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Business商业IT in Myanmar缅甸IT业Yangons digital spring仰光的数字之春An isolated country gradually goes online一个封闭的国家逐渐地走上了网络前线WHERE did BarCamp, a get-together of tech geeks (pictured), recently hold its biggest event since its founding in Silicon Valley seven years ago?七年前Barcamp(即国际研讨会网络)在硅谷成立,这个科技业怪才的聚会(见图),最近在哪里举行其最重大的活动呢?Not San Jose, nor Bangalore, nor even Singapore.不在圣何塞(哥斯达黎加首都),不在班加罗尔(印度南部城市),甚至也不在新加坡。On February 11th more than 5,000 developers and bloggers gathered in Yangon, the main city of Myanmar, one of the worlds most tech-starved places.2月11日,超过5000家开发商和客达人汇聚缅甸的大城市——仰光,一个世界上最乏科技的地方。The star speaker was the countrys opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.本次集会的著名发言者是缅甸反对党领袖Aung San Suu Kyi(昂山素姬)。Myanmars government continues to surprise the world with its new-found tolerance for change.缅甸政府一再以其对新出炉的改革采取容忍态度而震惊世界。Its apparent willingness to nurture a fledgling IT sector is no exception.毫不例外,当局明显愿意培养一个刚刚起步的IT信息部门。Myanmar has lowered its firewalls, opening access to social-media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.缅甸已经放低了其防火墙,对外开放了如脸谱网facebook和推特twitter等社会媒体网站。People can international newspapers online or chat with family abroad via Skype.人们能够阅读国际在线新闻,或者通过skype和国外亲戚聊天。Sponsors of BarCamp included the telecommunications ministry.Barcamp的赞助方包括了政府通信部门。Though the government now acknowledges the importance of an IT industry for economic development, much work remains.尽管政府当局现在承认IT业对经济发展的重要性,但仍有很多的工作要做。Few people in Myanmar own computers and only a handful can afford the sort of connectivity that is commonplace elsewhere.少数人缅甸拥有自己的电脑,且其中仅仅一小撮人能付得起那种沟通无处不在的联通方式。Setting up an internet connection costs 0, and monthly packages range between and 0.设置一个互联网连接得花费850美金,每月租金40美金至150美金不等。A SIM card for a mobile phone will set you back 0.一张移动手机SIM卡将花掉你700美金。Yet demand for IT is soaring.然而,缅甸IT业的需求是猛烈剧增的。Firms from Asia and the West are paying unofficial visits, and local companies are scrambling to become their partners.来自西方和亚洲通信企业的非正式造访,缅甸仰光当地的公司正争先恐后地成为他们的合作商。The government faces a barrage of proposals on how to lower the cost of mobile phones and how to build data centres to compete with those in India and the Philippines.政府部门接到了一大堆关于如何降低手机成本和如何组建数据中心用以抗衡印度和菲律宾的建议书。A call centre was recently established, and there are even online-shopping sites in the works.最近建立了一个寻呼中心,甚至有一些在线购物网站正在筹划当中。Transactions online are widely expected to start this year: the infrastructure is y and a payment union has been formed.在线交易在大众期待下有望在今年运行:基础设施已经准备好,一个付联盟也已经形成。Yet despite these encouraging signs of liberalisation, no one expects Myanmars cyber-awakening to progress at broadband speed.虽然有这些鼓舞人心的自由开放化迹象,还没有人指望缅甸的网络发展会达到宽带速度。 /201211/207383

Dear a moment of science: I used to think that the appendix is useless, but now Im hearing that the appendix actually does serve a purpose. So, which is it?亲爱的科学时刻:以前我觉得阑尾是无用的,但最近我听说阑尾实际上也有用途。那么,哪种说法是对的。Yale: Great question. Its true that for a long time scientists thought that the appendix didnt really serve a purpose. But a few years ago a study showed that the appendix in fact plays an important role. Its a sort of hangout for useful bacteria needed to help us digest food. After a bad case of diarrhea, when most of the bacteria in our guts is washed out, the appendix sends a fresh batch in to take over.雅艾尔:这个问题好。的确,很长时间以来,科学家们认为阑尾没有什么用途。但几年前的一项研究显示阑尾其实扮演着重要的角色。消化道里有益细菌是阑尾的常客。腹泻严重时,我们体内大多数细菌会被冲走,阑尾则为消化道输送一批新的消化细菌。Don: Right. And not only that, but a more recent study has found that the appendix has a long and storied history. Its been around in animals including kangaroos, rodents and apes for at least eighty million years. In other words, its fairly common in nature.唐:对。不仅如此,一项近期的研究发现阑尾有一段漫长而颇负盛名的历史。