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A:欢迎来到American English Mosaic, 我是杨琳!B:我是Kat, 杨林,快说说今天教什么!A:今天咱们要去爬山,要请专业人士教教咱们在商业场合的站姿和手势,要聊聊新手开车得小心点儿什么,还要告诉大家怎么说“剧透”和“一模一样”。B:“剧透”,是说衣非常透, 对么?A:呵呵,不是这个意思。你待会儿就明白了。咱们现在还是先来学个词儿!Learn A Word top-selling今天我们要学的词是 top-selling. Top is spelled t-o-p, top; and selling, s-e-l-l-i-n-g, selling; top-selling. Top-selling, 意思是最畅销的,热卖的。苹果公司最畅销的智能手机iPhone 4s将在中国出售。Apples top-selling smart phone, the iPhone 4S, will soon be available in China. 马自达3成为澳洲市场最畅销的车型。Mazda3 compact became the top-selling car model in the Australian market. 哈里.波特系列的终结版是英国2011年最畅销的DVD。The final movie in the Harry Potter series was the top-selling DVD in Britain in 2011. 好的,今天我们学习的词是top-selling, top-selling, top-selling.A:Top-selling items——最热卖的商品。这种产品常常供不应求,而且会给商家赚很多钱。B:Exactly. For example, iPhone has become the cash cow for Apple.A:Cash cow? 是摇钱树么?B:对啊!Did you see people lining up outside the Apple store in Beijing to get the latest iPhone?A:Tell me about it! 卖得火的商品都会引发别的商家来模仿。就跟电视节目一样,一部穿越剧火了,就接二连三出了好多情节类似的。B:Hopefully theyre not just carbon copies of the original one. 那样多没意思啊!A:Carbon copy? 我们在今天的美国习惯用语中就要教这个词! /201207/1906809. There are innumerable poses in Yoga.瑜伽里有数不清的体式。还能这样说:Yoga contains many poses.There are many kinds of poses in yoga.应用:a dramatic pose 舞台亮相;strike a pose of 装出……样子;pose an obstacle to 成为障碍;pose for a photograph with 摆好姿势同……合影10. Yoga teaches us how to control ourselves.瑜伽教我们如何控制自己。还能这样说:Yoga teaches us how to get a rip on ourselves.We can command ourselves by practising yoga.应用:Thats teach you.这就是给你的教训。11. Yoga has gained widesp acceptance as a method of staying in shape, as well as a way of handling stress.瑜伽作为一种能塑形和缓解压力的运动已经颇受欢迎。还能这样说:Yoga has been very popular for that it can change externality of the body and reduce stress.Yoga is kind of popular exercise for keeping good figure and reliving stress.谚语:Sometimes the best gain is to lose.有时吃亏就是占便宜。12. The stretching and deep breathing of yoga can ease the pressure from work.瑜伽术的肢体伸展和深呼吸可以缓解工作压力。还能这样说:You will feel at ease from the stretching and deep breathing of yoga.If you stretch and breathe deeply when you do yoga, you will ease the pressure from work.应用:ill at ease 不安,心神不宁;stand at ease 稍息;feel at ease 感到舒适而无忧虑,感到完全放松;put sb. at his ease 使某人感到舒适;take ones ease 不再工作或忧虑,轻松 /201310/261993

