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Zu Chongzhi(429~500), whose courtesy name was Wenyuan, was a famous mathematician and astronomer living in the Song and Qi of the Southern Dynasty. He was a native of Fanyang (now Laiyuan, Hebei Province).祖冲之(429 ~500 ) , 字文远,南朝宋齐范阳(今河北涞源)人。He did not take for granted the established theories of previous scholars and was skeptical to their specious academic conclusions.他主张决不“虚推古人”,批判地接受前代的学术遗产,敢于怀疑古人错误陈旧的结论。Audaciously, he insisted to put forward new theories by precise measurements and prudent calculations.亲自进行精密测量和仔细推算,勇于提出自己的新见解。After careful observations, he identified the mistakes of the calendar used then and compiled an updated one called the ;Daming Calendar; (or Calendar of Great Brightness), the best at his time. In the entire history of China, Zu Chongzhi became the first to take into consideration in calendar calculations the differences between the tropical and siderreal years. 经过实际观测,祖冲之指出何承天编制、为当时刘宋王朝奉行的元嘉历有不少错误。于是编制了新历法《大明历》,在中国历法史上第一次考虑了岁差影响,是当时最好的历法。As a mathematician, Zu Chongzi#39;s most remarkable achievement was the calculation of pi. The ;precise value; he worked out as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is as 355/113, that is, a number between 3.1415926 and 3. 1415927.祖冲之在数学领域的卓越贡献就是对圆周率的推算,使其精确到小数点后的7位数,介于3.1415926和3.1415927之间。In the Tang Dynasty, the mathematical work Zhui Shu (or Method of Interpolation) compiled by Zu (now lost) was a required textbook at the Academy of Mathematics, in which students were obliged to it for four years, the longest time any textbook was required to work on. This book was later circulated to Japan and Korea.祖冲之的数学专著《缀术》现已失传,在唐代曾作为国子监算学馆的必读书,学习期限4年,是时限最长的一种,后来还流传至日本和朝鲜。It was said that Zu Chongzhi was also an inventor. He successfully replicated the legendary compass wagon and wooden oxen and horses, mechanical vehicles said to have been invented by Zhuge Liang and used to facilitate transportation. 祖冲之成功地复原过指南车与诸葛亮的木牛流马,他制造的“欹器”用来盛水,“中则正,满则覆”。He was also the inventor of a ;tilted container; used to bail water and a long-distance boat believed to have the capacity of traveling over 50 kilometers a day.祖冲之还制造过一种千里船,并在江上试航,日行百余里。 /201604/437297North Korea is encouraging its starving population to eat more dog meat by suggesting it contains more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork and duck.通过暗示肉比鸡肉、牛肉和鸭肉含有更多的维生素,朝鲜政府正在鼓励饥饿人口食用更多的肉。The country, which is ruled by Kim Jong-un, is still promoting the dish as a traditional #39;stamina food#39;.朝鲜在金正恩的统治之下,仍然在把肉提升为一道传统的“耐力食品”。DPRK Today also suggested that dog meat is good for the stomach and intestines, The Korea Times reports.此外,据《韩国时报》报道,《今日朝鲜》还暗示,肉对肠胃有好处。Meanwhile, the channel also claimed that in order to increase the taste, the canine must be beaten to death and its fur should be removed before being scorched.同时,该频道还声称,为了增加美味,必须把给打死,在烤之前应该把皮给剥掉。However, in neighbouring South Korea, many animal activists have protested about this practice of butchery.然而,邻国韩国很多动物保护者对这一屠宰行动表示了抗议。It comes after a number of media in North Korea have recently published stories about the health benefits of consuming dog meat.该抗议是在朝鲜很多媒体于近期发布的一些吃肉有利于健康的报道之后发起的。The Korean Central Television (KCTV) featured a story which claimed a reopened dog meat restaurant in Pyongyang is #39;being successful in making dog meat more unique.