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Russia’s ambassadors to Denmark and Sweden have been summoned to hear complaints that lives were endangered in a near-miss involving an airliner and a Russian military aircraft.俄罗斯驻丹麦大使和驻瑞典大使被召见听取下列指控:一架飞机与一架俄罗斯军机差点撞上的事件危及民众生命安全。An SAS jet taking off from Copenhagen on Friday was warned by Swedish air traffic control to change course to avoid a Russian military intelligence flight, said Swedish authorities.瑞典政府表示,一架北欧航SAS)飞机上周五从哥本哈根起飞,途中瑞典空管警告其更改路线,以避开一架俄罗斯军事情报飞机。Martin Lidegaard, Denmark’s foreign minister, said on Monday it was “totally unreasonable that civilian lives are put at risk in this way. I hope we can reach an agreement with the Russians that we try to limit these kind of flights.”丹麦外交大臣马#8226;利德加德(Martin Lidegaard)周一表示,“平民的生命安全正因此受到威胁,这完全是不合理的。我希望我们能与俄罗斯达成协议,我们将努力限制这类飞行。”The firm diplomatic response underlines the depth of concern among Baltic countries about Russian military aircraft flying without transponders on, meaning civil aircraft cannot detect them.这一强硬外交回应突显出波罗的海国家对俄罗斯军机关闭应答器飞行的严重担忧,关闭应答器飞行意味着民用飞机无法检测它们。Peter Hultqvist, Sweden’s defence minister, said it was “serious, inappropriate and downright dangerousthat the Russian aircraft was flying with its transponder used to identify its position switched off. He told Swedish reporters: “It is remarkable and very serious. There is a risk of accidents that could ultimately lead to deaths.”瑞典国防部长彼#8226;胡尔特奎斯特(Peter Hultqvist)表示,俄罗斯飞机关闭应答器飞行是“重大的、不恰当的而且非常危险”。他告诉瑞典记者:“这一行为事关重大且形势严重。这可能会造成意外,最终可能导致人员死亡。”Nicolai Wammen, Denmark’s defence minister, said: “It is dangerous and completely unnecessary that Russian military aircraft fly so close to civil air traffic in the Baltic Sea. The safety of passengers must always come first, and Russia must respect that.”丹麦国防部长尼科莱#8226;魏曼(Nicolai Wammen)表示:“俄罗斯军机在波罗的海上空如此接近民用客机航线,十分危险,而且完全没有必要。乘客的安全必须永远放在第一位,俄罗斯必须尊重这点。”The incident is the latest in a series involving Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea this year. In March, an SAS airliner came within 100 metres of a Russian military aircraft shortly after take-off from Copenhagen, Swedish television reported.今年以来,俄罗斯军机多次出现涉嫌飞越波罗的海上空事件,这是最近发生的一例。据瑞典电视台报道,今年3月,北欧航空的一架飞机在从哥本哈根起飞后不久就遇到一架俄罗斯军机,双方距离不00米。Russian aircraft have violated Swedish, Finnish and Estonian airspace this year the latter judged by some Nato officials as the most serious incursion into the military alliance’s airspace since the cold war.俄罗斯飞机今年侵犯过瑞典、芬兰和爱沙尼亚领空,一些北Nato)官员判断,俄罗斯飞机侵犯爱沙尼亚领空是自冷战以来最为严重的侵犯北约领空的事件。In the most recent incident, the Swedish and Danish military detected the Russian aircraft in international airspace on radar and warned the SAS flight, said to have been bound for Poznan, Poland.在最近一次事件中,瑞典和丹麦军方在国际领空从雷达上检测出那架俄罗斯飞机,并警告北欧航空航班。据说该航班准备飞往波兰的波兹南。Russia denied there was a risk of collision. Major General Igor Konashenkov of the defence ministry said: “The flight was in strict accordance with international laws on the use of airspace and did not violate state borders while remaining at a safe distance from the routes of civil aircrafts.Nato jets also flew without their transponders on but Russian authorities were able to detect them, he said.俄罗斯否认有相撞危险。俄罗斯国防部少将伊戈尔#8226;柯纳申科Igor Konashenkov)表示:“此次飞行严格遵守有关领空使用的国际法规定,没有侵犯其他国家的领空,而且与民用飞机航线保持着安全距离。”他表示,北约飞机也曾关闭应答器飞行,但俄罗斯政府能够识别出它们。Nato responded: “This is not true. Nato aircraft adhere to international safety standards. Nato AWACS [surveillance] planes and air policing jets always turn on their transponders when flying in Europe.”北约回应称:“俄罗斯所言不实。北约飞机一直遵守国际安全标准。北约的空中预警和指挥控制(AWACS)飞机,以及空中管制飞机在欧洲飞行时一直是开启应答器的。”来 /201412/349373。