在袋鼠、啃齿动物以及猿等动物身上流传了至少八千万年。换句话说,在自然界中这是很普遍存在的。Yale: Now, its true that in developed countries with modern sanitation, the human appendix has less to do than it once did. In those places, where diarrhea isnt a major problem, the appendix isnt called upon all the time to do its thing. Thats why when people in the ed States and other developed countries have their appendix removed, they dont seem to miss it.雅艾尔:现在,发达国家具有现代的卫生设备,人类阑尾的作用就大不如从前了。在这些地区,腹泻并不是严重的问题,阑尾并不总是能发挥作用。这就是为什么在美国和其它发达城市,人们会切除阑尾,且并不留念它。Don: But in places where drinking water and sanitation arent as safe, the appendix plays a larger role in keeping people healthy.唐:但是在那些饮水和卫生条件差的地方,阑尾在保护人类健康方面起着重要的作用。原文译文属!201302/227024




  Business商业Dewey amp; LeBoeuff杜威路国际律师事务所With a bang, not a whimper砰然毁灭,而不是轻轻消亡When a law firm gets into trouble, it can be hard to recover律师事务所,一旦陷入困境就难以摆脱THE chief benefit of the merger of Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene amp; MacRae may have been a shorter name. The deal, in 2007, created Dewey amp; LeBoeuf, the worlds 23rd-biggest law firm by revenue. The new firm was ambitious. But according to the American Lawyer, a magazine and compiler of legal league tables, revenue for 2010 turned out to be 0m, 0m less than first thought; last years sum, 2m, was not much better. Dewey has lost 70 of its partners—more than a fifth of the total-and more keep jumping ship. It is said to be considering a ;prepackaged; bankruptcy and a merger with another firm, Greenberg Traurig.2007年,杜威律师事务所与路律师事务所合并,带来的主要好处大概是新的律师事务所有了一个更简洁的名字——杜威.路律师事务所,营业收入全球排名第23位。曾经雄心勃勃的杜威如今发展状况却不尽如人意。《美国律师》杂志编纂的律师事务所排行榜数据显示:2010年,杜威.路律师事务所的年收入只有7.6亿美元,比预期低1.5亿美元;去年的总收入为7.82亿美元,比2010年强不了多少。杜威公司已经失去了70位合伙人(占合伙人总数15%以上),而更多的人也正打算跳槽。有消息称,该公司正在考虑;预组破产;,并计划与格林贝格.特劳里格公司合并。The speed of Deweys decline shows how fragile law firms finances can be. If a public company gets into trouble, the price of its shares falls, giving investors an incentive to buy if they think the market undervalues it. In companies with physical assets, creditors can demand that they be sold to repay loans. But nearly all law firms are private partnerships whose only real assets are the partners themselves. Not only can they not be sold; they can get up and walk to a new firm. Worse, American lawyers (unlike their British cousins) typically take their clients with them.从杜威的迅速衰落可以看出律师事务所的收入何其不稳定。当一家上市公司陷入困境时,股价下跌,此时如果其市场价值被低估,可能会激励投资者进行收购;同时债权人可以要求出售公司实物资产来偿还债务。但几乎所有的律师事务都是私人合股制公司,其资产就是合股人本身。公司合伙人当然无法出售,他们只能筹备建立新的公司。更加糟糕的是,美国的律师(这点不像其英国同行)离去时会带走相应的客户资源。Survivors of failed firms talk ruefully about what went wrong-usually, overexpansion in one of two ways. The first is geographical: a regional firm going national or a national one, international. This tends to dilute profits per partner. Offices abroad, especially, can take a long time to turn a profit. The second sort of expansion (Deweys kind) is to hire hotshot partners from outside. According to lawyers from other firms, Dewey committed two sins: guaranteeing poached partners their first few years of income, and borrowing from banks to pay for them. Unusually, in 2010 Dewey also issued bonds; the first of these mature next year.一家公司破产后,幸存的管理层会遗憾地谈论他们的失误之处在于过度扩张——一般有两种情况:一种是地理意义上的扩张,可能是一家区域性公司开始面向全国市场,也可能是一家国内公司转向跨国经营。各个合伙人的利益往往会因此降低,特别是建立国外办事处这种做法很可能需要几年的时间才开始盈利。另一种扩张则是通过企业从外部引进行业高手作为合伙人实现,这也是杜威公司的选择。据其他公司的律师称,杜威公司承认自己犯了两个大错:先向那些新合伙人许诺头几年的高薪(把他们从其他公司挖来),然后又从借款来兑现这些承诺 。反常的是,杜威还于2010年发行了债券,首批债券将于明年到期。Firms with large debts are vulnerable if a big client leaves, a practice area sours or the economy weakens. Partners may sit tight for one bad year, but after another some will scarper with their clients. Firms that have nurtured their own talent are likely to have more loyal lawyers; poachers such as Dewey, fewer. Expensive hires can cause resentment. ;Theres only 100% of the profit to go around,; says Ward Bower of Altman Weil, a consultancy. ;To the extent anyone is overpaid, by definition someone else is underpaid.;失去大客户,某一地区业务状况恶化或者经济疲软——这些都会使负担大量债务的公司变得十分脆弱。