#39;朝鲜中央电视台(KCTV)报道了一则新闻,该新闻称在平壤重开肉餐馆“可使肉的味道变得更加独特。”And radio station Tongil Voice described dog stew as the #39;finest medicine#39; when describing #39;dangogi#39;, which translates to dog meat in Korean.统一之声广播站在提及“dangogi”——朝鲜语中的“肉”一词时,将肉炖汤描述为“最好的药材”。They reported: #39;There#39;s an old saying that even a slice of dangogi can be good medicine during the dog days.#39;他们报道称:“古语有云,在三伏天,即使是一小块肉也能作为很好的药材。” /201608/462737

Traditions vary widely around the world, and the ways of one society often seem downright wacky to others. American culture and traditions, thanks to the hard work of Hollywood and other arms of the nation#39;s media multiplex, have become well-known in most corners of the map. But that doesn#39;t always mean people in other countries find some of these customs less bizarre than Americans consider theirs.世界各地的传统都不尽相同,一个地区的风俗对于其他地方来说可能甚为古怪。由于好莱坞和其他媒体的大力宣传,美国文化和传统已经传播到地球上的各个角落。但就像美国人觉得其他地方的传统奇怪一样,其他国家的人也照样会觉得美国的一些传统颇为奇怪。On the next 10 pages, we#39;ll cover 10 traditions Americans take for granted, but that people in other countries often consider strange at best.接下来我们将介绍 10 种美国人习以为常、但其他国家的人们会觉得奇怪的传统。10.Throwing Tailgate Parties10.举办车尾野餐会When Americans attend sporting events -- and football games in particular -- it#39;s often not enough to simply show up and take their seats. They need to arrive hours in advance to properly prepare for the experience of seeing the game live and in person. Emblazoned in team colors, tailgaters will crowd the stadium#39;s parking lot, grilling food, sipping cold adult beverages, playing lawn games and tossing around footballs.美国人参加体育比赛(尤其是足球赛)的时候,仅仅出席、落座是远远不够的。他们要提前数小时到场,为现场观赛做准备。参加“车尾野餐会”的人们会穿戴与球队颜色相同的衣饰,挤满体育场的停车场。大家会一起烧烤食物,喝成人冷饮,玩草坪游戏,讨论足球等等。Many tailgaters take their setup very seriously, and will even haul along stereos, TVs and satellite dishes to enhance the event. When it comes to how early fans arrive to start tailgating, the sky#39;s the limit. Some are out there at the crack of dawn to begin the festivities -- or even the night before to claim a spot! When it comes to the pigskin, the traditions don#39;t stop in the parking lot, however. Check another strange American obsession related to football on the next page.许多人都很重视野餐会的场地布置,甚至会拖着音响、电视和卫星天线给活动增色添。至于这个聚会什么时候开始,没有最早,只有更早!有些球迷在黎明时分就已经到场开始庆祝了——甚至在比赛前夜就开始占位了!除了停车场聚餐之外,美国还有许多与美式足球有关的传统,比如接下来我们要讲的这个。9.Watching Super Bowl Commercials9.观看超级碗广告Television commercials are typically a trial to be borne, but when it comes to Super Bowl commercials, that#39;s not even close to the case. The vast majority of Super Bowl spectators are Americans, and they eagerly await breaks in the big game to see which commercials wow them the most. In the days that follow, those ads are debated and hashed over, rated and discussed, with gusto and ad nauseam, maybe even more than the sometimes lackluster game.看电视广告通常是很难熬的,但看超级碗的广告就完全相反了。美国人是超级碗比赛最大的观众群体,他们十分期待大赛间隙投放的广告,想看看哪个广告最让人眼前一亮。接下来的几天里,人们兴致勃勃地争论哪广告最好,并对其进行排名,反反复复,乐此不疲,对广告的兴趣甚至超过了那些有时乏善可陈的比赛。