Feifei: Hello, and welcome to The English We Speak. My name is Feifei.菲菲:大家好,欢迎收看地道英语节目。我是菲菲。William: And Im William.威廉:我是威廉。Feifei: William, how much do you know about China?菲菲:威廉,你对中国了解多少?William: Er... Not much. Why are you asking?威廉:呃……知道得不多。你为什么这么问?Feifei: Well, I was flicking through the papers and I came across this quiz.菲菲:嗯,我刚刚在翻看报纸的时候,碰到了这个测验。William: Oh no, not quizzes, Im rubbish at them.威廉:哦,不,测验,我完全不擅长这个。Feifei: Oh, well. Lets see. Here is the first one–name the capital city of China.菲菲:哦,好吧。我们来看一下。第一个问题是,中国首都的名字。William: Thats easy, Beijing.威廉:这个很简单,北京。Feifei: Yes. Which province is famous for its hot and spicy cuisine?菲菲:对。中国哪个省以辛辣食物著称?William: Em, I think Sichuan food is quite spicy.威廉:嗯,我想四川菜肴非常辣。Feifei: See, you are doing well! How about this one–roughly how many characters are there in the Chinese language?菲菲:看,你做得很好!那这个呢,中国大约有多少个汉字?William: Oh, loads. 5,000?威廉:哦,很多。5000个?Feifei: No. Try again.菲菲:不对,再试一次。William: 7,000?威廉:7000个?Feifei: Well, actually, roughly 42,000.菲菲:实际上大约有4.2万个。William: Wow, thats amazing. I didnt know it was that many. How can people possibly learn them all? Its totally mind-boggling!威廉:哇,那太不可思议了。我不知道有那么多。人们怎么可能把那些都学了呢?那简直多得令人无法想象!Feifei: What is mind-boggling?菲菲:mind-boggling是什么意思?William: Mind-boggling describes something overwhelming and amazing, like really impressive numbers or facts. Its made up of two words: mind and to boggle. Lets hear an example.威廉:这个词有来描述某东西多得让人惊叹,比如令人印象深刻的数字或事实。它有两个词组成:mind和boggle。我们来听个例子。Woman 1: I took my son to the Science Museum on Sunday.女1:周日我带我儿子去科学物馆了。Woman 2: Did you go to the space mission area?女2:你们去太空任务区了吗?Woman 1: Oh yes. There were rockets, space suits, even parts from a satellite-so many mind-boggling things to see.女1:去了。那里有火箭,太空,甚至卫星的部件,好多让人难以想象的东西呀!Feifei: I really want to learn more about the universe. Its a fascinating subject.菲菲:我真的很想更多地了解宇宙。这真是门让人着迷的学校。William: Well, astronomy, the study of stars, has lots of mind-boggling theories.威廉:嗯,天文学,这个专门研究恒星的学科真的有很多让人不可思议的理论。Man: I was at a physics workshop last month in Munich. There were seminars on black holes and antimatter. It was totally mind-boggling stuff; I think I might have understood about five percent of what was discussed.男:上个月我去慕尼黑参加了一个研讨会。 会上讨论了宇宙黑洞和反物质。那完全是些常人不可理解的东西。我想研讨会上讨论的话题我可能只听懂了5%。Feifei: Well, I think I now know what mind-boggling means and how to use this phrase. And here is one final mind-boggling question–How many stars are there in the Milky Way?菲菲:嗯,现在我知道mind-boggling的意思和用法了。 最后再来一道让你意想不到的问题吧:请问有多少颗星星?William: Er, is it 42,000 again?威廉:额,不会又是4.2万吧?Feifei: No, no! Some people say there are over 200 billion stars in the Milky Way but no one knows for sure. Thats all from us on The English We Speak. See you next time.菲菲:不,当然不是!有些人说有超过2千亿颗星星,但是没有人知道准确的。以上就是本期地道英语节目的全部内容。下期节目再见。William: Bye.威廉:再见。 /201406/307819

13. Do you have pants to go with the jacket?你们有和这件夹克搭配的裤子吗?还能这样说:Are there any pants to coordinate with this jacket?Do you have some pants matched with this jacket?应用:go with 还有其他意思:同……一道旅行;与……谈恋爱;包括在……之内。例如:Do you think this boy would go with that girl?你觉得这个男孩和那个女孩在谈恋爱吗?14. I am just browsing.我只是随便看看。还能这样说:I am just looking around.I just want to browse.应用:browse 还可表示牛、羊等吃草。例如:The cow browsed the hillside.牛在山坡上吃草。15. What are the criteria for buying good commodities?选购好商品的标准是什么?还能这样说:How will you measure good commodities?On what kind of yardstick do you judge good commodities?应用:in a measure 一些,几分;in a great measure 大大地,十分16. Quality is most important when we select goods.选购物品时,质量最重要。还能这样说:Quality has high priority while buying merchandise.When we go shopping, the quality is the first choice.应用:select...from/out of/among 从……中选出来 /201401/273148

Shes a natural crier.她是个天生爱哭的人。natural 天生的;本能的;与生俱来的eg. Remember that these weaknesses are natural.记住这些弱点是天生的。 /201208/197101

经典句型:How much should I pay? 我该付多少钱?A:How much should I pay?甲:我该付多少钱?B:25 yuan.乙:25元。A:Here you are.甲:给你。B:Here is the change.乙:这是找给您的钱。经典句型:Please give me the inovice. 请给我发票。A:Here is the fare. Please give me the inovice.甲:这是车费。请给我发票。B:Here you are.乙:给你。A:Thank you.甲:谢谢。句型讲解:乘坐出租车询问车费可以说How much should I pay?我该付多少钱?或者How much is the fare?车费是多少?需要索取发票可以说May I have the invoice?或Could you give me the invoice?我可以要张发票吗? /201404/289627

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