遇到一个坏年景时,合伙人可能会静观其变,如果情况未能好转,部分人会带着他们的客户溜走。自己出资培养人才的事务所,其律师的忠诚度更高;而到处挖人的杜威就没有那么多忠诚的律师了。(对部分合伙人的)高薪雇用也会引来他人的怨恨。自Altman Weil咨询公司的Ward Bower认为;工资总额是一定的,不可能超过利润的100%,如果一些人拿的过多,显然其他人的报酬就过低了;。If enough people leave, the firm may break loan covenants with its banks, which can require it to have a minimum number of partners. Loans may be called in at once, or continued only under onerous conditions that can hasten the decline.如果离开的员工过多,企业可能会违背贷款合约,而可能会要求企业把合伙人数控制在最低数量,甚至要求该公司立即清偿贷款。即便继续提供贷款,条件也会十分严苛,但这无疑会加快公司的衰退。To stop an implosion, managers must act decisively, says Randall Miller, of Bryan Cave in Denver. He was managing partner of Holme, Roberts amp; Owen, which found itself in a tight spot several years ago. An expansion in western states and a split (over that strategy) with the Salt Lake City office left the firm in trouble. Partners were leaving. Mr Bowers Altman Weil helped with a scouring of excess costs. A ;brutally honest; conversation with the partners helped convince enough of them to stay to allow the firm to stabilise and survive. It merged with Bryan Cave this year.来自丹佛凯律师事务所的Randall Miller认为,为了避免公司走向破产,管理层必须果断决策。Miller是HRO律师事务所的任事股东,数年前HRO律师事务所在西部各州扩张,这一战略失败后又与盐湖城的办事处关系破裂,这使得公司陷入困境,合伙人纷纷离去。Mr Bower的Altman Weil咨询公司帮助HRO削减不必要的开,十分坦诚地向合伙人阐明了公司的情况。这些努力挽留下足够的合伙人,稳定了事务所的状况,避免其走向破产。今年HRO与凯律师事务所合并。But Mr Miller points out that his firm did not take on big bank debts, as Dewey did. According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm has until the end of April to negotiate the extension of a credit line. Deweys lineage goes back a century. It may survive for another century, but only if its leaders act decisively in the coming weeks. Other firms watch not with glee but with nervousness, knowing that a short run of bad luck could put them on the same wobbly precipice.与此同时Miller先生指出,HRO并未像杜威那样承担大量的债务。华尔街日报称,直到四月底杜威才与协商扩大信用额度。领导层必须在随后的几星期内果断采取行动,已经走过了一个世纪的杜威才可能走得更远。其他律师事务所也紧张的关注着事态发展,他们无法幸灾乐祸,——毕竟一次小小的不走运足以把他们也推向危机的边缘。 /201210/203208Valor will be tackling the acid clouds of Venus with a little heIp from frying pan technology.在一种技术的帮助下,勇敢号将追踪金星云中的酸。Theres been two other balloons, aly launched to Venus in the mid-1980s.两个其它的气球已在20世纪80年代被发射到金星。These were the Vega missions.这就是维加任务。There were two separate balloons that the Russians put into the atmosphere.俄国人曾把两个独立的气球送入大气层。And one thing they knew to do is put Teflon on that whole balloon, and the balloons worked perfectly for two days just as designed.他们知道只有一件要做的事,就是把聚四氟乙烯放在整个气球上, 就像预计的那样,气球工作两天。And so we know that Teflon works.而我们知道聚四氟乙烯是如何工作的。Battling violent updrafts and acid clouds, these non-stick pioneers were swept nearly halfway round the planet.对抗着上升气流和酸云,这些不为人知的先驱者已经几乎环绕这颗行星一周。Kevin expects Valor to go further.凯文希望勇敢号能走得更远。We will circumnavigate the planet, that is fly around the world of Venus,not just once but up to five times.我们将环绕这颗行星,即绕金星环绕, 不止一次,是五次。And if we do that, if we accomplish that,we will by far have the worlds record, actually its the universal record, for flight in the skies of any planet, anywhere.如果我们这样做,如果我们完成,我们到目前为止将保持世界纪录,这其实是宇宙的纪录,在太空任何行星,任何地方飞行。Under-explored and unbelievably alien, the hot zone planets are finally being recognized as prime space travel destinations.未被探索和难以致信的外星人,热带区域的行星终会被认为是主要的太空旅行的目的地。Mercury, a planet thats both freezer and furnace.水星,既是冰箱又是熔炉的行星。As a geologist, if I could just bring back one rock, one sample.作为地质学家,如果我能带回一块岩石,一份样品就好了。That would increase our knowledge of Mercury by unfold something.这会为我们揭开水星神秘的面纱拓宽领域。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/176708