Which commercials cost the most to make? Which ones were surprisingly cheap? How much were the commercial slots sold for? The potential questions are endless. As for answers, in 2011, one of the most popular commercials was a Doritos ad that cost only about 0 to make. Altogether, around 60 commercials aired throughout the game, with prices up to million for 30-second slots. At 0,000 a second, advertisers are happy to fuel this particular American tradition of advertisement scrutiny.哪个广告成本最高?哪个成本又低得惊人?这些广告时段价值几何?问题无穷无尽。若要回答这些问题,下面这些数字可能会派上用场。多力多滋广告是2011年最流行的广告之一,拍摄成本只有五百美元。而比赛过程中大约播出了60商业广告,每30秒价格高达300万美元。尽管广告费高达10万美元/秒,但广告商仍然乐意一掷千金,将这个特殊的美国传统“发扬光大”。8.Celebrating the American Dream8.庆祝美国梦Although the definition of the American Dream isn#39;t set in stone and has been recalibrated over the years, there#39;s little denying that Americans in general still teach their kids that this dream is one they, too, can enjoy. Whether or not that#39;s a reality is another matter, but that#39;s a question for different day.尽管美国梦的定义并不是一成不变的,近年来也不断调整,但很少有人否认,大多数美国人都会教育孩子说,美国梦是他们每个人的美国梦。这是否属实另当别论,但这不是我们今天要讨论的话题。At an emotional level, the American Dream evokes feelings of freedom to avenues of opportunity and equal access to paths of prosperity for anyone willing to work hard to achieve it. At a more practical level, many argue that achieving the American Dream has become equated with consumerism and ownership instead of the more purist notions at its core. Regardless of where the truth lies, it#39;s still a national tradition to pass down the idea that the American Dream is achievable in each generation.从情感角度来说,美国梦唤起了那些为实现美国梦而努力工作的人追求自由的热情,同时也让这些人相信他们在通往繁荣的道路上享受平等的权利。但从更实际的角度看,许多人认为,实现美国梦已经逐渐等同于消费主义以及居者有其屋,其核心已不再是单纯的一种信条理念。无论真相如何,将“每一代人都可以实现美国梦”的观念传承下去仍旧是美国的一大传统。7.Holding ;Trials of the Century;7.开展“世纪大审判”Americans love sensationalism, and their media is happy to give it to them, couched in familiar and impossibly exaggerated language. That#39;s why, for example, every couple of years a new ;Trial of the Century; takes place in America. All past ;Trial of the Century; court cases are collectively forgotten, as the new one proves to be so much more distasteful, repugnant, abominable (insert appropriate adjective!) than the last.美国人酷爱耸人听闻,美国媒体也乐于配合,常用那些夸张至极的语言使公众哗然。因此,每过几年便会有一个新的“世纪大审判”在美国诞生。每一次的诉讼案件都比上一次的更恶劣、更让人痛心疾首,以至于之前的“世纪大审判”统统被人们抛之脑后。Often these trials involve celebrities themselves -- this is true from Fatty Arbuckle to O.J. Simpson to former President Bill Clinton -- but oftentimes the trials make celebrities (however willing or unwilling) out of ordinary citizens. Casey Anthony#39;s court case is a good example of a recent ;Trial of the Century; that launched a regular person into the intense glare of the media spotlight. Her fame brought her mostly public shaming, but the American public also went out of their way to roast her on social media sites. Chances are, though, that a few years from now, the stage will just be set for the next ;Trial of the Century; to commence.“世纪大审判”经常发生在名人身上,比如罗斯科·阿巴克尔、O.J.辛普森以及美国前总统比尔·克林顿,但大多数时候,“世纪大审判”会把一个普通人变成名人(不论他们愿意与否)。 最近的一次“世纪大审判”中,一个普通人——凯西·安东尼就被媒体推到了风口浪尖,成为了公众关注的焦点。但她的“名声”所招致的大都是社会的谴责,同时美国公众也不遗余力地在社交网站上对她进行攻击。尽管如此,这样的情形并不会持续太久,几年过后便会有新的“世纪大审判”出现并取而代之。6.Punkin Chunkin6.