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Maya:Isnt this baby precious? She is just darling. Coo chi coo.玛雅:这小宝贝儿多可爱啊她就是个小可人儿看这儿看这儿Jean-Paul:Why do women fawn over babies?让保罗:为什么女人喜欢婴儿?One baby looks pretty much like any other.看起来和其他差不多啊Maya:You wouldnt say that if youd ever spent time with babies.玛雅:要是你肯花时间和孩子在一起就不会那样说了Come over here and look at this one.过来看看She a doll and her face is so expressive.她活像个娃娃,快看她的脸蛋儿Arent you a little doll? Arent you?你不就是个小娃娃吗?不是这样?Jean-Paul:Im not wasting my time looking at a little brat. Let go.让保罗:我不想浪费时间看个小顽童我们走吧Maya:Wait, she smiling. Come look!玛雅:等下,她在笑呢快看!Jean-Paul:She has gas and needs to be burped. I dont even need to look at her to know that.让保罗:她那是需要打嗝我甚至不看就知道Maya:You wouldnt say that if you looked at her face.玛雅:你快来看看这张小脸蛋儿She has the most angelic expression on her face and the sweetest temperament.她有最天般使的表情,还有最甜美的气质Jean-Paul:Whatever.让保罗:与我何干Maya:Just come over here and look at her.玛雅:过来看看她Jean-Paul:Youre not going to let me leave without looking at her, are you?让保罗:要是不看她,你不会让我离开?Maya:I think youll find her just as lovable and adorable as I do.玛雅:我认为你会发现她和我一样可爱惹人怜Jean-Paul:All right, let take a look at this precious darling of an angel with an expressive face.让保罗:好的,让我看看这个可爱的有着天使脸庞的小宝贝儿Maya:See what I mean?玛雅:是不是像我说的那样?Jean-Paul:She is, well, kind of cute and cuddly.让保罗:她是有点可爱Maya:When you see her dont you just want to...玛雅:你看着她你是不是想…Jean-Paul:Coo chi coo. Coo chi coo.让保罗:看这儿看这儿 50听笑话学英语:It worked 真的有效Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor, the doctor gave him a pill and told him to take it bee he went to bed. Tom slept well, and in fact, beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work. "Boss", he said, "The pill actually worked!" "That's all fine" said the boss, "But where were you yesterday?" Tom早上老起不来,所以上班总是迟到他的老板非常生气,警告他如果他不能有所改善的话就炒他的鱿鱼于是,Tom去看医生,医生给了他一颗药丸并告诉他要在睡觉前下这颗药Tom照医生的话做了,睡得非常之好,事实上,他在早上闹钟响之前就起来了Tom从容不迫地吃完早餐,然后兴高采烈地开车上班去了“老板”,Tom说,“那药真管用,我的睡眠好极了!”“是够管用的,”老板说,“问题是,昨天你人哪去了”?

Tokyo To Host Olympic Games东京将举办夏季奥运会Tokyo beat out Madrid and Istanbul this week, winning the bid to host the Summer Olympic Games. Japan’s capital city campaigned with the words, “the Olympics will be safe in our hands”. Its official slogan will be Discover Tomorrow. Tokyo hosted the Summer Games in 196, and will be the first Asian city to host the Games more than once. The city was also scheduled to host the Games in 190, but the event was cancelled due to World War II. Bee the Olympics, the world will watch the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Summer Olympics in Brazil, and the 18 Winter Olympics in South Korea. IOC president Jacques Rogge, who announced the winning city, will be retiring this week.本周,东京击败马德里和伊斯坦布尔,获得夏季奥运会主办权作为日本首都,东京的竞选标语为“安全办奥运”官方标语为“发现明天”东京曾在196年举办夏季奥运会,东京也成为两次举办奥运会的亚洲城市东京原计划于190年举办奥运会,但因二战被迫取消在年到来之前,俄罗斯将举办冬季奥运会,巴西夏季奥运会,18韩国冬季奥运会奥组委主席雅克·罗格也将于本周卸任,他也是主办城市宣布者译文属原创,,不得转载 097

Michal: She's beautiful. Alice: What's wrong with you? Helen: Nothing! You know I think Michal really likes you. Alice: Don't be daft! He's only being polite. Helen: Do you think so? Alice: Yes, and why are you so interested all of a sudden? Helen: No, no reason really. Look, I've got to get back to the flat, I've got loads of studying to do. Alice: Oh relax! The books can wait. Tim's buying the next round. What do you want? 786

[00:.37]知行英语[00:.35]Listen and Share[00:.6]Which tire was flat 哪个车胎爆了?[00:1.81]词汇扫描[00:5.81]Commy 社区[00:9.33]Flat tire 爆胎[00:33.]Understanding 通情达理的[00:38.99]英文原文[00:39.78]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[00:3.6]my father was giving at the local commy college.[00:6.]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[00:8.85]An understanding man,[00:50.9]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[00:53.89]he would give them each an A the exam.[00:56.51]The students agreed.[00:57.80]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[01:00.31]placed them in four separate corners and said,[01:.37]"Write down which tire was flat." [01:.7]中文大意[01:.67]逐句对照[01:8.81]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[01:5.33]my father was giving at the local commy college.[:.80]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[:.91]An understanding man,[:.]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[:.90]he would give them each an A the exam.[:5.73]The students agreed.[:7.]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[:9.3]placed them in four separate corners and said,[:31.50]"Write down which tire was flat." [:6.]多学一点[:9.70]commy 社区[:5.5]commy college 社区大学[:5.88]commy 居民区[:.55]Tragedy strikes the swimming commy.[:.3]commy[:3.31]flat tire 爆胎[:.]flat 平的[:30.]flat tire[:36.56]understanding 通情达理[:3.87]understanding 理解[:7.91]My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.[:57.58]重新听一次故事原文[:00.39]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[:.51]my father was giving at the local commy college.[:.79]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[:.3]An understanding man,[:.91]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[:.]he would give them each an A the exam.[:.96]The students agreed.[:18.3]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[:.88]placed them in four separate corners and said,[:.81]"Write down which tire was flat." 1977

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