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厦门市欧菲网上预约厦门做鼻子那里好厦门哪里整鼻梁好 Meet Alo#351;, the 2-year-old Van cat from Turkey whose slightly crossed blue and green eyes have made him the newest Internet sensation.  来认识一下Alo#351;吧!这只来自土耳其两岁大的猫咪,一蓝一绿色的斗鸡眼在网络上引起了新的轰动。  “His eyes are the most beautiful in the world to me,” his owner Burcu Kaynak told Bored Panda. The different coloration of the kitty’s eyes is a result of heterochromia, a condition caused by the relative excess or lack of melanin. “It does not affect his vision at all,” Kaynak added. “People are very interested in him, whether it’s on social media or when walking outdoors.” Alo#351; aly has 10k followers on Instagram and counting!  “对于我来说,他的眼睛是世界上最美的。”他的主人Burcu Kaynak告诉我们。“猫咪眼睛之所以呈现不同的颜色是因为异色症的原因,是黑色素过剩或者缺乏导致的一种情况。这一点也没影响他的视力。不管是在社交媒体还是外出散步的时候,人们都对他很感兴趣。”在Instagram和Counting上他已经有一万多粉丝了。 /201605/440210Although it is hard to tell how cats feel, as a matter of fact, their tails tell you how they feel. This page summarizes 14 patterns with illustrations and comments, such as “Make a tail” and “Wave a tail to left and right.” Once you know these patterns, it will help you when you live with a cat. 辨别喵星人的情绪可不是件容易的事,可事实上,它们的尾巴就可以告诉你它们的情绪。这篇文章总结了喵星人14种摇尾巴的方式,还有配图和说明,比如“摇下尾巴”,“尾巴左右摇摆”。了解这些方式,你可以更好地与猫相处。 14 Patterns of Cats’ Tail Movements 一起来看看这14种摇尾方式吧 1. Put their tail straight up in the air. 第一种:垂直式摇尾 They show this sign when they feel good at a safe place or happy. Also, they raise their tail to show themselves off. They are masters of their territories. It is as if they are saying, “I’m nice, ain’t I?” 当喵星人有安全感或感到快乐时,就会把尾巴竖起来。它们也用这种方式来炫耀自己是领地的主人,就好像在说:“我不错吧,是不是?” 2. Stand hairs on end 第二种:炸毛式摇尾 They do this sign when they stand are apprehensive or aggressive . They do this to intimidate an opponent or prey, or when they feel fear. They make themselves look bigger by standing their hairs on end. Their size is important to help avoid conflict. Sometimes the cause is fear, but most of the time, they do this for attacking. 当它们感到焦虑、害怕或打算进攻时,就会浑身炸毛摇尾。这样做是为了恐吓敌人或猎物。把毛都炸起来体型看上去会更大,因为体型大有助于避免冲突。有的时候炸毛式摇尾是因为害怕,但大多数时候是为了进攻。 3. Make their tail into a mountain shape 第三种:小山式摇尾 They do this when they are in tension or before fighting. When there is an opportunity, they make pattern 2 and 3 in combination, which means fighting. The sign means “Do not come any closer.” 处在紧张之中或打架之前,它们都会把尾巴来回伸缩成小山状。如果有机会,它们还会把第二种方式和第三种方式组合起来用,这就是打架的前兆,好像在说“敢再靠近一点儿试试!” 4. Sandwich their tail between their legs 第四种:尾巴夹在双腿之间 This is a sign when they feel helpless fear. Sometimes they do this pose as a sign of “submission” to an opponent, whom they cannot win against at all. In addition, they make this sign when they feel sad, or when they feel extreme anxiety when they go to a new place or an animal hospital. It is one step before a panic situation. So avoid giving them stimulus. 这个姿势表明它们恐惧又无助。有时候这种举动是向强大的敌人“投降”的方式,因为它们根本赢不了。除此之外,它们感到难过、极度焦虑(比如到一个新地方或动物医院)也会把尾巴夹在两腿之间。这种情况再向前一步便是恐慌,所以不要刺激它们。 5. Lower their tail 第五种:尾巴垂下 When they are disappointed because they got yelled at by their master, they are down, or they feel ill, they do this sign. You can tell their health condition with this sign. 出现这种情况有可能是因为铲屎官斥责了喵星人而让它们失望、沮丧。如果不是,那么它们很可能是生病了。从这个姿势你可以了解它们的健康状况。 6. Long tail waving 第六种:大幅度上下摇尾 They do this sign when they find something interesting. When they feel “What’s this?”, they have a question, or they watch something, they often do this sign. Sometimes they wave their tails when they are relaxed or when they are not thinking anything. 它们发现好玩的事情就会大幅度上下摇尾。它们对“这是什么?”感到好奇,或者在观察什么东西的时候,就常常做出这种举动。有时候它们感到放松或什么也不想的时候也会摇尾巴。 7. Short tail wave 第七种:小幅度上下摇尾 This is when they are annoyed or feel bad. It can also show they are restless. It is like people shaking their leg. 