  This, Jakobshavn Isbrae, is the fastest flowing glacier on our planet, moving as much as 14 meters a day. As it advances, it destroys everything in its pass, even cutting its way through Greenlands great mountain ranges on its drive downwards towards the sea. When speeded up, these solid rivers of ice seem to flow, just like liquid rivers. This is the Titanic force that cuts down mountains and levels the surface of continents. The ice is now entering the last stage of its descent. As it gains speed, huge crevasses open that extend out its very core. It reaches the ocean and millions of tons of ice have lost the support of their rocky bed. Something must give. This ice falls are an ominous sign of what is about to happen, a rupture deep within the glacier.Jakobshavn Isbrae是在我们星球上流动最快的冰川,移动速度一天可以达到14米。因为它的提前,它摧毁经过的一切,甚至在朝向大海时也切断了流经格陵兰伟大的山脉。当加速时,这些固体冰川看起来似乎流动,就像液体的河流一样。这是泰坦尼克号的力量,切割山脉及减少大陆的表面。冰现在正进入最后阶段。因为它获得速度,巨大的自身打开并延伸至中心。它到达海洋,数百万吨的冰已经失去了岩床的持上。一定要献出某些东西方才罢休。这个冰瀑布是一种即将发生不祥的暗号,破裂正在冰川深处开始。201201/167856


  Fairs, carnivals, festivals or anywhere you can buy helium-filled balloons, you’re sure to see at least one balloon rising into the sky after someone accidentally lets it go off.在集市,嘉年华,节日聚会还有任何其他地方你都能买到氢气球,你至少能看到一个气球由于有人没有拿好,意外让气球飞向高空的情况。What happens to the balloon after it rises out of sight? Well,that depends on how high the balloon goes!气球飞到看不见的地方会发生什么呢?嗯,这取决于气球飞到多高的地方!When you inflate a balloon, you’re actually putting gases, mostly helium,in this case , into an elastic container. As you add more gas, the pressure inside the balloon increases, and in response, the balloon expands…up to a point, that is! If you put in too much helium, and the pressure inside the balloon gets too much higher than the atmospheric pressure on the outside of the balloon, the balloon will burst.当你给气球充气的时候,你充的一定是气体,大多是氢气,到一个有弹性的容器内。你加入的气体越多,气球内部的压力也随之增长,相应地,气球变大了……到了一定的大小,就是那个状态下,如果你充入更多的氢气,气球内部的压力就比气球外面的大气中的压力大,气球就会保障。So what happens to a rising balloon? Well, if it gets caught by an air current and is carried along level to the earth’s surface, it could go a long way,even across the ocean,if the winds arrived! Of course, no balloon is perfectly sealed, no matter how tightly you tie it, so eventually the helium will leak out, and the balloon will sink.所以一个不断向上升的气球会怎么样呢?嗯,如果它遇到气流被带到地球表面,这样可以走很远。如果有风,它甚至可以越过海洋!当然,不论怎么扎紧气球,没有气球是完全不会漏气的。因此最终氢气会泄露,气球会下沉。 /201206/186183。


  Its a city within the city. You have to look over 50,000 people. Youll be so alive when youre down here. What you would see mostly is when you came out for lunch on a beautiful day, when everyone is coming out of the buildings and then of course, youll sometimes look up and see these majestic mountains just staring down actively.那是一个城市中的城市。你得看看这里有超过50000人。当你来到这里,你会感到活力。你会看到大多是当你在美好的一天出来吃午饭,当每个人都走出大楼,然后,有时候你会抬头看见这些峻岭只是盯着下面。Then came 9/11. You know, we can just describe it like a death in the family. A collapse of the World Trade Center south tower obliterated the PATH Station. The station is the lowest point on the trade center site. All the water from fighting the fires poured in. Broken water mains flooded the PATH tunnel all the way to New Jersey. Workers built a temperate plug to sea of the tunnel. It took 40 days to pump all the water out. A crucial link to the subway system was destroyed. Now began the hard work, rebuilding. And Im president defeat of transient engineering. Workers got it one and a half kilometers of tunnels.之后就是9/11。你知道,我们可以把它描述成家庭的死亡。世界贸易中心南塔楼倒塌导致帕斯车站被毁。列车站是世贸中心的最低点。所有的水都在为灭火而战斗。断水淹没了帕斯从纽约到新泽西的隧道。工人们建造了温度插头来控制。而要花40天才能将水抽干。地铁系统的一个关键环节被摧毁。现在开始艰难的重建工作。而我则担任重建工程的总工程师。工人们的工作是1.5公里的隧道。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172709


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