This week Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida (and second son of George Bush), has been discreetly pressing the flesh in London. Unsurprisingly, interest in him has been sky high. For with the Republicans feeling exuberant after the recent midterm vote, there is fevered speculation about whether the genial Bush will become a 2016 Republican presidential candidate and thus potentially pave the way for a bizarrely dynastic Bush v Clinton fight.本周,美国佛罗里达州前州长杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush,老布什(George H.W. Bush)的次子)低调地在伦敦与人们握手。不出所料,外界对他极感兴趣。最近中期选举结果出炉后,共和党人欢欣鼓舞,各方狂热地猜测这位待人亲切的布什会不会成016年大选的共和党总统候选人,潜在开启一场带有吊诡的王朝意味的选战,即他与希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)角逐总统职位。Indeed, curiosity is so intense that when Pi Capital, the financial networking group, arranged a private breakfast with Bush in a Mayfair hotel, the room was packed with business leaders and financiers, all eager to hear his plans, his views on Hillary Clinton and much else.的确,人们对布什是如此好奇,以至于当金融集团Pi Capital在伦敦梅菲尔(Mayfair)地区的一家酒店为他安排一场私人早餐会时,房间里挤满了商界领袖和金融家,他们都迫切地想听一听布什的计划,以及他对希拉里和其他许多事情的看法。But having attended the breakfast meeting myself, I came away with two clear conclusions. The first is that this latest Bush is still playing it coy about whether he will actually run. His famous father and brother the 41st and 43rd presidents respectively say they would back his bid and Bush seems to be seriously considering it. But he remains carefully non-committal right now much like Clinton herself in fact (she talks about her new grandchild if anyone asks if she will run for the Democratic nomination).然而,在亲自参加了这个早餐会之后,我得出了两个明确的结论。首先,关于他是否会真的竞选,这位最新登场的布什还在“打太极”。他著名的父亲和哥哥(分别是1任和3任美国总统)都表示他们将持他竞选,而他似乎也在认真考虑。但他谨慎地避免现在就明确表态,这一点和希拉里差不多(每当有人问她是否会竞争民主党候选人提名时,她会谈论自己刚出世的外孙女)。But, second, this third Bush is also a man who tries hard to sound not just genial but sensible too. Indeed, if you ignore the peculiar dynastic legacy and highly privileged life, he looks almost normal, more akin to an avuncular family doctor than firebrand. He is a man known for espousing the merits of free markets and private business but is not calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve or a return to the gold standard. Bush favours tighter border controls and balanced budgets but he also wants to encourage economic immigration, free trade and infrastructure projects. He does not support an isolationist US but nor does he want to invade every country with an unpleasant regime.但是,我的第二个结论是,这位布什三号努力让自己听上去不仅是个亲切的人,还是个明智的人。的确,如果你忽略吊诡的王朝遗风和他极其优越的生活,他看上去几乎像个普通人,更像是一位具有长辈风范的家庭医生,而不是一个挑动争端的人。他以拥护自由市场和私营企业的优越性著称,但不会呼吁废除美联储(Fed)或者回到金本位制。他赞同更严格的边境管控和预算平衡,但他也同样希望鼓励经济移民、自由贸易和基础设施项目。他不持一个奉行孤立主义的美国,但也不想入侵每一个由令人不快的政权掌权的国家。He sounds, in other words, pragmatic, if not centrist and notably different from many of the Republican figures who have grabbed attention in recent years, be that Sarah Palin (the 2008 vice-presidential candidate), Ted Cruz (the Tea Party firebrand who fancies himself as a 2016 presidential candidate) or Rand Paul (the libertarian Republican leader who is another potential runner).换句话说,他听起来是务实的(如果说还算不上是中间立场的话),而且和近年来吸引人们注意力的许多共和党头面人物明显不同,比如莎拉#8226;佩林(Sarah Palin008年副总统候选人)、特#8226;克鲁斯(Ted Cruz,茶Tea Party)的挑动争端者,幻想当上2016年总统候选人)或者兰#8226;保罗(Rand Paul,自由主义派共和党人的领袖,另一位可能参选的人)。So does this mean that a third Bush presidential campaign is doomed? The answer partly depends not simply on that tricky matter of dynasty but something else: can “sensiblebe sold to US voters today? Judging from the past decade, the answer might seem to be “no As the rise of the Tea Party has shown, the big winners in American politics, particularly on the right, have tended to embrace celebrity politics, populism and protest.那么这是否意味着这位布什竞选总统注定会失败呢?不仅仅取决于棘手的王朝问题,还有其它因素:如今的美国选民是否还买“明智”的帐?从过0年的情况看,似乎是否定的。正如茶党的崛起所显示出的那样,美国政治的(尤其是在右翼),倾向于采用名人政治、民粹主义和抗议。That partly reflects the economic cycle and, most notably, the pain caused by the great financial crisis and recession. But it may also reflect a longer-term structural shift. These days, more and more voters are getting their information about politics and everything else via social media platforms such as Twitter. These platforms are an effective way to create a loud political noise but not a good place to create thoughtful debate. Attention spans are so short that everyone needs to shout to be heard. Extremism tends to dominate.这部分反映了经济周期,尤其是严重金融危机和经济衰退造成的痛苦。但或许也反映了更长期的结构性转变。如今,越来越多的选民通过Twitter等社交媒体平台来获取信息——无论是关于政治还是其他事情。这些平台能够有效地制造巨大的政治舆论,但不是开展有思想深度的辩论的理想平台。