它们很烦闷或心情不好时就会小幅度上下摇尾,也可以表明它们焦躁不安,就像人抖腿一样。 8. Swing their tail from left to right 第八种:雨刮器般摇尾 It shows confidence. They show their strength by walking majestically and swinging their tail from left to right. It is also a sign that they are within their territory. 这是自信的表现。一边威严地走路一边左右来回摆动尾巴可以显示自己的力量,也表明它们在自己的领地上。 9. Shake a tail rapidly 第九种:灵蛇般疯狂摇尾 They do this when they are frustrated or are mad. They feel bad so it’s better to leave them alone. Be careful of an outburst: they may suddenly bite or scratch you. 感到挫败或生气,它们就会快速摇动尾巴。所以在这个时候最好不要招惹它们。还要小心它们突然爆发,咬你或抓伤你。 10. Wave their tail in rhythm 第十种:有节奏地摇尾 They do this sign when they are concentrated in order to catch their prey. They also do this when they are thinking something or pondering. 当它们全神贯注等待猎物或是思考什么事的时候,尾巴就会摇得很有韵律。 11. Wave their tail slowly side by side while sitting 第十一种:坐立式摇尾 They do this when they are thinking what they should do. They also wave a tail like this when they cradle kittens. 当它们犹豫不决该怎样做的时候,就会坐下来,尾巴慢慢从一边摇到另一边。它们在哺养小猫期间也会这样。 12. Wave the tip of their tail while laying down 第十二种:睡着摇尾 They reply to you only with a tail because it is troublesome to wake up. It is like an amiable reply, like “Oh, yeah.” It may also like a conditioned reflex. 如果铲屎官想要叫醒喵星人,而它们只是抬下尾巴作为回应,那是因为它们还没睡够不想起来,就像一个亲切的回应“哦,好的”,也可能只是条件反射。 13. Snuggle their tail when being held 第十三种:被抱着的时候尾巴护住腹部 They do this when they feel fear. When animals show their belly, it means they are showing their weakest point. They “protect” themselves by hiding. On the contrary, it means they are confident if their tail is falling. 它们害怕的时候会这样做。动物露出腹部就意味着暴露出弱点。它们试图通过把腹部藏起来“保护”自己。而如果它们放下尾巴,就说明它们非常自信。 14. Shake their tail strongly when being held 第十四种:被抱着的时候疯狂摇尾 This sign shows that they don’t like being held. On the contrary, it means they are confident when they wave their tail slowly. 这个姿势表明它们不喜欢被抱着。但如果它们很自信,就只是轻轻摇尾巴。 /201604/438525厦门去腋毛

厦门市174医可以吗厦门割双眼皮医院排名 1.The Perfect Leather Tote完美皮质大提包We#39;re talking real leather in a color that goes with everything so you can carry it every day. Stay away from trendy colors or designer logos which go in and out of style. Simple, gorgeous leather is all you need.我们说的是真皮的包,颜色要百搭,这样你就能每天都用了。不要买时髦的颜色或带商标的包,那些包都会有流行的时候也会过时。简洁的优质皮革才是你所需要的。2. Black Dress黑色连衣裙Notice, I didn#39;t say ;Little; black dress. What#39;s most important is that you have a flattering, well-fitting black dress that you feel amazing in. Don#39;t skimp on quality.注意,我说的不是“小黑裙”。最重要的是你有一条很喜欢、很合身的黑裙,穿起来感觉很棒。不要忽略质量。3. Perfect Black Pumps完美黑色高跟鞋Whether for a job interview or for a power meeting, you need a pair of timeless black heels that instantly make you feel your most confident. Obviously, you should be able to walk/stand comfortably in them, too.无论是参加工作面试还是高端会议,你都需要一双经典黑色高跟鞋,总会让你感觉非常自信。当然这双鞋走路或站立时穿着也要舒。4. Black Pants黑色长裤Not leggings, not jeans. Black pants are a wardrobe staple, so it#39;s crucial that every woman have a pair (or two) that fit like they were made for you.不是紧身裤,也不是牛仔裤。黑色长裤是衣柜里的必备品,所以重要的就是每个女人都有一条(或两条)像是为她们量身定做的黑色长裤。5. Black One-Piece Swimwsuit黑色连体泳衣Believe it or not, there will come a time when a brightly colored, look-at-me swimsuit just isn#39;t what you want to wear to the pool or beach. When that day comes, you#39;ll be so happy you invested in a classic black one-piece.信不信由你,你总会到某个年龄阶段,你不再想穿着亮丽吸睛的泳衣去泳池或沙滩了。当那一天到来的时候,你会很高兴买过一件经典黑色连体泳衣的。6.Diamond Studs钻石耳钉No woman should turn 30 with only costume jewelry in her jewelry box. If you only treat yourself to one splurge item in your twenties, make it a pair of real diamond earrings. You#39;ll treasure them for the rest of your life.女人都不该到了30岁首饰盒里还只有廉价的珠宝首饰。如果你20多岁的时候只能挥霍一次,那就买一副真的钻石耳环吧,你的余生都会珍藏它们的。