扔南瓜比赛Each year, as corn stalks tower toward the sky and leaves turn yellow, orange and red, folks in the ed States often flock to farms in order to attend fall festivals. Most of the goings on at these festivals are pretty tame if a little odd-sounding from an outside perspective. Families often participate in activities like going on hayrides, picking out pumpkins, walking through corn mazes, sampling cider, petting barnyard animals, that sort of thing.每年,在玉米秸秆直冲天际,树叶变成黄色、橙色或红色的时候,美国人民就会成群结队地前往农场庆祝秋季节。这些庆典上的大部分节目其实都很平常,不过在局外人看来可能有一点点古怪。通常,一家人会一起乘坐干草车,挑选南瓜,穿越玉米地迷宫,品尝苹果酒,与农场动物玩耍,诸如此类。But what really singles out some of these fall celebrations is the desire harbored by the visitors to witness pumpkins -- harmless lumpy gourds -- blasted into the air and launched great distances across acres of sprawling farmland. There are several ways this can be accomplished to satisfy a crowd, whether it#39;s through the use of air cannons, catapults, trebuchets or machines using torsion and centrifugal force. Pretty much the only one who doesn#39;t end up having a good time is the pumpkin.这些节目之所以会出现在我们的清单上,是因为其中的扔南瓜比赛,游客们都兴致勃勃地想要看谁能把南瓜投掷得最远。为了满足这群观众,空气炮、弹射器、投石机、还有利用扭力和离心力的机器,通通可以派上用场。最后,大家都玩得十分尽兴,除了南瓜。审校:瑶瑶Yvonne 来源:前十网 /201605/445150

We all know the feeling when we first feel that spark of a fiery dream inside our souls. It completely takes over your life and opens up your eyes to new horizons beyond your imagination - but what happens when you start to feel that fire dying out? What happens when you start to feel another one sparking? Do you ignore the call and frustrate your soul, or do you choose to be brave and let the new dream in?我们都体会过那种梦想初起的火花在灵魂深处绽放的感觉。它完全占据了你的生活,并将你的眼界提升到了超乎想象的新层面--但是当你开始感觉梦想之火渐渐熄灭时,你会怎么办呢?当另一个梦想的火光闪耀时,你又会怎么办呢?你是选择忽略那呼唤,让你的内心为之沮丧?还是选择勇敢地去追逐新的梦想?Honing your dream to perfection leads to disappointment完美化你的梦想会导致失落Losing a dream is never easy, you pour your heart and soul out into it, honing it to perfection and to the idea you had in mind. It is no wonder that when it dissipates or completely disappears that you find yourself facing the different stages of loss: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and eventually acceptance (or in my case going through all these stages a few times around). However - despite what society might want you to believe - there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dream that changes.放弃梦想从不简单,你为它倾注了全部的心血,想让它趋于完美,成为你心中所想的样子。当梦想渐渐消逝或者毫无踪影时,无疑你将会发现自己面临放弃的不同阶段:否认,愤怒,沮丧,讨价还价,到最终妥协(或者像我,三番五次经历所有这些阶段)。然而,不管社会想让你相信什么,改变梦想是无可非议的。Do not fret over lost time不要苦恼逝去的光阴If your dream came true, that#39;s great. If it didn#39;t and you still feel yourself jumping up and down with excitement by the thought of it, go for it! But if you are like me and you have slowly felt it moving into a new direction, don#39;t fret over the time you spent on your old dream - it made you stronger and wiser. It shaped you into the person you are at this moment. And it is to you that I am talking to today.如果你实现了梦想,那再好不过了;如果没有,但当你想到它时,心仍会激动得上蹿下跳,那么就去放手追逐吧!但如果你像我一样,慢慢感受到了新梦想的呼唤,那么就不要苦恼那些因追逐旧梦想而逝去的光阴,它会让你变得更强大、更有智慧。它塑造了当下的你,而我正是在与当下的你对话。Loss is a part of life失去是生活中不可或缺的部分Let#39;s be frank: it is not an easy task losing something that was once the center of your universe - the thing you based all your decision on. However, it is possible to move on - but you have to be willing to accept the loss, the fear of rejection by others, and most importantly, the fear of change. First of all, we have to remember that loss is a part of life. It will always be there and the sooner we learn to deal with it, the stronger and the more resilient we will be able to be, perhaps even inspiring others in the process too.