人们的注意力持续时间如此之短,以至于每个人都得大声叫嚷才能让别人听到自己的声音。极端言论往往主宰了这些平台。Perhaps this is just a short-term phenomenon. There are some factors in the current American political mood that might just possibly make it easier to sell a sensible candidate to voters, or so some of the old-school Republicans and business leaders who are trying to remake the party desperately hope. For one thing, the economic outlook seems to be improving. For another, the mood in Congress might be getting a little more pragmatic. With both the Senate and House of Representatives now controlled by the Republicans, it is possible that Congress will pass more legislation in the next couple of years. If so, that might show voters that pragmatic co-operation pays.也许这只是一个短期现象。当前美国政治氛围中的某些因素可能——仅仅是可能——让选民们更容易接受一个明智的候选人,至少一些老派共和党人和商界领袖殷切希望如此,他们正试图重新打造该党。一方面,经济前景似乎在改善。另一方面,美国国会的氛围也可能变得更务实了一些。随着共和党将参众两院都掌握在手中,未来两年国会可能会通过更多法律。若果真如此,那也许能让选民看到,务实合作是能够带来成果的。Then there is the nature of emotional cycles. Back in 2008, US voters fell violently in love with the idea of “hope and change as presented by a man blessed with soaring rhetoric and celebrity. Today many have fallen equally violently out of love with Barack Obama as those unrealistic dreams have been dashed. That might leave them grasping at another anti-establishment celebrity dream but it might also leave them shunning glitz. Voting for Bush, in other words, could yet be presented as the political equivalent of dating a lawyer after being burned by an unreliable rock star. Or, more accurately, like dating the sensible son of your high-school teacher, whose family you aly know well.还有就是情绪周期的本质。回008年,美国选民狂热地迷上了某位慷慨激昂、人气高涨的人提出的理念——“希望和改变”。如今,随着那些不切实际的梦想被击碎,很多人开始同样激烈地厌弃巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)。这也许会让他们拥戴另一位反体制的名人——但也可能让他们唾弃浮夸。换句话说,投票给布什在政治上可能等同于在被一个不靠谱的摇滚明星伤害后,转而和一个律师约会。或者,更准确地来说,就像和你高中老师家的明智的儿子约会一样,你已经非常了解他的家庭了。Of course, all this is mere speculation. Thus far the only thing that is tangibly clear is that this Bush commands moderate respect: according to a recent A News/Washington Post poll, some 26 per cent of voters think he would make a good president, which is better than many rival potential candidates, if not great. But in the months ahead, Americans and non-Americans alike should closely watch this third Bush. Not just because of what it might reveal about Republican policies or the dynastic-cum-tribal patterns of US politics but also for what it shows about how social media is changing politics or not. Can sensible, in other words, ever “trend当然,这些都只是猜测而已。到目前为止,唯一确凿的是,这位布什赢得了一定程度的尊敬:最近美国广播公司新闻部(A News)和《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)进行的民意调查显示,约有26%的选民认为布什会是一位好总统,就算这个比例不算太高,至少也比很多潜在的竞选对手强。在接下来的数月里,美国人和美国以外的人都应该密切关注这位布什三号——不仅仅是为了从中观察共和党的政策,或者领略美国政治的“王朝和部落”色,也是为了观察社交媒体如何改变政治进程,或者没能改变政治进程。换句话说,明智能引领潮流吗?来 /201411/345166。

MADRID A dog named Excalibur who belonged to an Ebola-infected nurse was euthanized on Wednesday, even as protesters and animal rights activists surrounded the Madrid home of the nurse and her husband. A online petition calling for the dogs life to be spared had drawn hundreds of thousands of signatures.马德里——周三,一名感染埃拉病毒的护士的被实施了安乐死,尽管抗议者和动物权益活动人士包围了这名护士及其丈夫在马德里的住所。这条名叫埃克斯卡利伯(Excalibur)。网上一封呼吁放这条一条生路的请愿书,目前已获得了数以万计的签名。The furor came amid questions about whether dogs can get and transmit the disease.群情激奋之时,有人质疑是否会感染以及传播这种疾病。In the ed States, a spokesman for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas Skinner, said Wednesday that studies had shown that dogs can have an immune response to Ebola, meaning that they can become infected. But he said there had been no reports of dogs or cats developing Ebola symptoms or passing the disease to other animals or to people.美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)发言人托马斯·斯金Thomas Skinner)周三表示,研究表明,能对埃拉病毒产生免疫反应,这意味着它们可能也会受到感染。但是他说,目前尚无或猫出现埃拉病症或者把这种疾病传播给其他动物或人类的报告。The death of Excalibur, a 12-year-old rescue dog, was confirmed to reporters by Javier Rodríguez, an official from Madrids regional government, and the body is expected to be cremated.埃克斯卡利伯是一2岁的搜救犬,马德里地区政府官员哈维尔·罗德里格Javier Rodríguez)向记者实了它的死亡,它的尸体将被火化。