7. Sunglasses You Guard With Your Life用生命守护的太阳镜I#39;m not saying you have to stop buying the cheap ones, but by the time you hit the big 3-0 you should have a classic pair of sunnies you love year after year and never lose or break.我不是说你不能再买廉价太阳镜了,而是到重要的30岁的时候,你应该有一副经典太阳镜,你会爱不释手好多年,永远不要弄丢或损坏。8. Wall Art墙面艺术No more decals; definitely no posters. By the time you#39;re 30, you should have at least one piece of artwork for your walls that you love.别再贴墙贴了,也绝对不要贴海报。到30岁的时候,你的墙上至少应该有一件喜欢的艺术品。9. A Complete Set Of Dishes一整套餐具Nothing fancy, just a complete, coordinating set.不需要特别昂贵的,只要是一整套配套的餐具就可以。10. Queen Size Mattress大号床垫I know mattresses don#39;t come cheap, but this is a worthy investment.我知道床垫不便宜,但绝对值得买。 /201609/464172漳州市第三医院胎记祛疤痕要几次

厦门c6美容祛斑哪家医院好These days it seems people can#39;t complete simple tasks, like having a meal, without getting their phones out to Instagram it.如今,如果不用手机拍照然后分享照片,人们似乎连吃饭这类简单的任务也完成不了。It would be easy to think our obsession with documenting everything takes away from the enjoyment of the experience itself, but a new study says otherwise.我们很容易认为,痴迷于记录一切,人们便无暇享受体验本身,但一项新的研究指出情况并非如此。Researchers have found people taking photos of events actually enjoy them more.研究人员发现,人们在拍摄照片的时候,实际上会更加享受整个过程。The study was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The participants who took photos reported being more engaged in the activity.这项研究发表在《个性与社会心理学杂志》上。报告称拍摄照片的参与者在活动中更加投入。#39;One critical factor that has been shown to affect enjoyment is the extent to which people are engaged with the experience,#39; the authors wrote.作者写道:“人们对这段经历的投入程度,是影响人们享受程度的一个关键因素。”Photo taking helps this because it naturally draws people more into the experience, they said.他们说,拍摄照片有助于提升人们的快感,是因为它很自然地吸引人们更多地参与其中。The researchers asked over 2,000 people to take part in nine different experiments. In each experiment, individuals were asked to participate in an activity – which ranged from going on a bus tour to eating in a food court.研究人员请2000多人参加了9个不同的实验。在每一个实验中,参与者被要求参加一项活动,活动内容多种多样,可能是参加一个公车之旅,也可能是到一个美食广场吃饭。They were asked to either take photos or not, and completed a survey to show how much fun they had during the task.研究人员要求参与者拍照或不拍,然后请他们完成一项调查,来显示他们在执行任务过程中感受到了多少乐趣。In almost every case, people who took photographs reported higher levels of enjoyment.在几乎每一种情况下,拍照的人都报告称自己感受到的乐趣更多。But the same effect happened in the other extreme, in that photo taking can make an unpleasant experience even worse, the study found.但是研究发现,在另一个极端会产生同样的效果。因为拍照会使不愉快的体验变得更糟。In one instance, participants went on a virtual safari and observed a pride of lions attacking a water buffalo, which most people did not enjoy.其中一个例子,参与者进行一个虚拟的科学考察,观察一群狮子攻击一头水牛,对此大多数人都不喜欢。In that case, the photo takers enjoyed it less than those who saw the same encounter but did not take photos.在这个例子中,与看到同样场景但没拍照的人相比,拍照的人感到更加不快。Taking photos did not appear to increase enjoyment when the photos interfered with the experience itself, for example having to handle bulky camera equipment.当拍照妨碍体验本身时,比如必须扛着笨重的相机设备,拍摄照片似乎没有增加拍照者的乐趣。The researchers also discovered that this effect is not limited to the action of taking pictures. Participants in one experiment reported higher levels of enjoyment after just taking #39;mental#39; pictures as they were going through the experience.研究人员还发现,这种效应并不局限于拍照这一动作。某个实验的参与者在体验过程中进行“心理拍照”,之后他们表示自己也获得了更多乐趣。This shows it is the process of taking the photo itself that helps increase enjoyment. This means cameras that record any moment of an experience without the individual#39;s active decision of what to capture are unlikely to have the same effect, according to the researchers.这表明,拍摄照片这一过程有助于提高愉悦感。研究人员指出,相机虽然能记录任何瞬间,但需要人们积极主动地决定要拍什么,才能达到同样的效果。 /201606/449290 福建省厦门妇幼医院属于正规医院吗在厦门市第一人民医院打瘦脸针多少



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