played the Apollo.葛兰迪丝·奈与种子也曾在阿波罗演出Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.还有史基·罗宾逊与奇迹Everybody who played the Apollo was a star.凡是来阿波罗演出的都是巨星And everybody who was underneath them on a bill而尾随着他们上节目表的人was trying to gain that national fame.都是想要红的艺人And if you make it there, you#39;re assured of stardom名字若上了节目表 走红就是迟早的事because people knew that you#39;ve got something very special.因为大家都清楚你一定是有实力的lt was a vety tough audience.那里的观众很刁And if they did not like you, and you were not a good live act,他们若不喜欢你或是你唱现场功力不足even though you may have a hit record, they#39;d boo you off the stage.就算你的专辑大卖也一样轰你下台 Article/201508/393254吉安县妇幼保健人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱

吉安小腿部吸脂价格吉安丰胸哪里好To understand why it did,you have to understand something about Henry,想要了解改变的原因 就要先了解亨利其人the man who without ever really meaning to turned Catholic England into a Protestant nation.这个本无意 让天主教英格兰改信新教的男人Well, for a start, he was never supposed to be king.起初 他本无缘王位But when his older brother Arthur died,Henry, aged 11, became heir apparent.但他的哥哥亚瑟的去世 让年仅11岁的亨利成为了法定继承人He also acquired his brother#39;s wife,the Spanish Catherine of Aragon.他还一并迎娶了亡兄之妻 西班牙公主凯瑟琳The marriage alliance between Spain and England was just too important to be allowed to lapse.西班牙与英格兰之间的联姻 十分重要 不容破坏In 1509, King Henry VII died,and his 17-year-old son came into his own.1509年 国王亨利七世驾崩 他17岁的儿子继承了王位The young king was a spectacular sight.You could practically smell the testosterone.年轻的国王惊为天人 你能真切的感受到他所散发的男子气概Any way and anywhere he could flash that burly energy, he did,他随地以各种方式挥洒着其旺盛的精力in the saddle, on the dance floor or here on the tennis court,where a besotted courtier wrote of the king#39;s skin,王位之上 舞池之中以及这网球场上 曾有朝臣醉酒后如此描述国王的皮肤Glowing through the fabric of his finely woven shirt.透过他精美的衣衫 依然容光焕发Then there was the famous breezy charm,dispensed like the English weather 之后便是他出了名的不拘小节 如英格兰的天气般in sunny periods, alternating with cloudy spells and sudden bursts of heavy thunder.方才阳光和煦 间或多云 突然间便电闪雷鸣The charm was of the rib-poking, back-slapping,punch in the belly arm around the shoulders kind,这些肋下咯痒 拍肩膀 捶肚子还有勾肩搭背的行为which, depending on the mood of the month, could betoken either sudden promotion or imminent arrest.可意味着加官进爵 抑或身陷囹圄 全都取决于当时的心情 /201612/484671Egypt#39;s Russian plane probe chief to hold briefing俄罗斯飞机坠毁事件调查组组长进行情况汇报The chairman of the Egyptian-led probe into the Russian plane crash in Sinai is scheduled to hold a press conference in Cairo today at 3 PM GMT.埃及的这个调查组组长定于今天下午3点在开罗就俄罗斯飞机在西奈半岛坠机事件召开新闻发布会。He#39;s set to be joined by the civil aviation minister. 他是受民航部长命令进行事故原因调查。译文属 Article/201511/408658吉安去除卧蚕眼I#39;m Bear Grylls. Whoo!我是贝尔·格里尔斯I#39;m gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我将让你知道如何 在地球上最恶劣的环境下 逃出生天I#39;ve got to make it through a week of challenges.短短一周内 我将身涉险境 面临生死In the sort of places you wouldn#39;t last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now I#39;m in Arnhem land, northern Australia where the man-eating,saltwater crocodiles dominate the food chain.我现在身处澳大利亚北部的阿纳姆地 此地 杀人不眨眼的咸水鳄 雄踞食物链之上Man, did you see the size of that?I#39;m hanging on to crumbling sandstone.天 看见它那庞大的身躯了吗 我悬挂在摇摇欲坠的砂岩上And I battle to stay out of the water and away from those hungry crocs.我力竭远离河水 远离那些饥肠辘辘的鳄鱼This old WWII Dakota is gonna drop me into the northern tip of Australia a prehistoric landscape.That#39;s Arnhem land.这是二战时期的达科塔运输机 它我带前往澳大利亚北部的 一块史前的大陆 那就是阿纳姆地I call it prehistoric because Arnhem land is one of those rare places that#39;s remained unaltered since time began.我之所以称其为史前 是因为 这片神秘的土地 远离了现代文明 原住民 土著文化被完好的保留了下来With scorching heat and deadly snakes,it#39;s no surprise that people have struggled to survive here.炎热的气候 致命的毒蛇 人类要在那里生存 无疑是很艰巨的Then at the top of the food chain the flesh-eating crocodile,and there#39;s over a 100,000 of them here.位于食物链顶端的 是见肉眼开的鳄鱼 数量超过10万只And some of those crocs can weigh over a ton.有的鳄鱼体重超过一吨Make one careless move and you#39;re going to end up as lunch.一不小心你就会成为它们的午餐Despite the harshness of this environment,one group developed survival techniques that enabled them to live here.尽管环境极其恶劣 但还是有人研究出了 生存的技巧The aboriginal people have adapted to this dangerous terrain.土著居民们学会了 如何在这个危机四伏的地域中生存And they#39;ve had over 50,000 years to hone those skills.他们掌握了经过5万年历练的生存技巧My task is to use some of their survival techniques and make it out of here alive.我的任务就是运用这些生存技巧 在这里生存下去If you#39;re gonna survive the northern territories,you#39;ve got to throw yourself into it 120%.Here we go.如果你想在北澳生存下来 就必须超常发挥 出发 Article/201612/485328吉水县妇幼保健人民医院光子脱毛多少钱

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