The nurses husband had pleaded publicly with officials in Madrid to change their minds about euthanizing the dog. He told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that there was no indication that Excalibur had been infected with Ebola. The nurse has been identified as María Teresa Romero Ramos.这名护士的丈夫曾公开请求马德里官员改变主意,不要对埃克斯卡利伯实施安乐死。他告诉西班牙报纸《世界报El Mundo),没有迹象表明埃克斯卡利伯感染了埃拉病毒。这名护士被认定为玛丽亚·特雷莎·罗梅罗·拉莫María Teresa Romero Ramos)。The fate of the dog ignited a frenzy online. More than 350,000 people signed the petition to save his life. By comparison, about 150,000 people have signed a petition urging the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track research on a potential vaccine and treatment for Ebola.这条的命运引起了网民的愤怒。共5万人在请愿书上签名,希望能挽救它的生呀?相比之下,大约15万人在一封请愿书上签名,敦促食品与药品(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)加快对埃拉疫苗和治疗方案的研究。Twitter erupted, with pleas in both English and Spanish to save Excaliburs life.Twitter上的反应也很强烈,人们用英语和西班牙语发表请愿,要求拯救埃克斯卡利伯的生呀?saveexcaliber SAVE THE DOG...OWNER HAS EBOLA...QUARANTINE THE DOG TOO...DONT MURDER HIM#saveexcaliber 救救这……主人感染了埃拉……把也给隔离了……不要杀害他Then, after Excalibur was euthanized, came tweets using the hashtag #RIPExcalibur.随后,在埃克斯卡利伯被实施安乐死后,有推文开始使#RIPExcalibur 的标签RIPExcalibur hating this world so damn much today.#RIPExcalibur 今天无比厌恶这个世界。Some also suggested that more attention was being focused on the dog than on Ebolas human victims.有人则提出人们把更多的注意力放在了上,而不是埃拉病毒的人类受害者。Nearly 4,000 people in West Africa have died during the current Ebola epidemic, and global health authories expect to see thousands more infections there. The Spanish nurse became the first person to become infected outside West Africa. The only case diagnosed in the ed States has been that of a Liberian man who had traveled from Liberia to Dallas and died in a hospital there Wednesday. Three infected American aid workers were transferred from West Africa to American hospitals and treated successfully, and a freelance cameraman for N who became infected in Liberia has been transferred to a hospital in Nebraska, where he is undergoing treatment.在西非,共有将近4000人在目前的埃拉疫情中丧生,全球各地的卫生官员认为,将来还会有数千人会受感染。这名西班牙护士成了西非以外地区受感染的第一人。美国的唯一确诊案例是一名利比里亚籍男子,他曾从利比里亚去往达拉斯,并于周三在那里的一家医院死亡。有关部门把三名受感染的美国救援工作者从西非转移到了美国医院,他们在那里得到了很好的治疗,一名在利比里亚受感染的N自由摄影记者被转移到了内布拉斯加州的一家医院,目前正在那里接受治疗。Mr. Skinner said the disease centers were recommending that Ebola patients with dogs or cats at home ;evaluate the animals risk of exposure,; meaning they should assess how likely it is that the animal has ingested bodily fluids like blood, vomit and feces from the patient. If the animal has been exposed, it should be monitored for 21 days, the incubation period for the disease. Mr. Skinner said the C.D.C. was working with the American Veterinary Medical Association to study the issue and develop guidance for pets in the ed States.斯金纳称,疾病预防和控制中心正在建议家中有或猫的埃拉患者“评估动物的接触风险”,也就是说他们应该评估动物摄入患者的血液等体液,以及呕吐物和排泄物的可能性有多大。如果动物已经接触了病毒,应将其观察21天1天是埃拉病毒的潜伏期。斯金纳称,CDC正在与美国兽医协American Veterinary Medical Association)合作,研究这个问题,并制定针对美国宠物的指导意见。In a 2005 study of dogs in Gabon done after an Ebola outbreak in 2001-02, researchers found that dogs can be infected with the virus, but that they show no symptoms.埃拉在2001年至2002年期间爆发后,研究人员在2005年对加蓬的进行的一项研究中发现,可能会感染该病毒,但它们未表现出症状。The study, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, a C.D.C. journal, tested dogs in two villages in the heart of the Ebola outbreak, as well as dogs in a city with some human Ebola cases, dogs in distant villages and a control group of dogs in France. Of 159 dogs tested from the two villages, 40 had Ebola antigens in their blood. This rate was significantly higher than the prevalence of antigens found in dogs in the city with some human cases, three times higher than the dogs several hundred miles from the outbreak, and much higher than the dogs in France. Two out of 102 dogs tested in France had antigens for Ebola.发表在CDC期刊《新生感染性疾病Emerging Infectious Diseases)上的该研究,对位于那一轮埃拉爆发的中心的两个村子,以及出现了一些感染埃拉病例的一座城市、偏远村庄和法国一个控制组的进行了测试。那两个村子共有159条接受了测试,其中40条的血液中含有埃拉抗原。