开诚布公的说:放弃一件曾是你世界中心的事情绝不容易,那件事情曾是你所有决定的基础。然而,事情仍是有可能继续往下进行的,但是你必须甘愿接受损失,接受对被拒绝的恐惧,最重要的是,接受对变化的恐惧。首先,我们要铭记失去也是生活的一部分。它总是在那里,我们越快学会如何处理它,我们就能够变得越强大,适应力也会越强,我们可能甚至会去激励这个过程中的其他人。译文属 /201607/456205The world#39;s largest cruise ship has arrived at Southampton ahead of its maiden voyage.全球最大邮轮“海洋和谐号”抵达英格兰南部的南安普敦港口,即将首航。The 1,188ft long Harmony of the Seas cost one billion US dollars, can carry 6,780 guests and 2,100 crew, and took more than two-and-a-half years to construct.“海洋和谐号”全长1188英尺(约合362米),造价达10亿美元,可搭乘6780名乘客和2100名船员,建造邮轮花费了超过两年半的时间。The Royal Caribbean ship, which has 20 restaurants on board, will set sail for its first trip, a four-night cruise from Southampton to Rotterdam, on Sunday May 22.“海洋和谐号”归皇家加勒比国际游轮公司所有,船上有20家餐厅,5月22日即将开始它的处女航,从南安普敦驶向鹿特丹,全程4天。The liner features a 10-storey water slide called the Ultimate Abyss, which features a 100ft drop, making it the tallest at sea. Other facilities on board the ;seven neighbourhood; ship including the deepest pool at sea, which will feature diving performances. The ship also boasts a production of the musical Grease.邮轮的最大看点之一是10层楼高的水滑道,被称为“终极深渊”,有100英尺(约30.48米)高,是全球最高的船上滑梯。整艘邮轮分为7个社区,邮轮上还有海上最深的游泳池,这里还将上演跳水表演。邮轮上还将上演音乐剧《油脂》。It has its own park, which contains 10,587 plants, 48 vine plants and 52 trees, while a total of 11,252 works of art are showcased across the vessel.邮轮上建有公园,里面有10587棵植物,包括48棵藤蔓植物和52棵树。邮轮里还陈列有11252件艺术品。Stuart Leven, managing director UK and Ireland, Royal Caribbean International, said: ;The Harmony of the Seas is the world#39;s largest cruise ship. Bigger can be beautiful when it allows you to put so many great facilities on board to allow people to have a great holiday at sea.皇家加勒比国际游轮公司英国及爱尔兰地区总经理斯图亚特-利文说:“海洋和谐号是全球最大的邮轮,可以把这么多的好设施搬到船上,从这一点上讲邮轮越大越美丽。人们可以在海上度过一个愉快的假期。”;Cruising is changing - it#39;s becoming a holiday for all the family, it#39;s not just white table cloths and ties at dinnertime - now the sort of holiday you get at all-inclusive resorts on land can be replicated on the seas.“人们乘坐邮轮的观念也在发生变化,逐渐成为全家度假的方式,邮轮给人们的印象不再仅仅是晚餐时间的白色桌布和领带。如今你在大陆上的务和设施完备的度假村所获得的假期体验,在海上一样可以感受到。;We have a 10-storey slide, surf machines, plenty of restaurants like Jamie Oliver#39;s Italian on board, a great choice, and you can wake up with a different view from your balcony each day.“我们有个10层楼高的水滑道,有冲浪设备,多家餐厅,比如杰米#8226;奥利弗的意式餐厅就是个不错的选择,每天早晨醒来,你都能在阳台上领略到不同的风景。”;My favourite facility is the robotic bartenders where you go in with an iPad to place your order and they will mix your cocktail. We are really pushing the boundaries.;“我最喜欢的是机器人调酒师,你带iPad进去下单,它们就会给你调出鸡尾酒。我们正在突破传统。 /201605/445162

Let us pray for mercy...让我们祈求怜悯……Or some Lego Star Wars! I#39;m praying for an iPad Mini! Pretty please, God above!或者一些乐高星球大战!我为iPad迷你祈祷!请上帝帮忙!The kids are not always that popular in church孩子们并受教堂欢迎 /201607/452493