这一比例,明显高于出现了人感染埃拉病例的那座城市的,是距病毒爆发地几百英里的的三倍多,同时也远高于法国的。法国有102条接受了测试,条体内发现了埃拉抗原。The researchers said the possibility that pet dogs could become infected and transmit the virus to humans could not be ruled out. They noted that pet dogs in Gabon, as in many parts of Africa, probably have greater access to the wild animals that are the source of Ebola infections because African dogs often scavenge for food, eating small animals and organs from carcasses of wild animals killed by hunters, some of which were sources of human Ebola cases in Gabon.研究人员称,不能排除宠物感染病毒并将其传播给人类这个可能性。他们指出,和非洲许多地区一样,加蓬的宠物接触野生动物的可能性更大,因为非洲的经常觅食,吃小动物和被猎人打死的野生动物的器官。野生动物是埃拉感染的源头,其中部分野生动物正是加蓬人感染埃拉病例的根源;We observed that some dogs ate fresh remains of Ebola virus infected dead animals brought back to the villages and that others licked vomit from Ebola virus-infected patients,; the researchers reported.“我们观察到,一些吃了感染了埃拉病毒的动物的新鲜遗骸——这些动物尸体被带回了那些村子——其他一些舔过感染了埃拉病毒的患者的呕吐物,”这些研究人员通报称。None of the dogs in the study showed symptoms, unlike wild animals. In gorillas and chimpanzees, Ebola infection is often lethal, the study said. Still, it is possible that dogs exposed to Ebola could be a potential source of human infection if people come in contact with viral particles in dog urine, feces or saliva through ;licking, biting, or grooming,; the study said.不同于野生动物,研究中的那些没有一条表现出了症状。该研究称,在大猩猩和黑猩猩身上,埃拉感染通常是致命的。但研究称,接触过埃拉的可能是潜在的人类感染源头,因为人可能会通过“的舔、咬或给其梳毛刷洗”,接触的尿液、排泄物或唾液中的病毒颗粒;Given the frequency of contact between humans and domestic dogs,; it said, ;canine Ebola infection must be considered as a potential risk factor for human infection and virus sp.;“考虑到人类与家里的的接触频率,”研究称,“必须将犬类埃拉感染视作人类感染,以及病毒扩散的一种潜在风险因素。”来 /201410/335711。

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to the ed States in the West Coast city of Seattle on Tuesday, a landmark trip aimed at building up trust and stepping up cooperation between the worlds two biggest economies.国家主席习近2日在西雅图开始对美国进行首次国事访问,这次具有里程碑意义的访问旨在增进世界两大经济体之间的信任,加强双边合作。Xi will be accompanied by a team of delegates, including his wife Peng Liyuan.陪同习近平访美的代表团中包括他的妻子彭丽媛。Peng has stunned the world with her style ever since her first appearance as the first lady of China in Moscow, when she accompanied Xi on his state trip to Russia in 2013.2013年彭丽媛陪同习近平对俄罗斯进行国事访问,这是她作为中国第一夫人首次在莫斯科亮相,当时她的着装风格让世界为之倾倒。Since then, ;Liyuan style; has been synonymous with elegance and grace, as a symbol of a new and modern China and Chinas best export of soft power.从那以后,丽媛style就成了典雅的代名词,象征着新中国现代的一面,也很好地对外展示了中国的软实力。Peng carried through her love of China-inspired designs for her choice of outfits Tuesday.22日彭丽媛的着装选择流露出她对中国元素设计的喜爱。A clean-cut white jacket was selected, with a traditional Chinese high collar most often seen in cheongsams, matched with a pale purple skirt with flowing navy flowers and leaves at the trims. Peng accessorized with ear studs made of pearl, an item loved in China for centuries as a symbol of elegance and purity, a navy brooch on her jacket, and a small clutch that matched her pencil skirt.当天彭丽媛身穿剪裁得体的中式立领上衣和青花瓷图案的淡紫色短裙,配上珍珠耳钉(珍珠象征典雅纯洁,几百年来在中国广受喜爱),上衣别着一只深蓝色胸针,拿着和铅笔裙同花色的手包。Peng is also known for appearing in public with outfits that matched that of her husbands. For many times in the past, the duos outfits have echoed one another not just in style, but also in color. White and navy were the two main hues used yesterday, in which Xis navy tie harmoniously matched with Pengs jacket, which were embellished with navy hems.众所周知,彭丽媛的着装经常和丈夫习近平相搭配。他们的衣不仅在风格上相呼应,在颜色上也很相称。当天两人的衣主色为白色和海军蓝色,习近平的蓝色领带与彭丽媛的海军蓝边上衣形成了和谐的配搭。Where Peng will visit彭丽媛将访问哪些地方US President Barack Obama is to host Xi for a state banquet at the White House on Sept 25 in Washington, D.C., an event that Peng will also attend.美国总统奥巴5日将在华盛顿白宫设国宴款待习近平,彭丽媛也将出席。According to WeChat public account ;Zheng Shier;, it is not certain whether Peng will accompany Xi to attend the private dinner hosted by Obama. According to the report, ;If Michelle Obama is there, then Peng Liyuan will most likely attend.;据微信账号“政事儿”透露,还不确定彭丽媛是否会出席奥巴马的私人晚宴。报道称,“如果米歇尔出席,彭丽媛应该会出席。”Peng will accompany Xi to visit Lincoln High School in Seattle. According to ;Zheng Shier;, the school choir will perform On the Hopeful Field, a representative work sung by Peng during her days as a household name singer of traditional and patriotic songs.在西雅图,彭丽媛将陪同习近平到访林肯高中。据“政事儿”了解,这所高中的合唱团将献唱《在希望的田野上》。这首歌是彭丽媛的代表作之一,彭丽媛过去曾是家喻户晓的民歌和红歌歌手。来 /201509/401392。

On a blustery evening, a crowd of thousands gather at a political rally, many eager to explain to me why their country needs a strong leader, is right to take a more aggressive stance on the world stage and should be respected and feared by other nations.在一个狂风大作的夜晚,数千人聚集在一次政治集会上,很多人迫不及待地向我解释,他们的国家为何需要一个强硬的领导人、为何应该在世界舞台上采取更具攻击性的立场、以及为何应该让其他国家敬畏。It’s a scene not unlike those I have covered over the past five years as a correspondent for the Financial Times in Russia. Only this time I have not come to see the adoring fans of Vladimir Putin. I am in Macon, Georgia, and the man we are waiting for is Donald Trump.这个场景,与过去五年我作为英囀?金融时报》记者在俄罗斯工作时报道过的那些不无相似。只是这一次我看到的不是崇拜弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)的粉丝。我所在的地方是美国乔治亚州梅肯市(Macon),我们翘首以待的人是唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump) 。One month into a new job covering the US presidential campaign, I am starting to find that the Trump phenomenon is more understandable when viewed through the lens of a Putin-Trump Venn diagram or, rather, the Venn diagram of their supporters.报道美国总统竞选的新工作做了一个月后,我开始发现,从普京和特朗普的共同点、或者说从两人持者的共同点这个角度来看,特朗普现象更容易理解。Two weeks ago in Macon at a stadium full of diehard Trump supporters, I met Tal Wollschlaeger, a law student, who declared apropos of nothing and with no knowledge of my background that he wanted to see a US president more like...Mr Putin.两周前,在汇聚于梅肯一个体育馆里的特朗普铁杆持者中,我遇见了法律系学生塔尔茠尔施莱Tal Wollschlaeger)。在不知道我身份的情况下,他突然向我宣布,他希望看到美国有一个更像……普京的总统。“I think Putin is brilliant!the twenty-something Mr Wollschlaeger told me as two of his friends nodded in agreement. “He’s taking care of business the way he has to. His country loves him. He’s done well for them. He does what he says and he gets the job done.”“我觉得普京太棒了!0多岁的沃尔施莱格说,“他按照他必须的方式处理事情。他的国家热爱他。他领导得很奀?他说到做到,能办成事。”沃尔施莱格说话时,他的两个朋友在一旁频频点头赞同。He continued: “We just have to reassert ourselves. We’ve got to the point where Britain and France can’t look to us for advice because we can’t make the first move any more, because really we’re too weak. We need to get our seat back at the table.”他接着说:“我们真的必须重新强硬起来。我们已经到了这样一个地步——英国和法国无法指望我们提供建议,因为我们已不再能率先采取行动,因为我们实在太软弱了。我们需要拿回自己的位置。”At first it seemed like a one-off, a random Putin fan sprouting up like a unicorn in a southern US city nicknamed the Heart of Georgia. But I don’t think Mr Wollschlaeger is an outlier. In Dubuqe, Iowa, a crucial primary state, the Associated Press recently spoke to Duane Ernster, a local Trump supporter who also offered the Putin comparison. “Maybe we need a warrior instead of a politician,he said. “People compare Mr Trump to Putin. There’s something to be said about the man who takes care of the Russian people.”一开始,这看上去只是一个独一无二的普京粉丝,像独角兽一样,偶然地出现在一个绰号为“乔治亚之心Heart of Georgia)的美国南部城市。但现在我觉得沃尔施莱格并非独一无二。在对初选结果至关重要的爱荷华州杜比克市,美联社(AP)最近采访了当地一名特朗普的持者——杜安萠楓斯Duane Ernster),他也把特朗普比作普京。“或许我们需要的是战士,而不是政客。”他说,“人们把特朗普比作普京。这个把俄罗斯人民照顾得不错的人,还是有些地方值得称道的。”In a Gallup survey last year a period marked by Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the war in Ukraine and western sanctions Mr Putin ranked as the 10th most admired man in America, beating among others vice-president Joe Biden, the Dalai Lama and the actor George Clooney.在盖洛普(Gallup)去年的一次民调中,普京在美国最受崇拜的人物中位列第十,超过了美国副总统乔拜Joe Biden)、达赖喇嘛和男星乔治克鲁George Clooney)。而俄罗斯吞并克里米亚、乌克兰战争以及西方对俄罗斯施加制裁正是去年的标志性事件。To Mr Putin’s admirers in the US, he offers a tantalising view of what it might be like to have a president stymied by neither Congress nor two-term limits and one who treats the delicate art of diplomacy more like judo than chess. To many of these people, Mr Trump represents the quixotic tsar who will rid Washington of its gridlock, reverse failed foreign policies and end years of perceived economic decline. If he is Trump the Terrible, so much the better.