4 Wonderful Benefits of Pomelo Fruit柚果的四大好处The citrus season never ends and there are many new citrus fruits to tickle your taste buds this summer. Pomelo is one of the healthiest citrus fruits that many people keep ignoring. Pomelos look like oversized grapefruits and can be unbelievably big so no wonder we leave them on the shelf and buy grapefruits, oranges, and clementines instead. But I guarantee you that you will fall in love with pomelo fruit after you discover the most wonderful benefits of it. Pomelo fruit helps to:柑橘季节永远不会结束,今夏又有很多刺激你味蕾的新柑橘类水果了。柚子就是许多人一直忽视的一种最健康的柑橘类水果。柚子看起来就像超大号的葡萄柚,而且会大到令人难以置信的程度,难怪我们不会挑选柚子而是购买葡萄柚,橘子和小柑橘。但是我敢担保一旦你发现了柚果的绝妙好处后,你会爱上它的。柚果会帮助:1. Relieve muscle cramps1. 缓解肌肉痉挛Pomelo is rich in potassium and magnesium and helps to muscle cramps. This makes pomelo one of the best post-workout fruits. If you suffer from leg cramps once in a while, try adding pomelo fruit to your daily diet. Just do not forget to consult your doctor first. Also, just like grapefruit, pomelo can interact badly with numerous drugs.柚子含有大量的钾和镁元素,有助于缓解肌肉痉挛。所以柚子是锻炼后摄入的最佳水果。如果你的腿会时不时的痉挛,那就试着在你的日常饮食中添加柚果。别忘了先咨询你的医生。同样,像葡萄柚一样,柚子会与许多药物产生不好的作用。2. Boost immune system2. 增强免疫系统Pomelo contains more vitamin C than oranges – around 90% of your RDA per 100 g. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve cardiac health, and stimulates the production of infection-fighting white blood cells along with antibodies. If you often have cold and flu symptoms and are looking to increase your vitamin C intake, eating pomelo might help.柚子含有的维他命C比橘子要多——推荐日摄入量中,每100克柚子含有约90%的维他命C。维他命C是一种有效的抗氧化剂,能增强免疫力、减少炎症、提高心脏健康,也能与抗体一起刺激生产抗感染的白血球。如果你经常会有感冒和流感症状,正试图增加维他命C的摄入量,那么吃柚子可能会有所帮助。3. Keep your heart healthy3. 保持你的心脏健康One cup of pomelo fruit contains around 410 mg of potassium, which is vital for maintaining normal blood pressure and improving heart function. Potassium also lowers bad cholesterol in the body and helps your heart stay healthy, preventing heart disease and stroke.一杯柚果汁约含有410毫克的钾元素,这对保持正常的血压和提高心脏功能至关重要。钾元素同时也能降低身体内不好的胆固醇,有助于心脏健康,防止心脏病和中风。4. Improve bone health4. 改善骨骼健康Potassium found in pomelo is crucial for mineral absorption and keeping calcium bone density. Consuming pomelo at least three times a week will strengthen your bones and reduce your osteoporosis risk.柚子中发现的钾元素对于矿物质吸收以及保持钙骨密度至关重要。每周至少吃三次柚子将会加强你的骨头,也会减少你患骨质疏松的风险。译文属 /201606/451931Clothes and Wearer#39;s Position装与穿戴者的身份Clothing in ancient China told something about the wearer#39;s position in their daily life. The color,fabric,and jewelry all had a meaning to the person. Also the type of jewelry a person wore showed what position they had in society. High ranking people wore the finest silk in public. Peasants wore a long,shirt like garment made of hemp fiber. Hemp is a rough fabric that is made of plant fibers. A man wore a hat in public almost always. The hat showed the man#39;s job and status in society. Fashions for the rich changed as the years went by,but the poor still had to wear the same clothing until recently. Women#39;s long hair had to be put in a knot type bun thing that the Chinese called a topknot that was held in place by hair pins and other fancy hair ornaments. Also the wealthiest women wore very elaborate makeup.装在中国古代会反映佩戴者在日常生活中的地位。颜色、面料和珠宝都对人有特别意义。同样的珠宝类型也表明穿戴者在社会中的地位。高官显爵在公众面前穿最好的丝绸。农民穿着一件长长的,像大麻纤维制成的衬衫。大麻是一种由植物纤维制成的粗糙织物。男子在公众面前几乎总是戴着帽子。这顶帽子表现其主人在社会中的工作和地位。随着岁月的流逝富人的时尚有所变化,但直到现在穷人还是不得不穿同样的衣。女子长头发必须扎成包子形,在头顶会戴着一个中国人称为发夹等花哨的头饰。另外最富有的女人穿着非常复杂的妆容。 /201604/439862

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