对于普京在美国的崇拜者来说,他引出了一种诱人的遐想:有一个不受国会和两届任期限制的总统会是什么样,有一个将微妙的外交艺术当做柔道、而非国际象棋来处理的总统又会是什么样?对他们中很多人来说,特朗普代表着唐吉坷德式沙皇,他将使华盛顿摆脱僵局、扭转美国外交政策的失败、并终结人们眼中连年的经济下滑。如果他是坏人版特朗普,那就更好了。In his campaign, Mr Trump appears to be taking chapters out of Mr Putin’s handbook. There is the creation of a perceived external threat (in Mr Putin’s case, the US and its encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence; in Mr Trump’s, it is Muslims and illegal immigrants); the salty language; and the stranglehold on national television. Both men are credited with being spontaneous, unpredictable and counter-intuitive, qualities that make it difficult for opponents to outmanoeuvre them.特朗普的竞选似乎从普京那里学了不少招数。比如树立一个假想的外部威胁(普京树立的威胁是美国及其对俄罗斯势力范围的侵占;特朗普树立的威胁则是穆斯林和非法移民);粗俗的语言;打压全国性电视台。二人都被认为随性、难以捉摸、反直觉,这些品质让他们的对手很难用计谋战胜他们。The two men’s ratings appear to defy logic. Mr Putin’s remains strong despite a worsening economy on the back of westerns sanctions, lower oil prices and the plunging rouble. Mr Trump’s support improves the more offensive or outlandish his comments become.这两人的持率似乎不合常理。在西方制裁、油价下跌以及卢布暴跌的背景下,俄罗斯经济状况日益恶化,尽管如此,普京的持率仍然强劲。特朗普的言论越是过火、离奇,他的持率则越是节节上涨。The comparisons to Mr Putin seem to suit Mr Trump just fine, perhaps because he knows they suit part of his base. In the past few months, Mr Trump has declared that he would “get alongwith Mr Putin in a way that President Barack Obama has not, and he has been one of the few candidates to express his approval of Moscow’s military campaign in Syria. Mr Trump likes to joke that he and the Russian president are “stablematesbecause they both appeared (separately) on the same episode of the US news programme 60 Minutes.被比作普京似乎挺合特朗普的心意,或许是因为他知道,这样的比较合乎他的铁杆持者心意。过去数月,特朗普宣称他将以美国总统巴拉克攠巴马不曾有过的方式与普京“相处”,同时,他还一直是少数几个表达认可莫斯科在叙利亚军事行动的候选人之一。特朗普喜欢开玩笑说,他和这位俄罗斯总统是“同厩之马”,因为他们曾(分别)出现在美国新闻节目0分钟60 Minutes)的同一期中。As for Mr Putin’s impression of Mr Trump? He has yet to comment.至于普京对特朗普的印象?他目前尚未置评。来 /201512/417790。

In the sparring between China and the US over leadership in Asia, Beijing recently landed a tidy, if almost accidental, punch. Washington’s attempt to lead a boycott of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ended in farce after Britain broke ranks and other nations from Germany to South Korea fell over themselves to join.在中美这场对亚洲领导权的争夺战中,北京最近打出了漂亮的一拳,尽管那一拳赢得近乎意外。华盛顿原本企图带头抵制中国牵头筹建的亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称亚投行),然而在英国打乱了队形、从德国到韩国的其他国家也争相加入之后,美国的企图最终沦为笑柄。If round one was a defeat for America, round two hangs in the balance. Washington is trying to convince 11 Pacific nations to join a “next generationtrade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Billed as the most important trade initiative since the collapse of the 2001 launch of the World Trade Organisation’s Doha round, it would bind two of the biggest economies the US and Japan into a bloc covering 40 per cent of global output. Supporters say it would also reaffirm US commitment to the region at a time when China’s economic pull is growing.如果说美国在双方的第一轮较量中落败,第二轮双方则势均力敌。华盛顿正努力说1个太平洋沿岸国家加入所谓《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的“新一代”贸易协定。TPP被宣扬为世贸组织(WTO)多哈回合谈判(启动于2001年)泡汤以来最重要的贸易协定,将把该地区两个最大经济体——美国和日本——纳入同一个占全球产出40%的贸易区。持者表示,在中国的经济吸引力日益上升之际,TPP还能再次确认美国对该地区的承诺没有动摇。The stakes are high. If the TPP disappoints or worse still, if it is not concluded at all it will be another embarrassing setback for US regional diplomacy. The omens are mixed at best.TPP对美国事关重大。如果TPP表现令人失望甚至根本没有达成,那么将标志着美国地区外交遭遇又一个令人难堪的挫折。目前的种种兆头至多算是好坏掺半。The TPP excludes China. That is quite an omission. It is also precisely the point. The region’s most important trading nation has not been invited to join on the grounds that its economy is too centrally planned and too rigged to be part of such a highfalutin arrangement. Yet in a peculiar display of diplomatic contortion, Vietnam a country whose economy is as centrally planned and as rigged as the best of them is somehow considered fit for entry.TPP排除了中囀?这是个挺大的遗漏,也正是有意为之。该地区最重要的贸易国未获邀加入,理由是其经济太多地由中央政府计划、受操纵太严重,因而不够格参加这么上档次的协定。然而,不知为什么,经济由中央政府计划和受操纵程度丝毫不亚于中国的越南却被认为适合加入,离奇地显示出美国在外交上的扭曲。The exclusion of China serves twin objectives. Neither bears close scrutiny. The TPP is a “trade pivotto Asia; the commercial equivalent of Washington’s commitment to remain militarily engaged in the region. Yet it is just as likely to annoy allies as reassure them.排除中国能满足两个目的,但都经不起推敲。TPP是美国“重返亚洲”战略的贸易版本,是华盛顿承诺在亚洲保持军事威力的商业版本。然而,这个协定惹恼盟友与让他们放心的可能性一样大。Almost all have expressed concern that some provisions intrude into their internal affairs. That is, indeed, the point of the TPP, which goes beyond tariff reduction to deal with “behind the borderissues thought to impede trade and investment. These include tendering processes, financial regulations, data protection rules and intellectual property laws. Opponents from Australia to Japan see it not as an act of US benevolence but rather as a charter for meddling in everything from pharmaceutical pricing to cigarette advertising.几乎所有国家都对一些条款干涉他们的内政表达了担心。而这又确实是TPP的意义所在,它超越了降关税,想要拿被认为阻碍贸易和投资的“国内”事务开刀。这些事务包括招标过程、金融监管、数据保护规则以及知识产权法规。从澳大利亚到日本,反对这一点的国家都认为,此举并非体现了美国的善意,而是为它干涉从药品定价到香烟广告的一切事务开出了许可。The other reason for shutting out China is also questionable. The hope is that Beijing, slighted by its exclusion, may be goaded into reforming its economy so it can join at a later stage. Some in Beijing would indeed like to call Washington’s bluff by seeking TPP membership. At least theoretically, China is aly moving in a direction that might be conducive to that aim by allowing a greater role for market forces.另一个排除中国的理由也值得质疑。这个理由是,希望中国在感受到被排除的轻慢后,能够发奋改革经济,以便以后能够加入。北京方面有些人确实想要通过谋求加入TPP来戳穿华盛顿的假话。至少在理论上,中国允许市场发挥更大作用,已经在朝着可能有利于它加入TPP的方面前进。Yet it is folly to imagine it will be induced to move more quickly to obtain membership of a club to which it has only the most grudging of invitations. More, Beijing is supporting alternative regional trade initiatives, including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Pointedly, that is a club to which the US is not invited.然而,对于一个最不欢迎中国的俱乐部,想象中国有动力加快脚步争取成为它的一员是愚蠢的。此外,北京还在持其他区域性贸易协定,包括“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)。显然,这个协定是美国没有获邀的。There is a further hitch. If the TPP is seen in much of Asia as designed for the benefit of US corporations, in the US itself it is regarded with equal suspicion. Most members of President Barack Obama’s Democratic party are wary of trade deals, which they blame for hollowing out manufacturing jobs and suppressing middle-class wages. Consumer groups say the TPP will expose Americans to all sorts of evils from dodgy Vietnamese seafood to slack financial regulation.还有一个难题。亚洲大部分国家都认为,TPP是为了美国企业的利益而设计的,而美国本身对这个协定也有同样强烈的怀疑。巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统所属的民主党大部分人都对贸易协定怀有戒心,他们谴责贸易协定是导致制造业就业岗位流向海外、中产阶级工资停滞不前的原因。消费者团体表示,TPP会让美国人面临各种危险,从劣质越南海鲜、到不够严格的金融监管。The TPP is nonetheless regarded as one of Mr Obama’s best shots at a foreign policy legacy. If so, he could have sold it better to his own party. He remains uncomfortably reliant on the Republican majority in Congress to grant him the fast-track authority he needs to push it over the line.然而,TPP仍被认为可能成为奥巴马外交政策遗产中最棒的成就之一。如果真是这样的话,他本可以让所在的民主党更好地为自己买账。他仍然要尴尬地依赖国会中的共和党多数派给予他推进TPP所需要的“快车道”谈判授权。While most Republicans support a deal in the name of free trade, some on the Tea Party end of the spectrum are opposed. Others may deny Mr Obama the authority he needs out of spite. Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group consultancy, says the vote on trade promotion authority will be “razor thin though he believes ultimately Mr Obama will prevail.虽然大多数共和党人持一项以自由贸易为名义的协议,但一些极端的茶党人士对此表示反对。还有人可能出于解恨的目的拒绝给予奥巴马授权。咨询公司欧亚集Eurasia Group)总裁伊恩#8226;布雷Ian Bremmer)说,尽管他相信奥巴马在关于“贸易促进授权trade promotion authority)的表决中最终会取胜,但也只是“险胜”。Even if TPP is finally concluded, the chances are it will be too watered down to satisfy trade purists and too intrusive to please Washington’s Pacific partners. For Beijing, fresh from its triumph over the infrastructure bank, the whole spectacle must be quite amusing.即使TPP最终缔结完成,很大的可能性是,它将被削弱至无法满足贸易纯粹主义者,同时又太具有侵入性而无法使美国的太平洋合作伙伴们高兴。在刚刚取得亚投行胜利的中国看来,整个场面一定相当有趣。来 /201504/368038。